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October 31, 2004

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Kerry's In The "Hanoi Hall Of Fame"?

Guess who's endorsing John Kerry Now?

The Communist Party of The United States of America, CPUSA, is publicly supporting the election of John Kerry.

No, this is not a read it correctly. The CPUSA has made available on its Web site,, an advertisement entitled Top Ten Reasons To Defeat Bush. This advertisement can be downloaded. The communist party urges readers to place this ad in local newspapers throughout the country to defeat President Bush.

Remarkably, the "Top Ten Reasons" of the Communist party are identical to those of the Democratic party; out-sourcing, homosexual rights, abortion and the like.

At first, it was thought that "this was only a coincidence." The Democratic party of the United States couldn't be in lock step with the Marxists! So, the originator of this email wrote to a spokesman of the CPUSA in Georgia and here is part of the spokesman's letter:

"The CPUSA supports the John Kerry campaign with donations and volunteer effort. We believe that defeating George Bush is the single most important issue this November"

**Next, it was discovered that one of Kerry's campaign themes is "Let America be America Again." This slogan was borrowed from a Communist poet, Langston Hughes. This is not common knowledge to the average American. "Let America be America Again" sounds good but is a rambling, gloomy poem.

Interestingly, another poem by Langston goes as follows; "Goodbye, Christ Jesus, Lord, God, Jehovah, Beat it on away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no religion at all -- A real guy named Marx, communist, Lenin, Peasant, Stalin, Worker, ME -- I said, ME!"

Then, if this was not convincing enough that the Democratic party has lost it, a third discovery!

**A Vietnam vet group took a trip to Communist Hanoi to investigate a report that John Kerry was in the "Hanoi Hall of Fame." Yes, there is a museum in Hanoi with a section dedicated to foreign activists who help defeat the United States Military in Vietnam. Of course, you would expect Jane Fonda's picture to be there. But, alas, there is John Kerry's picture shaking the hand of a communist official.

Never has there been such a tragedy! Never has there been such a threat to America! Has the Democratic party has been taken over by the far, far left?

It's not only the communists but the homosexual activists who are appalled that George Bush is married to a woman! They are enraged that the President wants a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage between a man and woman.

Then we have the ACLU running to a federal activist judge with every piece of legislation that doesn't fit into their leftist agenda. They support every Democratic socia! list whim. The removal of the Ten Commandments is their top priority!

Don't trust this message for the truth -- visit the CPUSA website at -- read the articles, and then decide for yourself.

So...who will you vote for during the next Presidential Election?


Blogger Libertarian of Pennsylvania said...

This is news to me but I didn't know there was a communist party in the US. Two days before the election I am still an undecided voter. President Bush hasn't really impressed me that much, but Senator Kerry would not be much different. The Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik, has a very slim chance of winning. Mr. Badnarik is on the ballot in 49 states, with the exception of Oklahoma. The government should not interfere with marriage. I respect other peoples religious views and understand what your position is on homosexual marriage, but it is time the government take a back seat in peoples lives. Communism has proven that it is a destiny for failure. Simply because the government gets too big. As of 10/31/2004 at 10:45pm EST, I am still undecided of whom to vote for. I will be at the polls on November 2nd.

October 31, 2004 7:37 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I was quite shocked myself, that was mailed to me by someone and i made sure there was a link to it and there was, and if you click the title of this story it takes you right to it.

Actually I think he is on the ballot in Oklahoma, I saw a commercial about him today, and I was wondering who he was lol. Never heard of him till today. Actually President Bush isnt going to push the battle for same sex marriage or anything really to do with marriage between whatever sexes, he's more interested in "Eliminating the Marriage Tax" for whoever gets married, contrary to what you hear on the Tv. Keeping us from getting attacked again is Bush's top priority. I will say the man is obsessed, but I do like that, makes me feel safer! And creating, jobs and growing our economy, because he doesnt want to see what Bin Laden did to us win. I will admit he is a stubron man but he wont let anyone tell us how to run our Country, or Embarass us by letting our enemie who was out to hurt our economy as well as try to kill us all win. For that I admire him greatly. As for Kerry I am begining to believe he will say anything to get in the White House, no matter what! I have seen all his plans, added up all his numbers, and none of them add up. There is no way no matter who is in office the Congress and Senate will vote for government health care, there isnt any money for it even if there was a surplus. Kerry's figures add up to like 3.5 or something Trillion WITH A "T" dollars. Just for the health care deal, not to mention the rest of the stuff he is promising, and taking away our tax cuts, and taxing the crap out of us again still wont pay for what he thinks he can do, and there is NO way Congress or Senate will pass that, I think its already been tried before and failed anyway so that's just hogwash. Taking away our tax cuts by all the economists calculations will set us back big time, stall the economy, then send us into a downward spiral and a probable stockmarket crash! Then DEPRESSION not just RECESSION. And there go all the jobs Bush just built back up + millions maybe billions more. So that idea is baked. To me he doesnt have what it takes to keep us safe either. He wants to go back to a September 10 mentality a "Nuisance" which we just cant do yet. Someday but not now. I heard an economist on one of the shows this weekend, and he said the Bush tax cuts were a good start, but werent nearly large enough! I was like whoa lol. But I have also heard Bush plans to cut them even more in his second term should he get one, and we will have a huge booming economy. And tons more jobs. A huge amount in the housing industry, and there is already starting to be another .com boom, and there will be huge job creations there, among alot of other things, technology is the wave of the future, Bush sees this, the manufacturing jobs are gone forever, but they were gone in the 90's under Clinton when "Machines" took over alot of those jobs. Now however, with the .com boom coming on again, that will create the "New" age kind of manufacturing jobs that could be in the billions. I have seen Bush's plans most of his numbers add up, but not all of them either. But i will take my chances on him I think because I just find something fishy about this whole Kerry thing its like a setup or something! I dont know but there is just something about Kerry that is wrong I cant put my finger on it, Bush isnt perfect either, but on the Security and Economic issues I think I am going to have to go with him, simply because we havent been attacked again, and I think we are on the right track to getting the terrorists, and I believe we are really close to catching Bin Laden, my son is in the Military and I am not suppose to repeat things, but we are getting closer, this latest tape may have just done him in. But on the economic and job issue, Kerry's plan if that's what I think I read on his website doesnt work no matter which way you add it up. Anyway you have your own mind to make up. I have mine made up. I just report the truth and try to throw in a little humor, and let you decide. Ive heard that somewhere lol. Happy Halloween!!!!

October 31, 2004 8:48 PM  
Blogger Libertarian of Pennsylvania said...

Mr. Badnarik may be on the ballot in OK. His place on the ballot was being dispouted in court. You may have a little bit better info, but according to it is still in court. I seriously doubt it is still in court less than 24 hours before the election. Thank you for correcting me. The error I made is that he isn't on the ballot in New Hampshire either.

November 01, 2004 4:46 PM  

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