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October 28, 2004

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Kerry, You Are The Wrong Man At The Wrong Time For The Wrong Job

Well Kerry, you have really done it now! You have degraded our troops to the point they HATE you! I hope you are happy. Because of you, the Terrorists see what you are saying about ours and the coalition troops on tv and kill them, take hostages and kill them too, and wreak havoc all over the place all because you say whatever is popular at the time. Whoever is running your campain is just as guilty as you are of aiding the enemy! Sound Familiar? It should! You aided the enemy back in Viet Nam, helped prolong the POW's torture longer, and got alot of them killed, prolonged the War for years longer, and met with the Enemy in France! You are the master of helping the other side, the master of Treason! You blame the troops and thier Commander-In-Cheif for every little thing that has gone wrong in Iraq! You make it look like it's going to hell in a henbasket which it isnt, but the enemy sees you and they take comfort in your bashing of the troops putting thier lives in more jeapordy than they already are! And you Mr Kerry with the help of your mouth has lead to the death of Hundreds of our Service Men and Women, Coalition Soldiers, and just normal people trying to help the Iraqi's, and several hundred OF the Iraqi's! You should be tried for Treason with the highest punishment delt to those that commit it for the things you have done. I hope you werent counting on the Military vote, because you sure as hell arent going to get it. And no matter how hard you try you will never destroy our troops Morale, or our Resolve! And if you by some act of stealing a win in this election, rest assured there will be immediate Impeachment Proceedings against you along with charges of Treason, and I will GLADLY help in that effort! Kerry? YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!!


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