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Homeland Security Advisory

January 31, 2008

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Something Else To Worry About

The U.S. military is developing contingency plans to deal with the possibility that a large spy satellite expected to fall to Earth in late February or early March could hit North America.

Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, who heads of U.S. Northern Command, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the size of the satellite suggests that some number of pieces will not burn up as the orbiting vehicle re-enters the Earth's atmosphere and will hit the ground.

"We're aware that this satellite is out there,"( Gee Ya Think? ) Renuart said. "We're aware it is a fairly substantial size. And we know there is at least some percentage that it could land on ground as opposed to in the water."

A U.S. official confirmed that the spy satellite is designated by the military as US 193. It was launched in December 2006 but almost immediately lost power and cannot be controlled. It carried a sophisticated and secret imaging sensor but the satellite's central computer failed shortly after launch. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is classified as secret.

Renuart added that, "As it looks like it might re-enter into the North American area," then the U.S. military along with the Homeland Security Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency will either have to deal with the impact or assist Canadian or Mexican authorities.

Military agencies, he said, are doing an analysis to determine which pieces most likely would survive re-entry. But he cautioned that officials won't have much detail on where or when it will crash until it begins to move through the atmosphere and break up.

Renuart added that there does not as yet appear to be much concern about sensitive technologies on the satellite falling into enemy hands.

"I'm not aware that we have a security issue," he said. "It's really just a big thing falling on the ground that we want to make sure we're prepared for."

The satellite includes some small engines that contain a toxic chemical called hydrazine—which is rocket fuel. But Renuart said they are not large booster engines with substantial amounts of fuel.

Video images of the satellite captured by John Locker, a British amateur satellite watcher, show it to be about 13 feet to 16.5 feet across. He believes it weighs a maximum of 10,000 pounds. Locker calculated its size with data on its altitude and location provided by other amateur satellite watchers, using the International Space Station as a yardstick.

Satellite watchers—a worldwide network of hobbyists who track satellites for fun—have been plotting the satellite's degradation for a year. They estimate it is now at an altitude of about 173 miles, and Locker believes it is dropping about 1,640 feet a day.

Where it lands will be difficult to predict until the satellite falls to about 59 miles above the Earth and enters the atmosphere. It will then begin to burn up, with flares visible from the ground, said Ted Molczan, a Canadian satellite tracker. From that point on, he said, it will take about 30 minutes to fall.

In the past 50 years of monitoring space, 17,000 manmade objects have re-entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Uh... Would'nt this be a great time to use our Anti-Ballistic Missle System? You know like blow this thing out of the air the moment it reaches Earth's atmosphere? I think for this event it's a perfect time to try it out! It's been successful at knocking missiles out of the air in war games between Japan and the US! Because with our luck it will land smack dab in the middle of Oklahoma. I think it's time to give this thing a REAL test. Just a suggestion.


January 29, 2008

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Live Florida Primary Blog/Chat Tonight

Sponsored By Curt at Flopping Aces and Mike at Mike's America

Beginning at 7:45 EST Tonight

At around 7:45 EST Mike or Curt will throw the switch and you all can just jump right on in :-)


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President Bush's Last State Of The Union Address

God I Am Going To Miss This Man

President Bush Gives Last State Of The Union Address

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January 28, 2008

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Obama Get's The Kiss Of Death! Is He Ever Screwed Now LOL!

Ted Kennedy Endorses Obama

Obama Cuddling Up With The Murderer

NOW-NY Slams Ted: 'Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal'...


Sharpton to Bill Clinton: 'Shut Up'

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January 25, 2008

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I'll Be Damned! Check Out The Iraqi Army!!

Iraq ready for "final" battle with al Qaeda

BAGHDAD Iraqi security forces have begun a "decisive" final offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq to push the Sunni Islamist militants out of their last major stronghold in the north, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Friday.

He said Iraqi soldiers and police were being sent to Mosul, where a massive blast blamed on al Qaeda killed 40 people and wounded 220 on Wednesday, and an operations room had been set up in the city, 390 km north of Baghdad.

U.S. military commanders say al Qaeda, blamed for most big bombings in Iraq, has regrouped in the northern provinces after being squeezed out of western Anbar province and from around Baghdad during security crackdowns last year.

They describe Mosul, capital of Nineveh province, as al Qaeda's last major urban stronghold in Iraq.

"We have set up an operations room in Nineveh to complete the final battle with al Qaeda along with guerrillas and members of the previous regime," Maliki said, referring to other Sunni militants the Shi'ite-led government says remain loyal to former leader Saddam Hussein.

"Today our forces started moving to Mosul. What we are planning in Nineveh will be decisive," he said during a ceremony for victims of violence in the holy Shi'ite city of Kerbala in southern Iraq, broadcast on state television.

Maliki gave no details of the number of Iraqi troops involved or the scale of the operation. Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari did not have details but said it had been launched at Maliki's request.

"Security is very weak there and the security forces need to be reinforced," Askari said.

Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman Major-General Abdul-Kareem Khalaf said the Mosul push would include 3,000 extra police. Iraqi security officials in the city said no reinforcements had arrived yet.


U.S. and Iraqi troops have launched a series of offensives in northern provinces this year targeting al Qaeda in Iraq.

The U.S. military calls the group, which commanders say is largely foreign-led, the biggest threat to Iraq's security. The military said this week that al Qaeda militants killed 3,870 civilians and wounded almost 18,000 in 4,500 attacks last year.

"We defeated al Qaeda, now there is just Nineveh province where they escaped to, and Kirkuk," Maliki said, referring to another northern city.

During his trip to Kerbala, Maliki met Sheikh Abdul Mehdi al-Karbalai, a representative of Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Karbalai was lightly wounded in a bomb attack in the city late on Thursday.

Maliki called the bombing a "criminal act."

U.S. military commanders say al Qaeda's influence in its former strongholds has been greatly diminished but that it remains a dangerous enemy in Mosul and other northern areas.

Despite frequent attacks in northern Iraq, overall violence has fallen sharply across the country, with the number of attacks down 60 percent since last June.

The fall in attacks has been credited to an extra 30,000 U.S. troops that became fully deployed last June, the growth of neighborhood police units after Sunni Arab tribal sheikhs turned against al Qaeda and better Iraqi security forces.

"Now we have a real army. The days when the militants could do anything in front of our armed forces are gone," Maliki said.

U.S. commanders in northern Iraq said Wednesday's massive blast, which left a crater the size of a multi-storey building, was in an unoccupied building they said was used by al Qaeda to store weapons and tons of explosives.

On Thursday, the Nineveh province police director was killed by a suicide bomber as he toured the site of the original blast.

Story Here
WOW! This is what OUR Troops have been doing is training the Iraqi Troops to protect themselves and it look's pretty damn good to me :-)




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Right Under Our Nose

While we have all been worried about who will be the next President of the United States, Russia has been sending shipment after shipment of Nuclear Fuel to Iran! Something else we need to consider in our candidate for President, how are they going to deal with Iran? Here is a *snip* from a story about what's going on right under our noses

*snip*Russia delivered a sixth consignment of fuel for Iran's first nuclear power plant in the Gulf port of Bushehr on Thursday which makes it around 80 percent of the consignment, the official IRNA news agency reported.
"The sixth load of nuclear fuel arrived at the Bushehr plant on Thursday morning," said a statement from the Organisation for Production and Development of Nuclear Energy quoted by the news agency.

The delivery brings the nuclear fuel supplied by Russia so far to 66 tonnes or around 80 percent of the total order of 82 tonnes, IRNA said.

Previous deliveries were made on December 17 and 28, and January 18, 20 and 22. Two more consignments are due by February according to a timetable agreed by the two sides.

Late last month, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the Bushehr reactor would be working at 50 percent capacity by mid-2008.

But the Russian constructors insist the 1,000-megawatt plant will not go on line until the end of the year.

After delivery of the first shipment of fuel, Russia said Iran no longer needed to pursue its own uranium enrichment, a message repeated by US President George W. Bush.

Tehran has so far defied successive UN Security Council ultimatums to suspend enrichment prompting two sets of UN sanctions.

The six major powers, the five veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States -- plus Germany drew up a new text on Tuesday to put before the council.

The contents of the text agreed by the foreign ministers of the so called 5+1 were not released.

But a senior US official said the new draft "increases the severity of the sanctions already in place and will also introduce new elements."

Iran on Wednesday described as illegal and ineffective the threat of new UN sanctions and said it would clear up any remaining questions about its nuclear programme in talks with the UN watchdog.

The Western powers fear that Iran's nuclear programme is a cover for a drive to develop a bomb, a charge Tehran strongly denies.

Story Here
One has to wonder, with all Iran's rich Oil wealth, what on earth do they need with Enriched Uranium? Seriously!! And what the hell is Russia doing sending it to them so they can enrich it? All is not well out there with a nutball on the lose in Iran running aound with centrifuses! And we all better ask ourselves the question, "Who is the most well equipped to handle Iran in our field of candidates?" Something we better take seriously in this election.

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January 24, 2008

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Global Warming My Ass

This is called WINTER!!!

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January 23, 2008

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Just When You Thought The Presidential Race Couldnt Get Any Goofier/Here Comes Ralph Nader

Nader to decide soon on possible presidential run

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader said on Monday he will decide soon on whether to make a another bid for the White House in 2008, eight years after playing a key role as a third party presidential candidate.

"I'll decide in about a month," he said in an interview broadcast on CBC Radio's Daybreak show in Montreal.

"What I'm deciding on right now is whether we can get enough volunteers, enough financial resources to overcome the huge ballot access obstacles, which you don't experience here in Canada, but which are the worst in the Western world in the United States," said Nader, who will turn 74 on February 27.

Nader, who made his name as a consumer crusader during decades of battling corporations on matters from car to food safety, ran for president as an independent in 2004 and as the Green Party candidate in 2000.

Critics say he siphoned away enough votes from then Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 campaign -- especially in Florida -- to help Republican George W. Bush to win the White House.

Story Here
Move over Ron Paul and Kucinich, here comes Ralph Nader HA! Has this man ever NOT ran in a Presidential Election? It seems like since I have ever been voting Ralph Nader has been in the race. I wonder who this will take votes away from this time? How lucky for all of us, if Nader runs we will have 3 nutballs in the race. Dandy!!


January 22, 2008

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Fred Thompson Drops Out Of GOP Race For President

Well we gave it our best shot! I hope Fred's mother is ok.

On we go I suppose!

FredHead Forever :-)

Fred Thompson Issues Statement:

McLean, VA - Senator Fred Thompson today issued the following statement about his campaign for President:
“Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”

Ok so we hurry up and get over this and pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get on with it :-)


January 21, 2008

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Public Distrust Media's Iraq Coverage

Poll: Public Distrust Media's Iraq Coverage

Nearly half of Americans think the situation in Iraq is better than the national media are reporting, according to a recent poll, while significant majorities think the news media are damaging troop morale and prospects for victory.

The Sacred Heart University poll surveyed 800 Americans nationwide about media coverage of the Iraq war and about media trustworthiness in general. In most categories, the news media faired poorly among respondents.

The poll was released Jan. 8. It found that 49.1 percent agreed that "things are likely going better for the U.S. (in Iraq) than the U.S. media portrays."

After the poll was released this week, scores of military personnel have sent e-mails thanking the university, said Jerry Lindsley, director of the Sacred Heart Polling Institute.

"The facts are things are not great in Iraq, but there are good things happening," Lindsley told Cybercast News Service. "The news media presents the facts, but they don't present all the facts, such as the lower death toll, the hospitals being built, the soccer clubs and the women in the streets."

Lindsley said news consumers are finding much of this information in alternative media that reflect the positive trends in Iraq and are left wondering why the mainstream media - namely the network news, ABC, CBS and NBC - seem to be ignoring important stories.

Cybercast News Service has reported on the declining casualty rate in Iraq for the last several months.

Almost 60 percent of respondents said that negative media coverage damages prospects for success in Iraq, because it encourage terrorists, while slightly more than 70 percent think negative coverage damages troop morale.

Other polls have shown contrary results, said Kelly McBride, an ethics group leader at the Poynter Institute, a national journalism education organization. Having seen other polls that represent a public frustrated with Iraq and desiring a media that would play a larger watchdog role of the war, she questioned the poll.

"The point of covering a war is to inform the democracy that is paying for the war," rather than to boost morale, McBride told Cybercast News Service.

According to the Connecticut-based university, the poll was conducted between Nov. 26 through Dec. 5, 2007. The sample was "generated proportional to population contribution in all 50 states" and has a 3.5 percent margin of error.

The poll says military officials have a slight edge over the U.S. news media - 30.8 percent to 28.3 percent - when respondents were asked who they considered would provide the most trustworthy and balanced information about the war. Foreign news media came in third with 20.8 percent, and non-military government officials had the lowest trustworthiness with 4.8 percent.

The poll also touches on the familiar question of media bias, with 86 percent believing U.S. media organizations try to influence public opinion, while 45.4 percent think journalists and broadcasters have a liberal bias. Less than a third of the respondents said they believed that the media provided balanced coverage.

"Americans know bias and imbalance when they see it, and they don't like it," Lindsley said. "Americans know that it's just not that hard to present both sides and keep personal bias at home."

However, even some media critics question the poll.

"It's not so clear what they mean by media, with so many forms of media now, and I think you would find 100 percent of the people distrust some of the media some of the time," Cliff Kincaid, editor of the conservative Accuracy in Media Report, told Cybercast News Service.

The poll showed that for television news, respondents found Fox News Channel the most trustworthy, followed by CNN and NBC.

But considering the 24-hour cable news stations get a maximum of 2 million viewers, Kincaid wondered how relevant those numbers were (discounting NBC).

"People are getting their information in a variety of different sources and are coming to their own conclusions," Kincaid said.

Bias is really the result of the larger problem of a lack of resources in newsrooms that leads to less screening for bias and thus a less stringent commitment to accuracy as well, said McBride of Poynter. She said a story is entirely, factually accurate, but failure to tell the complete story could be considered bias.

Further, she thought the questions were weighted toward Fox News Channel by using the phrase "fair and balanced," the network's marketing logo, in the question. She also thinks Fox News, which respondents in the poll believed leaned to the right, approaches news coverage with a larger political agenda than most other news organizations.

"The poll implies the old theory that journalists are biased liberally and that there is a gap between professional journalists and mainstream Americans," McBride said. "Bias seeps into news reports not so much out of an ideological conspiracy as much as other factors. If a newsroom is too thin, and there is no one to screen for bias, of course bias will go through."

Story Here
Well DUH!! This is why most of us that blog about the war in Iraq do it because we NEVER get the good news coming from Iraq and I even have to include Fox News in this. Fox let's us in on more good news than the other Media networks, but it seems they even concentrate more on a bomb blowing up somewhere instead of a Hospital being built, or Iraqi kids going to school, or how the Iraqi's have sided with the Troops to help hunt down Al-Qaeda, and other insurgents. If this would have been WW2 there would be shouts of Treason against most of the media in the streets! Then again in WW2 people pulled together to defeat the enemy instead of protesting in the streets and yelling that President Roosevelt should be hung and wishing ill will on him. Or burning effigy's of our Soldier's in the streets. Can you picture that? I cant. I cant picture any of this nonsense going on in WW2. Anyway I will still give the Troops a SHOUT OUT, and TROOPS YOU ARE OUTSTANDING AND DOING A TERRIFIC JOB, AND THANK YOU!! :-)

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January 20, 2008

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SC Primary Roundup

Well, Fred Thompson didnt exactly come in the way this FredHead wanted, but he did come in 3rd which isnt to darn bad. Fred gave a speech which all us FredHeads held our breath while listening to it, he never said he was out of the race and really didnt give much of a reason for the press conference to begin with, but he didnt declare he was out of the race so I'm not to worried yet!

Duncan Hunter dropped out of the race.

John McCain seems to have won the Primary, which was probably a consequence of the Vet Vote. Dont get me wrong, I Love McCain for his service to this Country, being held as a Prisoner of War for over 5 years, and I dont think he should be denegrated for his service to this Country. However, he sucks on the home front! With the exception of knowing he was right about the "Troop Surge" and the Iraq war, he sides way to much with the Liberals on a whole host of issues. Amnesty, voting against the Bush tax cuts, etc..That's the one thing that bothers me about McCain.

Mitt Romney won the Nevada Caucuses, and he somewhat skipped the SC Primary so I am not sure where he placed.

Rudy Giuliani, same thing. He is to busy campaigning in Florida which may or may not be a bad move for him we will see at the end of this month.

Ron Paul and his maniacs came in 2nd in the Nevada Caucuses, and placed like 5th in the SC Primary, lacking the Blimp this time. (Who really cares he's a nutball)

Mike Huckabee Came in Second I believe, and that was pretty much due to the Evangelical Vote. Huckabee isnt a bad guy, I like him but he also sucks on the homefront. Tax increases in Arkansas, all sorts of wishy washy things he did as Governor. Ya just cant tell about the Huckster. I dont think he is Presidential Material, but he talks a good game.

Alan Keys? Who Knows!!!!

Well I think I covered everyone, if I didnt I will update.

I still say this FredHead will continue to back Fred Thompson until Fred Thompson decides to call it quits. After that? I will be lost and I will have to pick a new candidate. I dont want to but I may have to because if Fred calls it quit's I will be devistated and lost. But I will pick myself up, dust my Jeans off, and keep going.

We will have to see the fallout from all this tomorrow.

And dont forget tommorrow is a new day, and the GOP race is still up for grabs and ya never know, Thompson could make a comeback, or another candidate may be someone I can at least live with, with the exception of Ron Paul because he is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Well that's my Two Cent's. What's your opinion?

If you missed the Live Blog/Chat tonight, the Next Live Blog/Chat will be in around 10 Day's from now! Keep Checking In for Updates!


January 19, 2008

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Live South Carolina Primary Blog/Chat

Sponsored by Mike's America

Live Chat Is Now Closed!!!


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GO FRED GO !!!!!!

Ok now that I have tortured you guy's with Al Sharpton, let's get down to the business end of this primary today.


Oops I forgot to mention I stole this Video from Dragon Lady's Den

Live Chat Tonight! 6:00 CST

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January 18, 2008

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I Have An Idea


January 17, 2008

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William Jefferson D-LA Testifies In Pre-Trial Hearing

Remember this guy? It's been awhile but William "Frozen Assets" Jefferson's trial is finally about to beigin and the Democrat's still have'nt kicked him out of office!

The FBI had information about potentially shady business deals involving a Louisiana congressman going back the late 1990s — at least eight years before he was indicted for taking bribes, an FBI agent testified Thursday.

FBI agent Timothy Thibault said during a pretrial hearing at U.S. District Court that he found a bureau document from the late 1990s questioning Rep. William Jefferson's business deals with a sugar company. It was not immediately clear what investigation, if any, occurred at the time.

Jefferson, a Democrat from New Orleans, was indicted earlier this year on charges including bribery, racketeering, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

The indictment spells out a dozen separate bribery schemes in which Jefferson allegedly used his influence as co-chairman of the congressional Africa Investment and Trade Caucus to broker deals in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.

The current investigation began in March 2005, when a prominent northern Virginia businesswoman, Lori Mody, approached the FBI and complained that she was being swindled in a business deal involving Jefferson and some of his associates.

Thibault's testimony came in a pretrial hearing in which Jefferson's lawyers are seeking to suppress statements Jefferson made and some evidence taken from his New Orleans home in an August 2005 raid.

Jefferson had been expected to testify Thursday to support his lawyers' argument that Jefferson should have been advised of his right to remain silent before the interview occurred.

But Thursday's hearing ran long and was continued until Jan. 16. Jefferson's lawyer, Robert Trout, has said he plans to call Jefferson as a witness, but he is not obliged to do so.

The congressman made potentially damaging statements at the end of the interview, after seeing a surveillance videotape in which he was retrieving a suitcase filled with $100,000 cash. Jefferson dejectedly told the agents "what a waste," and speculated about his political future, according to the agents' testimony.

Story Here
What a waste? LOL! What a waste that he made a HUGE mistake? Or what a waste that the FBI found and took the remaining FROZEN $90,000? He obviously spent $10,000 of it. What a Moron. Oh Lord the Democrat Culture of Corruption Continues...

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January 16, 2008

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Do Any Of The Democrat Candidates Remember Iraq?

Of Course Not!

Iraq Casualties in December Down 80 Percent From Year Ago

Combat-related U.S. casualties in Iraq were 82.9 percent less in December 2007 than they were in December 2006, according to an exclusive Cybercast News Service analysis of Defense Department data.

In December 2006, according to an analysis based on casualty reports released by the Defense Department, 82 U.S. military personnel were killed in Iraq as a result of enemy action. In December 2007, 14 U.S. military personnel were killed in Iraq as a result of enemy action. (Overall in December 2006, 90 U.S. military personnel were killed in Iraq, including not only those killed by enemy action but also those who died in non-combat-related accidents and for other reasons. In December 2007, 19 U.S. military personnel were killed in Iraq overall, including those who died for non-combat-related reasons.)

U.S. combat-related casualties in Iraq in December were the fewest of any month since March 2006.

At a Heritage Foundation forum last week, U.S. officials and national security experts credited the improving situation in Iraq to General David Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Iraq, for conceiving and implementing an effective counter-insurgency strategy, and to President Bush for following through with it.

Not everyone in the White House was keen on the troop surge, Mark Kimmitt, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Middle East Affairs, said during his presentation. He said some argued against a heightened U.S. military presence because they believed the troops would be exposed to escalating violence.

"No one last December [2006] had any idea we would see a Sunni awakening movement of such great scope and with such great effectiveness," he said. "No one expected the brilliant successes of our special forces against Al Qaeda in general. We have done better at the local level than we expected. But worse at the national level...The challenge for 2008 will be to link up these local efforts to the central government in a way that strengthens the latter while preserving the maximum space for local initiative."

Story Here
I have'nt heard one Democrat candidate for President mention any of the good news from Iraq. Oh they keep argueing "I didnt vote for the 'Surge'", or "If I did vote for the 'Surge' if I would have known what I know today I would'nt have voted for it", and alot of other crap. But I have'nt heard one of them say we have had outstanding success since the 'Surge' in Iraq. In fact I have'nt heard the Dem candidates mention Iraq at all, unless of course it's bad. We all knew if the situation turned around in our favor in Iraq it would pretty much be off the Democrat table. Well folk's it's happened. Iraq is now on the back burner. Now it's the "Economy" and how the Democrat's plan on destroying it!

BAGHDAD - Iraq's parliament passed a benchmark law Saturday allowing lower-ranking former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party to reclaim government jobs, the first major piece of U.S.-backed legislation it has adopted.

Story Here

Well what do you know? The Iraqi's passed an important benchmark in Iraq and no one even mentioned it. The Iraqi government is starting to make progress and nothing, no reports, only this little story. I guess that's why the Democrat's arent mentioning Iraq anymore!

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January 11, 2008

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Post SC GOP Debate Roundup

It was pretty much all Fred Thompson last night.

Mike Huckabee did well, so did Guiliani, Romney, and McCain.

Naturally Ron Paul was his usual screwy ass self. Hired a blimp that was so annoying to most of the people there actually trying to get an interview with one of the candidates, but he didnt care. Then his "Cult" tried to make it look as if he was the winner of the debate by text messaging thier votes continuously to make it look like he won but everyone saw through that and went with the focus group that declared Fred the winner! I'll Post Pictures and Video as I get them.

Ron Paul's Annoying Blimp

Fred Thompson's Bus

LOL! This Is Cute

Thank's to Mike's America For hosting the live chat on the post below, and Ken over atThe Liberal Lies The Conservative Truth for the pre-debate coverage. You both did great!


Crossposted from The Liberal Lies The Conservative Truth:


There were a lot of irritated media in the filing room as the Debate began when we found that the Internet connection that had been dependable all day had stopped. So this wrap up will include both debate analysis and coverage of the activities in the Spin Room after the debate.

First the debate. Throughout this campaign cycle we have never been short of debates. this one though was more detailed and had much more substance to it then the preceding GOP debates. Part, I am sure was due to the fact that rather than 10 candidates as has been the case in most of the debates there were only six. Additionally the questions that were asked were more detailed and much tougher than most in the past.

The candidates also had more time to answer and the rebuttals were handled well and for the most part actually had to do with the question at hand and not rambling campaign talking points as has been the practice before.

In rating the candidates I will start at the bottom and work my way up from there.

Ron Paul - F - More than any other debate Paul made his isolationist and blame America position well known in most of his responses. His repetition concerning the economic aspect of United States foreign policy and his continual finger pointing of blame to the US especially concerning Israel made him look the absolute fool.

Mike Huckabee - C - He did answer religious questions with an obvious educated response but his continual avoidance when confronted with the truth of his record and trying to claim that he gave hope instead of tax increases while he was Governor of Arkansas began rather redundant.

John McCain - C + - Though McCain did come across strong when speaking of the military and certain aspects of Foreign policy he repeated himself often especially when referring to his being called, "the sheriff, " in reference to appropriations bills. A claim he stated four times during the debate. For him a poor showing considering that South Carolina sunk his campaign in 2000.

Rudy Giuliani - B - - Not one of Rudy's better nights, though he did refrain from constant references about 9/11 as has been his practice in previous debates. When asked about his foreign policy experience he did provide and answer that gave his qualification on this issue and as always his answer concerning the war and terrorism were strong.

Mitt Romney - B - Romney had a good showing tonight. He refrained from continual references to his Massachusetts accomplishments as much as in the past and replaced this with plans and strategy as to what he would actually do if elected President.

Fred Thompson - A - - Though not asked as many questions as some of the candidates, his answers were well thought out and detailed especially when referring to his plan for border security and causing the illegals to leave by , "attrition." While his overall performance was a B +, the reason for the A - was because he was the only candidate who challenged Huckabee on his record which put the Huckster on the defensive much of the night as he danced around that record. Also Fred's response concerning Pakistan and the statement about sending the Iranians to meet the virgins were some of the highlights of the evening.

After the debate we made our way to the Spin Room where Hannity and Combs broadcast their show live and interviewed the candidates. That is all but Ron Paul. His absence in the Spin Room and the Hannity and Combs show was an obvious shun of the media in general and Sean Hannity personally.

The candidates did not stop for interviews with the media with two exceptions, Fred Thompson spent a moment after his appearance on Hannity and Combs in which I had opportunity to ask him about how he felt concerning his need to do well in South Carolina. He responded that he, "felt that he would be putting all his cards on the table since here in the South he was on his own home turf." He went on to say that, "the response to his bus tour was excellent and he was confident that South Carolina would come out for him on the 19th."

Mike Huckabee also spent a moment before his appearance and I asked him why he continually avoided talking directly about his Arkansas record ? He again avoided the question by stating that during his , "ten years as Governor he brought hope to the people of Arkansas, " and since he was re-elected that proved that he, "did something right."

I also talked with South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, a Romney supporter, and asked him how important South Carolina was to the Governor in light of his second place finish in Iowa and New Hampshire. DeMint said that Romney, "needed to do well in Michigan and then win in South Carolina to remain strong in the Primary race." He went on to state that he was, "confident, " that Romeny would win in South Carolina because his message, " follows the values of South Carolinians."

A very rewarding and enjoyable day was experienced by all of us as we covered the debate activities. I want to express my special thanks to my son Chris and also to Travis Whitaker for their help throughout the day. Their chasing down many of the stories and the people so I could spend time writing was a tremendous help. Also being in three places at once made it much easier to get the activities that are usually not covered at events like this.

Also thanks to Mike's America for sponsoring the liveblogging and inviting me to participate throughout the day at each of the sites that were linked to he liveblog. Thanks to each of you for stopping by and allowing Travis, my son and myself to bring the South Carolina GOP debate to the web.

Ken Taylor

Fred Thompson Highlight's

Focus Group

Page Of Pictures Ken Took At The Debate


January 10, 2008

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Live South Carolina Debate Chat

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January 09, 2008

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US Navy: Iranians Were Heartbeat Away From Being Blown Up

U.S.: Iranians 'Were a Heartbeat From Being Blown Up'

The standoff between three U.S. Navy ships and five Iranian speedboats in the Strait of Hormuz Sunday was one step away from turning violent.

"They were a heartbeat from being blown up," a Pentagon official, speaking of the Iranians, told ABC News.

According to the Navy intelligence report on the incident, the Iranians radioed, "I am coming at you. You will blow up in a couple of minutes."

The Navy ships radioed back, presumably transmitting a warning. All three ships also engaged in "evasive action," and according to senior Pentagon officials, the "prepare-to-fire" order had been given and the gun stations manned.

Pentagon officials today expressed surprise the Navy ships allowed at least one of the Iranian speedboats to get so close -- just 200 yards away -- without firing.

They say at least one of those speedboats boasted a machine gun, and all were behaving as if they were packed with explosives.

Pentagon Video

A Navy official told ABC News that while there have been similar incidents in the Gulf, Sunday's differed because of the "aggressive actions" taken by the Iranians.

"I've never seen a provocation like this is in international waters," another military official who has served for more than 25 years said.

The White House seconded that notion.

"We urge the Iranians to refrain from such provocative actions that could lead to dangerous incidents in the future," White House deputy press secretary Tony Fratto said.

Published reports cite the Iranian Foreign Ministry as confirming the incident but calling it "ordinary."

"Yesterday the Revolutionary Guard demonstrated their capacity to act irresponsibly and, in my estimation, well out of the ordinary norms of what we would expect," Vice Adm. Kevin Cosgriff said in response to Iran's account of Sunday's incident. "So hopefully, they've learned from this that we're serious."

Defense Secretary Robert Gates agreed, calling the tense standoff "troubling and a matter of real concern." He added, "This is a very volatile area, and the risk of an incident and of an incident escalating is real. I can't imagine what was on their minds."

Story Here

President Bush Remark's On Incident

Iran Seeks Confrontation in Gulf

Bush Strongly Warns Iran on Naval Clash


Is Iran completely Insane? Speedboats trying to take on the US Navy? What the hell are they thinking? I wonder if they know how close they were to being a target. Iran is just trying to provoke a War. I'm shocked those loons werent blasted out of the water. Watch these Lunatics on the Pentagon Video up above.


U.S. Formally Protests Iranian Harassment Of Ships In Persian Gulf

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January 08, 2008

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Live New Hampshire Primary Chat

1. Each person joining the chat is strongly encouraged to change the default "gabber" number they log on with. It's easy to do, simply enter a name ( your blog name or the name you comment with is prefered) in the name field above the chat text entry window at the bottom of the chat screen. Then click the graphic immediately to the right of the name entry field.

2. This is unmoderated chat. There is no way to block offensive or abusive chatters, but you may ignore them by clicking on their chat name as it appears in the right hand side bar of the chat window. That way, you will not be bothered with their remarks, nor tempted to feed their poisonous egos by responding.

3. click the two blue footprints graphic to omit the constant interruption of gabbers entering or leaving the room. Click the bell to omit the sound. Both graphics are to the right above the chat text entry field.

Enter around 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM EST

Live Chat Is Now Closed


January 07, 2008

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Ron Paul's Moronic, Jackass Supporters Chase Down Sean Hannity/Hannity Walks Right Through Them

What a group of oustanding Individuals they are. Ron Paul supporters are like a fungus that wont go away.

How Low Class!! Ron Paul supporters are the lowest of low class people I have ever seen. Friggen Idiots. Kudos to Hannity for walking right through these Morons. Just because Ron Paul is so far down in the polls and didnt meet Fox News criteria for the debate which was for candidates polling at 10% or more, which Paul isnt, they decide to take it out on Hannity. Like he makes any Fox News decisions pfft. Hannity said **** this and walked right through them. Good for you Sean :-)

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Israel Prepares For Bush Visit

I dont like this, I dont like this at all. I am seriously concerned that our President is going to the middle east right now. It just doesnt feel right. Maybe another time but not right now. Here's a snip from a story on how Israel is getting ready for Bush's visit.

With hundreds of hotel rooms booked and municipal crews unfolding red, white and blue flags, Jerusalem is getting ready for its highest- profile visitor in years: President Bush.
Jerusalemites are accustomed to waiting in traffic jams as convoys of black sedans shuttle visiting dignitaries around the city, the seat of Israel's government. But Bush, who arrives for three days beginning Wednesday, constitutes a VIP of a different order.

Israel is pulling out all the stops to impress a man who is perhaps its staunchest foreign ally in his first visit as U.S. president.

Jerusalem is spending nearly $400,000 to spruce itself up for the visit, said Jacob Avishar, the city official in charge of coordinating preparations. Garbage teams are in furious race to clean the city's often dusty streets and walls tagged with spray paint, he said.

More than 10,500 policemen and security personnel will be deployed to protect Bush and keep order during the visit—more than one-third of Israel's entire police force, according to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

"There will be so much security nobody will be able to get anywhere near the president," Rosenfeld said.

Rest Of Story Here

This is the reason I dont feel good about Bush going to the middle east right now! Here is another *snip* from the American Al-Qaeda idiot that seems to be waiting for our President.

President Bush: We Are Waiting For You
American Al-Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn told his followers to welcome Bush "with bombs and traps" upon his upcoming visit to the Middle East this week.

Gadahn is the star of the latest al Qaeda propaganda video to be posted online by the group's media wing, As Sahab.

In his newest dramatic gesture, Gadahn tore up his U.S. passport in protest of the imprisonment of fellow al Qaeda followers Abu Zubaydah, John Walker Lindh and Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman.

"I don't need it to travel anyway," he said afterwards.

Gadahn made reference to November's Annapolis conference of Middle Eastern leaders, saying it was a gathering of Bush's "loyal puppets." He said the United States has been "unmistakably defeated" in Iraq in Afghanistan and has lost the battle for hearts and minds "in spectacular fashion."

"They're about to hand the whole mess over to local proxies who, if they haven't already, shall soon rue the day they sold their souls and religion to the American devil," Gadahn said.

Gadahn also made reference to Pakistan, but didn't mention the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, indicating the video may have been made before her death. Rather, he said Al Qaeda "continues to strike the ruling regime" there as it fights against President Pervez Musharraf's "farce of elections."

Rest Of Story Here
I know the President should be able to travel anywhere he want's at any time he want's, but after the Bhutto assassination, I just dont think now is the time. However I do have a message for Gadahn: If you harm our President, you will have made the biggest mistake of all. If you thought Bush was bad, wait till Our Vice President Cheney get's his hands on the controls!! There will be no-where you can hide and no Country that will be safe. I hope you are just all talk, for your own sake!

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January 06, 2008

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Live New Hampshire Republican Debate Chat

Tune in just before 8:00 PM EST Or 7 PM Central and etc..

I'm not quite sure if this is going to operate like the other one "Gabbly", but one can hope ;-)

Live Chat Is Closed


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Bill O'Reilly In Dust Up Over At Obama Camp

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly shoved an aide to Barack Obama during a campaign event this morning in Nashua, prompting the Secret Service to intervene and instruct the TV personality to cool it.

The incident at Nashual High School North unfolded shortly before noon as Obama chatted with voters, just three days before New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary.

"[O'Reilly] was just a crazy person," a photographer who witnessed the altercation told The Daily News. "He throws a complete fit, and then the Secret Service came in."

The aide, Marvin Nicholson, the senator's national trip director, was shadowing Obama as the senator worked the rope line.

"He started yelling at me to move out of the shot," said Nicholson, recounting the incident to reporters. "And then he came around the barricade and grabbed me by the arm with both his hands and was trying to push me out of the way."

O'Reilly, appearing on his radio program later, insisted there was "no scuffle at all." But he quickly added, "I just, um, removed him from in front of the camera."

The Secret Service then got involved, aides said, and ordered O'Reilly to return behind the barricade.

O'Reilly followed the Secret Service instructions and returned behind the barricade. "And, then, I went over and I said, ‘Sir, I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't push me anymore.' And he said I was low class."

Conceded O'Reilly: "I might have called him an s.o.b.. That's possible. But nothing more than that."

Moments after the brouhaha, O'Reilly succeeded in getting the senator's attention. According to Nicholson and other witnesses, O'Reilly chatted briefly with Obama - about 10 seconds.

O'Reilly invited Obama to be a guest on his show, Nicholson recalled, "and the senator said that he would think about coming on the show after the primaries."

Nicholson said Obama did not know about the shoving incident when he spoke to O'Reilly.

Asked by the Daily News how the senator reacted upon learning that O'Reilly had shoved him, Nicholson replied, "He was like, ‘You alright?' I was like ‘Yeah, I'm alright.'"

A woman in the crowd, who witnessed the incident, exclaimed, "I'm never going to watch that man again. I don't believe this!"

Nicholson, who stands six-feet-eight-inches and wears a size 12 shoe, good naturedly downplayed the incident.

"It's no big deal," he kept saying to reporters who were throwing questions at him.

Asked if he considered shoving back, Nicholson replied with a smile, "I wouldn't give him the satisfaction."

LMAO! O'Reilly right in the thick of it. What that man wont do to get the story! This election is getting Hillarious. Actually if you watch the video just above this comment it looks like the Obama Staffer had his hands on Bill O'Reilly. Not the other way around.

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Hillary's Main Donor Goes To Prison

Disgraced political donor Norman Hsu was sentenced Friday to three years in prison after a judge rejected his bid to throw out a 16-year- old fraud conviction.

Hsu's lawyers had asked Judge Stephen Hall to dismiss his 1992 no- contest plea, arguing that Hsu's right to a speedy trial was violated because authorities were not actively pursuing him during his years as a fugitive. They could easily have arrested Hsu, his lawyers argued, at one of the fundraisers he hosted in California for prominent local politicians.

Hsu also faces federal fraud charges in New York.

His troubles began dogging Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and other big- name Democrats last summer when news reports revealed he was a fugitive who fled the state before he was sentenced for the 1992 fraud conviction. He turned himself in on Aug. 31—then fled again.

He was recaptured in September in Colorado after he tried to kill himself by overdosing on drugs aboard an eastbound Amtrak train. Hsu has since been held without bail in a Redwood City jail.

Story Here
What are all those Chinese dishwashers that made minimum wage in Chinatown NY, yet just happened to donate $1000.00 to Hillary's campaign that cant be found now are going to say about this? Can we say corruption? Can we say equal to Abramoff without all the attention? Why is it when it's a Democrat it barely rates in the news but when it's a Republican it's all over the news?

Not this time Hilldabeast!!!

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January 04, 2008

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Way To Go Fred!!!!!!

Coming in 3rd in Iowa aint bad, aint bad at all!

I'm still with Fred :-)

Git 'er Done

Fred Thompson Post Caucus Address To Supporters

Help Send Fred To New Hampshire To Win Ticket To The Next Dance!!



January 03, 2008

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Live Iowa Chat Latest In Polls And Opinions

Join the party here as the Iowa results roll in!
Check out the window below. Enter your comment screen name in the box where it says "name" (at the bottom) and click the graphic immediately to the right to change your name on the chat. Then, enter text in the box at the bottom and hit enter.

This same chat window is live at Conservativism with Heart (MO) and Mike's America (SC) and Midnight Blue (PA). Whatever anyone enters there will display here and vice versa.Palmetto Scoop in SC will be up running as well.

We have a nationwide network of political junkies waiting to analyze the Iowa results as they come in LIVE beginning Thursday night at 8 PM.Try it out now if you wish:

Live Chat Closed! I thought that was fun and should do it again :-)

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January 02, 2008

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EVERYTHING You EVER Wanted To Know About Fred Thompson///Message To Iowa

Fred Thompson lay's it all out:

* Foreign Policy Experience
* His Views On Abortion
* His Plans For The Future
* His years In The Senate
* His Stand On The War
* His Plans For Taxes
* His Plans For The War On Terror
* His Plans For Sealing The Border

Fred talks about everything in this video. If you ever wondered where Fred was coming from, this tells you. It's a little long but a MUST LISTEN!


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Ron Paul Supporters Furious

Ron Paul Furious over Fox Debate Snub

Fox News says it has limited space in its studio, which leaves Rep. Ron Paul out of a weekend debate.

ABC and Fox News Channel are narrowing the field of presidential candidates invited to debates this weekend just before the New Hampshire primary, in Fox's case infuriating supporters of Republican Rep. Ron Paul.

Fox News says it has limited space in its studio, which leaves Rep. Ron Paul out of a weekend debate.

The roster of participants for ABC's back-to-back, prime-time Republican and Democratic debates Saturday in New Hampshire will be determined after results of Thursday's Iowa caucus become clear.

Fox, meanwhile, has invited five GOP candidates to a forum with Chris Wallace scheduled for its mobile studio in New Hampshire on Sunday. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee received invites, leaving Paul of Texas and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California on the sidelines.

The network said it had limited space in its studio -- a souped-up bus -- and that it invited candidates who had received double-digit support in recent polls.

In a nationwide poll conducted December 14-20 by The Associated Press and Yahoo, Thompson had the support of 11 percent of GOP voters and Paul was at 3 percent. Paul's support is at 6 percent in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll conducted in early December.

Paul was tied with Thompson for fifth in New Hampshire in the most recent Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, each with the support of 4 percent of likely voters. Among all New Hampshire voters, Paul led Thompson 6 percent to 4 percent, but that was within the poll's margin of error.

Jesse Benton, Paul's spokesman, said it was a "big mistake" not to include Paul, especially given Paul's recent success in fundraising. He said the campaign has been trying to reach Fox News to get an explanation for the decision, but its calls had not been returned.

"There very well might be some bias," Benton said. "Ron brings up some topics that aren't very popular with Fox News, as in fiscal responsibility and withdrawing from the war in Iraq ... that does leave us scratching our heads a little bit about whether it was deliberate. Based on metrics, I don't see how you can possibly exclude Dr. Paul."

Some livid Paul supporters are distributing e-mails calling for a boycott of Fox advertisers.

A Fox representative did not immediately return calls for comment about the complaints.

Paul has been invited to a GOP forum that Fox News is sponsoring in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on January 10, Benton said.

To participate in ABC's Saturday night debate, Republican and Democratic candidates must meet at least one of three benchmarks: place first through fourth in Iowa, poll 5 percent or higher in one of the last four major New Hampshire surveys, or poll 5 percent or higher in one of the last four major national surveys.

ABC News anchor Charles Gibson said the criteria were actually quite inclusive. He defended the network taking the initiative in effectively narrowing the field at a point when no actual voters had cast a ballot, except for Iowa caucus-goers.

"You will have had a year's politicking," he said. "You will have had, I think by count, about 641 debates. You will have had national polls and state polls and one state's vote. I think that's pretty indicative."

Gibson said ABC explained the rules for participation in a conference call with all the campaigns and "nobody said, "How dare you!' "

Story Here
I actually think this is wrong also. *Bite my tongue* I think Ron Paul should be included in this debate so more people can see how in need of medication Dr. Paul is. He needs to be able to show the people that he is jackbatty as hell. Then again he isnt registering well in the polls, so I dont know if it is even feaseable to have Paul in.

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January 01, 2008

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Happy New Year!!

Ok I dont know what the Times Magazine people were thinking but I have my own pick's for "Person" and "Idiot" of the year.

Marie's Pick's

Person Of The Year 'General David Patraeus'

General David Patraeus took what looked to be a War that was going very badly for the US and Coalition forces in Iraq and completely turned it around, ran off Al-Qaeda, Insurgent's from all over the place, got Al-Sadr to calm down and call a halt to his followers violence, talked the Iraqi people into getting sick to death of being attacked repeatedly and they started turning in Al-Qaeda and Terrorist's from all over the place.

Now the situation in Iraq has changed dramatically! Suicide Bombings are almost non-existent, a few here and there but have dropped 80%, same thing with IED's, and the people of Iraq are coming back home from wherever they fled to. Stability is happening. The Government of Iraq can finally get get thier work done, The Iraqi Army and Navy are being trained and rebuilt. Schools, Hospitals, Stores are all being built and opened up again.

And the situation in Iraq is becoming an outstanding success.

Congradulations General!! You did it!

Iraq says most of Al-Qaeda network destroyed in 2007

Iraq Navy Rises

Idiot Of The Year 'Harry Reid'

Harry Reid get's the Idiot of the Year award for his comment "The War Is Lost". Well even with your best effort's Harry YOU WERE WRONG!! As much as he and the rest of the Liberals tried to keep the "Surge" from taking place (I think because they knew it would work) and thier best effort's to lose the War by constantly battling President Bush with Timelines for withdrawl, keeping money from our Troops, and just being an outright asshole, he is an Idiot!

And let's not forget our Troops and President Bush who are also the real winners of the year.

Our Troops did an outstanding job and are the real Hero's this year.

And President Bush for standing firm and tough for our Troops so they can win and come home with the Honor and Dignity they deserve.

Here's a toast to all our Troops and President Bush :-)

Happy New Year!

And here's a toast to all my blogging buddies who have made this year a very special year, we got alot done. From driving to Washington D.C. to Counter Protest the Protestor's, and saving the Viet Nam Memorial from getting abused by the Looney left. That was the most important thing I believe I have ever done for my Country was to drive to D.C. and keep the idiot's at bay with my friend Jennifer over at Now For Something Different, to pulling together as one to voice opposition to the Amnesty For Illegal Aliens bill, we won. We defeated that bill and proved with overwhelming voices we can accomplish anything. And a special shout out to Skye over at Midnight Blue for winning Mike's America blogger of the year award. Way to go Skye :-)

Here's to you friends :-) Looking forward to blogging with you all next year and acheiving alot more!

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