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October 09, 2004

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I Just Cant Do It

I just cannot vote for a man that has an anti-war, let alone pre-9-11 mentality!
Even though John Kerry and John Edwards would like you all to believe that they would do the EXACT same thing as Bush is doing right now, they are lieing!
They have NO intentions of leaving the troops in Iraq until the mission is really completed. They are hell bent on bringing the troops home way to early and leaving Iraq to be a Terrorist Playground! Terrorist Playgrounds breed more Terrorists People. With John Kerry's views of a previous war (That we all know about), Which John Kennedy and LBJ got us into in the first place, you may or may not agree on whatever reasons we went to Nam to begin with, Our Soldiers were called upon by the President (LBJ) at the time to serve!
I believe the Soldiers WANT to complete thier mission. At least the Soldiers I have talked to anyway. And the only way I know this, Is because I happen to have someone dear to me in Theatre. And not 1 of them has thrown his/her medals over the White House Fence.
We CAN NOT go back to a Pre-9-11 Mentality.
We cant afford to. We are suppose to wait? Until another 9-11? Under a Kerry administration to defend ourselves? Then seek approval by the UN and the World before THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA defends herself? I THINK NOT!!!
You have already seen the UN in action with the "Oil For Food Program" mess.
And Kerry expects us to go back to the UN who (With Saddam Hussiens)help, with what Kerry calls "Our so called" ALLIES the French, Germans, China, and Russia, helped supply arms to Iraq, and made a fortune doing it? Why on earth would those countries help us when they were making Millions off us?
OF COURSE our supposed Allies want us out of Iraq and possibly want to do business with Kerry!
Kerry would leave us vulnerable, while insuring the United States is left unprotected from terrorists if Iraq is desserted by the US and our Allies.
Kerry is dangerous. That is a fact. His administration would ensure we would be back to a 9-10 mentality.
We just cant defeat Terrorism with a cold war mentality.
President Bush sees this. President Bush seeks to destroy Terrorism with a 21st Century Mentality. And so far the Liberals do NOT agree. But then again they werent fighting the "Pre-9-11" mentality anyway that's why 9-11 happened.
Well not to go off on a rant here, but I just cant vote for a man that would be sure to strike "IF another Terrorist attack happened he would so on and on"
I want a President who wont let threats to us materialize before hitting us.
Because if the terrorists get the chance they will strike with MUCH more severe force than 9-11, no matter who is in office.
I just will not take that chance.
Kerry is DANGEROUS. And I will not take the chance on that....


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