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October 11, 2004

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Kerry's Wonderful 2 year Stint as Lt. Governor

John Kerry's promise to cut taxes on 98% of all American families and 99% of all American businesses is absurd on its face. The Kerry-friendly Washington Post has already determined Kerry's numbers don't add up. As a US Senator, Kerry has voted for higher taxes 350 times. He voted for the biggest tax hike in US history. In 19 years he has never once promised a tax cut. Etc.

It's also instructive to look further back, specifically to the Dukakis-Kerry record in Massachusetts. The two years (1983-1985) he served as Mike Dukakis' No. 2 were the closest Kerry has yet to come to the throne of executive power. If the American people have any interest in keeping their hard-earned money and their jobs, that's the closest they should permit him to get.

The Dukakis-Kerry administration came into power in 1983 with a clearly defined ideology and grudge against recently elected President Ronald Reagan. According to Dukakis, their administration promised to battle the "vacuum created by leaders whose blind faith in supply-side economics has set adrift millions of Americans to live without hope and without gainful employment ... We intend to fight Reaganomics and its philosophy of indifference with all the energy we can summon." (UPI, Jan. 7th, 1983)

It was a difficult time fot the bay state. The Dukakis administration inherited a $300 million budget deficit. Ignoring all common sense, they proceeded to immediately increase spending by $200 million dollars more.

To cover the deepening shortfall, Dukakis-Kerry decided they simply had to raise taxes. The list of tax hikes proposed and passed by the Dukakis administration are mind boggling: a higher gas tax, a higher cigarette tax, a higher sales tax on bottled goods, new hospital "assessments" (tax), a new "assessment" (tax) on banks, and an-ill defined (but ominous sounding) economic development tax.

Further, the Dukakis-Kerry administration reduced the amount of time the government had to wait to take possesion of unclaimed property. They also "closed tax loopholes" - the mating call of the American tax-and-spender.

"I'm not sure I feel badly about being called a liberal," Dukakis told the Associated Press when they reacted with awe at his administration's tax-and-spend audacity.

At about this time of year in 1988, John Kerry's political mentor Mike Dukakis has a substantial lead over Vice President George H. W. Bush. Of course, that was before Americans had fully absorbed the truly outrageous nature of the Dukakis administration's performance in Massachusetts.


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