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Homeland Security Advisory

February 28, 2005

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Wow!!! Could this be the Domino effect??

Could it be? A Domino effect?
Could President Bush, Rumsfeld, and Rice have been right all along?
Lebanon's Govt. Resigned, the Lebanese are taking to the streets because they want thier Country back.
Egypt may have elections.
The Saudi's might or hopefully will let women vote.
What is going on here?
Could it also be so contagious that it happens so fast with alot of countries that it takes the world by to much surprise?
The Domino effect does seem to be happening. I just hope it doesnt happen so fast that they are shaking thier heads at the State Dept., Dept. Of Defence, etc., but this is truly astounding. Almost scary!!!
If there are two things you can already say about Bush 43's Legacy, He left alot of free people behind him and, us alot safer at home.

February 24, 2005

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The Stolen Governor Election In Washinton State This Past November 04

GOP Bloggers:

I'm not going to get into the bias in this article, but here's the latest update on the stolen election in Washington state...

Republicans dissatisfied with the balloting that installed Democrat Gov. Christine Gregoire alleged Tuesday that 1,108 felons voted illegally in the 2004 election.
Dino Rossi, the failed GOP candidate, is challenging Gregoire's election in court on the grounds that illegal votes and election workers' errors irrevocably tainted the results. He's pushing for a new election.

Gregoire won the election by just 129 votes, after a hand recount of 2.9 million ballots. Rossi had won the first two counts.

According to Mary Lane, Rossi's spokesperson, "Most Washingtonians don't believe Christine Gregoire is the legitimately elected governor for a good reason: There are just too many illegal votes and mistakes, especially in King County, to know who won this race."

No comment from Barbara Boxer...
Yeah, I bet no comment from Barbara Boxer...

Since when do we register to vote let alone "Court" the Convicted Felon Vote?
Isnt that the point of conviction, to take away a convicted felon's rights?
And I am talking about those in prison at the present time also.
Should those imprisoned be allowed to vote?
As I understand it when you are convicted of a felony, ALL your rights are taken away, that IS the point! Even your right to vote.
Now I also understand that if you have been convited of a Felony, and you have done your time, and done your porole, and are a member of Society again, you can write the Governor of your state and ask him for a pardon and 90% of the time (Depending on your crime) you will recieve a pardon which re-instates your rights, as well as the right to vote.
But registering convicted felons, in or out of Prison without a Pardon is illegal isnt it?
Therefore those convicted Felons that were registered in Washington, and cast a ballot are not only null and void, but illegal.
The 2 times they counted the ballots for (R) Dino Rossi he won. But the third count for (D) Christine Gregoire won.
Seems like they have alot of voter fraud going on there, and I'm not sure that "Christine" won.
If there was ever a case for a "Re-Vote", this is it.

February 23, 2005

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Social Security Calculator

Political Junkie Handbook:

Pundits have written much about President Bush's Social Security
Privatization Proposal. The Democrats' social security calculator (, for example, gives the user a
general idea of how they would fare under Bush's plan. Unfortunately,
there is lttle information about the calculator. What factors did they
consider? Benefits under the Bush plan are a function of time, return on
investment and age of retirement. None of their assumptions are listed. I
believe that they chose a very low ROI, probably around 2%, to arrive at
their conclusion that retirees will find that their benefits will be cut
under privatization.

I tested two rates of return on investment: 4.23% (average annual return
over last 10 yrs. in an international stock index fund) and 6.95% ( average
annual return over last 10 yrs in money market index funds) . I compared
returns from the perspective of current age (50, 40, 30 and 20 years of
age) and income ( $30,000, $60,000 and $90,000).

The results indicated that some people gain and others lose at a 4.23%
return and everyone enjoys substantial gains with a 6.95% return. I
estimated that everyone will break even or enjoy small and moderate gains
from the existing Social Security benefits schedule with approximately a 5%
return. This should not be too difficult to achieve since the S&P 500
annually returned over 10% in each decade during the last 70 years.

Naturally not every group experienced the same returns. Generally, the
young and affluent experienced comparatively greater returns.

Below is a chart summarizing my findings. Unfortunately, emails are a poor
way to send Excel files but a clearer, full-color version can be found at:

Age/Income/Current SS Benefits/Democrat Projections/4.23% Return/6.95%



Why are people having so much trouble figureing out President Bush's plan?
Political Junkie Handbook Has this one
Or click the Title of this Blog

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Bush And Chirac Meet

Bush and Chirac Meet, Find Common Ground in Call for Free Lebanon
By Eva Cahen Correspondent
February 22, 2005

Paris ( -- President Bush and French President Jacques Chirac found common ground Monday night at a dinner meeting in Brussels, jointly calling for an immediate Syrian troop withdrawal from Lebanon.

The two leaders, whose views on Iraq and other issues have been poles apart, condemned last week's assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and called for a United Nations investigation into the killing.

The U.S. has not blamed Syria directly for the bomb blast that killed Hariri -- a critic of the Syrian presence -- but Washington recalled its ambassador from Damascus and again condemned Syria's domination of its small neighbor.

In a joint statement released by the White House, Bush and Chirac called for "full and immediate implementation" of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559, which requires Syria to withdraw its 14,000 troops and stop interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs.

The working dinner was seen as a major step toward healing strained relations between the two administrations after France became the most vocal opponent of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

As the two leaders faced the press before dinner at the American ambassador's residence in Brussels, Bush quipped that he had chosen to have his first dinner in Europe since his re-election with Chirac to show the importance of their relationship.

"Every time I meet with Jacques, he's got good advice. And I'm looking forward to listening to you," Bush told his guest.

In hosting a dinner in Brussels for the French president, the two leaders were meeting "halfway," said Fraser Cameron, director of studies at the European Policy Center in Brussels.
Chirac is a strange one. He agrees to get involved in Afghanistan, then agrees to get involved in Lebanon who just happen to have popped into this mess all of the sudden, (Thanks to Syria), yet disagrees to get involved in Iraq, probably because he knew if we got in there and got ahold to some "Interesting" paperwork he knew he would be implicated in helping Saddam keep his horendous regime going for oil and money (And some claim we were in it for oil oh brother). And afraid of getting exposed in the fraud between him, Germany, Russia, and the United Nations.
Is This A Thaw? Chirac trying to make nicey nicey? Or Chirac knows he blew it by not getting involved in Iraq and trying to save his butt when all heck brakes lose as we learn more about the UN and the blood money?

February 20, 2005

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Take that Steve and Virginia Pearcy!!!
I think the Country has had it with Anti-War Protestors. You got off easy cowards.
Next time you decide to Protest something, make sure you dont use Military families to do it!

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Just How Far Should Freedom Of Expression Go

I admit as stupid as these people Steve and Virginia Pearcy of Sacremento/Berkely are by hanging an effigy of a Soldier hanging from a noose on the front of thier house to show thier feelings about the war, they have the right to do so. But do they not expect others to disagree? What are they really expecting? The effigy being torn down is the mildest they have seen it could have been alot worse, and may get to that point eventualy.
It has been ripped down twice now, that ought to tell them alot about the people that dont feel the same way they do.
Some are calling for the prosecution of whoever ripped the effigy down, I say it was merely petty theft at best. I bet if the Pearcy's had thier way he (The Trespasser) would be raosted in thier front yard on a spit!
Could they not have chozen to write or phone thier Senator, or Congressman, Representative, etc. To tell them how they felt about the war?
Did they not realize by thier display of stupidity that it brings every single Military family into it?
Where is the ACLU?
You can bet your bottom dollar that if the "Display" said "Merry Christmas" the ACLU would have had them take it down by now.
What does this say to our fine Military that are protecting thier sorry asses to be able to put up such a horendous display?
I hope EVERY Military family is OUTRAGED by this display of tasteless ignorance.
Move America Forward has at least done SOMETHING, they are holding candlelight Vigils across from the Pearcy home. To me that is not enough.
There is a fine line between "Freedom of Expession" and "Inciting Violence"
What say you?

February 18, 2005

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This Is Scary

I just happen to run across this looking for something else, and i thought the Public might be interested in this.

Clinton-related Deaths/Injuries
A large number of people have died in operations or investigations closely linked with Bill Clinton. The term "Arkanacide" has even been coined to define a murder which has been disguised as a suicide. Arkansas is one of the only states in the Union in which no autopsy is required in a death which has been ruled a suicide, even if foul play is suspected. This law was one of the last enacted by Governor Clinton before coming to Washington.

Who are the people who have died under suspicious circumstances who were close to Bill Clinton?

[It is important to note in the following list, that many of the dead had direct connections to Bill Clinton. Others were tied to Clinton via the Mena drug-running operation, which has been rather conclusively linked to the Clinton administration. There is no suggestion that all of these people were killed with direct "orders" from Bill Clinton, although, in some cases, this is not ruled out, either. As the sheer number of dead rises, one should ask himself/ herself, "How many people do I know, or am I connected with who have been brutally murdered, died in an airplane crash, or have committed suicide?" Either friends of Bill Clinton are incredibly unlucky, they are horrible pilots, or something more sinister is at work. ]

Jerry Parks, 10/26/93

Luther "Jerry" Parks ran American Contract Services, the business which supplied bodyguards for Clinton during his presidential campaign and the following transition. Bill Clinton still owed him $81,000. Parks had collected detailed data on Clinton's sexual escapades, including pictures and dates. On September 26, 1993, Parks was gunned down in a mafia-style hit just outside of an upscale Little Rock neighborhood. A week before his death, Jerry Parks' alarm system was disabled and the files were stolen from his home. Witnesses reported that a state trooper who was an ex-bodyguard of Clinton's was the shooter.

Jonathan Walker, 8/15/93

Jon Walker was an investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation who was frustrated with the investigation of Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan based in Kansas City, where he felt that Clinton appointees were interfering with the investigation. He was pushing for the case to be moved to Washington D.C. While he was apartment hunting at Lincoln Towers in Arlington, Virginia, he suddenly decided to throw himself off of the roof. His death was ruled a suicide.

Kathy Ferguson, 5/10/94 & Bill Shelton 6/9/94

Kathy Ferguson was the ex-wife of Danny Ferguson, the Arkansas State Trooper who took Paula Jones and other ladies to visit Bill Clinton. She was outspoken in repeating sexual tales which her ex-husband had told her about Bill Clinton. She was found dead in her boyfriend's apartment with a pistol in her hand, a bullet hole behind her left ear. There was a myriad of evidence which pointed to murder, but her death was ruled a suicide. A month later, her boyfriend, policeman Bill Shelton, was found dead on her grave of the same m.o. It, too, was ruled a suicide. In the month after Kathy's death, Shelton had made quite a stir, insisting that her death was not a suicide.

Vincent Foster, 7/20/93

The death of Vincent Foster is a Clinton scandal in itself, and is treated as such in separate sections of this website.

Kevin Ives & Don Henry, 8/23/87

Don Henry and Kevin Ives were two teenagers who lived near Mena. On August 22, it is believed that they witnessed part of the drug operations at or near the Mena airport. That night they went out, flashlight hunting for deer. Their bodies were discovered the next morning laid out across a train- track nearby, run over by a train. The state coroner, a FOB (SEE RELATED PLAYERS, below), declared their deaths accidental, and that the boys had been smoking marijuana and "fell asleep on the tracks". The boys' parents' refused to believe the verdict and pressed for months for an independent autopsy, which was eventually performed. The independent autopsy revealed that Henry had been stabbed in the back repeatedly, and that Ives' skull was crushed. Both boys were dead BEFORE the train ran over their bodies.

James Milam, ?/90

James Milam claimed to have knowledge about the deaths of Kevin Henry and Don Ives. He was decapitated, and the State Coroner (the same one as in the Ives and Henry murders) initially ruled his death a suicide.

Victor Raisner III, Montgomery Raisner, 7/30/92

Victor Raisner and his son, Montgomery were killed in an odd plane crash near Anchorage, Alaska in good weather. Mr. Raisner was the finance co-chairman of Clinton's presidential campaign and had access to potentially damaging information on the Clintons.

Hershel Friday, 3/1/94

A "top-notch pilot," Mr. Friday died in the crash of his small airplane during a light drizzle at his private airstrip in Arkansas. He was a member of Clinton's presidential campaign finance committee, and was a close associate of C. Victor Raiser, who died in the crash of another private aircraft. Supposedly, his fuel gauge had been rigged to read "empty" when the plane pitched forward to land, and cut off the gas supply. This method was allegedly used on the plane of Dr. Ronald Rogers, who died two days later in a plane accident.

Dr. Ronald Rogers, 3/3/94

Dr. Rodgers had been the Clinton's dentist at one time, and was an Arkansas native. His private airplane crashed on March 3, 1994 in clear weather with a full tank of gas, right after his pilot called into the Lawton, Oklahoma airport saying that he needed to refuel. Dr. Rodgers was on his way to an interview with a reporter from the London Sunday Telegraph, where he was going to reveal evidence of Clinton's alleged cocaine use. Supposedly, his fuel gauge had been rigged to read "empty" when the plane pitched forward to land, and cut off the gas supply. This method was allegedly used on the plane of Hershel Friday, who died two days earlier in a similar plane accident.

Stanley Heard, Steven Dickson, 10/10/93

Heard and Dickson were members of Hillary Clinton's healthcare "taskforce." They both died in the crash of their private aircraft.

Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeahan, Steve Willis, Robert Williams

These four men were ex-Clinton bodyguards who were reassigned to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. They were the only casualties in the early morning standoff that triggered the Waco incident with the Branch Davidians. Allegedly, all four men died of similar wounds, a gunshot behind the ear.

William Barkley, Brian Hassley, Scott Reynolds, and Tim Sabel

These four men were all ex-Clinton bodyguards. On May 19, 1993, all four men died in the suspicious crash of a helicopter they were riding in. This occurred only a few months after four other Clinton bodyguards were killed in Waco.

Barry Seal, 2/19/86

Mr. Adler "Barry" Seal was a flamboyant CIA contractor who ran the gun/drug-running operation between Mena and Nicaragua. His legend was so famous, it was made into an HBO movie, "Double-Crossed." Mr. Seal was eventually arrested by the DEA, and he set up a sting operation for the CIA to finger some Medellin Drug Cartel operatives. He received a light sentence to a halfway house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he was gunned down a few days later. According to Terry Reed, another CIA employee, Clinton told him, "Seal just got too big for his britches and the scum basically deserved to die, in my opinion..."

Ed Wiley, 11/30/93

Ed Wiley was one of Clinton's key fundraisers. Supposedly, Wiley was involved with "brifcases full of cash" and some underhanded funding of Clinton's campaign. He supposedly shot himself in the head.

John A. Wilson, 5/19/93

Mr. Wilson , a D.C. councilman known for his honesty, allegedly knew of some dirt which would embarrass Mr. Clinton. He was supposedly preparing to come forward to talk about the "dirt," but suddenly decided he wanted to hang himself. ( It is interesting to note that the travelgate firings occurred the next day.

Susan Coleman, ?/?/?

Ms. Coleman allegedly was having an affair with Bill Clinton for awhile. She was found dead with a gunshot to the head. Her death was ruled a suicide. She was also 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Paul Tulley, 10/24/92

Mr. Tulley was a member of the Democratic National Committee, and a FOB. He was found dead of unknown causes in his hotel room.

Paula Gober, 12/9/92

Ms. Gober, a Clinton speechwriter, died in an auto accident on December 12, 1992.

Gandy Baugh, 1/8/94

Gandy Baugh was the attorney of Clinton friend Dan Lasater, who was being indicted in a Whitewater-related matter. Baugh supposedly committed suicide on January 8, 1994. One month later, on February 8, Baugh's partner's body was found. His death, as well, was ruled a suicide.

Stanley Huggins, 7/94

Mr. Huggins was a lawyer with the law firm in Memphis which was running the 1987 investigation of Madison Guarantee Savings and Loan. He died in July of 1994 in a Delaware hospital, the official cause of death was ruled viral pneumonia.

Calvin Walraven, 7/28/94

Walraven, 24, was a police informant who was the key witness in the conviction and sentencing of Kevin Elders, the son of Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, on drug charges. Right after the trial was over, Walraven's body was found dead of a gunshot to the head. His death was ruled a suicide.

There are those who believe that the BCCI and INSLAW scandals are also tied to Clinton (SEE GRABBE/NORMAN AND OTHER ODD THEORIES). If you wish to include INSLAW, there are several more bodies to add to the pile.

1. Danny Casolaro, 8/10/91

Danny Casolaro was an investigator who was writing a story connecting Mena, BCCI, the ADFA, Park-O-Meter, Inslaw, and the 1980 "October Surprise." After working on the story for awhile, he told a family member that if he was ever found dead, that he would never commit suicide. On August 10, 1991, he was in West Virginia to receive some key information for his story. His body was found with his wrists slit in the bathtub of his hotel room. His death was ruled a suicide. (His wrists were slit up to 10 times each!)

2. Paul Wilcher, 6/22/93

Wilcher was a Washington D.C. lawyer who was investigating the Mena operation, BCCI, INSLAW, and the "October Surprise." On June 22, 1993, he was scheduled to meet with Danny Casolaro's ex- lawyer. He was found in his hotel room sitting on the toilet, dead of unknown causes.

3. Alan Standorf, 1/31/91

Standorf was an employee of the NSA, working in electronic intelligence. He was Danny Casolaro's main source in his investigation of INSLAW and BCCI. His body was found dead of unknown causes in his car at Dulles Airport.

4. Dennis Eisman, 5/5/91

Eisman was a Washington D.C. lawyer with information on the INSLAW scandal. He was found shot to death.

5. Ian Spiro, 11/92

Mr. Spiro was a witness in the Grand Jury investigation of the INSLAW scandal. His family, a wife and three children, was found shot to death in their home on November 1, 1992. A few days later, he was found dead in his car of cyanide poisoning. His dead has been ruled a suicide.

B. The Injured/Threatened

1. Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson, the lawyer for Larry Nichols, happened to live across the hall from Gennifer Flowers in Little Rock's Quapaw towers. He saw Bill and Hillary's famous "60 Minutes" interview, in which Bill claimed he had NEVER been to Flowers' apartment and that he was not sexually involved with her. The only problem with this was that Johnson had installed a security camera which included a view of Flowers' door. He had a tape of Clinton entering and exiting Flowers' apartment with his own key on several occasions. After he told friends about the tape, some large men showed up a Johnson's door, insisting that he give them the tape. He gave it to them, and they proceeded to break both of his elbows, rupture his bladder and his spleen, and then left him for dead.

2. L. J. Davis

Davis, a reporter for "The New Republic," was researching an article on the Rose Law Firm in February, 1994. On the 14th, he was knocked unconscious as he entered his hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas. When he regained consciousness, he had a huge lump on his head and some pages from his notebook were missing.

3. Bill Duncan

Bill Duncan was a federal agent in charge of the IRS investigation of Mena. While in Washington, D.C., where he held a permit to carry a gun, he was arrested for weapons possession (his service revolver) and was handcuffed to a pipe in the basement of the D.C. police station. After this incident, he was taken off of the Mena investigation. Later, when he was asked to falsify testimony for a Federal Grand Jury, he refused and was fired on the spot.

4. Russel Welch

Russel Welch is a former investigator for the Arkansas State Police who was the head of one of the first Mena investigations. He compiled large volumes of evidence of the Mena operations (at a time before Iran-Contra became public), and was thwarted when he tried to continued to pursue the investigation. He was poisoned with military-grade Anthrax (a substance only available to military sources) and nearly died.
Makes you wonder what happens when you get Hillary Mad!!!

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Democrats' Civil War: Clinton's vs. Kennedy

Democrats' Civil War: Clintons vs. Kennedy

The apparent selection of Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic Party indicates the party does not want to learn from its ways. That's good news for Republicans.

The Dean ascension also indicates that when it comes to grassroots Democrats, it's the liberalism of Dean, Kerry and Ted Kennedy that still holds sway among party cadres.

For some time, NewsMax has reported that Hillary Clinton has long had her guns set on Dean. During the bitter primary campaign last year, we noted that a source close to Dean's mother blamed Hillary and Bill for all of her son's campaign woes.

Now it is no longer an open secret that Hillary dislikes Dean.

But it is clear that a larger civil war has long been under way in the Democratic Party that ironically has pitted Hillary and Bill as the "moderates" against Dean and his faction -- which is still controlled by the Kennedy-Kerry circle.

Kennedy's recent bellicose speech to the National Press Club spit in the face of moderation and said the party should stick to its core positions: pacifism, higher taxes, more abortion rights, more gay rights, etc.

The reasoning for this positioning is that the Kennedy faction does not believe the Democrats have lost elections because of their liberal views.

They believe that the 2004 election was lost solely on national security and the "war on terror."

An associate of Kennedy recently told NewsMax the view is simple: "Stand firm, and the Iraq war will turn into such a disaster, the Democrats will win big in 2006." The source added, "The Democrats won't have to do a thing but remain opposed to the war."

The war and growing body count will feed angst, the source said, among the right wing, who will soon demand an end to the war.

Perhaps so. But the recent relatively calm elections in Iraq suggest the insurgency may be abating rather than increasing.
So basicaly the Liberals NEED things to go bad in Iraq for thier own agenda.
Why am I not shocked. They dont care about American Soldiers Lives, they are not as "Dean" would have you believe "Strong On Defense". They simply will do what ever it takes to win back the White House.
They will wrap themselves in the Flag, start going to church, and pretending they are still the party of minorities, even when you have proof posative the Republicans are and always have been the party of Minorities.
Like Dean said the other day "The only way Republicans could get Minorities into the same room is if they invited the staff" Speaking at the Congressional Caucus the other day. What the hell was that suppose to mean? Only staff memebers are minorities? What if the "Staff" working at the Congressional Caucus was all White?
Oh well Howard Dean is going to stuff his big fat foot in his big fat mouth over the next four years so I guess that kind of talk is to be expected.
Just remember who has "Minorities" in thier administration unpresidented than any other administration. President Bush
And the REPUBLICAN that made this all possible for the Minorities, a Republican named Abraham Lincoln!!

February 17, 2005

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While I was Out

The Liberals have appointed a new leader for thier party [Howard Dean]!!!!!!
Who has already stepped in crap by Ahem stating racially motivated remarks in his first week of duty. I will get back to him later.
Some wild Moronic Professor from the University of Colorado [Ward Curchill], who compares the Victims of 9-11 to "Little Ikemans" (A Death Camp Warrior during the second World War [Adolf Ikeman]). And other various dimented statements. The man should have all his freedom of speech I agree, just to show the Entire population just exactly what it is he represents, and how the Democratic party is spiraling out of control and into the pits of hell. I do however think ....If I had a child in the University of Colorado, and I was paying his tuition to be there I would jerk him out and not pay another cent for him to be taught hate speech, and not be subjected to this idiot. And I do however hope he gets fired, not for his free speech, but for Plagiarism. The man claims to be an Indian, but what has surfaced is that he has no Indian in him at all, and has claimed to be of the Cherokee Nation, whom have denied he ever existed in the Indian Nation as Cherokee. Or as any other Native American of any kind. Was hired to teach Native American History of which he really doesnt have any knowlege being he isnt really of Native American background, and a whole host of other issues he claimed to be in and lied to the school and the students.
But what comes around goes around. He will be exposed for the Liar he really is, and will somehow be driven out because of the hate he spews!
Syria and Iran have formed a pact they have joined together to defeat the EVIL America, who has pretty much had enough of the threats and they should be AFFRAID. Syria, and Iran should be very affraid!! Because America is about tired of thier crap, letting insurgents run wild in Iraq, assasinating a Moderate leader in Lebanon, and we will continue to be threatened with thier so called "Mission" to defeat the enemy "America". If I were THEM, I wouldnt underestimate the force America has. They think we are streched out? Give it 2 days, and we will have the manpower neccisary to eliminate that threat to!
North Korea! Yeah we always thought they had nukes, they have just admitted they do as fact. But they can also moan and bitch, because we dont really give a rats ass unless the (Chia Pet) Kim Sung Ill, Joins back in the 6 party talks, and decides he wants to feed his people wrather than building up for a war against America that isnt even going to happen! Talk about paranoid! Or in his case I think he should take the money he is needlessly spending on Nukes and feed his people, and giving them the kind of life they deserve instead of Dictating, he should be taking care of his people.
There is really so much more, I dont have time tonight to get into but those issues seem to be at the fore front of history at this moment in time.

February 04, 2005

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President Bush Will Ask Congress For $419.3 Billion for Defense for the Pentagon

President Bush Will Ask Congress for $419.3 Billion for Defense for the Pentagon

WASHINGTON -- President Bush will ask Congress for $419.3 billion for the Pentagon for next year, 4.8 percent more than this year's spending as the administration seeks to beef up and reshape the Army and Marine Corps for fighting terrorism.

The request will not include money for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress already has appropriated $25 billion for those this year, and the White House is planning to request another $80 billion soon.

The president plans to roll out his military spending proposal Monday as part of a roughly $2.5 trillion overall federal budget. But documents obtained by The Associated Press on Friday show that he will request $19.2 billion more for the Defense Department than its $400.1 billion budget this year.

The proposal will include restructuring and expanding the Army and adding more combat and support units for the Marine Corps. It reflects Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's efforts to transform the Cold War-style military into one that's more rapidly deployable to fight terrorist groups.

Under Bush's plan, defense spending would grow gradually, hitting $502.3 billion by 2011.

The proposal, according to one of the documents, supports the war on terrorism by "strengthening U.S. defense capabilities and keeping U.S. forces combat ready. It continues to implement lessons learned from ongoing operations in the war."

Those include: "The need for flexible and adaptable joint military, strong special operations forces, highly responsive logistics and the best possible intelligence and communications capabilities."

The plan calls for special operations forces, which the documents described as "critical to the fight against terrorism," to add 1,200 troops and the forces would get $50 million to keep them from leaving the services.

The president also wants Congress to let him spend $750 million as he chooses to help Iraq, Afghanistan and U.S. allies opposing terrorism bolster their military and security forces. In the past, lawmakers have proven reluctant to give Bush unfettered control of such funds but have generally complied.

Overall, the proposal calls for the Navy, Marines and Air Force to all receive extra funds next year, but the Army's budget would take a $300 million reduction to $100 billion even though it's bearing the brunt of the costs and fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the $80 billion Bush plans to request in the coming days for Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to be tilted heavily toward the Army.

Bush plans to propose $1.6 billion to fight chemical and biological threats next year and $9.9 billion over the next five years. And, he would allocate $9.5 billion for homeland security activities next year and $147.8 billion for training, maintenance and other "readiness" programs.

Despite the overall military increase, the Pentagon's account for purchasing new weapons would actually incur a $100 million cut next year to $78 billion. The proposal underscores how huge federal deficits are affecting even the Defense Department, long one of Bush's top priorities.

More than half the total defense increase _ $10.8 billion _ would be for training, maintenance and other costs associated with keeping the military ready for action. Most of the rest would go for military salaries and construction of bases and housing.

The proposal calls for increasing military base salaries by 3.1 percent and civilian salaries by 2.3 percent. It also calls for giving troops more money for housing and giving reservists better health care coverage and additional education benefits.
Oh Brother! If we thought the Liberals were going to whine before, we aint seen nothin yet!
But the Liberals want the Soldiers to have everything they need dont they?
I would like to see someday that we are so high in technology that faced with the same situation should there be one, we will have no casualties. Should we ever have to use that option again! The Ring of Republican Websites
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