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January 31, 2009

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Way To Go Michael Steele :-)

Woooo Hooooo!!!!!! Awesome Choice :-)

Michael Steele elected RNC chairman

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January 30, 2009

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Barack Obama vs. Rush Limbaugh /Part 2

Are the Democrat's that hung up on Rush Limbaugh? RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A PRIVATE CITIZEN!!!!

Are you with Obama or Rush? LOL!!

Americans United for Change, a liberal group, will begin airing radio ads in three states Obama won, with a tough question aimed at the GOP senators there: Will you side with Obama or Rush Limbaugh?

President Obama and a key outside ally are stepping up efforts to ensure passage of the massive economic stimulus package, reaching out to Congress with both carrots and sticks.

While the president and his top aides are using all the trappings of the office, courting members through phone calls, cocktail parties, West Wing sit-downs and even a politically mixed Super Bowl party, liberal groups are dispensing with the niceties and seeking to drive a wedge between Republicans and one of the right’s most influential leaders.

Tomorrow Americans United for Change, a liberal group, will begin airing radio ads in three states Obama won — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada — with a tough question aimed at the GOP senators there: Will you side with Obama or Rush Limbaugh?

“Every Republican member of the House chose to take Rush Limbaugh’s advice,” says the narrator after playing the conservative talk radio giant’s declaration that he hopes Obama “fails.”

“Every Republican voted with Limbaugh — and against creating 4 million new American jobs. We can understand why a extreme partisan like Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama’s Jobs program to fail — but the members of Congress elected to represent the citizens in their districts? That’s another matter. Now the Obama plan goes to the Senate, and the question is: Will our Senator"—here the ad is tailored by state to name George Voinovich in Ohio, Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, and John Ensign in Nevada—"side with Rush Limbaugh too?”

Asked to respond, Limbaugh had a message for his party.

“Senate Republicans need to understand this is not about me,” he wrote in an email. “It is about them, about intimidating them, especially after the show of unity in House. It is about the 2010 and 2012 elections. This is an opportunity for Republicans to redefine themselves after a few years of wandering aimlessly looking for a ‘brand’ and identity.”

The radio buy comes on the heels of TV campaign by Americans United for Change and other liberal groups that began Thursday and targets GOP senators in Maine, New Hampshire, Alaska and Iowa, and another by the Laborers Union aimed at Senators in Iowa, Kentucky, Nevada and Tennessee; both designed to rally support for the stimulus package.

As their allies take to the airwaves, Obama and his top aides are conducting their own internal inside-outside lobbying effort.

Are You With Obama Or Rush?

Obama vs Limbaugh

What Rush Limbaugh Really Said

This is Hysterical! I cant believe Obama is so Fixated On Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity! What a Crybaby! President Bush Sat there and took crap from all over the place and never made a peep. And this guy is scared of Two Little Radio Talk Show Host's?


Rush Fires Back At Obama With His Own Radio Ad

Audio Here

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Awww President Bush :-)

Awww And They Said No One Liked President Bush Yet He Got Two Standing Ovations!

President and Laura Bush Take In Baylor/OU Womens Basketball Game! Goes To Show More People Loved President Bush 43 Than The Polls Showed!

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January 29, 2009

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Barack Obama vs. Rush Limbaugh

Is this Insane or what? Is it just me, or are Obama and the Democrat's too "Thin Skinned"?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition to express outrage at conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for saying he wanted President Obama to "fail."

"Jobs, health care, our place in the world the stakes for our nation are high and every American needs President Obama to succeed," the petition reads. "Stand strong against Rush Limbaugh's Attacks sign our petition, telling Rush what you think of his attacks on President Obama."

The petition comes after Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill Friday that they need to quit listening to Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

One White House official confirmed the comment but said he was simply trying to make a larger point about bipartisan efforts.

On Monday, Limbaugh shot back at Obama, opening his show by saying, "I'm the man you should not be listening to, according to President Obama."

"I think [Obama] wants me to fail," Limbaugh said. "He's more frightened of me than he is of John Boehner, which doesn't say much for our party."

The remarks came after Limbaugh said last week on his radio show: "If I wanted Obama to succeed, I'd be happy the Republicans have laid down. I don't want this to work. So I'm thinking of replying to this guy, say 'okay, I'll send you a response, but I don't need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails'."

The committee's online petition includes a YouTube video featuring audio clips of the radio host's recent remarks.

Story Here

House GOP Gingery to Rush: Back Off

Gingery: Comments About Rush Limbaugh Big Misunderstanding

GOP Leader Pushes Back Against Limbaugh Line

Democrat Petition Against Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh's Petition Against Democrat's

Rush Limbaugh.Com
If this is laying the foundation for the Democrat's to push through the "Fairness Doctrine", a/k/a "The Cencorship Doctrine" they are in for one hell of a fight. I didn't think Democrat's listened to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity? Closet Fans? NO! Crybaby Liberals! You Liberals won, what are you guy's still whining about? You think we are going to sit back and let you guy's take away our favorite Radio Talk Show Host's, without a fight? YOU ARE WRONG!!!

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January 28, 2009

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Obama's First Week In Office

I Dont Understand How One Man Could Screw Up The United States Of America So Badly In ONE WEEK!! Well Yes I Can, He's A LIBERAL!!!!

*)...Closing GITMO, (Only problem is....not ONE, not O-N-E of our States want these Murdering Scumbags in THEIR backyards)!...Therefore where are we suppose to put them? Al-Quaida must be so proud!

Obama Signs Order To Close Guantanamo Within A Year

9-11 Families Upset Over Obama Guantanamo Decision

*)...Obama gives his FIRST interview as President to of all people "Al-Arabiya" Television.

*snip* Obama cited his Muslim background and relatives, practically a taboo issue during the U.S. presidential campaign, and said in the interview, which aired Tuesday, that one of his main tasks was to communicate to Muslims "that the Americans are not your enemy." *snip*

Isnt that special?

President Obama chooses Arab network for first TV interview...

'All too often the United States starts by dictating'...

Again, Al-Quaida must be proud. Here comes the Democrat's Weak Suit "National Security". And they are going to live up to their reputation for being weak because Obama will get rid of all the safeguards President Bush put in place to keep us safe and we will wind up getting attacked AGAIN, and you bet your ass WE Republicans WILL be blameing the attack on Obama and the Democrat's for letting him get away with this crap now!

*)...Obama Embraces States Right's On Auto Emissions

*snip*On Monday, President Barack Obama directed the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider a waiver request by California and 13 other states to set standards on auto emissions – including those of greenhouse gases – that are tougher than federal standards.*snip*

Isnt this lovely? The States standards are more strict than the Feds! Way to Go Obama! Let's really cripple the Auto Industry in the middle of a Reccession!

Obama Embraces States Right's On Auto Emissions

*)...Obama Administration Willing To Talk With Iran (You know, the Country running amuk willie nillie with a possible nuke)?

Yes Iran! The Country that overan our Embassy and held 53 Embassy Employees hostage for 444 days back in the late '70's, The Country who declared the Holocaust never happened, Israel and America need to be wiped off the map, the Country who say's "I'm making a Nuke, And you cant stop me", the Country that Arms HamASS, and HezBlahhhh so they can take out as many Israeli lives as possible by shooting Iranian made missles repeatedly into Israel! Yes Iran, the Country that gives safe Haven, money, and weaponry to Terrorist Organizations. Radical Islam! And Obama want's to talk to these Maniacs with no conditions! IS HE INSANE, OR JUST PLAIN STUPID???

Barack Obama: Administration willing to talk to Iran 'without preconditions'

*)...Obama Doesn't Want To Protect Our Country With The Assistance Of Outer Space

Missile Defense System Posted by Picasa

*snip*One of the little covered aspects of Barack Obama as a candidate was his pledge to de-weaponize space. I covered it here as well as linking to a video in this old post. Why space? Why not get rid of all weapons on land, sea and air as well? Surely, our enemies will see the logic in not weaponizing another portion of human territory and abide by President Barack Obama’s latest initiative:*snip*

Well, there goes Star Wars! Every time we get close to having extra protection from someone lobbing a Missile our way, here come the Democrat's to stop it. Why? Why invite an attack on the United States of America? Is Obama aware that every terrorist out there that want us ALL DEAD is watching all this gross misuse of power and salivating over the fact they are moving closer and closer to being able to accomplish another attack on the US? Why are the Democrat's so hell bent on being weak in the knees and kissing the ass of those that want us all DEAD? Wussies! They remind me me of "Oh Please! If we are nice to you and forgive you for everything you have ever done to us, will you not attack us again? Please? Please?" Democrat's make me ill.

No Weapons in Space?

*)...Picking A Fight With Rush Limbaugh

This is the beginning of the fight over the so called "Fairness Doctrine". Or as most of us really know it's the "Cencorship Doctrine"!

*snip* President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration. *snip*

Is this some kind of a threat? Sounds like one to me. I have never seen a President so upset over a few people on Talk Radio! "PRIVATE CITIZENS"! It's not our fault that folk's dont like or listen to Radio Talk show's from the left. Obviously folk's DONT WANT TO HEAR IT! For Pete's sake, the Left Wingers have the Media, The Schools, Hollywood, Newspapers like the NYT, etc...All we have is Fox News and a few Radio Talk Show's! Now Obama and the Democrat's are going to start the process of denying Free Speech over the Airwaves, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Malkin, etc.. They want to silence us altogether!

Well that will really send us Right Wingers completely over the edge and there will be a fight. I mean, are the same rules going to apply to the Lefty's? I DOUBT IT! There is not a snowballs chance in hell the Democrat's will accomplish silencing and taking away my favorite Radio Talk show host's first amendment right's and silencing my listening pleasure. Get Prepared people, this time we will have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and take the gloves off on this one.

Obama: Quit Listening to Rush Limbaugh if You Want to Get Things Done

*)...Obama Officials Confirm He Will Fund Foreign Abortions Starting Wednesday

WTF? Ok now this is going to damn far! We have been bailing out everyone known to man and this Moron want's to spend OUR Money to fund Foreign Abortions? Where are we suppose to get the money for this? Obama say's we are broke, and he want's to pull this shit? It's not enough that Obama already overturned the ban on Federally funded abortions here at home but to pay for Mary's abortion in Kenya? There goes more of our paycheck's for thing's most of us not only dont believe in but have no intention of paying for. I think we need a "Line Item Tax Form"! How about WE get to pick and choose what WE want to pay for? This is an outrage!

Obama Officials Confirm He Will Fund Foreign Abortions Starting Wednesday

*)...And Obama's Stimulus, Bailout, Welfare, Full Of Pork Program

*snip*House GOP leader John Boehner’s office reports that the left-wing voter fraud/illegal alien/housing entitlement racketeers at ACORN “could get billions” more in federal taxpayer funding from the Democrats’ stimulus bill.*snip*

Now this really takes the cake, litterally! This welfare program of Obama's wont see any stimulus in this package for years to come. In this beauty of a program there is funding for A.C.O.R.N. Remember the Non-Partison Group who were registering people repeatedly and were caught on You Tube pushing voters for Obama? You know the ones next to the Drive By Media who helped get Obama elected? We covered Global Abortions already, that's in there. Re-Decorating Bathrooms, a Mob Museum etc... Just how in the hell is this suppose to save/and/or create 3 million jobs? Out Of $825 Billion only $26 Billion will be spent this year and the rest spread out over years. How is this a "Jolt" to the economy? $8 Hundred and Twenty Five Billion with a "B" dollars, shot to hell.

ACORN Watch: Left-wing fraudsters “could get billions” in stimulus money

Obama Stimulus Package PDF File

Obama ran on "Hope And Change"! I say "I HOPE that Obama's CHANGE doesn't get us all killed in the next 4 years"!

Gee, this is what all Obama has accomplished in a week! Imagine what this Moron will accomplish in 100 Day's?

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January 19, 2009

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God Bless You President Bush!

You Will Alway's Be My Hero :-)

Ground Zero

President Bush Accepts The Presidential Medal Of Freedom Award

Classic Bush!

Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean

Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo, Way To Go President Bush!!!!!!!

God Bless You President And Laura Bush!

Thank You for keeping us all safe for the last 8 years, pulling us back up and on our feet again when our hearts were broken.

You have put up with more than any President should ever have thrown at him. You went through 9-11 and when everyone else turned their back's on you, and totally disagreed with any of the decisions you made, I didnt. I backed you all the way.

You went through 9-11, The Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, 2 Wars, 3-4 Devistating Hurricain's, you were more concerned about protecting Our Country than you were about winning Election's and Approval ratings.

You gave more than any President should ever be asked to give, and you did it with Dignity, Class, And held your head high.

You are a Class Act Mr. President George W. Bush!!!

You will be terribly missed.

May God keep you and your family and it's time to go home now.

Kick your Cowboy Boots Up In Crawford and take a load off, God know's if anyone deserves a break it's you.

Dont worry Mr. President, job WELL DONE :-)

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January 12, 2009

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President Bush Gives Final Press Conference As President

The postmortems on the presidency of George W. Bush are all wrong. The liberal line is that Bush dangerously weakened America's position in the world and rushed to the aid of the rich and powerful as income inequality worsened. That is twaddle. Conservatives--okay, not all of them--have only been a little bit kinder. They give Bush credit for the surge that saved Iraq, but not for much else.

He deserves better. His presidency was far more successful than not. And there's an aspect of his decision-making that merits special recognition: his courage. Time and time again, Bush did what other presidents, even Ronald Reagan, would not have done and for which he was vilified and abused. That--defiantly doing the right thing--is what distinguished his presidency.

Bush had ten great achievements (and maybe more) in his eight years in the White House, starting with his decision in 2001 to jettison the Kyoto global warming treaty so loved by Al Gore, the environmental lobby, elite opinion, and Europeans. The treaty was a disaster, with India and China exempted and economic decline the certain result. Everyone knew it. But only Bush said so and acted accordingly.

He stood athwart mounting global warming hysteria and yelled, "Stop!" He slowed the movement toward a policy blunder of worldwide impact, providing time for facts to catch up with the dubious claims of alarmists. Thanks in part to Bush, the supposed consensus of scientists on global warming has now collapsed. The skeptics, who point to global cooling over the past decade, are now heard loud and clear. And a rational approach to the theory of manmade global warming is possible.

Second, enhanced interrogation of terrorists. Along with use of secret prisons and wireless eavesdropping, this saved American lives. How many thousands of lives? We'll never know. But, as Charles Krauthammer said recently, "Those are precisely the elements which kept us safe and which have prevented a second attack."

Crucial intelligence was obtained from captured al Qaeda leaders, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, with the help of waterboarding. Whether this tactic--it creates a drowning sensation--is torture is a matter of debate. John McCain and many Democrats say it is. Bush and Vice President Cheney insist it isn't. In any case, it was necessary. Lincoln once made a similar point in defending his suspension of habeas corpus in direct defiance of Chief Justice Roger Taney. "Are all the laws but one to go unexecuted, and the government itself go to pieces, lest that one be violated?" Lincoln asked. Bush understood the answer in wartime had to be no.

Bush's Third achievement was the rebuilding of presidential authority, badly degraded in the era of Vietnam, Watergate, and Bill Clinton. He didn't hesitate to conduct wireless surveillance of terrorists without getting a federal judge's okay. He decided on his own how to treat terrorists and where they should be imprisoned. Those were legitimate decisions for which the president, as commander in chief, should feel no need to apologize.

Defending, all the way to the Supreme Court, Cheney's refusal to disclose to Congress the names of people he'd consulted on energy policy was also enormously important. Democratic congressman Henry Waxman demanded the names, but the Court upheld Cheney, 7-2. Last week, Cheney defended his refusal, waspishly noting that Waxman "doesn't call me up and tell me who he's meeting with."

Rest Of Story Here
Elegant, Brilliant, and so much the Man. Like Him, Hate Him, or Love Him, President Bush is a "Class Act"! The likes of which we wont see again anytime soon. He did his best, and that's all you can ask of anyone to lead this Country!

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January 09, 2009

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Marines Raise US Flag At New Embassy In Baghdad, Iraq!

U.S. Marines raise the American flag during the dedication ceremony for the new U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte and almost 1,000 invited guests looked on as the embassy's Marine security detachment raised the red, white and blue over the largest U.S. Embassy in the world, with the Army's 4th Infantry Division Band playing the U.S. national anthem.

The compound, set on 104 acres along the banks of the Tigris River in central Baghdad, includes 27 modern office, housing and support buildings in tones that blend with the desert landscape. Officials said the scale of the new complex reflects the importance of the U.S.-Iraqi bilateral relationship.

More than 1,200 U.S. diplomats, servicemembers and government officials and staff from 14 federal agencies will work and live on the compound, embassy officials said. Their tasks and missions run the gamut: supporting local elections, helping to fight corruption, helping develop Iraq's energy and transportation sectors, strengthening the rule of law, providing security training and promoting educational and cultural exchange. In addition, 240 servicemembers assigned to Multinational Force Iraq are based at the embassy.

Talabani called the new building a sign of how far the U.S.-Iraqi relationship has come.

"This building is not only a compound for the embassy, but a symbol of the deep friendship between the two peoples of Iraq and America," he said.

Source:Armed Forces Press Service
How many of us ever thought we would see this day? Well I admit I did, but that was because I believed in the mission and the Surge, and what we could and would accomplish. And BOY did it pay off! God Bless The Troops and the Iraqi People!

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January 07, 2009

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President Bush, The Gentleman

President Bush welcoming Obama To The Club.





President Bush is such a Kind, Decent, Warm, Gracious, Welcoming Individual, with a big Heart and Love for Our Country and Tears Up when he talk's to the Military! You can tell Obama Genuinely likes President Bush.

God, I'm going to miss that man!

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These People Want To Run Our Country

This One Want's To Be Senator From New York

This One Will Be President

God Help Us All!

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January 06, 2009

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Burris Denied Entry To Senate

Burris denied seat in US Senate to succeed Obama

This is just wrong! And Dingey Harry Reid Is Being Racist, Hell the whole bunch of Democrat's are being Racist. Where the hell is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when you really need 'em?


Rep Bobby Rush-D Ill.

Bobby Rush: Not Seating Senator Burris Was RACIST!

Seat Burris!

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Obama Pick's Leon Panetta As CIA Director In The Middle Of A War????

Senate Grumbles About Panetta Pick

President-elect Barack Obama is naming Leon Panetta, a former congressman from California and chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, to be CIA director. Obama also has picked retired Navy Admiral Dennis Blair to be director of national intelligence, overseeing all the nation's spy agencies, a Democratic official said.

The selection pairs a top military man with a quintessential Washington insider - but that combination appeared to irk some key Senate Democrats, who expressed concern that Panetta does not have an intelligence background. “My position has consistently been that I believe the agency is best-served by having an intelligence professional in charge at this time,” said California Sen. Diane Feinstein, who will oversee Panetta's confirmation as chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), the vice chairman of the committee, also questioned the choice of Panetta. “Job number one at the CIA is to track down and stop terrorists. In a post-9-11 world, intelligence experience would seem to be a prerequisite for the job of CIA Director. While I will reserve final judgment on President-elect Obama’s nomination for the leader of our terror-fighting agency, I will be looking hard at Panetta’s intelligence expertise and qualifications."

Story Here

Feinstein Furious Over Panetta Pick
Uh..................Yeah!!! We will all be looking at Leon Panetta as CIA Director because he is NOT the most competant person on the block as far as National/Central Intelligence goes! Maybe Secretary of Commerce now that Bill Richardson is gone because of another Democrat Scandal, but the head of the CIA? C'mon Obama you had a winning team going there and now you are just screwing up and making promises to those that put you in office without thinking what is in the best interest of the Country! Dont be a nitwit now! I mean this is only the Clinton Cabinet playing musical chairs under your command! What's next? Sandy Burglar in Charge Of The FBI?

If we are attacked again, Barack Hussein Obama will be personally responsible with this nitwit pick!

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January 05, 2009

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Cornyn Rips Reid On Blago Calls

A top Senate Republican is criticizing Harry Reid's involvement in the Illinois Senate seat scandal, accusing him of meddling in the state's affairs by pushing certain candidates in phone calls to Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said Reid "has led the charge to deny the people of Illinois a voice" in the process. To be sure, Republicans like Cornyn would rather see a special election in Illinois because it would give the GOP a shot at capturing the seat.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report Saturday, Reid called Blagojevich on Dec. 3 and urged him to tap either state Veteran Affairs Director Tammy Duckworth or state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, both Democrats, to fill the seat. Blagojevich was arrested less than a week later on corruption charges that included allegations he was trying to sell the seat to the highest bidder.

The paper also reported that Reid advised the Illinois governor against selecting state Senate President Emil Jones, a mentor of President-elect Barack Obama, or Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Danny Davis —all of whom, Reid reportedly said, would face difficulty holding on to the seat when it is up for election in 2010.

"For the last several weeks, Senator Reid has led the charge to deny the people of Illinois a voice in choosing their next U.S. senator in a special election," Cornyn said in a Saturday afternoon statement. "Now we learn that Senator Reid also took the extraordinary step to lobby against two sitting U.S. congressmen and the state senate Majority Leader in Illinois, and instead told Governor Blagojevich that he supported an appointment for an individual [Duckworth] who recently lost a U.S. House election.

"The people of Illinois deserve a simple explanation from Senator Reid: Why does he believe these three Illinois officeholders are 'unelectable' to the U.S. Senate?" Cornyn added.

Story Here
Well of all the stupid Democrat stunt's! No wonder Dingey Harry doesn't want to confirm Burris, Reid wanted who Reid wanted in the Senate. What a prejudice Moron! Oh this just get's better by the minute.

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Dingey Harry Reid To Have Burris Blocked By Sgt. Of Arms At Senate Door!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Sunday that "legal authority" exists under the Constitution to bar embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's pick to fill President-elect Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat, but added there is also room to negotiate.

Under the Constitution, Reid said, "We determine who sits in the Senate. And the House (of Representatives) determines who sits in the House. So there's clearly legal authority for us to do whatever we want to do. This goes back for generations."

Speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," Reid said he plans to meet on Wednesday with Blagojevich's choice for the Senate, Roland Burris, 71, the former Illinois attorney general, a fellow Democrat.

Asked if there was room for a possible settlement, Reid said, "I'm an old trial lawyer. There is always room to negotiate."

New members will be sworn in on Tuesday with the opening of the new Congress.

Reid called Burris a "tainted appointment" because of the governor's alleged misconduct, although he said he did not know of anything wrong with Burris himself.

Blagojevich, who was arrested on December 9 and accused of trying to sell Obama's vacant seat, is facing impeachment in the Illinois legislature in the state capital of Springfield. Blagojevich has denied the corruption charges and has refused demands by Obama and others to resign as governor.

Reid said he planned to meet on Monday to discuss the matter with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. "I hope we can solve this issue on a bipartisan basis," Reid said.

Asked if Burris will become a U.S. senator, Reid said, "It will be very difficult for that to occur." But he added, "Anything can happen.

Story Here
Oh This Is Priceless! I am going to LOVE to see Dingey Harry Reid have the Sgt. Of Arms block a "BLACK MAN", appointed by a sitting governor from Illinois to a Senate Seat for absolutely NO reason at all except prejudice!

Harry Reid is one Prejudice ass!


Seat Burris!!!!


Defiant Burris says he'll tell Dems he's in DC to take Blagojevich-appointed US Senate seat

God I Love This Guy :-)
Seat Burris!!!!

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January 03, 2009

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I Think Hamas Fired Thier Last Rocket Into Israel

Goodbye Hamas! It's been a real Pain In The Ass Knowing You!

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What The Hell Qualifies Caroline Kennedy To Be Senator Of New York?

What idiot thought this would be a good idea?

Caroline Kennedy for Senate? What office has she ever held before? What executive experience does she have? Just because she is a Kennedy? Now I know this cant be fore real she has nver ran for and won any office ever! I think she was "Goodwill Ambassador" for someting at one time. But C'Mon, where is the experience? What has she got to bring to the State Of New York? Seriously?

Where is the outcry for experience the same if not worse then Sarah Palin got? Sarah Palin was raked over the coals and I havent heard anything bad in the press, "The Drive By Media" about the lack of experience Caroline Kennedy excibits!

Sarah Palin was Mayor of a city in Alaska small though it was (Wasilla), but she campained for it, and won. Then eventually after 1 defeat campained, ran for and won the Governorship of Alaska! One of the biggest States in the Union!

Has an outstanding record as Governor, has passed laws, balanced a budget, has held an exeutive position and has been in charge of the Alaska National Guard.

Now, that's experience!

Where is the outrage over Caloline Kennedy's NON-EXPERIENCE?

Why is there ALAWAY'S a double standard for Democrat's?

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January 02, 2009

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What A Pickle/ Dingey Harry Gonna Block The Door

Democrats Vow to Block Blagojevich Senate Appointment

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich named former state Attorney General Roland Burris to fill President-elect Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday, stunning lawmakers both in his home state and in Washington, where Senate Democrats vowed to block the appointment.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who must certify the appointment, said he will not do so and Senate leaders reiterated that they would not accept anyone appointed by Blagojevich.

Blagojevich, claiming he was obligated by law to fill the vacant Senate seat, called Burris -- a lobbyist and campaign donor to the governor -- a candidate of "unquestioned integrity" and urged the public not to "allow the allegations against me to taint this good and honest man."

"It is truly regrettable that despite requests from all 50 Democratic Senators and public officials throughout Illinois, Gov. Blagojevich would take the imprudent step of appointing someone to the United States Senate who would serve under a shadow and be plagued by questions of impropriety," Senate Democrats said in a written statement.

Obama sided with the Senate leadership, saying in a written statement that the governor's decision was "disappointing" and that he should resign so a "lawful and appropriate process of succession" can take place.
I didn't figure this story would still have legs when I came back but it only get's funnier! I am on Blago's side! I think Burris should be seated. Blago has not been impeached, nor indicted, so as far as I can tell he's still legally the Governor of Illinois. Obama should recognise this and the Democrat's and let this guy in the Senate! Cant you see Harry Reid trying to keep the only black man OUT of the Senate? I thought the Democrat's were the party of minority rights?


Aides: Dems to physically block access to Senate floor if Burris shows up...

Armed Gaurds? Have the Democrat's Truly Lost Thier Minds?

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