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August 31, 2008

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McCain Pick's Gov. Sarah Palin R-AK, Perfect Choice!

What a perfect choice this is! She's a gun totin Conservative from Alaska who stopped the "Bridge to Nowhere", Lifetime member of the NRA, Has 5 kids and one has down syndrome, Overhalled the Alaska government and got rid of corruption, Has 80% approval rating, and just a great Pick! Kudos Senator McCain!!

Meet Sarah Palin

For everything you want to know about Sarah Palin visit Mike's America He has done all his homework on this gal :-)


August 22, 2008

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Raising McCain

This Is Cute :-)


August 15, 2008

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John Edwards: More Democrat Corruption

Boy do I have alot of catching up to do!

I cant believe John (The Breck Girl) Edwards is that much of a cad! I thought he was Narcissistic, but not this damn bad. What he has done to his wife is unbelieveable, and what's more unbelieveable is Elizabeth Edwards knew about it and STILL went out on the campaign trail with him anyway! Were they really expecting to keep his tawdry affair and love child a secret? What if he had become President? Let's see what the tally is on Democrat Corruption!

John Edwards Former Senator NC-DEMOCRAT

Kwame Kilpatrick Present Mayor of Detroit MI-DEMOCRAT
Lied about his affair to a Grand Jury, Jailed, Out on Bail, and cannot leave the state.

Tony Rezko
DEMOCRAT Fundraiser and Barack Obama Donor,
Found Guilty of Money Laundering, Tampering with a Goverment Witness, Extortion, Getting Kickbacks. Serving Time In Prison.

Elliot Spitzer Gov. NY-DEMOCRAT
Caught up in Prostitution Ring, Resigned

Jim MCgreevy Governor NJ-DEMOCRAT
He served as the 52nd Governor of New Jersey from January 15, 2002, until November 15, 2004, when he resigned from office. McGreevey coupled the announcement of his decision to resign with a public declaration of his homosexuality and a claim to an extramarital affair with the Israeli man he had appointed homeland security adviser, despite having no qualifications, and who was threatening to sue McGreevey for sexual harassment. McGreevey was the first and, to date, the only openly gay state governor in United States history. Resigned

Norman Hsu
DEMOCRAT Fundraiser and Donor, Hillary Clinton's Biggest Donor. Indicted for Fraud, became a Fugitive, caught, tried, Found Guilty, Serving Time In Prison

Sandy Burger
Found Guilty of Stealing Classified document's from the National Archives, Was caught stuffing classified document's down his underwear and socks, hiding them under a trailor and setting them on fire. Was National Security Advisor under President Clinton, Advisor to Sen John Kerry MA-DEMOCRAT, Advisor to Hillary Clinton's Campaign, recieved slap on the wrist with the understanding he would submit to a lie detector test, which he has never taken till this day.

William (Frozen Assets) Jefferson
Rep. Louisiana-DEMOCRAT
Found with $90.000 of bribe money in his freezer. Indicted on charges of Corruption, Bribery, Obstruction Of Justice, Racketeering etc. 16 Counts in all. Held Seat on the Way's and Means Committee, Resigned, still serves as Representative.

Gee whiz! Have I missed any Democrat's in this Culture of Corruption?

I'm sure I have, but this is quite an impressive list!

And this is only in the last 4 years!!


August 07, 2008

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Obama (The Messiah) Tells 7 Year Old America Basically Sucks!

Obama tells 7-year-old America not so great
Responds haltingly to girl who asked why he wants to be president

Sen. Barack Obama explains why he's running for president to an audience in Elkhart, Ind., yesterday
It's the question every presidential candidate must be prepared to answer, but when it was posed to Barack Obama by a 7-year-old yesterday, the Democratic senator seemed at a loss for words.

Appearing before a packed high school gym in Elkhart, Ind., the young girl asked Obama why he is running for the White House.

"America is, is no longer, uh, what it could be, what it, it once was," Obama said haltingly. "And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children."

Talk-radio superstar Rush Limbaugh, who featured the clip on his show today, marveled that Obama didn't immediately speak of running because he loves America.

"You're running for president of the U.S., and you run down the country to a 7-year-old?" said an incredulous Limbaugh.

Limbaugh suggested someone should ask Obama to name the period when, in his opinion, America was as it should be.

Isnt this amazing? Running down the Country to a 7 year old? He could have said "I'm running for President because I think the Country needs change and I Love America" But NO!!!! This Moron runs America down just like he alway's does, his wife does, and his Pastor.

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