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March 27, 2007

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U.S. To Play War Games Off The Coast Of Iran

U.S. Navy Launches Show Of Force Off Coast Of Iran

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates The U.S. Navy on Tuesday began its largest demonstration of force in the Persian Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, led by a pair of aircraft carriers and backed by warplanes flying simulated attack maneuvers off the coast of Iran.

The maneuvers bring together two strike groups of U.S. warships and more than 100 U.S. warplanes to conduct simulated air warfare in the crowded Gulf shipping lanes.

The U.S. exercises come just four days after Iran's capture of 15 British sailors and marines who Iran said had strayed into Iranian waters near the Gulf. Britain and the U.S. Navy have insisted the British sailors were operating in Iraqi waters.

U.S.S. Stennis

U.S. Navy Cmdr. Kevin Aandahl said the U.S. maneuvers were not organized in response to the capture of the British sailors — nor were they meant to threaten the Islamic Republic, whose navy operates in the same waters.

He declined to specify when the Navy planned the exercises.

Aandahl said the U.S. warships would stay out of Iranian territorial waters, which extend 12 miles off the Iranian coast.

U.S.S. Eisenhower

A French naval strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, was operating simultaneously just outside the Gulf. But the French ships were supporting the NATO forces in Afghanistan and not taking part in the U.S. maneuvers, officials said.

Overall, the exercises involve more than 10,000 U.S. personnel on warships and aircraft making simulated attacks on enemy shipping with aircraft and ships, hunting enemy submarines and finding mines.

"What it should be seen as by Iran or anyone else is that it's for regional stability and security," Aandahl said. "These ships are just another demonstration of that. If there's a destabilizing effect, it's Iran's behavior."

Story Here

Blair Warns Iran Over Navy Captives

Two US carriers in Gulf war games for first time since 2003
Nothing like having the U.S.S. Stennis and U.S.S. Eisenhower right up your ass isnt it Iran? Oops!! Better give up those 15 British Sailors!


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Tony Snow Cancer Returns

WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is once again stricken with cancer after doctors found a cancerous growth in his lower abdomen, the White House announced Tuesday.

The cancer, originally in his colon, has spread to his liver, said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. Snow spoke to President Bush Tuesday morning, who told Snow he and first lady Laura Bush are praying for him.

Bush struck an optimistic tone about Snow's mood, adding that he looked forward to the day when Snow returns to the White House.

"His attitude is one that he is not going to let this whip him," Bush said during a brief statement to reporters in the Rose Garden. "My attitude is that we need to pray for him."

Snow is consulting with doctors what type of treatment to pursue as he recovers in the hospital following the surgery. There were no complications with the surgery and it takes about a week to heal, Perino said.

Full Story Here
You are in our thought's and Prayers Tony.

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March 26, 2007

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Sean Penn...Put The Pipe Down!!!

Story Here

Sean Penn's drivel and wrather lengthy audio here:
Can Hollywood possibly get anymore sickning? Sean Penn: "Iran is a nice Country, I've been there". Yeah Sean but you forget that President Nutjob held our American's hostage for 444 day's (UNPROVOKED) while Jimmy Carter failed miserably at trying to do a damn thing about it. Thank GOD Reagan did! I have an idea Sean, why dont you move there?

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March 25, 2007

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Iran To Try Britons For Espionage

FIFTEEN British sailors and marines arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards off the coast of Iraq may be charged with spying.

A website run by associates of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, reported last night that the Britons would be put before a court and indicted.

Referring to them as “insurgents”, the site concluded: “If it is proven that they deliberately entered Iranian territory, they will be charged with espionage. If that is proven, they can expect a very serious penalty since according to Iranian law, espionage is one of the most serious offences.”

The warning followed claims by Iranian officials that the British navy personnel had been taken to Tehran, the capital, to explain their “aggressive action” in entering Iranian waters. British officials insist the servicemen were in Iraqi waters when they were held.

The penalty for espionage in Iran is death. However, similar accusations of spying were made when eight British servicemen were detained in the same area in 2004. They were paraded blindfolded on television but did not appear in court and were freed after three nights in detention.

Iranian student groups called yesterday for the 15 detainees to be held until US forces released five Revolutionary Guards captured in Iraq earlier this year.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a Saudi-owned newspaper based in London, quoted an Iranian military source as saying that the aim was to trade the Royal Marines and sailors for these Guards.

The claim was backed by other sources in Tehran. “As soon as the corps’s five members are released, the Britons can go home,” said one source close to the Guards.

He said the tactic had been approved by Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, who warned last week that Tehran would take “illegal actions” if necessary to maintain its right to develop a nuclear programme.

Iran denounced a tightening of sanctions which the United Nations security council was expected to agree last night in protest at Tehran’s insistence on enriching uranium that could be used for nuclear weapons.

Lord Triesman, the Foreign Office minister, met the Iranian ambassador in London yesterday to demand that consular staff be allowed access to the Britons, one of whom is a woman. His intervention came as a senior Iranian general alleged that the Britons had confessed under interrogation to “aggression into Iran’s waters”.

Intelligence sources said any advance order for the arrests was likely to have come from Major-General Yahya Rahim Safavi, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards.

Subhi Sadek, the Guards’ weekly newspaper, warned last weekend that the force had “the ability to capture a bunch of blue-eyed blond-haired officers and feed them to our fighting cocks”.

Safavi is known to be furious about the recent defections to the West of three senior Guards officers, including a general, and the effect of UN sanctions on his own finances.

A senior Iraqi officer appeared to back Tehran’s claim that the British had entered Iranian waters. “We were informed by Iraqi fishermen after they had returned from sea that there were British gunboats in an area that is out of Iraqi control,” said Brigadier-General Hakim Jassim, who is in charge of Iraq’s territorial waters. “We don’t know why they were there.”

Admiral Sir Alan West, the former head of the Royal Navy, dismissed suggestions that the British boats might have been in Iranian waters. West, who was first sea lord when the previous arrests took place in June 2004, said satellite tracking systems had shown then that the Iranians were lying and the same was certain to be true now.

Story Here

Blair Furious Over Iranian Kidnapping Of British Sailors
I figured this would be over already but it look's clear to me that Iran want's war! This Lunatic is really getting out of hand. And I think the Iranians just stepped in a big pile of dung here. I stand with the people of Briton during this mess. And pray for your Sailors safe return home!


March 23, 2007

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House Ok's Surrender For Troops In Iraq Stabbing Them In The Back

House Votes to Withdraw U.S. Troops From Iraq by Fall 2008

WASHINGTON — House Democrats called for a new direction in Iraq on Friday, passing a measure that would order President Bush to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq by September 2008.

Democrats picked up enough votes to win passage by 218-212 on the $124 billion war spending bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Bush promises to veto the measure.

“Today, this Congress faces a historic vote. A vote to truly change the direction of the Iraqi conflict,” said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., just before the vote on the House floor.

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, also called the vote "historic," urging collegues to vote against the measure.

"Our troops are on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, doing their duty to protect freedom and to end tyranny," House Minority Leader Boehner said. "They're there watching this debate we're having in the House today and wondering, 'Will Congress do its duty? Will Congress stand up and support the mission that I'm in?' "

Rest Of Story Here
Here we go, President Bush is set to address the Nation on this bullshit. Get ready to meet President Bush's Veto. What is it going to take to fund the Troops without stabbing them in the back? NO DATE CERTAIN!!! Why tell the enemy when we are going to leave so they can turn Iraq into another terrorist playground and bring this shit back to the USA again? Get tough as hell President Bush you need to NOW!!! Sorry Troops, you will have to wait a bit longer to get the things you need to finish this job thank's to the friggen Democrats!!

H.R. 1591


Bush Slams Democrats Over Iraq Timetable

***Watch President Bush's SpeechHere***

WASHINGTON - A sharply divided House voted Friday to order President Bush to bring combat troops home from Iraq next year, a victory for Democrats in an epic war-powers struggle and Congress' boldest challenge yet to the administration's policy.
Just over an hour later, Bush appeared at the White House alongside veterans and family members of troops to accuse Democrats of staging nothing more than political theater that delays the delivery of resources to soliders fighting in Iraq. If the spending bill is not approved and signed into law by April 15, Bush said troops and their families "will face significant disruptions."

"A narrow majority in the House of Representatives abdicated its responsibility by passing a war spending bill that has no chance of becoming law and brings us no closer to getting the troops the resoures they need to do their job," the president said. "These Democrats believe that the longer they can delay funding for our troops, the more likely they are to force me to accept restrictions on our commanders, an artificial timetable for withdrawal and their pet spending projects. This is not going to happen."
Jesus Christ!! Cant we just get the Troops funded? I advise anyone who cares about getting the Troops funded to call Nancy Pelosi's office and tell whoever answers at the switchboard to tell her to just Knock It Off and get the Troops funded and the "Peanut Farmers" can wait for another bill.

Nancy Pelosi's Office In Washington: 1-202-225-4965

The amount of pork loaded into this bill is astounding!! And now our Troops and thier families will have to wait to get thier money. This is only hurting our Military and thier families and the Country for that matter and wasting time when Our Troops could be finishing this job faster and come home faster when this mission is completed. I cant believe this, Peanut Farmers?

Click HereTo see how your representative Voted

Democrats Defend Plan For Iraq Pullout

Cheney Blast's House: Undermining Troops

No time like the present to use these pictures that were made for me, as pissed off as I am at the Liberals today.

Thank's To Mark For This One

Thank's to RJ for this one

Excuse the language but it fit's the mood today!!


March 22, 2007

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Senate Panel OK's Subpoenas For Key Aides

Senate Panel OKs Subpoenas for Key Aides

WASHINGTON - A Senate panel, following the House's lead, has authorized subpoenas for White House political adviser Karl Rove and other top aides involved in the firing of federal prosecutors.
The Senate Judiciary Committee, by voice vote, decided to authorize the subpoenas as Republicans and Democrats sparred over whether to press a showdown with President Bush over the ousters of eight U.S. attorneys.

Democrats angrily rejected Bush's offer to grant a limited number of lawmakers private interviews with the aides with no transcript and without swearing them in. Republicans counseled restraint.

A House Judiciary subcommittee authorized subpoenas in the matter Wednesday, but none has been issued.

Democrats said the move would give them more bargaining power in negotiating with the White House to hear from Bush's closest advisers.

"We're authorizing that ability but we're not issuing them," Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said of the subpoenas. "It'll only strengthen our hand in getting to the bottom of this."

Republicans countered, however, that subpoenas were premature.

"I counsel my colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans, to work hard to avoid an impasse. We don't need a constitutional confrontation," said Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the panel's top Republican.

Even as Democrats derided the White House's offer, Bush spokesman Tony Snow maintained that lawmakers will realize it is fair and reasonable once they reflect on it.

"We're not trying to hide things. We're not trying to run from things," he said. "We want them to know what happened."

Democrats, however, called Bush's position untenable.

"What we're told we can get is nothing, nothing, nothing," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the Judiciary chairman. "I know he's the decider for the White House—he's not the decider for the United States Senate."

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, fighting for his job amid the prosecutor furor, vowed he would not step aside and promised to cooperate with Congress in the inquiry.

"I'm not going to resign," Gonzales told reporters after an event in St. Louis.

"No U.S. Attorney was fired for improper reasons," he added.

Story Here

Leahy urges former Gonzales aide to testify voluntarily

Showdown Looms in Attorney Firings Probe

After Honeymoon, the Fight

Bush Warns Dems to Take Offer in Firings

Pat Buchanan: Rogue Congress: If the Senate and House judiciary committees issue subpoenas for Karl Rove and other White House aides to testify to their roles in the firing of the eight U.S. attorneys, President Bush should defy the subpoenas. He should accept the contempt citations and fight it all the way to the Supreme Court.
Why is this still an issue? President Bush has the authority to fire these Attorney's for whatever reason whenever he want's. They serve at the Pleasure of the President. Clinton fired 93 of them and not one peep out of anybody, but Bush does it and it's a National Disaster. Alberto Gonzales isnt going to resign and President Bush isnt going to fire him so why must the Democrats waste our Taxpayer money and time on all these needless investigations? If the Democrats want to play hardball with the President I guess they will have it. I guess the Honeymoon is over. Bush tried to be nice, but the Democrats made it almost impossible. Now if they issue supeonas for this crap, whatever they want from the President will get Veto'd and everything the President want's from the Dems will get blocked until the President finds a way to get around them and almost nothing will be accomplished for the rest of Bush's term in office. Thank You Democrats and thank's alot for you idiots that voted for them. The Dems better relish this opportunity they have to be the Majority party, because this party will be over in 2 years.

Special Note From Ollie North

Tied In Knots
By Oliver North
March 23, 2007

"If the new majority in Congress wants to tie the Bush administration in knots with investigations and a flurry of subpoenas, they can surely do so."

That's what I wrote in this column on Nov. 10, 2006, just days after Democrats captured control of both houses of Congress. It wasn't prophecy -- just experience. As a staff member for President Ronald Reagan's National Security Council, I recall what it was like when congressional liberals decided to do all in their power to bring down a Republican president. Their goal wasn't "legislative oversight" or "Congressional inquiry" but to undermine a conservative commander-in-chief and distract executive branch personnel from carrying out presidential directives to prevent the spread of communism in Central America.

Out here in this Rocky Mountain home to the U.S. Air Force Academy and thousands of Afghanistan/Iraq War veterans at Fort Carson, most of those serving today are too young to remember the "Evil Empire" or what it was like for Reagan to contend with a hostile, liberal-dominated Congress. But that doesn't stop them from wondering, "What the devil is going on in Washington -- and you guys in the media? Doesn't anybody back there realize we're fighting a war? "

Those are the words of a young officer as we were making arrangements to shoot interviews here for an upcoming episode of FOX News' "War Stories." I didn't have the heart to tell this brave warrior that he's an eyewitness to American politics and press at their worst -- all done to damage George W. Bush and provide partisan advantage to his opponents. The war in which this officer served is apparently of little consequence to the majority on Capitol Hill -- except as a means of gaining leverage in the 2008 elections. For the masters of the mainstream media, bad news from the battlefield is front page in the papers and the lead story for any broadcast. Now that the tactical situation is improving, there is little or no news from Iraq.

Back in Washington, congressional leaders and their lackeys in the Fourth Estate are salivating over the prospect of subpoenas flying to compel presidential aides to testify before committees on Capitol Hill about the Bush administration's decision to fire eight federal attorneys. Set aside that this is every president's prerogative -- or the fact that Bill Clinton fired all 93 U.S. attorneys with nary a peep from the potentates in the press.

Hyperventilated rhetoric is routine on Capitol Hill, but describing a president's exercise of executive privilege as a "constitutional crisis" is inane. Yet Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean describes the imbroglio as "George Bush's Watergate." It's all hogwash -- but that won't stop attention-starved solons like Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., from rushing to any open microphone with his latest take on the "standoff." The masters of the media are no better. For a week now, White House spokesman Tony Snow has been peppered with questions about whose "head will roll." The feeding frenzy is enough to make one long for more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith.

Rest Of Story Here

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Gore Refuses To Take Personal Energy Ethics Pledge


WASHINGTON, DC – Former Vice President Al Gore refused to take a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” today to consume no more energy than the average American household. The pledge was presented to Gore by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, during today’s global warming hearing.

Senator James Inhofe R-OK

Senator Inhofe showed Gore a film frame from “An Inconvenient Truth” where it asks viewers: “Are you ready to change the way you live?”

Gore has been criticized for excessive home energy usage at his residence in Tennessee. His electricity usage is reportedly 20 times higher than the average American household.

It has been reported that many of these so-called carbon offset projects would have been done anyway. Also, carbon offset projects such as planting trees can take decades or even a century to sequester the carbon emitted today. So energy usage today results in greenhouse gases remaining in the atmosphere for decades, even with the purchase of so-called carbon offsets.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who adore you and would follow your example by reducing their energy usage if you did. Don’t give us the run-around on carbon offsets or the gimmicks the wealthy do,” Senator Inhofe told Gore.

“Are you willing to make a commitment here today by taking this pledge to consume no more energy for use in your residence than the average American household by one year from today?” Senator Inhofe asked.

Senator Inhofe then presented Vice President Gore with the following “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge:

As a believer:

·that human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;

·that home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;

·that reducing my fossil fuel-based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and

·that leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.”

Gore refused to take the pledge.

Global Warming Hoax.WorldPress.Com/James-Inhofe/ Story Here
Doesnt it figure Gore wouldnt take the pledge to be a more environmentally sound person in his own home? Better be careful Gore, us Okies arent falling for your hysterical theories and unscientific inconvenient lies. And Senator Inhofe R-OK is going to be on your butt constantly until you stop this nonsense and quit throwing the Nation into Mass Hysteria and Panic over something that might not even be taking place! Talk about using a fear tactic, Gore is taking the cake on this. This is like Green Sex! Nitwits!


Al Gore: The Planet Has a Fever, Needs Doctor

LOL!!! I think Al Gore has a fever and needs a Dr. or a Straight Jacket!! Al is getting more Looney every day.

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March 21, 2007

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Anti-War Protesters Vow More Office Takeovers

Anti-war protesters vow more office takeovers

Peace activists armed with poetry occupied the Capitol Hill office of Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Tuesday to protest Democrats’ support for a bill funding the Iraq war. They camped out in his office for nearly eight hours, reading verse and reciting the names and biographies of soldiers killed in Iraq, punctuating each by banging on a gong they had brought with them.

The protesters also taped pictures of soldiers onto the walls of Van Hollen’s office. They were finally led out of the office at 11:35 p.m. by Capitol Police, said Kevin Zeese, the director of Democracy Rising and one of the organizers of the protest.
Zeese and his fellow activists live in Van Hollen’s Southern Maryland district and are angry with him because they say his anti-war rhetoric does not match his support for legislation funding the U.S. military mission in Iraq.

“We want his actions to line up behind his words,” said Stuart Morris, an activist from Mt. Rainier, Md., who added that Van Hollen’s staff tried to ignore the protesters but made no attempt to evict them during the height of the protest.

The activists said 16 to 20 protesters occupied Van Hollen’s office. The group included Tina Richards, whose son is a Marine reservist required to report for duty on March 24. Richards said she would attempt to occupy more congressional offices on Wednesday.

“Obviously, when you have a group of people in your office gonging a gong and reading off names it’s somewhat distracting, but it did not disrupt the workflow,” said Marilyn Campbell, Van Hollen’s spokeswoman.

Earlier this week anti-war protesters in Michigan vandalized the district office of Rep. Mike Rogers (R) by splashing red paint on a “Support our Troops” sign and hanging a banner accusing Rogers of having blood on his hands.

Campbell said she was not aware of any vandalism in Van Hollen’s office. She said that fewer people showed up than the activists claimed.

Story Here

Congressman Mike Rogers Office Vandalized

Mock Soldier Burned In Effigy At Anti-War Protest: Pictures

Wisconsin Army Recruiters Office Hit
Well here we go, the Party of Peace? This is the Democrats folks!! Attacking Army recruiters, burning Mock Soldiers in Effigy, Vandalizing Congressman's Offices. And this is only the beginning. They are promising more to come. The Democrats have gone over the edge and they arent coming back. They still think this is the '60's, and these are also the spawn of the Democrats that protested during the '60's. One problem, this isnt making them look like the Party of Peace! There is no Draft, and every Soldier that signed up for Military Service during War Time said "Send Me". This whole thing is making the Democrats look like total Lunatics and it is really beginning to show. Dont blame me, I didnt vote for these Freaks!!!

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Gathering Of Patriots

Nothing could have kept me from this event. Not even the damn Ice and Snow Storm. Missed the morning rally though but not the entire event. Met up with Jennifer earlier in the day then we rode the train to "The Wall" to pay our respects. I havent even got my film developed yet but Jenn already has her post up over at Now For Something Different

I dont really have the words to describe what I was feeling. All I know is it was something I will never forget. And NO the Moonbat's never got to "The Wall". This was more than a Gathering of Eagles, it was a gathering of Patriots from everywhere. I'm honored just to have been a part of it.

Moonbats and Far Left Finatics BEWARE: The Silent Majority is Silent NO MORE!!

March 18, 2007

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It's Time To Protest The Protestors/Support Our Troops/And Save The Viet Nam Memorial From Being Defaced

(All New Post's Will Be Posted Under This One For A While)

These Anti-War, White Flag Waving, Cut-N-Run, Retreat-In-Defeat, Nutballs who got away with spray painting on the Capitol Steps during thier last little "Peace March" Intend this time to do Damage to our Viet Nam War Memorial during this upcoming "Peace March" in March. This time there will be a Human Chain formed around our Viet Nam Memorial and the paint they intend to throw at it will be blocked!! This event is going to go on starting March 8, culminating on March 17, 2007. And of Course Mother Sheehan will be there, as well as "Hanoi" Jane Fonda, and a whole host of other Hollywood nutjobs, Freaks in General and Spawn of the Flower Children from the 60's who I guess have forgotten this is an ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY, Every Soldier who is Enlisted said "Send Me", there is NO Draft and the 60's are OVER!!. What await's them will be, well let's just say it might not be so Pleasent. They better be willing to put up with Rolling Thunder, Move America Forward, The Patriot Guard Riders, Viet Nam Vet's Other Conflict Vet's, A Gathering of Eagles, The Support The Troops Population, and whoever else show's up. IT'S TIME WE START PUSHING BACK! Whoever cant make it to Washington D.C. there will be rally's all over the Country as well, but our bodies are mostly needed in D.C. All the information for these events is located over at "Move America Forward", "Rolling Thunder", And "A Gathering Of Eagles" website's I have listed. Bring your friends and family and anyone else you can find. These Nutballs must be stopped!

Vietnam Veterans Plan Rally to Protect Memorial During Iraq War Protest

WASHINGTON -- Iraq war protesters are planning to converge on Washington next month and several organizations, including the POW-MIA group Rolling Thunder, are banding together to protect sacred ground for Vietnam War veterans.

The rally March 17 against the war, organizers say, is to get under way in a grassy park near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, known as the wall.

Two veterans' groups said Wednesday they fear protesters may deface the memorial.

"We're going there to protect our memorial and show support for our troops," said Artie Muller, founder and executive director of Rolling Thunder.

Muller said he and other veterans grew concerned because during a January anti-war rally, some protesters spray-painted graffiti on the steps of the Capitol, and spit at Iraq War Veterans.

The anti-war ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition is organizing the protest to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion, which was launched on March 20, 2003, in Iraq.

Becker declined to estimate the number of protesters expected. He said the crowd will include some Iraq war veterans and their families.

From the Vietnam War Memorial, the protesters plan to march to the Pentagon to demand an immediate withdrawal of U.S troops from Iraq.

Larry Bailey, a retired Navy captain, said he and other Vietnam veterans aim to guard entrance points to the wall to keep protesters away. "They stand for things that are a total anathema to those of us who were the next generation after the 'great generation,'" he said.

In late January, tens of thousands of protesters marched in a Washington anti-war demonstration. The rally drew celebrities including Jane Fonda and Sean Penn as well as active-duty service members.

A small group of demonstrators managed to spray-paint the steps on the west side of the Capitol. Capitol Police said the writing was cleaned off quickly.

Groups Forming To Stop the Defacing of The Viet Nam Memorial And To Support Our Troops: (More Links To Be Added:)

A Gathering Of Eagles

Rolling Thunder

Patriot Gaurd Riders

Move America Forward

Vet's 4 Victory

Free Republic

Military Family's Voice Of Victory

The America First Foundation


Veterans Vow to 'Protect Our Memorials' During Anti-War Rally "We will be silent no more."

Conservatives Plan Convoy to Counter Anti-War Protest

Caravan Map


Also Blogging


Is This Life

Jarhead's Firing Range

OUR Country

Michelle Malkin

Flopping Aces

Let Freedom Ring

Sparks From The Anvil


Now For Something Different

Midnight Blue
A Message From Deborah John's To The American People

To The American People
By Deborah Johns
February 26, 2007

Editor's Note: Deborah Johns is the mother of Marine Sgt. William Johns, USMC, who is serving his third tour of duty in Iraq.

I am sick and tired. Sick and tired of how some in this country are turning their backs on our troops at a time when they need our support the most!

This is why I am taking action to speak up, and in particular, why I am helping to lead the "THESE COLORS DON'T RUN" national pro-troop/patriotic caravan being organized by Move America Forward.

This is my letter to you, the American people.

Semper Fidelis: These are not just mere words, they have a meaning greater than their literal definition in a dictionary. They mean "Always Faithful."

Not only is this the motto of the United States Marines, but also of their families, and it has spilled over into the hearts and souls of all those who serve in every branch of our military and their families as well.

Always Faithful to God. Always Faithful to your brother (or sister) who serves along side you. Always Faithful to your Country... Always Faithful to your Family... Always Faithful to your Commander in Chief.

People ask me every day, "how do you get through the days with a son serving in Iraq?"

Well, the answer is an obvious one. Always Faithful to God, Always Faithful to the heroic men and women of the U.S. military who serve along side my son. Always Faithful to the Commander in Chief, Always Faithful to my Country.

However, it does not seem that our political leaders and media representatives have remained Always Faithful

I have traveled across this country and I have listened to the American people. I have heard the support that is expressed for our military and I know that the American people do support the war on terror. They just want communication. They just want to know what the goals and objectives are.

I understand that the American people wanted change in leadership in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. I understand the American people want things to go better in Iraq so our troops can come home. However, none of this can be accomplished because of the partisan politics that are taking place, which is ultimately hurting our military. You can't imagine how much it sickens me to see our troops used as little more than pawns in a chess game where some politicians care more about putting our President in "checkmate" than they do in winning the war our sons and daughters are bravely fighting.

I am tired of those defeat & retreat politicians who say they are patriotic, and then insult the Commander in Chief at a time when we have boots on the ground in war zones.

I am tired of the politicians who want us to wave the white flag of surrender, but who then tell me how much they "support our troops." As a military mom I can tell you that no soldier, Marine, sailor, airmen or Guardsmen wants to risk his or her life in a military mission, only to have political leaders denouncing the validity and morality of the missions that these troops are serving in. That is NOT supporting our troops.

More From The Deborah Johns Interview

Video Message From Melanie Morgan (Move America Forward)

Video: March On The Pentagon, See you There/Michelle Malkin

Video: A Gathering Of Eagles/Explaining The March On The Pentagon March 17, 2007

All New Post's Will Be Posted Under This Post For A While

March 13, 2007

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Liberal Lunatic's Call For Alberto Gonzales Resignation

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Tuesday acknowledged that mistakes were made in the firing of top U.S. attorneys and took responsibility following calls for his resignation.

"I accept that responsibility and my pledge to the American people is to find out what went wrong here, to assess accountability and to make improvements so that the mistakes that occurred in this instance do not occur in the future," Gonzales said during a news conference at the Justice Department.

Gonzales responded publicly after repeated calls for his resignation from Democrats and threats of subpoenas to top White House officials to testify before lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

"I've overcome a lot of obstacles in my life to become attorney general. I am here not because I give up, I am here because I learn from my mistakes, because I accept responsibility and because I am committed to doing my job and that is what I intend to do here on behalf of the American people," he said.

Democrats are upset over the firings of eight attorneys announced last December. They believe some of those fired were pressured by leading Republicans to speed up investigations of potential voter fraud involving Democrats.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who has called former White House counsel Gonzales one of the most political attorneys general in recent history, renewed his call the second time in three days for the attorney general to resign.

"Being attorney general is the one Cabinet officer when the president says, 'jump,' you don't necessarily say, 'how high,' but that is what Attorney General Gonzales has done, over and over again," Schumer said at a press conference on Capitol Hill with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said Gonzales "ought to be shown the door — he ought not to be in this administration. We have got to end corruption in our government. It is not OK to be corrupt."

President Bush stands behind Gonzales, said White House counselor Dan Bartlett.

"The attorney general made the right decision, we support the attorney general in his decision,” Bartlett said at a briefing in Mexico, where Bush is wrapping up a tour of Latin America.

Schumer is leading the Senate probe into the firings and is considering subpoenas for top White House adviser Karl Rove, former White House counsel Harriet Miers and the chief of staff at the Justice Department.

Kyle Sampson, top aide to Gonzales, announced his resignation on Tuesday. Gonzales issued a statement of support for Sampson and thanked him for his service.

Authorities said Sampson failed to brief other senior Justice Department officials of his discussions about the firings with Miers.

Miers asked for feedback on the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys at the start of President Bush's second term, but the Justice Department objected and eventually recommended the eight dismissals that, two years later, have generated a political firestorm.

Gonzales said once he became aware of Miers' idea to get rid of all the U.S. attorneys, "I felt it was a bad idea and it was disruptive."

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy promised that he would call Gonzales, Miers and Sampson to testify before his committee, and he would force them to testify under subpoena if they do not come voluntarily. He said also is considering calling Rove to testify.

Leahy told reporters at a late morning press conference on Capitol Hill that while he was "quite angry" after reading news reports that the administration had not come forward, he was not ready to say whether Gonzales should step down before he has finished his investigation.

"I feel that I want to know the answers to everything in there. I feel that I have not been given all the answers. I feel that matters were held back when they should not have been, and frankly, I find it frustrating and it makes me quite angry. And there will be hearings," Leahy said. 'I've had the briefings [with administration officials]. I didn't get the answers. We'll now have them under oath in an open hearing."

Gonzales said he wanted to ensure that Congress received accurate information.

"Obviously, I am concerned about the fact that information — incomplete information — was communicated, or may have been communicated to the Congress. I believe very strongly in our obligation to ensure that when we provide information to Congress, that it's accurate and that it is complete, and I'm very dismayed that may not have occurred here," he said.

Sen. John Cornyn, also a Judiciary Committee member, appeared with Leahy at the conference — originally meant to publicize an open government bill the two are sponsoring — said he too feels the administration has not provided enough information. Cornyn, usually a staunch administration supporter, said he supports Leahy's investigation.

"It is imperative that the president act swiftly to explain what role the White House played in this situation, hold those who acted inappropriately accountable, and take responsibility," Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., added in a statement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Gonzales doesn’t understand his responsibility as attorney general.

“Whether he resigns or not, I’m pleased that we have vigorous investigation of what is happening there because we may have to go beyond a resignation,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said at a press conference.

The U.S. attorneys, the chief federal law enforcement officials in their districts, typically are appointed to four-year terms by the president on the recommendation of state political leaders, but — like the attorney general and other Cabinet officers — they serve at the pleasure of the president and can be dismissed at any time.

When the party in power changes hands in the White House, it is expected that the new president will fire all the sitting U.S. attorneys, as was the case for both Ronald Reagan in 1981 and Bill Clinton in 1993. President Bush, unlike Clinton and Reagan, did not fire all the attorneys en masse when he took office in 2001, and allowed a few to continue in their positions for several months. All were replaced with his own selections early in his administration, however.

It is very unusual for a president to fire U.S. attorneys who were his choices for the job.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said the idea of a clean sweep of attorneys prior to Bush's second term came from Miers, not the president.

Bush did not make recommendations on specific individuals, Snow told reporters in the travel pool en route to Mexico.

"We don't have anything to indicate the president made any calls on specific U.S. attorneys," Snow said.

On Monday, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino acknowledged that complaints about the job performance of prosecutors occasionally came to the White House and were passed on to the Justice Department, perhaps including some informally from Bush to Gonzales.

The Justice Department, however, was working internally on a shorter list of firings, and submitted that list to the White House in late 2006, Perino said.

"At no time were names added or subtracted by the White House," Perino said. "We continue to believe that the decision to remove and replace U.S. attorneys who serve at the pleasure of the president was perfectly appropriate and within administration's discretion. We stand by the Department of Justice's assertion that they were removed for performance and managerial reasons."

Dating back to mid-2004, the White House's legislative affairs, political affairs and chief of staff's offices had received complaints from a variety of sources about the lack of vigorous prosecution of election fraud cases in various locations, including Philadelphia, Milwaukee and New Mexico, she said.

Those complaints were passed on to the Justice Department or Mier's office.

"The president recalls hearing complaints about election fraud not being vigorously prosecuted and believes he may have informally mentioned it to the attorney general during a brief discussion on other Department of Justice matters," Perino said, adding that the conversation would have taken place in October 2006.

"At no time did any White House officials, including the president, direct the Department of Justice to take specific action against any individual U.S. attorney," she added.

The Washington Post reported initially on the idea of dismissing all the prosecutors, saying it reviewed a number of internal White House e-mails preceding the final dismissals.

Sampson resigned after acknowledging that he did not tell other Justice officials who testified to Congress about the extent of his communications with the White House, leading them to provide incomplete information in their testimony, one official said before the official announcement.

The new revelations Monday evening came after congressional Democrats earlier in the day singled out Rove — and, ultimately, the White House — for questioning about whether the dismissals were politically motivated.

Last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., said he would seek to interview Miers and deputy counsel William Kelly for insight on their roles, if any, in the firings.

Story Here

Janet Reno/Clinton Attorney General Fires All 93 US Attorney's

Janet Reno Fires US Attorneys
Gonzales doesnt have to apologise for a damn thing, President Clinton fired 93 US Attorney's and nobody asked Clinton to step down!! So Bush cant fire Attorneys but Clinton Can? Give me a break!! Gonzales isnt going anywhere you Liberal Nitwits!! How about Teddy Kennedy stepping down for the murder of Mary Jo Kopechnie? How about Shumer just stepping down because he was stupid enough to make a big deal out of this when Clinton did the same thing?

Personal Note:

I am off to Washington D.C. to keep you Liberal Lunatic's from defacing the Viet Nam Memorial, Supporting Our Troops, and honoring our Vets. Will be back Teusday or Wednesday next week. Comments are off at this time :-)

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March 09, 2007

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Congressman David Obey (D-WI) Has Melt Down over war funding.

Obey berates woman over war funding, later apologizes

Well I dont know what to say to you Liberals but you guys created this far left wing of your party, and how you are going to deal with them I have no clue. You guys have really put yourselves in a real pickle this time, and the meltdown is beginning to show.

March 08, 2007

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Green Sex/Your Eco-Friendly Guide

Love-making gets green light from adult stores

You've heard of green cars, green tourism and green weddings. Now Canadians should ready themselves for green sex.

For those who like to make love to the soundtrack of the global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Greenpeace has released a list of strategies for "getting it on for the good of the planet," suggesting "you can be a bomb in bed without nuking the planet." TreeHugger, an online magazine edited by Ontario's Michael Graham Richard, has just published a guide on "how to green your sex life." The famed adult store Good Vibrations announced last week they would no longer sell sex toys containing phthalates, controversial chemical plasticizers believed by some to be hazardous to humans and the environment alike.

And throughout Canada and the U.S., people who want to pleasure the planet can now buy everything from bamboo bed sheets to organic lubricant and "eco-undies."

"Green living is getting sexy," says Jacob Gordon, author of's recent green guide for the bedroom.

"Even a year ago, people wouldn't have been nearly as receptive to this kind of thing. ... But, as the importance of living green gains traction in our culture, people are willing to take things like that a lot more seriously."

Most environmentalists will agree the mainstream success of the Al Gore vehicle An Inconvenient Truth has helped give climate change the pop-culture sheen it's currently enjoying. Indeed, global warming is a cause to which everyone from Diesel apparel to Vanity Fair magazine and Starbucks are pinning their marketing efforts.

And if shopping to save the planet is trendy, having sex to clear your conscience is at the cutting edge.

"It feels like people are just waking up to the fact the planet is suffering under our uses of it," says Rebecca Denk, business manager for the adult toy store Babeland. The U.S. company, which sells to Canadians via, just introduced an "Eco-Sexy Kit" featuring a phthalate-free vibrator, soy massage candle, a natural lubricant with no animal-testing or derivatives, and condoms.

"We have to look at every piece of our lives, including our sexuality, and ask: How is this healthy for me, and how is this healthy for the planet?" says Denk. "Hopefully, we're all becoming better global citizens."

Other ways of "greenwashing" the bedroom, as outlined by TreeHugger and Greenpeace, include turning out the lights, not buying PVC or vinyl accoutrements, ensuring S&M paddles are made from sustainably harvested timber, using organic massage oils, showering together, using bamboo bed sheets (they come from a rapidly renewable resource and are said to be "super sexy"), and wearing lingerie made with renewable fibres such as hemp (Enamore), bamboo (Butta) and other organic goodness (GreenKnickers, Buenostyle, Peau Ethique).

Gordon notes there's even an eco-friendly adult website dedicated to naked vegetarians, appropriately called Veg Porn.

Camille Labchuk, speaking on behalf of the Green Party of Canada, gives the movement two green thumbs-up.

"The general concern for trying to live lightly on our planet has transferred into all areas of people's lives," says Labchuk, the Green party's press secretary. "So, even though what goes on in our bedrooms as a nation is somewhat hidden, we know that's somewhere people want to green-up."

Story Here

Greenhouse Effect A Myth Scientist's Say

The Great Global Warming Swindle

French Scientist Now Sceptic

Here We Go: "Climate Crisis Action Day"
Heaven forbid you get your hands on an S&M paddle that isnt made from sustainably harvested timber! Eco-friendly Vibrators? Naked Vegetarians? Isnt this going a bit far with this crap? Oh Canada!!

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March 07, 2007

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NBC: Iraqis Want U.S. To Stay, This Coming From NBC? Wow!!

NBC: Iraqis Want U.S. to Stay

Effort Helping Insurgents

Visiting Iraq, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams learned from Army officers that Iraqis want U.S. forces to remain in their country, from NBC News Baghdad reporter Richard Engel that Al-Sadr's insurgents have stepped down and are counting on pressure from anti-war opponents to provide them with victory, and from retired General and NBC News military analyst Wayne Downey that U.S. troops are proud of their mission. Traveling with Lieutenant General Ray Odierno for stories on his Monday newscast, Williams ran a clip of Army Colonel John Charlton proclaiming that Iraqis "do not want us to leave" and a soundbite from Army Lt. Colonel Charles Ferry who asserted: "The people here are very glad to see us." Williams marveled: "You just said, 'They don't want us to leave.' That's the tenth time today I've heard that. I've got to go back to the States and do a newscast that every night has another politician or 12 of them saying, 'We have got to get out of that godforsaken place.'"

To explain the decreased violence in Baghdad, Engel noted how "the militia decided they fought the U.S. two-and-a-half years ago, didn't have a lot of success. They decided this time they're going to wait it out, see if political pressure in the U.S. can help them win this time." Downey related how "every soldier that I ran across today I asked him: 'How do you feel about what's going on,'" and "without exception -- this was spontaneous, especially when you start talking to PFCs and Spec 4s, they're going to tell you the truth, no party line. Very proud of what they're doing. Very, very dedicated."

[This item was posted Monday night on the MRC's blog, ]

During his first story on his trip, as aired on the March 5 NBC Nightly News, Williams related:
"This is what the General heard today about how warmly the locals now view the Americans."
U.S. Army Colonel John Charlton: "They do not want us to leave. They want to see the police come through."
U. S. Army Lt. Colonel Charles Ferry: "The people here are very glad to see us. They are very hesitant still because they're not sure if we're going to stay. They want us to stay."
Voice of Odierno?: "That's the issue."
Ferry: "That's the whole deal. If we stay down here and to keep beating down the insurgents."
Brian Williams, to one or more of the officers: "You just said, 'They don't want us to leave.' That's the tenth time today I've heard that. I've got to go back to the States and do a newscast that every night has another politician or 12 of them saying, 'We have got to get out of that godforsaken place.'"
Odierno: "They can talk about policy, okay, and that's what they have to do back there. My mission right now is to provide protection for the Iraqi people so this government can grow."

At the end of his newscast, Williams stood at an outside location with Engel and Downey, as he noted how they felt safe enough to remove their bullet-proof vests. Engel explained the decrease in violence from Al-Sadr's insurgents in Sadr City:
"Some say they are just waiting to see how long the U.S. will stay and how long this surge will continue. It was obvious, the U.S. announced the surge, they said where the U.S. troops were going and the militia decided they fought the U.S. two-and-a-half years ago, didn't have a lot of success. They decided this time they're going to wait it out, see if political pressure in the U.S. can help them win this time."
Brian Williams: "And General, you and I heard sentiments we don't often hear today, the U.S. commanders quoting the Iraqis: 'please don't leave us.' And a lot of the U.S. fighters there today said they didn't want to leave this fight, they are dedicated to it."
Retired General Wayne Downing: "Brian, every single one of them, I ran into a lot of officers and NCOs that I served with -- every soldier that I ran across today I asked him: 'How do you feel about what's going on, what do you know about what is going on back in the states?' And without exception -- this was spontaneous, especially when you start talking to PFCs and Spec 4s, they're going to tell you the truth, no party line. Very proud of what they're doing. Very, very dedicated. Many of these guys, Brian, are back here on their second and third tours. These are one-year tours. Extremely well trained and very professional."

The online version of the Williams story here.
Wow! I'm shocked this coming from NBC? It must be true if NBC reported it as much as they hate the Bush Administration. I guess there is no escaping the good stories and news coming out of Iraq anymore. If NBC of all people can report this, you other News Organizations can too :-) On a darker note of this, you anti-war Morons are just helping the terrorists, I hope you will be able to sleep at night if you helped promote another attack by being so Weak Knee'd and Defeatest.

March 04, 2007

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William (Frozen Assets) Jefferson HAS To Come Off The Homeland Security Panel

Rep. Jefferson Gets Seat on Homeland Security

Rep. William Jefferson, the Louisiana Democrat who's facing an ongoing federal corruption probe, is being granted a spot on the Homeland Security Committee, according to Democratic aides.

The appointment will be announced Friday, according to one aide who requested anonymity because the decision isn't yet official.

Jefferson was removed from his seat on the Ways and Means Committee, one of the most important panels in Congress, by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) last summer in an attempt to show how seriously Democrats viewed the allegations of corruption.

But the move by Pelosi, who was still minority leader at the time, infuriated members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who said Jefferson shouldn't be punished unless he is indicted; federal prosecutors have yet to bring an indictment, despite an FBI raid 18 months ago on his home that yielded $90,000 in cash in his freezer.

Other lawmakers were angling for the seat on Homeland Security, which was the last slot available on the panel, according to another Democratic aide.

The committee oversees the Homeland Security Department and its web of agencies designed to protect against terrorism on U.S. soil.

The committee has oversight of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was widely panned for its response to Hurricane Katrina in Jefferson's hometown of New Orleans.

As a member of the committee, Jefferson will not have direct oversight of the FBI or the Justice Department.

A former Jefferson aide has already pleaded guilty to corruption in the ongoing investigation, as has a businessman who alleged in his plea agreement that he bribed Jefferson in order to win contracts with African nations.

When most committee assignments were given out two months ago, Jefferson was assigned a spot on the Small Business Committee, generally considered one of the least sought after panels.

Story Here
Ok what the hell? Cant Nancy Pelosi find ANYONE that isnt being investigated, for ANYTHING to fill a post in this "New" Congress? You know the one that is suppose to be "Culture of Corruption" Free? Jefferson does NOT need to see our secret Homeland Security documents, THE MAN WAS FOUND WITH $90,000 DOLLARS OF BRIBE MONEY IN HIS FREEZER!!! What are these Lunatic Liberals thinking? This a new Congress alright, and alot more "Corrupt" than the old one ever was!!

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March 02, 2007

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Early Indication: Troop Surge Is Working


A gloomy haze has settled over the nation's prosecution of the War on Terror as of late. It seems like we can only watch helplessly as Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha size up new angles of attack for undermining the war effort. The media is chomping at the bit the tell the story of an America, bruised and humbled and exhausted, heading for the exits in Iraq.

But something interesting is happening on the way to the "new direction." Early indications are that the troop surge into Baghdad is working. It hasn't been reported on widely, but murders in Baghdad are down 70%, attacks are down 80%, Mahdi Army chief Moqtada al-Sadr has reportedly made off for Iran, and many Baghdadis who had fled the violence now feel it's safe enough to return. The strategy that Congress is busy denouncing is proving to be our best hope for victory.

In Iraq, there's a sense that change is in the air -- literally. Omar of Iraq the Model spots a B-1 Bomber in the skies of Baghdad for the first time since the end of the major combat. On the ground, Omar writes that the signs that Iraqis are getting serious about security are more palbable. With the help of Compstat-like technology, security forces are cracking down at checkpoints (even ambulances are getting stopped) and getting nimbler about locating them strategically so the terrorists don't know what to expect.

This turnaround in Baghdad is confirmed at home by the media's near-deafening silence. If it seems like you've heard less about how Iraq is spiraling into civil war in the weeks since the surge was announced, this is why. Even some discordant voices in the media are starting to wonder what's happening. Time magazine worries that it's "Quiet in Baghdad. Too quiet." That's right -- a dramatic reduction in violence is actually bad news.

It's too early to claim victory just yet; the operation is just two weeks old. But U.S. troops have been able to accomplish all of this with just one more brigade in-country, with four more on the way by May. These encouraging early returns show the potential for success when we apply concentrated military force to the security problem. When the Army and Marine Corps are on offense, carrying out combat operations and clearing out insurgent strongholds, we win. When we lay back, carrying out routine patrols and playing Baghdad beat cop, we lose.

The key to success is staying power. The always incisive Daffyd ab-Hugh has a good read on this dynamic. Counterinsurgency in Iraq has often been compared to a game of whack-a-mole -- secure an area, only to have the insurgents pop up somewhere else. But if we slammed a mallet into the hole, and kept it there, then picked up a new one... and did the same?

This is a new game called Seal-a-Hole , and it has a very different dynamic from Whack-a-Mole: the normal game is one of futility; the game continues until the player gets tired and quits or he runs out of money. But Seal-a-Hole actually has a victory point: when all the holes are sealed, the game is over -- and the player, America, has won.

Even though Seal-a-Hole is not futile, it nevertheless requires a great deal of patience; there are many, many holes, and each hole has a mole who must be whacked. Some of the holes, such as Sadr City, are very big and will require many mallets to properly seal. But if we have the courage and fortitude of our American forebears, we will seal those holes... and we will win.

On the political front, the White House also seems to have dislodged a major roadblock to victory: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's reluctance to allow U.S. troops to take the fight to Sadr and his militias. Returning American troops have expressed their frustration at having to walk on eggshells when it came to came to entering Shi'ite areas, a backbone of support for the government. Thankfully, the rules of engagement are changing. American troops are now freer to take on all comers, and the results are clear in both Sunni and Shi'ite areas.

In the coming days and weeks, these rules of engagement will face their ultimate test with the decision to enter Sadr City, the Mahdi Army's key stronghold. And enter we must. Those intent on turning Iraq into a breeding ground for al-Qaeda won't be convinced of our seriousness until we confront the key sources of violence on both sides of the sectarian divide.

When things don't go well in Iraq, we see the endless B-roll of chaos and carnage. When things are on the upswing, we tend to hear more about Anna Nicole Smith. The media will never acknowledge victories in Iraq, so we'll have to settle for an absence of bad coverage. But even in this relative lull in Iraq, it's important to understand and appreciate the short-term victories so we can create more of them. And finish the job.

Story Here
Gee who would have thunk it? While all this carping and moaning about the "Surge" is being debated in the halls of Congress, the Troops already have things going thier way. So let's try to digest the news media coverage of this. I suppose when the MSM ISNT showing a car bomb going off, or carnage in the streets of Baghdad things are going OUR way. Let's go through this again, Car bomb footage "We are having a bad time" No car bomb coverage, no carnage in the streets of Baghdad, "We are whooping major ass, and the Iraqi Army is getting a handle on this situation as well". I think that is the only way to interpret the News Media anymore because they certainly arent going to show us that the Surge is working.

March 01, 2007

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Another Bi-Partison Report?

Private, Bipartisan Commission Will Examine War Powers

Former Secretaries of State James A. Baker, III and Warren Christopher will lead a National War Powers Commission -- a private, bipartisan panel organized by the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs.

The Commission will examine how the Constitution allocates the powers of beginning, conducting, and ending war, the University of Virginia said in a press release.

"Few matters are more important to our nation than how we make decisions of war and peace," said former Virginia Governor Gerald Baliles, director of the Miller Center. "But war powers questions have bedeviled a host of Presidents, members of Congress, and judges for more than two hundred years.

"With its wide-ranging experience, this Commission is uniquely qualified to attempt to provide insights into how best to resolve these difficult questions."

The study group includes Slade Gorton, former U.S. senator from Washington; Lee Hamilton, former Member of Congress from Indiana; Carla Hills, former U.S. Trade Representative; John Marsh, Jr., former Secretary of the Army; Edwin Meese, III, former U.S. Attorney General; Abner Mikva, former chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit; J. Paul Reason, former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet; Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor; Anne-Marie Slaughter, dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University; and Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution.

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin will serve as the Commission's historical advisor.

The panel is expected to hold its first meeting April 3-4.

James Baker most recently co-chaired the Iraq Study Group along with Lee Hamilton, his fellow "war powers" panelist. Both men have experience in making policy recommendations to sitting presidents.

The University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs describes itself as a "national meeting place where engaged citizens, scholars, students, media representatives and government officials gather in a spirit of nonpartisan consensus to research, reflect and report on issues of national importance to the governance of the United States, with special attention to the central role and history of the presidency."

The Miller Center says it has convened nine national commissions during the past quarter century, including the Commission on Federal Election Reform in 2001, co-chaired by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

The bipartisan Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which Congress passed in 2002, drew heavily on the Carter-Ford commission's work.

Story Here
Isnt this getting a bit rediculous? Is the Constitution not good enough for these people? I have HAD IT with all these stupid reports!! And Non Binding Resolutions that mean NOTHING!! Cant we just move on with getting the bad guys without our arms tied behind our backs? Cant you leave the President of the Untied States, The Commander of the Armed Forces, The Commander-In-Chief alone? Cant we just get the bad guys and shut up about any more resolutions and examining what war powers the President has? The Constitution states quite clearly what authority the President has. Are they going to fiddle with the Constitution now? While we are at war? What the hell is wrong with these people? The Ring of Republican Websites
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