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October 16, 2004

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Voter Fraud and Intimidation

The Associated Press today reported on an official Kerry campaign/ Democratic National Committee election guide that instructs Democrats to make up charges of voter intimidation even if no signs or evidence of voter intimidation actually exist.

This document proves the Kerry Campaign and the DNC are more interested in scaring minority voters than in working to reach out to them on Election Day, even if it means completely making things up.

And late today we received reports that Americas Coming Together (ACT)-a group working to get John Kerry elected-is distributing flyers in Missouri featuring an old photo of a civil rights marcher getting hit with water from a fire hose, presumably in Selma, Alabama, and claiming Republicans are trying to suppress minority voters.

This gross behavior is demonstrably false and it is unacceptable conduct.

But this is the environment John Kerry and Terry McAuliffe create.

The Kerry Campaign and the DNC are instructing Democrats around the country to make charges they know to be false, and to manipulate the media into printing and repeating the false charges in newspapers around the country.

Republicans have worked hard to reach out and bring the President's message of hope and optimism to all Americans, including minority voters around the country. John Kerry sees these efforts, is concerned by them and is now working to scare those voters with lies and wholesale fabrications.

Every day Americans are witness to more and more proof that Democrats are the Party of protest and pessimism, providing a sharp contrast to our Party's action and optimism.

They can't win with their candidates and they can't win on the issues, so they stoop to an all-time-low that is unbecoming of Presidential politics.

That's why our Party is growing while their Party is shrinking. And that's why they will lose in November.
How are we going to have a legitamate election, when there is voter intimidation, voter fraud, people registering 30, 40 times, provisional ballots, scare tactics, and pre-emptive attacks? Stir "Things" up, make false allegations of voter intimidation at certain voting stations? Brought on again by, The Liberal Morons!


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