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October 24, 2004

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More Liberal Slimy Tricks

The Democrats' systematic registration fraud includes at least 62 cases in 15 states reported in over 150 news articles, with county clerks across the country reporting thousands of suspicious registrations. Deceased individuals, voters with vacant lots for addresses, fictional characters (i.e., Dick Tracy, Mary Poppins), illegal immigrants and young teenagers have been added to voter registration roles in battleground states.

Forty-six thousand voters are registered in both New York and Florida. In Colorado, one woman registered 25 times, which helps explain how 20 counties in that state now have more voters registered than there are eligible voters. One organization supporting Senator John Kerry was rewarding someone for new registrations with crack cocaine.

To divert attention from these widespread efforts, the Kerry campaign has instructed its operatives to allege Republican intimidation where none exists.

Teams of Democrat lawyers have filed 35 lawsuits in 17 states, seeking to change the rules in ways that would make it easier to engage in systematic vote fraud on election day. They are also working to deny voters a choice of a Third Party candidate, and in the process denying the freedom to vote to our men and women in uniform who are defending that right for all of us.

Democrats appear to be setting the stage to use the new provisional balloting rules to convert registration fraud into vote fraud, with the possibility of Kerry supporters voting in multiple jurisdictions or under multiple names.

In one contested election where provisional ballots have been cast, somewhere between 7-to-23 percent of them were valid. Democrats seem intent on making the case that every provisional ballot cast must be counted, and are deploying a horde of 10,000 lawyers to compel the counting of votes that were not legally cast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cognitive dissonance. Look it up.

October 24, 2004 11:26 PM  

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