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October 08, 2004

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If I have the time, I will try and introduce the good things comming from our soldiers in the feild of both Iraq and Afghanistan, our coalition of the willing, (Or as some would call it Uhm Kerry, the coalition of the Coherced and the Bribed) and maybe personel letters.
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, -- Soldiers from the Republic of
Korea assumed
operational authority for the northeastern province of
Irbil, Iraq, Oct. 1,
Multinational Force Iraq officials reported.

More than 2,500 ROK Zaytun Division soldiers accepted their
new role from the
Multinational Brigade Northwest during ceremonies in Mosul
marking the transfer
of responsibility for safety, stability and civil/military
operations in the
province, officials said.

"The arrival of soldiers from the Republic of Korea into
this great nation
demonstrates the strong partnership between Iraq, Korea and
the coalition
forces," said British Maj. Gen. Andrew Farquhar, deputy
commanding general of
Multinational Corps Iraq and acting commander of Task Force

"As soldiers, it is all of our duties to improve our
conditions day by day. I
know that our partnership will only improve the security
situation in northern
Iraq, and by supporting the Iraqi people we can help to
develop the true
potential of this great country."

Many of the Korean soldiers deployed to Irbil are engineers
and civil/military
specialists who will be responsible for the construction
and repair of
infrastructure in the area.

"By assuming the responsibility of the northeast area of
operation, including
Irbil and part of Ninevah Province, all servicemen and
women of the Zaytun
Division are well aware of the historical sense of duty, as
well as the
extremely important responsibility they are taking on,"
said ROK Maj. Gen. Eui-
Don Hwang, Zaytun Division commander.

"I make a firm promise to provide dedicated support and
assistance to bringing
stability within the regions based on close cooperation,
mutual understanding
and truthful friendship with the Kurdish regional
government as well as local
residents," said Hwang.
Doesnt Sound Like the Coalition of the Coherced or the Bribed to me!


Blogger whittler said...

Can you spell "rhetoric", because you can sure as hell swallow it. (Could be a silly question in light of the fact that you seem to think "coming" is spelt "comming").

October 08, 2004 6:33 PM  

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