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Homeland Security Advisory

October 27, 2004

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You Know This Raises Another Question, Or Questions

There were supposedly 380-400 Thousand TONS of explosives and other ordinance marked and tagged by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) When they last inspected this site Al Aqaqqa in Iraq oh a bit before we got there in April 2003. Capable of setting off a Nuclear Device, Blowing up half of a Country, ANY Country, Taking down countless airplanes, and basically causing all sorts of Numerous Catosrophic events to occur. Now this all went on when Saddam was still in power. So we get there in April 2003, they (The Weapons) are gone, Saddam hasnt been captured yet, but is in his spider hole, but yet there is an enourmous crater in the ground near where they were supposed to be where we had bombed. ( I personaly think we blew them up, thus causing the huge crater) Or they were moved to some other location, ahem [Syria] or buried damn well. Now Kerry is claiming that George Bush lost control of these weapons yet they were gone when we got there in 2003! And Last I knew George Bush wasnt on foot in Iraq, yeah, yeah, the buck stops with him whatever. He (Kerry) brings this up now. And a few news organizations that are hell bent on bringing down our President as well. Ok Israeli intelligence reported at the time we just had gotten boots on the ground in Iraq that they had video surveilance of "Trucks" going from Iraq heading toward the Syrian border. And all the statistics show that it would have taken at least 38 or more trucks to be able to complete this task, could it be possible for Saddam (Knowing we were coming and praying that we werent) to have slowly moved his bio-chem, and nuclear, and whatever other weapons he had (And we know he had them he used them on the Kurds and Iranians)somewhere else? Ahem [Syria]. And if this material that was marked, tagged, and stamped by the IAEA, but not monitored by them, could they not be considered Weapons of Mass Destruction? First EVERY intelligence available said "They have WMD", Then they (The UN and every other intelligence agency known to man) said they were there but dont know where they went. Then they said they were there but we may have took them out during the first gulf war. Then they said they were never there. Yet the IAEA said they were there in April 2003. Now they say they were looted when we got there. Impossible, that was one of the places on the map we were suppose to go to first which we did. We got there they were gone. According to EVERY reporter embeded with the 109th ID from every news network in the USA. Either which way they were WMD not the big payload the media made it out to be, but WMD none the less. So Saddam had WMD, then lost it, then moved it, then hid it, then never had it to begin with (Tell that to the Kurds and Iranians), sold it, buried it, stashed it, which is it? Are you lost too?


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