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Homeland Security Advisory

October 30, 2004

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When are you going to realize you woke a sleeping giant? You dont offer us up demands so that you dont go after US again? You attacked us! BIG MISTAKE! And like our Commander-In-Cheif said, There will be hell to pay for attacking America! And you and your little followers will pay hell continuously till we get your asses! Maybe the person running against the only person who had enough b.lls to take you on is a Moron and weak, that doesnt mean the person who DID take you on (President Bush) is weak. You can threaten us till hell freezes over, your threats are worthless. We stand behind our President. Maybe you dont understand American polotics. When threatened we fight back. Unfortunately the Democrat/Liberal party has forgotten how to fight back against you idiots. Us Republicans havent. We dont run, we dont hide, we dont move on, we get even, we get deadly, we get it done. We will hunt you down like the animals you are and the Liberals will just have to sit back and take it. The Republicans own your ass Bin Hidin. Dont forget it. And keep Hidin, you wont move freely with President Bush in office! The Clinton days are over Boy!


Blogger Libertarian of Pennsylvania said...

Just remember the Reagan administration supported the very same man that we are trying to catch.

October 30, 2004 11:48 AM  
Blogger anti said...

That he did.

October 30, 2004 12:18 PM  

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