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October 31, 2004

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Kerry's In The "Hanoi Hall Of Fame"?

Guess who's endorsing John Kerry Now?

The Communist Party of The United States of America, CPUSA, is publicly supporting the election of John Kerry.

No, this is not a read it correctly. The CPUSA has made available on its Web site,, an advertisement entitled Top Ten Reasons To Defeat Bush. This advertisement can be downloaded. The communist party urges readers to place this ad in local newspapers throughout the country to defeat President Bush.

Remarkably, the "Top Ten Reasons" of the Communist party are identical to those of the Democratic party; out-sourcing, homosexual rights, abortion and the like.

At first, it was thought that "this was only a coincidence." The Democratic party of the United States couldn't be in lock step with the Marxists! So, the originator of this email wrote to a spokesman of the CPUSA in Georgia and here is part of the spokesman's letter:

"The CPUSA supports the John Kerry campaign with donations and volunteer effort. We believe that defeating George Bush is the single most important issue this November"

**Next, it was discovered that one of Kerry's campaign themes is "Let America be America Again." This slogan was borrowed from a Communist poet, Langston Hughes. This is not common knowledge to the average American. "Let America be America Again" sounds good but is a rambling, gloomy poem.

Interestingly, another poem by Langston goes as follows; "Goodbye, Christ Jesus, Lord, God, Jehovah, Beat it on away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no religion at all -- A real guy named Marx, communist, Lenin, Peasant, Stalin, Worker, ME -- I said, ME!"

Then, if this was not convincing enough that the Democratic party has lost it, a third discovery!

**A Vietnam vet group took a trip to Communist Hanoi to investigate a report that John Kerry was in the "Hanoi Hall of Fame." Yes, there is a museum in Hanoi with a section dedicated to foreign activists who help defeat the United States Military in Vietnam. Of course, you would expect Jane Fonda's picture to be there. But, alas, there is John Kerry's picture shaking the hand of a communist official.

Never has there been such a tragedy! Never has there been such a threat to America! Has the Democratic party has been taken over by the far, far left?

It's not only the communists but the homosexual activists who are appalled that George Bush is married to a woman! They are enraged that the President wants a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage between a man and woman.

Then we have the ACLU running to a federal activist judge with every piece of legislation that doesn't fit into their leftist agenda. They support every Democratic socia! list whim. The removal of the Ten Commandments is their top priority!

Don't trust this message for the truth -- visit the CPUSA website at -- read the articles, and then decide for yourself.

So...who will you vote for during the next Presidential Election?

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Well this Comes As No Surprise

A woman bought a new Lexus LS400, and returned the next day,
complaining that she couldnt figure out how the radio worked.

The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated.
Watch this! he said...Nelson!
The radio replied, Ricky or Willie?
Willie! he continued....and On The Road Again came from the

The woman drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time
she'd say, Beethoven, she'd get beautiful classical music, and if
she said, Beatles! she'd get one of their awesome songs.

One day, a couple ran a red light and nearly creamed her new car, but she swerved in time to avoid them.

ASSHOLES! she yelled.

John Kerry came on and introduced the French National Anthem, sung
by the Dixie Chicks...

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Why I Serve, Maurice Stewart

By Marcia Klein
Special to American Forces Press Service

FORT BELVOIR, Va., Oct. 27, 2004 -- "With Sept. 11, I
really felt violated when the Pentagon was
attacked. I [had] worked there for several years, and I
took it personally," said Maurice Stewart,
a DoD civilian employee deployed to Kuwait.

Stewart's life changed with a throw of the dice when he was
9 years old. Today he is taking another
gamble – his duties in Kuwait include frequent trips into
Iraq and to the Horn of Africa. He
volunteered to go, he said, because his country gave him
opportunities, and he believes it's his
duty to give back.

"I wanted to do something and made up my mind right then
that, when given the opportunity, I was
going to volunteer. The Defense Department has been a
pillar of my life. It provided me a good
career. It has helped educate me," the 47-year-old Stewart
said during a late-night phone interview
recently from his office at the U.S. Central Command
Deployment Distribution Center in Camp
Arifjan, Kuwait.

"Basically this is my way of helping with the war on
terrorism and giving back to the government
what they've provided to me," he said. "The 26 years that
I've put in doing this business has been
to support the forces when they are deployed and protecting
the United States and now fighting this
war. So you know, it's part of my duty."

Stewart is the deputy chief of sustainment in the CENTCOM
DDOC, a partnership between the Defense
Logistics Agency and U.S. Transportation Command. In Kuwait
he works to improve the distribution
and visibility of supplies for troops serving there and in

Stewart might not be serving his country today if he hadn't
been lifted out of a harmful,
potentially deadly lifestyle at the age of 9 by a virtual
stranger. He was on his knees in the dirt
of a playground, shooting dice with other neighborhood
kids, when a man stopped and talked to him.
The man, Fred Saunders, only knew Stewart as a kid who had
been cut during Little League tryouts
two weeks earlier.

"He just said, 'Hey, I've got four children and I just want
to offer you a place to come and call
home if you want, and I'll treat you just like I treat my
own children. And you'll know there's
nothing I wouldn't do for you that I wouldn't do for
them,'" Stewart said.

That reads like a Frank Capra film script, but it's not
fiction. Without Fred Saunders, Maurice
Stewart might have ended up like many of his classmates
from the tough Youngstown, Ohio,
neighborhood he grew up in -- dead or in prison.

Saunders never said why he took Stewart under his wing, but
it was a life-changing moment for a
young boy left by his mother at six months of age with an
elderly couple not related to him.

"(Saunders) and I have been thick as thieves, as they say,
from that point to now. Everywhere I've
been, he's been there. Even before I left to come over
here, he came down and spent a week with me,
and he's 75 years old. So he's my dad, and I wouldn't
replace him for anything," Stewart said.

He says the experience of his early years were part of the
reason he wasn't afraid to volunteer to
deploy into a war zone.

"I grew up in a tough environment. I don't worry about
that," he said, adding that he understood
going in that he had to keep his vigilance up. "You know
the type of environment that you're in,
okay? My vigilance is up in Kuwait and Camp Arifjan and the
surrounding area. When I go up north,
I'm even more aware of my surroundings, so this is what I
expect. I didn't expect to come over here
and let my guard down and when things get tough, crawl in
the corner. That's not my makeup."

Stewart said he has experienced some interesting things
during the almost six months of his
deployment: the midnight mortar attack that shook the
portable bathroom he was in, the 15-inch,
brown "sand" lizards that like to share his tent, the
"tactical landing" the plane made as he
traveled north to help out in Balad, Iraq.

"We were on a C-130, and a week prior a young man had
gotten shot getting off the plane at the
airfield. So when they land, engines stay running. We had
flak jackets on, helmets on. They drop
down the cargo ramp, you run out and run to the truck and
go," he said calmly. "So, that was

Stewart's job back home at the Defense Logistics Agency
headquarters on Fort Belvoir involves
helping establish and communicate DoD's policy for
"automated information technology" in such areas
as radio frequency identification tags, bar codes and
unique identifier codes. In Kuwait, Iraq and
surrounding regions, he helps train military, government
civilians and contractors in using that
policy and related processes to be able to accurately track
and document supply shipments.

"I'm sharing, from the policy perspective, how things are
supposed to work and helping show them
how to write the (RFID) tags (that help track supplies)
with the right level of content detail for
the materials that are being shipped. We're going from
policy to 'boots on the ground,'" he said.
"We're just assisting them with some of the things they
haven't seen yet because some of this
(doctrine and policy) is so new that it's not in all the
military services schoolhouses yet."

Although the living there isn't easy, Stewart said he gets
up every morning ready to go to work. "I
tell you what, the folks (here) come from all the military
services, TRANSCOM and DLA, and the
people here are great. The leadership is top-notch. So when
you're in an environment like this, and
you've got good leadership and good co-workers and
colleagues, it makes getting the job done easy.
I mean, it's a challenge, but … I come in every morning and
I'm energetic."

That doesn't mean he won't be ready to return to his wife
and daughter, who turned 12 while he was
away. He said they both supported his decision to deploy to
help the troops, and they exchange e-
mails daily. Stewart said he explained to his daughter that
he was going to help get the troops the
support and supplies they needed.

His daughter "says she's doing her part on her end in
school and gymnastics and she expects me to
do my part on this end," Stewart said. "She wrote me, 'Dad,
I know it's hot, it's tough, you work
long hours, but I expect you to do good and represent the

He laughed quietly. "So you can imagine if you're over here
and your kid is talking that way … it
kind of motivates you. You can't do anything but come over
here and do well."

(Marcia Klein is a public affairs specialist in the Office
of Public Affairs, DLA Headquarters,
Fort Belvoir, Va.)

October 30, 2004

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When are you going to realize you woke a sleeping giant? You dont offer us up demands so that you dont go after US again? You attacked us! BIG MISTAKE! And like our Commander-In-Cheif said, There will be hell to pay for attacking America! And you and your little followers will pay hell continuously till we get your asses! Maybe the person running against the only person who had enough b.lls to take you on is a Moron and weak, that doesnt mean the person who DID take you on (President Bush) is weak. You can threaten us till hell freezes over, your threats are worthless. We stand behind our President. Maybe you dont understand American polotics. When threatened we fight back. Unfortunately the Democrat/Liberal party has forgotten how to fight back against you idiots. Us Republicans havent. We dont run, we dont hide, we dont move on, we get even, we get deadly, we get it done. We will hunt you down like the animals you are and the Liberals will just have to sit back and take it. The Republicans own your ass Bin Hidin. Dont forget it. And keep Hidin, you wont move freely with President Bush in office! The Clinton days are over Boy!

October 29, 2004

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Oh Boy! Bin Laden, Endorses Kerry!

Bin Laden Endorses Kerry!!!
Obviously Bin Hidin hasnt been able to get to us here, and SWEARS Bush wont be able to keep us safe, according to his (Bin Ladens) latest video tape, which President Bush clearly has kept us safe. So I guess Bin Hidin wants Kerry in office so he can just go along about his business of ploting and planning his next attack on the US. Because he (Bin Laden) clearly realizes Kerry will reduce this terrorist threat to a "Nuisance"! And not go after the terrorists the way President Bush has.
The War on Terror is obviously being won (Slowly) if we havent been attacked again. And Bin Hidin IS still Hidin, and this is the craziest attempt to elect John Kerry ive ever seen, an endorsement by Al-Queda?. Is this George Soros October Surprise? Maybe we should be searching George Soros house for Bin Hidin! Sorry Bin Hidin, 8 years of Clinton who had lots of opportunities to catch your ass, vs. 8 months of Bush whom you underestimated terribly and cant stand the fact that he is on your ass, you will lose your ass, because Bush will catch your ass!
As I have said before, whoever Al-Queda wants in office (Kerry), vote for the other guy (Bush).

No Terrorist threat eh Michael Fat Ass Moore?

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Kerry recieves endorsement from Al-Qaeda

Kerry Receives Endorsements from Al Qaeda, other Terrorists
"We the members of Al Qaeda wholeheartedly endorse John Kerry for President of the soulless satans of America,"
a senior leader in Al Qaeda spoke on a tape sent to
Al Jazeera. "If he's good enough for us, why would America vote for anyone else?"

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This is a MUST see!!!!

A Movie Producer handed out 150 DVD cameras to everyday Iraqi's and told them to video tape what they wanted, NO HOLDS BARRED, so they went around all over Iraq and interviewed Kids, Mothers, Business Owners,etc. all with different views. But the point is they were expierienceing Democracy, and Freedom of speech for the first time in thier lives. Something we take for granted every day. There is a clip of the movie on this link. This will be at the movies this Halloween weekend.

Voices Of Iraq

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Kerry Can Be President..............Of Iraq!


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Election 2004 Humor

Bill, Hillary and John Kerry are flying on Kerry's wife's private jet.
Bill looks at Hillary, chuckles and says, "You know,
I could throw a $100.00 bill out the window right now and make somebody very happy."
Hillary shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well, I could throw ten $10.00 bills out the window and make 10 people very happy."
Kerry says, "Of course then, I could throw one-hundred $1.00 bills out the window and make a hundred people very happy."
The pilot rolls his eyes, looks at all of them and says to his copilot, "Such bigshots back there... I could throw all of them out the window and make millions happy."

October 28, 2004

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Ok This Is Getting Really Crazy

In some precincts in Ohio, and I imagine all around the Country, people that havent voted in the last 2-3 Presidential elections are going to be allowed to vote. Now I always thought that by law, if you hadnt voted in the last few Presidential elections you were suppose to update your voter status and/or/ Register again. Call me crazy but has it dawned on the people at the Precincts in these counties that the reason these people havent voted in the last few Presidential elections might be because thier DEAD? And someone may use thier name to vote illegally? I think this is yet another matter of voter fraud that needs to be looked into. But then again that's just my opinion I could be wrong! But I doubt it.

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Good One Curt Schilling :-)

The President called the New World Series Champion's The Boston Redsocks, and congradulated them on thier Victory as is customary for the President to do. So did the Fraud John Kerry (As if he think's its days before he occupies the White House)

Kerry, wearing a Red Sox cap (Oh Brother) as he bounded into a morning rally in Toledo, recalled someone phoning a radio show early in the campaign and saying, "John Kerry won't be president until the Red Sox win the World Series." He exclaimed, "Well, we're on our way!" Ah Huh Right!

Not everybody felt that way. Boston pitcher Curt Schilling, interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America," said, "Tell everybody to vote. And vote Bush next week."

Bush congratulated the team's owner and president by phone — and thanked Schilling for his support....:-)

Even Boston doesnt want you Kerry.

Drudge has this one.

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Kerry, You Are The Wrong Man At The Wrong Time For The Wrong Job

Well Kerry, you have really done it now! You have degraded our troops to the point they HATE you! I hope you are happy. Because of you, the Terrorists see what you are saying about ours and the coalition troops on tv and kill them, take hostages and kill them too, and wreak havoc all over the place all because you say whatever is popular at the time. Whoever is running your campain is just as guilty as you are of aiding the enemy! Sound Familiar? It should! You aided the enemy back in Viet Nam, helped prolong the POW's torture longer, and got alot of them killed, prolonged the War for years longer, and met with the Enemy in France! You are the master of helping the other side, the master of Treason! You blame the troops and thier Commander-In-Cheif for every little thing that has gone wrong in Iraq! You make it look like it's going to hell in a henbasket which it isnt, but the enemy sees you and they take comfort in your bashing of the troops putting thier lives in more jeapordy than they already are! And you Mr Kerry with the help of your mouth has lead to the death of Hundreds of our Service Men and Women, Coalition Soldiers, and just normal people trying to help the Iraqi's, and several hundred OF the Iraqi's! You should be tried for Treason with the highest punishment delt to those that commit it for the things you have done. I hope you werent counting on the Military vote, because you sure as hell arent going to get it. And no matter how hard you try you will never destroy our troops Morale, or our Resolve! And if you by some act of stealing a win in this election, rest assured there will be immediate Impeachment Proceedings against you along with charges of Treason, and I will GLADLY help in that effort! Kerry? YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!!

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Way To Go Ron Silva!

I'm so glad you saw the light :-) The newest HollyWood Republican!!!

Good Site:

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Caroline Kennedy

In response to George W. Bush's invocation of prominent Democrats including President John F. Kennedy, Kennedy's daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg issued this statement. "It's hard for me to listen to President Bush invoking my father's memory to attack John Kerry. Senator Kerry has demonstrated his courage and commitment to a stronger America throughout his entire career. President Kennedy inspired and united the country and so will John Kerry. President Bush is doing just the opposite. All of us who revere the strength and resolve of President Kennedy will be supporting John Kerry on Election Day."
Yeah right!!! This Country will be more divided then ever if Kerry manages to pull off stealing the Presidency.
If you dont want President Bush to invoke your fathers name, then tell your ol pal John Kerry to quit invoking the name of Ronald Reagan! Which John Kerry has the morals of neither!
You should just stick with trying to pry that bottle of Bourbon out of your uncles hands! Teddy (Hiccup) Kennedy

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First CBS, NBC, Now ABC Heavens help us all!

Ok, Now we have ABC with a tape from Al-Queada threatening an even greater catostrophic event worse than 9-11! Since when did ABC have an affiliate in Waziristan, Pakistan? And when did Al-Queada start giving ABC thier video tapes instead of Al-Jazeera? And since when did Al-Queada start announcing they were going to do ANYTHING before they actually did it? We all know that we have had to pound it out of people (Literally) as to who actually did what and when to find out who did what to us, because Al-Queada NEVER gives an "Announcement" that they are going to do something before they do it! I smell a big fat Democrat/Liberal Rat!
Why is it the only way we can get actual factual news is through Fox? All the other broadcast news stations seem to cater to the Liberals. Then again we have known this for ever, all I can say is thank God for Fox news who gives us both sides of the story! We have been blinded by the Liberals long enough! And according to the Dept. Of Homeland Security, The State Dept.,CIA, FBI, there has been NO increase of chatter except for the chatter we were getting just before the election got into full swing. So I am not going to Panic until the Dept. Of Homeland Security raises the alert, I think ABC concocted this whole event!! And I bet its going to get worse.

October 27, 2004

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Unreal, then again expected

What a treat on "Fox & Friends" this morning: William Kristol hammered the pro-Democrat New York Times and pro-Democrat CBS for "colluding" and "conspiring" with Sen. John Kerry to topple President Bush.

Even Kerry's own handlers now admit they have no proof to back up the issue the Democrats concocted with their media allies.

Kristol notes in his new column for Weekly Standard: "Pressed on Tuesday afternoon about the accuracy of the allegations on Fox's Big Story with John Gibson, Richard Holbrooke, a senior adviser to the Kerry campaign, said: 'You don't know the truth and I don't know the truth.' He later underscored this point: 'I don't know the truth.'

"That minor issue hasn't kept the Kerry campaign from creating a television ad based on what may well be untruthful claims. ... Shouldn't he at least make sure that such a charge is true?"

But in the Democrat playbook there's no entry for truth. The party's longtime strategy is to repeat a lie until people believe it. Thanks to their media collaborators, and President Bush's wimpy refusal to denounce the Times and "60 Minutes" and Kerry and John Edwards, the stunt could succeed.

At least a few voices are speaking out. "Kerry gins up his attack machine based on a flawed New York Times story," the Republican National Committee noted Tuesday.

Richard Lessner, executive director of American Conservative Union, blasted the story "a cheap, baseless and partisan hit-job on President Bush" and pointed out that "neither the Times nor CBS has much interest in reporting the facts."

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On The Lighter Side

A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St.Peter at
the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.
He asked, "What are all those clocks?"
St. Peter answered, "Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on earth has a
Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.
"Oh," said the man, "Whose clock is that?"
That's Nelson Mandela's. The hands have never moved, indicating that
he never told a lie.
"Incredible," said the man. "And whose clock is that one?
"St. Peter responded," That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands
have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.
"Where's John Kerry's clock?" asked the man.
"John Kerry's clock is in Jesus' office. He's using it as a ceiling fan."

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You Know This Raises Another Question, Or Questions

There were supposedly 380-400 Thousand TONS of explosives and other ordinance marked and tagged by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) When they last inspected this site Al Aqaqqa in Iraq oh a bit before we got there in April 2003. Capable of setting off a Nuclear Device, Blowing up half of a Country, ANY Country, Taking down countless airplanes, and basically causing all sorts of Numerous Catosrophic events to occur. Now this all went on when Saddam was still in power. So we get there in April 2003, they (The Weapons) are gone, Saddam hasnt been captured yet, but is in his spider hole, but yet there is an enourmous crater in the ground near where they were supposed to be where we had bombed. ( I personaly think we blew them up, thus causing the huge crater) Or they were moved to some other location, ahem [Syria] or buried damn well. Now Kerry is claiming that George Bush lost control of these weapons yet they were gone when we got there in 2003! And Last I knew George Bush wasnt on foot in Iraq, yeah, yeah, the buck stops with him whatever. He (Kerry) brings this up now. And a few news organizations that are hell bent on bringing down our President as well. Ok Israeli intelligence reported at the time we just had gotten boots on the ground in Iraq that they had video surveilance of "Trucks" going from Iraq heading toward the Syrian border. And all the statistics show that it would have taken at least 38 or more trucks to be able to complete this task, could it be possible for Saddam (Knowing we were coming and praying that we werent) to have slowly moved his bio-chem, and nuclear, and whatever other weapons he had (And we know he had them he used them on the Kurds and Iranians)somewhere else? Ahem [Syria]. And if this material that was marked, tagged, and stamped by the IAEA, but not monitored by them, could they not be considered Weapons of Mass Destruction? First EVERY intelligence available said "They have WMD", Then they (The UN and every other intelligence agency known to man) said they were there but dont know where they went. Then they said they were there but we may have took them out during the first gulf war. Then they said they were never there. Yet the IAEA said they were there in April 2003. Now they say they were looted when we got there. Impossible, that was one of the places on the map we were suppose to go to first which we did. We got there they were gone. According to EVERY reporter embeded with the 109th ID from every news network in the USA. Either which way they were WMD not the big payload the media made it out to be, but WMD none the less. So Saddam had WMD, then lost it, then moved it, then hid it, then never had it to begin with (Tell that to the Kurds and Iranians), sold it, buried it, stashed it, which is it? Are you lost too?

October 26, 2004

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Kerry The Blithering Idiot

John Kerry will say anything he believes will help him politically, and he is grasping at headlines to obscure his record of weakness and indecision in the War on Terror. These are the tactics of a candidate who has no message for the future and no positive record to run on.

The entire country of Iraq was a weapons stockpile. So far, 243,000 tons of weapons and explosives have been secured and destroyed. In addition, 163,000 tons of weapons and explosives have been secured and are awaiting destruction. All the Monday morning-quarterbacking and armchair-generaling in the world by John Kerry won't make up for the fact that he does not have a vision, a strategy or a plan to fight and win the War on Terror.

Saddam Hussein's government stored weapons in mosques, schools, hospitals and countless other locations throughout Iraq. Yet, John Kerry showed that he still cannot decide whether Saddam Hussein was a threat or not. He claims the weapons our troops have secured and destroyed were not a threat, but any other weapons were.


What a blithering Idiot! And The IAEA too. Those weapons the IAEA "Forgot" were already destroyed! And Kerry is stupid enough to take a story that wasnt even proven incorrect yet and run with it.
I guess anything that's reported in the Times in the morning, is used by Kerry in the afternoon, be it true or not!

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Kerry, Your Upcoming Add

John Kerry: “The obligation of a Commander in Chief is to keep our country safe. In Iraq, George Bush has overextended our troops and now failed to secure 380 tons of deadly explosives. The kind used for attacks in Iraq, and for terrorist bombings. His Iraq misjudgments put our soldiers at risk, and make our country less secure. And all he offers is more of the same. As President, I’ll bring a fresh start to protect our troops and our nation. I’m John Kerry and I approved this message.�

You cant protect us any better than President Bush already has. For one thing you want to reduce this threat to a "Nuisance" We are at War You Moron, the 380 tons of explosives were discovered in April of 2003! They have already been destroyed. And the ever growing stockpiles of weapons and explosives, are secure and being destroyed daily. We havent had a terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11. More Of The Same Sounds Damn Good to me. You couldnt train Iraqi troops any faster than our allies are already doing. You have shunned all of our allies in the war on terror already. They want nothing to do with you. You want to send 2 more divisions to Iraq? How are you going to do this without re-enstating the Draft! You are the one who wants the draft, with Bush there will be NO DRAFT. You were only in Viet Nam 4 months. You may have saved 1 persons life, but you turned your back on the rest of the Soldiers, made them get tortured longer, and extended the Viet Nam war by years. What kind of fresh start are you referring to? Throwing our Soldiers medals over the White House fence once again? 76% of our Soldiers DONT WANT YOU! By the way when have you ever gone to visit the troops? You wont bring a fresh start to anything. All you will bring is, long wait's in lines to see Dr.'s, higher Taxes, taking away the tax cuts we got from President Bush, expanding our government to where we will have no control over our own lives, closing our Military bases, no death penalty for Terrorists,etc., Oh and "I will meet any Terrorist attack with a swift and certain response" We dont want to wait for another ATTACK!!!!! No way Mr Kerry I sure dont want a "Fresh Start" from you I want "More Of The Same" from our President!!!
Booming Economy, The right to see my own Dr, Biggest Housing Market ever, Low Taxes, No Child Left Behind, The overhaul of the Tax system, Amber Alert, etc., and safety. Yes Safety. I dont feel safe with you Mr Kerry, not for a second.
Your ad should read: I'm John Kerry and I'm an asshole!

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Way To Go Guys!!!!

How Cool Is This???

Check out what some of our boys overseas did to their helicopter.
Some Afghan is probably freaking out right about now.
The story is: this very special Mi-24 helicopter is presently flying in Afghanistan, where it is no doubt causing quite a stir. God Bless the U.S.A.

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The Truth About John Edwards

This is a must see, these adds are getting good!
Ckick the title if you dont feel like copying and pasting!

Here's a funny one about Kerry too.

October 25, 2004

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Here Is What President Reagan Thought Of You Mr Kerry

So I wouldnt mention him much because, Mr Kerry, you are NO President Reagan!!

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Give It Up Kerry

Bush has told the truth about the terrorism issue since the begining and you just take his words out of context to fit your agenda! What you havent mentioned that he said is: He doesnt know if we will win the War on Terror in OUR Lifetime. He said in his Sept 4, 2001 speech if you had been listening, it was going to take a long time and may continue on past when we are gone.
That's what he means by it being "Up in the Air" but you know that, you are just trying to use it as a tool. It's strange you claim "Elect me President" and I will win the War On Terror! RIGHT!!! Like you and John Edwards will make people get up out of thier wheelchairs and walk! I have never seen anything like the two of you I swear. You will tell people anything to get elected.
How could you win the war on terror anyway when you would like to get it back to where it is just a "Nuisance"? And the way you would cut Military spending Zell Miller is right what would we arm our forces with "SpitBalls"? How can you win the war when you cant even see the problem? You couldnt even win the War in Viet Nam let alone the war againt the people who attacked us, and no they werent just in Afghanistan. And all this whining about Iraq. I believe in taking away terrorist playgrounds by any means necessary. I didnt hear anyone bitch and moan when Clinton sent us to Kosovo, etc. for "Regime Change", they never attacked us! You both are wishy washy. Then again I guess that's what Lawyers do, say anything to win thier case!!! Well it isnt happening, and I think that is the Best Mascot for your Party! A Jackass!

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So The IAEA Blows It! Figures

So The IAEA Blows It! Figures
VIENNA, Austria -- Several hundred tons of conventional explosives are missing from a former Iraqi military facility that once played a key role in Saddam Hussein's efforts to build a nuclear bomb, the U.N. nuclear agency confirmed Monday.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei will report the materials' disappearance to the U.N. Security Council later Monday, spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told The Associated Press.

"On Oct. 10, the IAEA received a declaration from the Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology informing us that approximately 350 tons of high explosive material had gone missing," Fleming said.

Uhhhh... I thought Hussein didnt have WMD?
And why wasnt the IAEA watching it?

October 24, 2004

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Bush's Faith

On Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published a vicious hatchet-job on President Bush's faith. This was their ostensible effort to balance their coverage of the two principal Presidential candidates. First a shameless puff piece on Senator Kerry, "balanced" two weeks later by an attack piece on the President's faith. That is apparently the 2004 definition of balance at the once-venerable New York Times.

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More Liberal Slimy Tricks

The Democrats' systematic registration fraud includes at least 62 cases in 15 states reported in over 150 news articles, with county clerks across the country reporting thousands of suspicious registrations. Deceased individuals, voters with vacant lots for addresses, fictional characters (i.e., Dick Tracy, Mary Poppins), illegal immigrants and young teenagers have been added to voter registration roles in battleground states.

Forty-six thousand voters are registered in both New York and Florida. In Colorado, one woman registered 25 times, which helps explain how 20 counties in that state now have more voters registered than there are eligible voters. One organization supporting Senator John Kerry was rewarding someone for new registrations with crack cocaine.

To divert attention from these widespread efforts, the Kerry campaign has instructed its operatives to allege Republican intimidation where none exists.

Teams of Democrat lawyers have filed 35 lawsuits in 17 states, seeking to change the rules in ways that would make it easier to engage in systematic vote fraud on election day. They are also working to deny voters a choice of a Third Party candidate, and in the process denying the freedom to vote to our men and women in uniform who are defending that right for all of us.

Democrats appear to be setting the stage to use the new provisional balloting rules to convert registration fraud into vote fraud, with the possibility of Kerry supporters voting in multiple jurisdictions or under multiple names.

In one contested election where provisional ballots have been cast, somewhere between 7-to-23 percent of them were valid. Democrats seem intent on making the case that every provisional ballot cast must be counted, and are deploying a horde of 10,000 lawyers to compel the counting of votes that were not legally cast.

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GOP Launches HUGE Campain Against Voter Fraud

Believing that Democrats are poised to engage in massive vote fraud in key battleground states, the Republican Party is planning to deploy thousands of monitors to challenge questionable voters. In a Page One story in the New York Times Saturday, the paper said the Republican Party in Ohio alone has identified about 35,000 new voters who they believe to be fraudulent or questionable. The Republicans claimed that 35,000 new voters were mailed notices confirming their registrations and in every case the U.S. Postal Service returned the notice as "undeliverable."

Given the Fact that President Bush won by 537 votes in 2000, and Liberals have been screaming ever since that the election was "Stolen", because the Liberals wanted CONSTANT Recounts that just didnt happen to turn out in thier favor no matter how many times they were re-counted. Gore's unhinged phone calls, "I Concede", WAIT "I take that back I havent conceded yet", the bigining of the Flip Flops! Well Liberals you may have Lawyers (Somehow it figures with both your candidates being Lawyers!) all over the Country, we are sending out our troops too. You will not get away with breaking into Republican Headquarters all around the Country and stealing equipment, Registering people 30 and 40 times to vote, Registering Convicted Felons,Lieing To The American People saying we are going to hose down minority's when they try to vote ( That has got to be the dirtiest, low down, moronic, underhanded, lieing, bullshit of a trick i have ever heard of, Idiots) Registering Dead People, DEAD People? Hell You Liberals even Registered the Terrorists that attacked this Country to vote. Sending out Fradulent Draft letters to try to scare people into voting for Liberals making people think a draft is coming which isnt, yet another Liberal Lie! (Which I strongly hope Charlie Rangle will be brought up on charges after this whole thing is over for writing and introducing "The Draft Bill" bill into senate in the first place in 2000, the President didnt introduce that bill, no it was Charlie Rangle-D a Liberal), Intimidating voters, and a variety of other scare, and stupid tactics to steal this election! We are onto you, we will be watching you, and I'll be damned if you intimidate me when I go to the polls. I see one person trying to intimidate me when I am voting and they will get plowed right in the kisser!! Be Scared Liberals Be Very Scared!

October 22, 2004

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President Bush Signs HUGE Tax Relief Bill

WASHINGTON -- With no fanfare, President Bush on Friday signed the most sweeping rewrite of corporate tax law in nearly two decades, showering $136 billion in new tax breaks on businesses, farmers and other groups.

Intended to end a bitter trade war with Europe, the election-year measure was described by supporters as critically necessary to aid beleaguered manufacturers who have suffered 2.7 million lost jobs over the past four years.

Now That's How You Get Things Done and Create Jobs Mr. Kerry

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Kerry The Hunter, The Liar, The Nutjob !!!!

Gee Kerry you looked true to form on your hunting exposition. You bag the goose and make someone else carry it, figures.
You say you have been a hunter all your life, or at least when you were a young boy.
I bet you got most of your expierience "Hunting" in Viet Nam.
Who the hell are you trying to impress? No one is going to believe you are a man of the people. "A Regular Guy"
The Fact is You are NOT a regular guy. And what on earth would you know about poor people? You own 6 or 8 mansions estimated at like 6 million apiece. You own a HUGE yacht, Who know's how many SUV's you own, you fly in your own personel hair dresser to fix up your Brek Girl Hair, you fly around on a Jet you OWN, or one of the Jet's you own, you have MILLIONS of dollars, and your wife has BILLIONS, and I wouldnt be surprised if you flew in your own personel Dr. so you could get a flu-shot on the sly. You know NOTHING about the poor or average American.
You are a nutjob truly, you sing in a black quire in church to make people think you are into Religion, and/or pandering to the Black/Christian vote, Yet you dont seem to have any Black people lined up for your administration if (And I Pray to God Not)you were to be elected.
Now for just one fact, I could go on but I dont want this blog to long, In the Begining of your Campaign you said: "If I Am Elected I will repeal ALL of the Bush Tax Cuts", now you say you will only repeal the tax cuts on the wealthy? You Lied.
And have lied Constantly.
May I remind you "The Wealthy" as you call them, CREATE JOBS?
You are so wishy washy, flip floppin all over the place, whatever the people want to hear you tell them knowing damn good and well you will never be able to get what you want done, because your numbers DONT add up. And your health care plan, oh brother, your numbers dont add up there either,and Terayyysa said we are "Idiots" if we dont want your plan. P'Shaw! And we sure as hell dont want the Government to decide what DR. we can have or when we can go see one. Your Plan Does NOT add up!
Man of The People? Or totally out of his mind?
You Be The Judge........

October 21, 2004

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Way to go Castro...Sure that was tobacco in your cigars?
To Bad You didnt break your neck.
Hope you have a slow and painful recovery!
Sick Wishes!!!!!

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How Dare You Mr. Fake Kerry

You have the nerve to critisize Dick Cheney for getting a flu shot when Bill Clinton got one? Not to mention Hitlery Clinton and a few other Democratic Senators have gotten one too. Like Bill Clinton having had Heart Bypass surgery, Cheney is at risk also he has a pacemaker for God's sake! Both Men are in the "High Risk" category.
What puts Hitlery in the high risk category? Your stupid remarks are getting boring. You and your wife are truly believable!

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Just For Fun

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road

GEORGE W BUSH: We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here.

COLIN POWELL: Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road.

HANS BLIX: We have reason to believe there is a chicken, but we have not yet been allowed to have access to the other side of the road.

JOHN KERRY: Although I voted to let the chicken cross the road, I am now against it!

RALPH NADER: The chicken's habitat on the other side of the road had been polluted by unchecked industrial greed. The chicken did not reach the unspoiled habitat on the other side of the road because it was crushed by the wheels of a gas-guzzling SUV.

PAT BUCHANAN: To steal the job of a decent, hardworking American.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I don't know why the chicken crossed the road, but I'll bet it was getting a government grant to cross the road, and I'll bet that somebody out there is already forming a support group to help chickens with crossing-the-road syndrome. Can you believe this?!? How much more of this can real Americans take? Chickens crossing the road paid for by their tax dollars. And when I say tax dollars, I'm talking about your money, money the government took from you to build a road for chickens to cross.

MARTHA STEWART: No one called me to warn me which way that chicken was going. I had a standing order at the Farmer's Market to sell my eggs when the price dropped to a certain level. No little bird gave me any insider information.

DR SEUSS: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I've not been told.

ERNEST HEMINGWAY: To die in the rain. Alone.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR: I envision a world where all chickens will be free to cross roads without having their motives called into question.

GRANDPA: In my day, we didn't ask why the chicken crossed the road. Somebody told us the chicken crossed the road, and that was good enough.

BARBARA WALTERS: Isn't that interesting? In a few moments, we will be listening to the chicken tell, for the first time, the heartwarming story of how it experienced a serious case of molting, and went on to accomplish its life long dream of crossing the road.

JOHN LENNON: Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing roads together - in peace.

ARISTOTLE: It is the nature of chickens to cross the road.

KARL MARX: It was an historic inevitability.

CAPTAIN KIRK: To boldly go where no chicken has ever gone before.

SIGMUND FREUD: The fact that you are at all concerned that the chicken crossed the road reveals your underlying sexual insecurity.

BILL GATES: I have just witnessed eChicken2003, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your checkbook. Internet explorer is an integral part of eChicken.

ALBERT EINSTEIN: Did the chicken really cross the road, or did the road move beneath the chicken?

BILL CLINTON: I did not cross the road with THAT chicken. What is your definition of chicken?

AL GORE: I invented the chicken!

COLONEL SANDERS: Did I miss one?

QUESTION: If John Kerry, John Edwards, and Hilary Clinton were in a leaky rowboat in the middle of the ocean with only one life preserver and the boat sank, who would be saved?

Answer: The country.

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If you havent seen this yet, YOU SHOULD ITS A MUST SEE


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Dont Toot Your Whistle Just Yet Kerry

Just because the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I assume you will be calling yourself "The Come Back Kid". Well it isnt happening! I wonder how much George Soros paid to throw the game.
You may claim that, but you arent the winner yet dude!
With the way your team is handling "Voter Fraud", voter intimidation, and scare tactics, people are begining to see through you.
There is NOT going to be a draft.
No One is going to squirt with water hoses black people trying to vote.
I do believe that went out in the 60's.
Democrats/Liberals are trying to register convicted felons to vote.
Democrats/Liberals are registering people 30, 40 times to vote.
There will NOT be a "Privitisation" of Medicare.
If you would have voted yes on the 87 billion to fund the troops, they would now have everything they need. But you DIDNT! That falls On YOUR shoulders.
You have a bad history with Viet Nam Veterans who see you as the enemy and they have every right to view you that way.
You will say and do ANYTHING to get in office even if its a lie!
You Flip Flop on every issue, whichever way the wind blows you change positions on everything to suit everybody.
You and your running mate believe people will be "Healed" if You guys get in office because you will give the go ahead for Stem Cell research which involves embryos that would have been viable if injected into a woman, and would be given Birth to.
Your Motto "We will heal everyone If we are elected" With that research. Which there has hasnt been one scientific fact that stem cell research helps anyone.
You promise this and that hell ANYTHING to get in office.
Then you bring the Vice Presidents Daughter into the debate? Maybe some people didnt know she was "Gay" but you made sure the entire world knows it now. What a Jackass.
Democrats Registering voters and getting paid with "Crack Cocaine" (Unf.....Real)
Sandy Burger (Burgler) sneaking you classified documents which you used in one of your speeches.
Partying with Whoopie Goldberg who made a referance about our Presidents name, refering to her own genitals I presume since no-one has seen the tape.
The only plan you have is for a government takeover of our heathcare system.
If you have any other plans I havent read or heard about them.
Promises which you know you will have no money for, and couldnt possibly accomplish.
Basicaly you are a liar!

And Your Wife!!! Oh Lord....
She has NO class,
She tells people to "Shove It"
She says: Anyone who doesnt support Kerry's Heath Care package is an "Idiot"
She says Republicans are scumbags.
She has a wonderful "Medical Cure" for arthritis, Gin Soaked Raisons? I'm glad she is an experienced "Gin" drinker, because she looks like a nutjob Lush.
And now she tops it off with: "Laura Bush I believe hasnt held a real job since she has been grown up" WTF?
Your wife is STUPID to say the least.

Your entire campain is Negative, and I cant wait till I never have to hear from you people again after Nov 2.

And Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards are also Idiots.

Anybody but Bush? I THINK NOT!!!!
Anybody but Kerry it should read!!!
But in the long run it will be: "And the electoral vote goes to Bush!! Bush wins the election".
Because we are NOT going to wake up Nov 3 hearing "President Elect Kerry"

I just cant believe what a downward spiral your campain is on.
But: What comes around Goes around!

October 20, 2004

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Terayyyyyyyza!!! You Are Insane!!!!

You say Laura Bush never had a real job? You are a Lunatic!!
Laura Bush was a Teacher and a Librarian both jobs were in Texas.
My God you are so NOT going to be MY First Lady.
Keep drinkin that Gin Lush!!!

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Bush's Website is Hacked...AGAIN!!

If anyone is trying to get to it redirects you to

Which is NOT his website.

Same with-
It redirects you to

Damn Liberals

October 19, 2004

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Way to go NEW Iraqi Army!!

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Oct. 18, 2004 -- The Iraqi Intervention
Force's 1st Battalion
arrested six people and seized two vehicles loaded with
weapons and explosives
Oct. 16 at a traffic control point here.

The vehicles were stopped during routine searches at the
impromptu checkpoint
in the city.

Included in the seizure was a bus loaded with 17 107 mm
artillery shells, 78
mortars, and 108 anti-tank mines. Three people in the
vehicle were arrested.
The driver had originally tried to bribe the soldiers not
to search the bus,
officials said.

While the soldiers waited for a Multinational Force
detachment to handle the seized munitions, a second vehicle
was stopped and
searched, and the three people in the vehicle were detained
for possessing
illegal weapons. Included in the second seizure were an
AK-47 assault rifle, a
pistol, and a magazine vest full of loaded magazines. The
suspects were handed
over to multinational forces and processed into a detention

The Iraqi Intervention Force is the Iraqi army's
counterinsurgency group.

(Courtesy of Multinational Security Transition Command

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More Countries Speak Out

Thank You Mr Putin. Next to our Allies,(Kerry would call them the "Coalition of The Coerced and the Bribed") and including our new ones, PM Allawi[Iraq] and President Karzi,[Afghanistan] The PM of Japan, PM of Britain (Tony Blair), and Prez Sharon of Israel, (All of whom want President Bush to WIN) President Putin said he thinks these recent terrorist attacks in Iraq that have gone on for a few months are a direct result of trying to undermine the American elections in order to get Bush out. However Putin also said "I am not trying to Medal in American Polotics"
You can clearly see who he wants to be elected. And it sure isnt the Senator from MA.

This raises a question:
If these terrorists are hell bent on undermining our election, you have to ask yourself, what do they stand to gain by doing so?
They have been watching what has been going on over here, and they firmly believe that if Bush is out, they stand to gain from it because they know Kerry will pull our troops out before the Mission is totally completed and they can have thier terrorist playground back.
Being the Anti-War candidate Kerry has proven to be considering he threw his medals over the wall at the White House that he supposedly earned in Viet Nam, Going before a senate select committee hearing and degrading the Soldiers left behind in Viet Nam, they also realize that with Kerry IN office, they know he wont be sending any more troops ANYWHERE, consider the war to have been won, and all the Terrorists EVERYWHERE can just go back to doing what they were doing while Clinton was in office! Which was plotting and planing for the next attack on America! Obviously President Bush has had a devistating affect on Terrorist organizations. They know this, and what better way for them to continue thier rain of terror than to eject the one person who has them on the run, dismanteling thier terrorist "Trust Funds", organizatios, and who has brought Nations together for the fight in the war on Terror. What Kerry seems to forget or maybe he knows this and just doesnt care, is there are 64 Nations helping the United States in the war on terror, some covertly, some aiding with money, some making arrests in thier own Countries, some with troops, and various other means by which they are supporting us. Just because France, Germany, and Russia were opposed to the war in Iraq, (Which I guess I would be to if I was getting proceeds from the "Oil For Food" scandal) Doesnt mean they are not helping in Afghanistan. And all around the world.

Now ask yourself: Who would the Terrorists like to see in The White House?

The only conclusion is: Whoever Al-Qaeda, and every other terrorist organization that has been affected by "The Bush Doctrine" want's in office [Kerry], vote for the other guy!

It is becoming increasingly clear that a vote for Kerry will be a vote for the Terrorists!
Are you willing to take that risk?

October 18, 2004

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Time Will Tell

American Forces Press Service

TAJI, Iraq, Oct. 18, 2004 -- More than 400 57 mm rockets,
7,275 rounds of 14.5
mm anti-aircraft ammunition, and one U.S. tube-launched
optically tracked wire-
guided missile were just the tip of the iceberg during a
recent weapons cache
discovery north of Iraq.

"We would begin digging in a new area, and we just kept
finding stuff," said
the 2nd Battalion, 7th Calvary Regiment senior Iraqi
National Guard advisor Capt.
Mark Leslie, of the 39th Brigade Combat Team.

The discovery began with a tip from a reluctant informant.
Rumors had
circulated within the ING camp of a citizen who knew where
a very large cache
of weapons was located, but fear for his life kept him from
speaking with
multinational forces.

"Once word got back to us, we began trying to get soldiers
with the ING to
bring this guy to talk to us. But the gentleman just wasn't
having any of it,"
said ING advisor Staff Sgt. Ronald Denton, of the
battalion's Headquarters

Known locally as a fair and honest person, the commander of
Company D, 307th ING
Battalion finally convinced the man to speak with him and
to ultimately work
with multinational forces to recover the cache. "Had it not
been for the
reputation of Lieutenant Colonel Waleed within the
community, I really don't
think we would have ever found the cache," Denton said.

The information obtained, Company D, 307th ING Battalion
supported by troopers
from 2nd Bn., 7th Cav., gathered up detection equipment and
headed to the
location. "The location of the first site put us in the far
northern region of
2-7 Cav.'s (area of operation)," explained ING advisor Sgt.
1st Class Robert
Haney of Company A. "The initial cache discovery was
exactly where the
informant said it would be. But as we started spreading
out, we kept finding
more cache sites."

Fanning out from the original location, soldiers would
eventually discover 12
sites, each within one kilometer of the original. The total
amount of items
discovered was staggering: 12 SS-30 127 mm rockets with
launchers, 20 rocket
mortars, multiple, varying intensity mortar rounds, and
other various

As the soldiers began loading the discovered items for
transport back to Camp
Taji, ING soldiers noticed something just didn't seem
right. "You've really got
to attribute the success of this mission to the ING," said
Leslie. "They live
in the areas we're going to, so they know when something
looks off. People are
more willing to come up to them, talk to them and give them
information we
would probably not get.

"As we were drawing close to moving back to Taji, they came
up to us and voiced
their concerns and asked that we increase our search area a
bit more," he said.

Working off the ING's suspicion, the troopers increased
their search radius,
moving further and further away from the initial site. Soon
enough, the search
paid off. "We found what appeared to be another significant
cache location just
a few (kilometers) away from the first site," said Leslie.
"At that point, a
quick look at our maps and we realized we were moving
outside the 1st Calvary
Division's AO into areas maintained by the 1st Infantry

The soldiers secured the site for the evening, and the
wheels were set in
motion to get permission to cross operational boundaries.
"As soon as we got
back to Camp Taji, we started contacting 2nd (Battalion) of
the 108th (Infantry)
to get permission to go into their AO," Leslie said.

Even more than granting permission, unit, a New York
National Guard Infantry
Regiment attached to the 1st ID, sent elements to assist in
the security and
excavation of the site. "This is how joint operations are
supposed to work,"
said Haney. "You request permission, it gets approved and
they send soldiers
down to help with the mission. That's Army teamwork!"

The second day of search operations revealed a much more
significant find in
terms of items seized as well the five individuals who were
detained for later
questioning. "We found so many mortar rounds, it was just
unreal," said Denton.
"And the amount of (improvised explosive device)-making
material, and the list
just goes on."

Included in the discovery that day was over 150 pounds of
PE-4 explosive, the
explosive favored by anti-Iraqi forces in the construction
of vehicle-borne
IEDs that have targeted multinational forces and civilians
alike. Three heavy
dump trucks were needed to haul the entire cache contents
back to Camp Taji,
where it will be disposed of.

"Everything came together like it's supposed to on this
operation," said
Leslie. "Everybody worked together in a joint (operation)
that should make
residents of Camp Taji and Camp Anaconda sleep a little
easier knowing we have
denied the enemy these tools of destruction."

Time will tell as the hunt goes on where ALL the weapons are, especially WMD.
I for one am not convinced there are no WMD in Iraq, I believe they will find them.

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From The Ghost Of General Patton-WARNING GRAPHIC!!!!

WARNING GRAPHIC!!!! Not for the faint.

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We CANT Afford Kerry, Mr President You Are Right!

Mr. Kerry has scorned and disvalued all of our allies in the war on terror. What on God's green earth was he thinking? Those people will NOT work with that man if he was elected. Why cant he see the big picture? By defeating terrorism abroad we arent fighting it here, I cant possibly be the only one that notices we havent had an attack on our own soil, but I havent seen an attack on our interests abroad either since 9-11. They have tried, but failed. And by interests I mean our Military bases overseas, our fleet of Military vessels, nor our embasy's. Unfortunately we cant say that didnt happen in the previous administration. We cant afford Mr Kerry. We cant afford to be continuously attacked and think of this matter as a "Nuisance", a "Police" matter. Mr Kerry has NO Military record in the senate. He has a scandulous record as Lt. Governor of MA. I seriously believe he will tear this Country apart by taking his "Eye" off the ball in this war on terror if he were to be elected.
Just imagine how that Moron could allienate us from the rest of the world and our "New" allies, scary thought.

We need to Send "Senator" Kerry back to MA right now!!!

October 16, 2004

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Kerry's Military Record, This is a Good Site!!!

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John Kerry, Useless Idiot

Clearly, Khrushchev was onto something. FDR never embraced self-reliance as the essential ingredient of a free society, nor have his Demo-successors Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Why? Perhaps it's because these men inherited their wealth, their privilege and their political office. Indeed, while Kerry's handlers might try to cast their candidate as a man of the people, he is anything but. Remember, this is a man who has twice married multimillionaire heiresses; a man who has multiple mansions on multiple continents; a man who windsurfs (poorly) off tony Nantucket; a man who rides a bicycle that costs more than some new cars; a man who spends, oh, maybe $15,000 to jet his hairdresser cross country for a trim. Yes, John Kerry is the latest in a line of "inheritance-welfare liberals" -- those who were raised dependent on inheritance rather than self-reliance. Is it any wonder, then, that the character and values of these inheritance-welfare liberals are all but indistinguishable from the character and values of those who depend on state welfare?

Today, more than 70 years after FDR seeded American socialism, the Soviet Union is but a memory. In addition, China and most other states with centralized economies (Cuba notwithstanding) are undergoing a dramatic shift toward free-enterprise -- as well as the political challenges that accompany such a shift.

Yet despite the collapse of socialism around the world, inheritance-welfare liberals, chief among them John Kerry, still dominate the Democrat Party and continue to advocate all manner of dependence upon the state (the poor man's trust fund). V.I. Lenin knew precisely what he was talking about when he famously dubbed Western Leftists "useful idiots."

As this Election Day approaches, we're left to wonder whether America has learned its lessons, or whether our great nation is still under the spell of its useful idiots. Here in our humble shop, we hope that an American majority will reject the candy of the inheritance-welfare liberals, will restore our Constitution as the central authority of the land, and will reclaim self-reliance as the central character of our people.

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Voter Fraud and Intimidation

The Associated Press today reported on an official Kerry campaign/ Democratic National Committee election guide that instructs Democrats to make up charges of voter intimidation even if no signs or evidence of voter intimidation actually exist.

This document proves the Kerry Campaign and the DNC are more interested in scaring minority voters than in working to reach out to them on Election Day, even if it means completely making things up.

And late today we received reports that Americas Coming Together (ACT)-a group working to get John Kerry elected-is distributing flyers in Missouri featuring an old photo of a civil rights marcher getting hit with water from a fire hose, presumably in Selma, Alabama, and claiming Republicans are trying to suppress minority voters.

This gross behavior is demonstrably false and it is unacceptable conduct.

But this is the environment John Kerry and Terry McAuliffe create.

The Kerry Campaign and the DNC are instructing Democrats around the country to make charges they know to be false, and to manipulate the media into printing and repeating the false charges in newspapers around the country.

Republicans have worked hard to reach out and bring the President's message of hope and optimism to all Americans, including minority voters around the country. John Kerry sees these efforts, is concerned by them and is now working to scare those voters with lies and wholesale fabrications.

Every day Americans are witness to more and more proof that Democrats are the Party of protest and pessimism, providing a sharp contrast to our Party's action and optimism.

They can't win with their candidates and they can't win on the issues, so they stoop to an all-time-low that is unbecoming of Presidential politics.

That's why our Party is growing while their Party is shrinking. And that's why they will lose in November.
How are we going to have a legitamate election, when there is voter intimidation, voter fraud, people registering 30, 40 times, provisional ballots, scare tactics, and pre-emptive attacks? Stir "Things" up, make false allegations of voter intimidation at certain voting stations? Brought on again by, The Liberal Morons!

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More about Stolen Honor

The Associated Press reports that the cable pay-per-view company iN DEMAND has backed away from a plan to show a three-hour election eve special with filmmaker Michael Moore that included the first television showing of his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11."

The company said Friday it would not air "The Michael Moore Pre-Election Special" due to "legitimate business and legal concerns." A spokesman would not elaborate.

The AP noted that Moore has just released his movie on DVD and was seeking a TV outlet for the film, which sharply criticizes President Bush, as close to the election as possible.

Meanwhile, Kerry's campaign is launching a fierce effort to stop Sinclair Broadcasting from airing the documentary "Stolen Honor" a documentary that includes several POWs accusing Kerry of betraying them and the United States during the Vietnam War.

Kerry's allies have launched a major grass roots campaign to have their supporters call Sinclair's major advertisers, threatening a boycott of their companies if Sinclair goes ahead with the planned broadcast.

So far, Sinclair is sticking to its guns and will air the program next week.

But the Veterans' group behind "Stolen Honor" is planning to bypass the major media outlets by distributing "Stolen Honor" directly to citizens through DVD and video, as well as buying commercial air time to show all or part of their documentary.

Awwww Is the Master of Distortion Mad??

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Nifty Swifties

October 15, 2004

Today's News Swift Vet John O'Neill Responds to ABC's Nightline

"While I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ted Koppel and ABC News I was appalled to learn that ABC News would go to the lengths of traveling to Vietnam to interview three Viet Cong communists in yet a third attempt by ABC to corroborate John Kerry's version of the events that took place on February 28th, 1969.

"I would only ask the American people: 'Who do you trust more, three members of a communist regime that tortured and killed our American troops or a group of more than 280 highly decorated American veterans, who proudly served their country and are now responsible members of their respective communities?'

"The number of veterans who support John Kerry's accounts of his military service would not fill one Swift Boat. But instead of sitting down to interview some of the 280 plus members of our Swift Boat organization, ABC News chose to travel to Vietnam taking extraordinary and highly suspect steps to find someone to corroborate John Kerry's story."

John O'Neill commanded John Kerry's Swift Boat after Kerry left Vietnam and is a member of Swift Vets and POWs for Truth.

Sure makes you wonder what it is The Democrat/Liberals are trying to hide!!!

October 13, 2004

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John Kerry's Supporters again try to muzzle his critics

Smear campaign launched against Sinclair Broadcasting after
it announces plans to air "Stolen Honor" nationwide

The Kerry camp is at it again. After trying -- unsuccessfully -- to block the publication of "Unfit for Command," his supporters are now working to force Sinclair Broadcasting Group to pull back from plans to air the documentary film "Stolen Honor" on its 62 nationwide affiliates later this month.

The documentary vividly portrays the impact of John Kerry's false testimony and statements about the Vietnam War. As brave soldiers endured torture, starvation and death behind enemy lines, Kerry accused them of war crimes and actively sought to discredit everything they fought for. America needs to know the truth about Senator Kerry, and Sinclair is doing the right thing.

Kerry's camp and its allies are now urging supporters to flood Sinclair affiliates with angry calls and letters. A campaign has been started to silence the truth about John Kerry.

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Debated To Death

I am so glad these debates are over. I'm so sick to death of Kerry's voice I'm ready to pull my hair out! Kerry's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
Bush had Kerry on the run the minute he took the floor. I havent seen Kerry studder and flinch and forget as much as he did tonight. Bush not only handed Kerry the cake he spoon fed it to him. Kerry was at a loss on every issue, but what's becoming very disturbing is the fact that Kerry has to bring Dick Cheney's daughter into the Gay Marriage scene. So I suppose now every time the "Gay Marriage" issue is brought up, so will be Cheney's daughter. What I found funny was when they brought up Kerry's wife and EVERYONE laughed. But with all the voter registration fraud going on all over the place I hope we can have an honest election.

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Hmm Jordan is helping! And Kerry is out of touch with reality!

WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2004 -- The Iraqi Police Service will
graduate 1,137
police recruits from a police basic training course at the
Jordan International
Police Training Center in Amman, Jordan, Oct. 14, a
Multinational Force Iraq
news release said.

It is the single largest graduation of Iraqi officers from
the basic training
course. Since establishing the formal training requirements
for police recruits
at the center, approximately 5,700 officers have completed
training at the

The eight-week training program -- divided into general
policing and
operational policing components -- runs recruits through
intensive basic police
education in modern methods, the release said.

Instructors from the Multinational Security Transition
Command's Civilian
Police Assistance Training Team come from 16 different
countries including the
United States. The team is tasked with assisting the Iraqi
government to train,
mentor and equip its civil security forces.

The graduating officers will return for duty in Iraq in
various assignments
throughout the country.

The Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq also
delivered 10,000 9mm
Glock pistols to the Baghdad Public Service Academy Oct. 9
for distribution to
Iraqi Police Service recruits attending the school, a
second MNF-I release

The delivery is just part of the overall distribution of
nearly 41,000 Glocks
earmarked for Iraqi Police Service officers received in
country by the
multinational command two weeks ago.

In addition to the Oct. 9 issue, a 10,000-plus Glock
shipment went out to Iraqi
Police Service advisors in the various major support
commands for issue to
officers already in service throughout the country.

The two distributions raise the total Glocks delivered in
the past week to more
than 20,000 pistols, according to the release. The
Multinational Security
Transition Command-Iraq's Civilian Police Assistance
Training Team will
distribute the remaining 20,000 weapons in the coming

Hmm Jordan is helping, and Kerry insists this is the Coalition of the Coerced and the Bribed.
I dont think Kerry knows what the heck is going on.
Kerry is out of touch with reality!

October 12, 2004

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You Pay The Price For Treason Mr. Kerry

DATE: 12 October 2004

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: The Petition for Indictment of John Kerry reached its
target of 150,000 signatures in September. (This petition for
indictment will remain online for informational purposes
[see], and will accept additional
signatures, which we will report each quarter after the petition for
indictment is filed.)

Dear Fellow Patriot,

The petition for indictment of John Kerry, for "giving aid and comfort
to the enemy," and, thus, to disqualify him for national office, has
reached its goal of more than 150,000 signatures. On Monday, 18
October, the petition will be delivered by registered courier to Vice
President Richard Cheney (in his capacity as Senate President), Senate
Majority Leader Bill Frist and Attorney General John Ashcroft today.

Though John Kerry has an extensive and well-documented record of anti-
American activities over the past three decades [see "John Kerry: More
aid and comfort..." at http://FederalistPatriot.US/alexander/], it is
his acts of treason in 1970-71 that are the subject of this petition
for indictment. Our appeal notes both Kerry's violations of the UCMJ
(Article 104 part 904) and U.S. Code (18 USC Sec. 2381 and 18 USC Sec.
953), and calls for his disqualification for public office in
accordance with the Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3,
which states: "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in
Congress, or elector of President and Vice- President ... having
previously taken an oath ... to support the Constitution of the United
States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the
same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

Why prosecute John Kerry now?

In October 2003, Mr. Kerry chose to make his Vietnam war record the
centerpiece of his campaign for the presidency; this has been
especially true since his primary victory in March 2004 [see "Kerry's
Quagmire..." http://FederalistPatriot.US/alexander/]. In response,
more than 165,000 signatories of the above-referenced petition for
indictment have made his war record the centerpiece of their campaign
to disqualify Kerry from public office.

We understand that no action is likely to be taken on this petition
until after the 02 November election. Be it known, however, that on 03
November, we will seek full recourse in an effort to have John Kerry
prosecuted for acts of treason and disqualified from any future
campaign for any national office. We are thus committed to holding Mr.
Kerry accountable for his actions, as there is no statute of
limitations for acts of treason.

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition for indictment.
Rest assured that your voice will be heard.

Semper Vigilo, Paratus, et Fidelis!

Mark Alexander Publisher, The Federalist Patriot

October 11, 2004

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Kerry's Wonderful 2 year Stint as Lt. Governor

John Kerry's promise to cut taxes on 98% of all American families and 99% of all American businesses is absurd on its face. The Kerry-friendly Washington Post has already determined Kerry's numbers don't add up. As a US Senator, Kerry has voted for higher taxes 350 times. He voted for the biggest tax hike in US history. In 19 years he has never once promised a tax cut. Etc.

It's also instructive to look further back, specifically to the Dukakis-Kerry record in Massachusetts. The two years (1983-1985) he served as Mike Dukakis' No. 2 were the closest Kerry has yet to come to the throne of executive power. If the American people have any interest in keeping their hard-earned money and their jobs, that's the closest they should permit him to get.

The Dukakis-Kerry administration came into power in 1983 with a clearly defined ideology and grudge against recently elected President Ronald Reagan. According to Dukakis, their administration promised to battle the "vacuum created by leaders whose blind faith in supply-side economics has set adrift millions of Americans to live without hope and without gainful employment ... We intend to fight Reaganomics and its philosophy of indifference with all the energy we can summon." (UPI, Jan. 7th, 1983)

It was a difficult time fot the bay state. The Dukakis administration inherited a $300 million budget deficit. Ignoring all common sense, they proceeded to immediately increase spending by $200 million dollars more.

To cover the deepening shortfall, Dukakis-Kerry decided they simply had to raise taxes. The list of tax hikes proposed and passed by the Dukakis administration are mind boggling: a higher gas tax, a higher cigarette tax, a higher sales tax on bottled goods, new hospital "assessments" (tax), a new "assessment" (tax) on banks, and an-ill defined (but ominous sounding) economic development tax.

Further, the Dukakis-Kerry administration reduced the amount of time the government had to wait to take possesion of unclaimed property. They also "closed tax loopholes" - the mating call of the American tax-and-spender.

"I'm not sure I feel badly about being called a liberal," Dukakis told the Associated Press when they reacted with awe at his administration's tax-and-spend audacity.

At about this time of year in 1988, John Kerry's political mentor Mike Dukakis has a substantial lead over Vice President George H. W. Bush. Of course, that was before Americans had fully absorbed the truly outrageous nature of the Dukakis administration's performance in Massachusetts.

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What In Thee Hell Is Wrong With This Man?

Now Kerry wants to put "Terrorism" on the back burner? Not in the fore front of our minds anymore? Terrorism is a "Nuisance", that should be right up there with "Illegal Gambling" and "Prostitution"? A Law enforecement, and intelligence matter. Not a "Military" Matter!!!!
Any "Attack" will be met with a swift and certain response?
"Wrong War" at the "Wrong Place", at the "Wrong Time"?
Voted For the War!@#$%$#@!
Voted For funding our troops AT WAR! BEFORE voting AGAINST funding our troops AT WAR!
Yet Kerry will hunt down and kill terrorists wherever they hide? How can you do that when you are not focusing on the War on terror Mr. Kerry?
Has it crossed your mind Mr. Kerry that our re-enlistment rate is at an all time high?
That our new enlistment rate is greater than was expected?
There is a reason for that Mr. Kerry, our troops see something you dont, they understand we are in a fight for our survival Mr. Kerry. And there is only ONE way to win it. Defeat it. Something's I guess you cant learn in 4 months in Viet Nam. Seem's to me the only thing you learned, was how to get out of Viet Nam the fast way! With 3 purple hearts, no matter how you got them.

October 09, 2004

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Kerry Can Run But He Cant Hide

President Bush won a decisive victory last night. The President dominated the debate with impassioned, thoughtful and concise arguments that left Kerry looking petty and defensive as he sputtered out tired, false political rhetoric and distortions that shattered his credibility and contradicted the Senator's 20-year record of being on the wrong side of history on national security and domestic policy.

Our inbox is flooded with e-mails from all over the nation reflecting the President's decisive win. I'd like to share a few comments with you:

You were awesome. You were on target, forceful without being mean, you have Kerry on the run, he's not sure of himself, you have the facts and they're on your side. - Tom Johnson - Orient, OH

You will win because you are right. - Kerry Preston - Littleton, CO

You did a terrific job! Some of us are republicans and some are democrats and we all agree that John Kerry is definitely not Presidential material. You have our vote. - Carrie Miller & Friends - Lumberton, NC

We're standing behind you for victory! - Cindy Lippincott - Tampa, FL

You looked great tonight. You spoke well. You defended your positions effectively, yet respectfully. You are my winner tonight. - Edwin Cruz M.D. - Virginia Beach, VA

The President, however, said it best:

"He's got a record. He's been there for 20 years. You can run but you can't hide" - President Bush

John Kerry has a 20-year record of weakening national security and President Bush was on the offensive last night against John Kerry's naive and dangerous ideas.

Kerry suggested limiting the War on Terror to a hunt for Osama Bin Laden. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the War on Terror.
Kerry tonight said that Saddam Hussein was a threat, but said we should not have dealt with that threat.
Kerry suggested that Saddam Hussein could be contained with sanctions, in contrast to his own previous assertion that a "policy of containment" would be "disastrous."
Kerry proposed a return to failed policies of unilateral negotiations with North Korea that proved a failure during the Clinton administration.
Kerry refused to retract his proposal for a "global test."
Kerry again denigrated our allies by saying we are going it alone.
John Kerry has a 20-year record of supporting bigger government, higher taxes and higher health care costs.

President Bush exposed John Kerry's hypocrisy on health care by addressing John Kerry's $1.5 trillion health care that would take away choices without reducing the cost of health care.
John Kerry blocked medical liability reform ten times.
President Bush exposed John Kerry's record of proposing $2.2 trillion in new government spending.
President Bush was in command of the issues, the facts, and the stage, and clearly won on style and substance last night. He exposed and dismantled Kerry's record of voting against intelligence funding, against our troops, against medical liability reform and against tax relief for working families.

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I Just Cant Do It

I just cannot vote for a man that has an anti-war, let alone pre-9-11 mentality!
Even though John Kerry and John Edwards would like you all to believe that they would do the EXACT same thing as Bush is doing right now, they are lieing!
They have NO intentions of leaving the troops in Iraq until the mission is really completed. They are hell bent on bringing the troops home way to early and leaving Iraq to be a Terrorist Playground! Terrorist Playgrounds breed more Terrorists People. With John Kerry's views of a previous war (That we all know about), Which John Kennedy and LBJ got us into in the first place, you may or may not agree on whatever reasons we went to Nam to begin with, Our Soldiers were called upon by the President (LBJ) at the time to serve!
I believe the Soldiers WANT to complete thier mission. At least the Soldiers I have talked to anyway. And the only way I know this, Is because I happen to have someone dear to me in Theatre. And not 1 of them has thrown his/her medals over the White House Fence.
We CAN NOT go back to a Pre-9-11 Mentality.
We cant afford to. We are suppose to wait? Until another 9-11? Under a Kerry administration to defend ourselves? Then seek approval by the UN and the World before THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA defends herself? I THINK NOT!!!
You have already seen the UN in action with the "Oil For Food Program" mess.
And Kerry expects us to go back to the UN who (With Saddam Hussiens)help, with what Kerry calls "Our so called" ALLIES the French, Germans, China, and Russia, helped supply arms to Iraq, and made a fortune doing it? Why on earth would those countries help us when they were making Millions off us?
OF COURSE our supposed Allies want us out of Iraq and possibly want to do business with Kerry!
Kerry would leave us vulnerable, while insuring the United States is left unprotected from terrorists if Iraq is desserted by the US and our Allies.
Kerry is dangerous. That is a fact. His administration would ensure we would be back to a 9-10 mentality.
We just cant defeat Terrorism with a cold war mentality.
President Bush sees this. President Bush seeks to destroy Terrorism with a 21st Century Mentality. And so far the Liberals do NOT agree. But then again they werent fighting the "Pre-9-11" mentality anyway that's why 9-11 happened.
Well not to go off on a rant here, but I just cant vote for a man that would be sure to strike "IF another Terrorist attack happened he would so on and on"
I want a President who wont let threats to us materialize before hitting us.
Because if the terrorists get the chance they will strike with MUCH more severe force than 9-11, no matter who is in office.
I just will not take that chance.
Kerry is DANGEROUS. And I will not take the chance on that....

October 08, 2004

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Well Thank You Mr. President

It Is about time you went on thee "Offenceive" Rather than Deffensive......
You put Mr. Kerry in his place.
Thank You...
Do it again :-)

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You Be The Judge

If I have the time, I will try and introduce the good things comming from our soldiers in the feild of both Iraq and Afghanistan, our coalition of the willing, (Or as some would call it Uhm Kerry, the coalition of the Coherced and the Bribed) and maybe personel letters.
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, -- Soldiers from the Republic of
Korea assumed
operational authority for the northeastern province of
Irbil, Iraq, Oct. 1,
Multinational Force Iraq officials reported.

More than 2,500 ROK Zaytun Division soldiers accepted their
new role from the
Multinational Brigade Northwest during ceremonies in Mosul
marking the transfer
of responsibility for safety, stability and civil/military
operations in the
province, officials said.

"The arrival of soldiers from the Republic of Korea into
this great nation
demonstrates the strong partnership between Iraq, Korea and
the coalition
forces," said British Maj. Gen. Andrew Farquhar, deputy
commanding general of
Multinational Corps Iraq and acting commander of Task Force

"As soldiers, it is all of our duties to improve our
conditions day by day. I
know that our partnership will only improve the security
situation in northern
Iraq, and by supporting the Iraqi people we can help to
develop the true
potential of this great country."

Many of the Korean soldiers deployed to Irbil are engineers
and civil/military
specialists who will be responsible for the construction
and repair of
infrastructure in the area.

"By assuming the responsibility of the northeast area of
operation, including
Irbil and part of Ninevah Province, all servicemen and
women of the Zaytun
Division are well aware of the historical sense of duty, as
well as the
extremely important responsibility they are taking on,"
said ROK Maj. Gen. Eui-
Don Hwang, Zaytun Division commander.

"I make a firm promise to provide dedicated support and
assistance to bringing
stability within the regions based on close cooperation,
mutual understanding
and truthful friendship with the Kurdish regional
government as well as local
residents," said Hwang.
Doesnt Sound Like the Coalition of the Coherced or the Bribed to me!

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Teresa Heinz Kerry

She has quite a track record, especially when it comes to the causes she donates to. One of her favorite charities is the Tides Foundation.
> What is that, you ask?
> This foundation sends hundreds of millions of dollars to groups that protested the invasion of Iraq; that demands open U.S. borders; and provides legal defense for suspected terrorists. Among other groups supported by Kerry's wife: Ramsey Clark's International Action Center. This is the same Ramsey Clark that offered to defend Saddam Hussein.
> Another group seeks to ease restrictions on immigration from terrorist nations.
> Another group has links to the terrorist group Hamas. And on and on.
> American jobs are OUTSOURCED by John F. Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry!
> We need to ask:
> Why not manufacture in America and ship finished products overseas?
> How many American workers are in these Heinz overseas factories?
> HEINZ WATTIE'S AUSTRALASIA - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
> HEINZ SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. - Republic of Singapore
> HEINZ WATTIE'S LIMITED - Auckland, New Zealand
> HEINZ JAPAN LTD - Tokyo, Japan
> HEINZ-UFE LTD. - Guangzhou, People's Republic of China
> HEINZ COSCO - Qingdao, People's Republic of China
> HEINZ KOREA LTD. - Inchon, South Korea
> HEINZ WIN CHANCE LTD. - Bangkok, Thailand
> PT HEINZ ABC INDONESIA - Jakarta, Indonesia
> PT HEINZ SUPRAMA - Surabaya, Indonesia
> HEINZ UFC PHILIPPINES - Manila, the Philippines
> HEINZ HONG KONG LIMITED - Wanchai, Hong Kong
> H. J. HEINZ (Botswana) (Proprietary) LTD. - Gaborone, Botswana
> KGALAGADI SOAP INDUSTRIES (Pty) LTD. - Gaborone, Botswana
> REFINED OIL PRODUCTS (Pty) LTD. - Gaborone, Botswana
> OLIVINE INDUSTRIES (Private) LIMITED - Harare, Zimbabwe
> CHEGUTU CANNERS (Pvt) LTD. - Chegutu, Zimbabwe
> HEINZ SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. - Johannesburg, South Africa
> HEINZ WELLINGTON'S (PTY) LTD. - Wellington, South Africa
> HEINZ EUROPE - Hayes, Middlesex, England
> H. J. HEINZ COMPANY LIMITED - Hayes Park, Hayes, Middlesex, England
> H. J. HEINZ COMPANY LIMITED - Rovereto, Italy
> H. J. HEINZ COMPANY LIMITED - Telford, England
> JOHN WEST FOODS LIMITED - Liverpool, England
> H. J. HEINZ FROZEN & CHILLED FOODS LIMITED - Hayes, Middlesex, England
> H.J. HEINZ COMPANY OF CANADA LTD - North York, Ontario, Canada
> OMSTEAD FOODS LIMITED - Wheatley, Ontario, Canada
> ALIMENTOS HEINZ C.A. - Caracas, Venezuela
> HEINZ ITALIA S.r.l. - Milan, Italy
> FATTORIA SCALDASOLE, S.p.a. - Monguzzo, Italy
> HEINZ POLSKA Sp. Z.O.O. - Warsaw, Poland
> PUDLISZKI S.A. - Pudliszki, Poland
> WODZISLAW, S.A. - Wodzislaw, Poland
> ETS. PAULET S.A. - Douarnenez, France
> H. J. HEINZ FROZEN S.A.R.L. - Paris, France
> HEINZ IBERICA S.A. - Madrid, Spain
> IDAL (Industrias de Alimentacc, Lda.) - Lisbon, Portugal
> MIEDZYCHOD S.A. - Miedzychod, Poland
> HEINZ C.I.S. - Moscow, Russia
> HEINZ GEORGIEVSK - Georgievsk, Russia
> H. J. HEINZ GMBH - Dm2 m3%ldorf, Germany
> SONNEN BASSERMANN - Seesen, Germany
> HAK BV - The Netherlands
> FOODMARK - The Netherlands
> H. J. HEINZ B.V . - Elst, The Netherlands
> H. J. HEINZ BELGIUM S.A. - Brussels, Belgium
> SERV-A-PORTION - Turnhout, Belgium
> Arimpex Industrie Alimentari S.R.L. - Rovereto, Italy
> Comexo S.A. - Chateaurenard, France
> HEINZ EUROPE - UK and IRELAND - Factories: Chorley, Fakenham, Grimsby,
> Kendal, Kitt Green, Leaminton, Luton, Okehampton, Telford, Westwick
> Think of the conflict of interest a President would have who's wife owns business interests in all of these countries.... I don't think John Kerry's Vietnam service is going to make people look the other way on this stuff.

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On The Somewhat Lighter Side

Father O'Malley rose from his bed.
It was a fine spring day in his new downtown Boston, Massachusetts,
He walked to the window of his bedroom to get a deep breath of the
beautiful day outside.
He then noticed there was a jackass lying dead in the middle of his
front lawn.
He promptly called US Senator Kerry's office for assistance.
The conversation went like this:
"Good morning. This is Senator Kerry. How might I help you?"
"And the best of the day to yerself.
This is Father O'Malley at St Brigid's.
There's a jackass lying dead in me front lawn.
Would ye be so kind as to send a couple o' yer lads to take care of the
Senator Kerry, considering himself to be quite a wit, replied with a smirk,
"Well now Father, it was always my impression that you people of the
cloth took care of last rites!"
There was silence on the line for a long moment.
Father O'Malley then replied,
"Aye, and true it is, but we are also obliged to first notify the next
of kin." /

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Oh My!!!

Moore Wanted by Michigan GOP

The Michigan Republican Party is urging county prosecutors around the state to file charges against liberal filmmaker Michael Moore for offering college students fresh underwear and instant noodles — a favorite among dorm dwellers — if they promise to vote.

The Michigan Republican Party says that violates election law, which prohibits trading something of value for a promise to vote.

Moore, however, says he's just trying to get "slackers" to vote this November with a little "satire." And, he says, "It seems to have worked, as each night the volunteer tables are swamped afterwards with hundreds of new and young voters signing up to campaign for regime change."

Voter Car-acteristics?

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And Boycott CBS Moves Forward

Dear Friends,

Dan Rather and his liberal allies are feeling the heat. A CBS affiliate in Charlotte has broken ranks, becoming the first affiliate in the nation to call for Dan Rather's suspension.

Tom Brokaw is in a panic: "What I think is highly inappropriate is what [is] going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad ... that is quite outrageous."

Far-Left Newsweek editor Eleanor Clift is right there with him: "I think conservatives ought to quit trying to intimidate the rest of the media."

And the Associated Press reports that CBS News' ratings continue to suffer, losing viewers even faster than the other broadcast networks.

But CBS News is trying to wait you out. To stall until you move on to other issues, or as the Washington Post put it on Sunday, "hoping the controversy will fade."

Let's send the Liberal! Media a message that we will not rest until they clean up their act!

On October 13, virtually every reporter we would ever want to reach will be on the campus of Arizona State University for the final presidential debate. Security will be tight--as it should be-and access will be strictly limited. But one way to reach this Media Elite is through the ASU newspaper, which will have access to the campus.

We have reserved a full-page ad that will serve notice to Dan Rather, CBS News and their liberal friends that the American people have had enough of their bias and dishonesty. The Ring of Republican Websites
Ring Owner: Republicans Site: - The Ring of Republican Websites
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