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October 22, 2004

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Kerry The Hunter, The Liar, The Nutjob !!!!

Gee Kerry you looked true to form on your hunting exposition. You bag the goose and make someone else carry it, figures.
You say you have been a hunter all your life, or at least when you were a young boy.
I bet you got most of your expierience "Hunting" in Viet Nam.
Who the hell are you trying to impress? No one is going to believe you are a man of the people. "A Regular Guy"
The Fact is You are NOT a regular guy. And what on earth would you know about poor people? You own 6 or 8 mansions estimated at like 6 million apiece. You own a HUGE yacht, Who know's how many SUV's you own, you fly in your own personel hair dresser to fix up your Brek Girl Hair, you fly around on a Jet you OWN, or one of the Jet's you own, you have MILLIONS of dollars, and your wife has BILLIONS, and I wouldnt be surprised if you flew in your own personel Dr. so you could get a flu-shot on the sly. You know NOTHING about the poor or average American.
You are a nutjob truly, you sing in a black quire in church to make people think you are into Religion, and/or pandering to the Black/Christian vote, Yet you dont seem to have any Black people lined up for your administration if (And I Pray to God Not)you were to be elected.
Now for just one fact, I could go on but I dont want this blog to long, In the Begining of your Campaign you said: "If I Am Elected I will repeal ALL of the Bush Tax Cuts", now you say you will only repeal the tax cuts on the wealthy? You Lied.
And have lied Constantly.
May I remind you "The Wealthy" as you call them, CREATE JOBS?
You are so wishy washy, flip floppin all over the place, whatever the people want to hear you tell them knowing damn good and well you will never be able to get what you want done, because your numbers DONT add up. And your health care plan, oh brother, your numbers dont add up there either,and Terayyysa said we are "Idiots" if we dont want your plan. P'Shaw! And we sure as hell dont want the Government to decide what DR. we can have or when we can go see one. Your Plan Does NOT add up!
Man of The People? Or totally out of his mind?
You Be The Judge........


Blogger Cartoon Nazi said...

Kerry's secret plan to get us back in good graces with the Global community? Sell Israel down the river.

October 22, 2004 11:53 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

You have been watching WAY too much Fox News. Kerry may not be a regular guy but neither is Bush. Pretty much in order to run for president you have to be insanely rich and supported financially by special interests and corporations.

You may also want to check your facts about the "wealthy creating jobs." Trickle-down economics does not work, all that happens is those wealthy that receive tax cuts start hoarding the money, fearing the recession, and lay off their workers and start outsourcing those jobs because it's cheaper. The tax structures in place under this administration actually reward job outsourcing, so I don't know how Bush claims to be an advocate for creating jobs for Americans when millions have lost jobs under his watch.

I suggest looking for lots of diverse news sources, especially alternative news sources since the media is so slanted and reports opinion rather than news. It is difficult to find the truth but it's possible. Until then, leave the mudslinging and slandering to the candidates' advertising campaigns.

October 24, 2004 4:17 PM  

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