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October 08, 2004

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On The Somewhat Lighter Side

Father O'Malley rose from his bed.
It was a fine spring day in his new downtown Boston, Massachusetts,
He walked to the window of his bedroom to get a deep breath of the
beautiful day outside.
He then noticed there was a jackass lying dead in the middle of his
front lawn.
He promptly called US Senator Kerry's office for assistance.
The conversation went like this:
"Good morning. This is Senator Kerry. How might I help you?"
"And the best of the day to yerself.
This is Father O'Malley at St Brigid's.
There's a jackass lying dead in me front lawn.
Would ye be so kind as to send a couple o' yer lads to take care of the
Senator Kerry, considering himself to be quite a wit, replied with a smirk,
"Well now Father, it was always my impression that you people of the
cloth took care of last rites!"
There was silence on the line for a long moment.
Father O'Malley then replied,
"Aye, and true it is, but we are also obliged to first notify the next
of kin." /


Blogger The G-man said...

ROFLMAO! Ok, that was a good one. Thanks for a smile in the middle of my Friday drudgery.

October 08, 2004 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are dull and so are your opinions. George Bush is the biggest idiot on Earth and we are in for 4 more bad years should he win. Stupid mid-westerner. You guys aren't smart enoujgh to realize that you are living in the most boring places- OKLAHOMA for god's sake- and you should not be allowed to vote. Maine to Florida, Washington to California. Maybe Chicago. You guys should be left to perish in tornados.

October 11, 2004 1:26 PM  

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