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October 24, 2004

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GOP Launches HUGE Campain Against Voter Fraud

Believing that Democrats are poised to engage in massive vote fraud in key battleground states, the Republican Party is planning to deploy thousands of monitors to challenge questionable voters. In a Page One story in the New York Times Saturday, the paper said the Republican Party in Ohio alone has identified about 35,000 new voters who they believe to be fraudulent or questionable. The Republicans claimed that 35,000 new voters were mailed notices confirming their registrations and in every case the U.S. Postal Service returned the notice as "undeliverable."

Given the Fact that President Bush won by 537 votes in 2000, and Liberals have been screaming ever since that the election was "Stolen", because the Liberals wanted CONSTANT Recounts that just didnt happen to turn out in thier favor no matter how many times they were re-counted. Gore's unhinged phone calls, "I Concede", WAIT "I take that back I havent conceded yet", the bigining of the Flip Flops! Well Liberals you may have Lawyers (Somehow it figures with both your candidates being Lawyers!) all over the Country, we are sending out our troops too. You will not get away with breaking into Republican Headquarters all around the Country and stealing equipment, Registering people 30 and 40 times to vote, Registering Convicted Felons,Lieing To The American People saying we are going to hose down minority's when they try to vote ( That has got to be the dirtiest, low down, moronic, underhanded, lieing, bullshit of a trick i have ever heard of, Idiots) Registering Dead People, DEAD People? Hell You Liberals even Registered the Terrorists that attacked this Country to vote. Sending out Fradulent Draft letters to try to scare people into voting for Liberals making people think a draft is coming which isnt, yet another Liberal Lie! (Which I strongly hope Charlie Rangle will be brought up on charges after this whole thing is over for writing and introducing "The Draft Bill" bill into senate in the first place in 2000, the President didnt introduce that bill, no it was Charlie Rangle-D a Liberal), Intimidating voters, and a variety of other scare, and stupid tactics to steal this election! We are onto you, we will be watching you, and I'll be damned if you intimidate me when I go to the polls. I see one person trying to intimidate me when I am voting and they will get plowed right in the kisser!! Be Scared Liberals Be Very Scared!


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