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Homeland Security Advisory

October 28, 2004

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First CBS, NBC, Now ABC Heavens help us all!

Ok, Now we have ABC with a tape from Al-Queada threatening an even greater catostrophic event worse than 9-11! Since when did ABC have an affiliate in Waziristan, Pakistan? And when did Al-Queada start giving ABC thier video tapes instead of Al-Jazeera? And since when did Al-Queada start announcing they were going to do ANYTHING before they actually did it? We all know that we have had to pound it out of people (Literally) as to who actually did what and when to find out who did what to us, because Al-Queada NEVER gives an "Announcement" that they are going to do something before they do it! I smell a big fat Democrat/Liberal Rat!
Why is it the only way we can get actual factual news is through Fox? All the other broadcast news stations seem to cater to the Liberals. Then again we have known this for ever, all I can say is thank God for Fox news who gives us both sides of the story! We have been blinded by the Liberals long enough! And according to the Dept. Of Homeland Security, The State Dept.,CIA, FBI, there has been NO increase of chatter except for the chatter we were getting just before the election got into full swing. So I am not going to Panic until the Dept. Of Homeland Security raises the alert, I think ABC concocted this whole event!! And I bet its going to get worse.


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