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Homeland Security Advisory

October 25, 2004

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Give It Up Kerry

Bush has told the truth about the terrorism issue since the begining and you just take his words out of context to fit your agenda! What you havent mentioned that he said is: He doesnt know if we will win the War on Terror in OUR Lifetime. He said in his Sept 4, 2001 speech if you had been listening, it was going to take a long time and may continue on past when we are gone.
That's what he means by it being "Up in the Air" but you know that, you are just trying to use it as a tool. It's strange you claim "Elect me President" and I will win the War On Terror! RIGHT!!! Like you and John Edwards will make people get up out of thier wheelchairs and walk! I have never seen anything like the two of you I swear. You will tell people anything to get elected.
How could you win the war on terror anyway when you would like to get it back to where it is just a "Nuisance"? And the way you would cut Military spending Zell Miller is right what would we arm our forces with "SpitBalls"? How can you win the war when you cant even see the problem? You couldnt even win the War in Viet Nam let alone the war againt the people who attacked us, and no they werent just in Afghanistan. And all this whining about Iraq. I believe in taking away terrorist playgrounds by any means necessary. I didnt hear anyone bitch and moan when Clinton sent us to Kosovo, etc. for "Regime Change", they never attacked us! You both are wishy washy. Then again I guess that's what Lawyers do, say anything to win thier case!!! Well it isnt happening, and I think that is the Best Mascot for your Party! A Jackass!


Blogger RJay said...

This one too!

You write very well. Glad to know you in cyber space.

I'm listening to Rush on the internet. He's on a roll!

October 25, 2004 9:26 AM  

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