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Homeland Security Advisory

October 19, 2004

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More Countries Speak Out

Thank You Mr Putin. Next to our Allies,(Kerry would call them the "Coalition of The Coerced and the Bribed") and including our new ones, PM Allawi[Iraq] and President Karzi,[Afghanistan] The PM of Japan, PM of Britain (Tony Blair), and Prez Sharon of Israel, (All of whom want President Bush to WIN) President Putin said he thinks these recent terrorist attacks in Iraq that have gone on for a few months are a direct result of trying to undermine the American elections in order to get Bush out. However Putin also said "I am not trying to Medal in American Polotics"
You can clearly see who he wants to be elected. And it sure isnt the Senator from MA.

This raises a question:
If these terrorists are hell bent on undermining our election, you have to ask yourself, what do they stand to gain by doing so?
They have been watching what has been going on over here, and they firmly believe that if Bush is out, they stand to gain from it because they know Kerry will pull our troops out before the Mission is totally completed and they can have thier terrorist playground back.
Being the Anti-War candidate Kerry has proven to be considering he threw his medals over the wall at the White House that he supposedly earned in Viet Nam, Going before a senate select committee hearing and degrading the Soldiers left behind in Viet Nam, they also realize that with Kerry IN office, they know he wont be sending any more troops ANYWHERE, consider the war to have been won, and all the Terrorists EVERYWHERE can just go back to doing what they were doing while Clinton was in office! Which was plotting and planing for the next attack on America! Obviously President Bush has had a devistating affect on Terrorist organizations. They know this, and what better way for them to continue thier rain of terror than to eject the one person who has them on the run, dismanteling thier terrorist "Trust Funds", organizatios, and who has brought Nations together for the fight in the war on Terror. What Kerry seems to forget or maybe he knows this and just doesnt care, is there are 64 Nations helping the United States in the war on terror, some covertly, some aiding with money, some making arrests in thier own Countries, some with troops, and various other means by which they are supporting us. Just because France, Germany, and Russia were opposed to the war in Iraq, (Which I guess I would be to if I was getting proceeds from the "Oil For Food" scandal) Doesnt mean they are not helping in Afghanistan. And all around the world.

Now ask yourself: Who would the Terrorists like to see in The White House?

The only conclusion is: Whoever Al-Qaeda, and every other terrorist organization that has been affected by "The Bush Doctrine" want's in office [Kerry], vote for the other guy!

It is becoming increasingly clear that a vote for Kerry will be a vote for the Terrorists!
Are you willing to take that risk?


Blogger Hijacked Hatred said...

Exactly right. Islam has elevated the terrorism (especially in Israel) every time their goals have seemed most unattainable. They know that if Bush is reelected (please God), the mission in Iraq will succeed for America.
I was unaware of Putin's endorsement. I think that's interesting. I wonder if he'd support the war in Iraq if a new resolution were presented to the UN security council, now that terrorists have struck the heart of Russia?

October 20, 2004 5:29 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

First, Bush gets an endorsement from the guy who unilaterally fired his entire government practically back in February, and now Iran backs his election. Well...congratulations?

October 20, 2004 7:10 PM  
Blogger Libertarian4Truth said...

To be honest with you, neither Bush nor Kerry are really fit to run the country. Kerry votes for something before he votes against it. Kerry's voting record is terrible. Kerry is only has an attendace record of something like 38% in the senate. President Bush isn't really much better, with him being on "vacation" 45% of his first year in office. Before the first debates President Bush stated the war on terror couldn't be won, but at the debates he stated that he would continue the war on terror and achieve victory. I just want to know what sense does it make? I could fill the memory space of this blog if I kept typing the negatives of the campaign. Instead of bickering and arguing why not provide solutions instead of pointing fingers. It is very counter-productive. That is why the country's people are so divided in this election year. Sadly, I hate to say it, it is a shame for the American people

October 24, 2004 2:50 PM  

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