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October 21, 2004

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Dont Toot Your Whistle Just Yet Kerry

Just because the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I assume you will be calling yourself "The Come Back Kid". Well it isnt happening! I wonder how much George Soros paid to throw the game.
You may claim that, but you arent the winner yet dude!
With the way your team is handling "Voter Fraud", voter intimidation, and scare tactics, people are begining to see through you.
There is NOT going to be a draft.
No One is going to squirt with water hoses black people trying to vote.
I do believe that went out in the 60's.
Democrats/Liberals are trying to register convicted felons to vote.
Democrats/Liberals are registering people 30, 40 times to vote.
There will NOT be a "Privitisation" of Medicare.
If you would have voted yes on the 87 billion to fund the troops, they would now have everything they need. But you DIDNT! That falls On YOUR shoulders.
You have a bad history with Viet Nam Veterans who see you as the enemy and they have every right to view you that way.
You will say and do ANYTHING to get in office even if its a lie!
You Flip Flop on every issue, whichever way the wind blows you change positions on everything to suit everybody.
You and your running mate believe people will be "Healed" if You guys get in office because you will give the go ahead for Stem Cell research which involves embryos that would have been viable if injected into a woman, and would be given Birth to.
Your Motto "We will heal everyone If we are elected" With that research. Which there has hasnt been one scientific fact that stem cell research helps anyone.
You promise this and that hell ANYTHING to get in office.
Then you bring the Vice Presidents Daughter into the debate? Maybe some people didnt know she was "Gay" but you made sure the entire world knows it now. What a Jackass.
Democrats Registering voters and getting paid with "Crack Cocaine" (Unf.....Real)
Sandy Burger (Burgler) sneaking you classified documents which you used in one of your speeches.
Partying with Whoopie Goldberg who made a referance about our Presidents name, refering to her own genitals I presume since no-one has seen the tape.
The only plan you have is for a government takeover of our heathcare system.
If you have any other plans I havent read or heard about them.
Promises which you know you will have no money for, and couldnt possibly accomplish.
Basicaly you are a liar!

And Your Wife!!! Oh Lord....
She has NO class,
She tells people to "Shove It"
She says: Anyone who doesnt support Kerry's Heath Care package is an "Idiot"
She says Republicans are scumbags.
She has a wonderful "Medical Cure" for arthritis, Gin Soaked Raisons? I'm glad she is an experienced "Gin" drinker, because she looks like a nutjob Lush.
And now she tops it off with: "Laura Bush I believe hasnt held a real job since she has been grown up" WTF?
Your wife is STUPID to say the least.

Your entire campain is Negative, and I cant wait till I never have to hear from you people again after Nov 2.

And Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards are also Idiots.

Anybody but Bush? I THINK NOT!!!!
Anybody but Kerry it should read!!!
But in the long run it will be: "And the electoral vote goes to Bush!! Bush wins the election".
Because we are NOT going to wake up Nov 3 hearing "President Elect Kerry"

I just cant believe what a downward spiral your campain is on.
But: What comes around Goes around!


Blogger Libertarian4Truth said...

Mr. Cheney told Senator Leahy to "f- off?"

October 24, 2004 2:17 PM  
Blogger Libertarian4Truth said...

Mr. Cheney told Senator Leahy to "f- off?"

October 24, 2004 2:17 PM  
Blogger Libertarian4Truth said...

VP Cheney told Senator Leahy go f-himself? I am not a fan of the Kerry's but where are Mr.Cheney's morals???

October 24, 2004 2:18 PM  

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