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March 02, 2007

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Early Indication: Troop Surge Is Working


A gloomy haze has settled over the nation's prosecution of the War on Terror as of late. It seems like we can only watch helplessly as Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha size up new angles of attack for undermining the war effort. The media is chomping at the bit the tell the story of an America, bruised and humbled and exhausted, heading for the exits in Iraq.

But something interesting is happening on the way to the "new direction." Early indications are that the troop surge into Baghdad is working. It hasn't been reported on widely, but murders in Baghdad are down 70%, attacks are down 80%, Mahdi Army chief Moqtada al-Sadr has reportedly made off for Iran, and many Baghdadis who had fled the violence now feel it's safe enough to return. The strategy that Congress is busy denouncing is proving to be our best hope for victory.

In Iraq, there's a sense that change is in the air -- literally. Omar of Iraq the Model spots a B-1 Bomber in the skies of Baghdad for the first time since the end of the major combat. On the ground, Omar writes that the signs that Iraqis are getting serious about security are more palbable. With the help of Compstat-like technology, security forces are cracking down at checkpoints (even ambulances are getting stopped) and getting nimbler about locating them strategically so the terrorists don't know what to expect.

This turnaround in Baghdad is confirmed at home by the media's near-deafening silence. If it seems like you've heard less about how Iraq is spiraling into civil war in the weeks since the surge was announced, this is why. Even some discordant voices in the media are starting to wonder what's happening. Time magazine worries that it's "Quiet in Baghdad. Too quiet." That's right -- a dramatic reduction in violence is actually bad news.

It's too early to claim victory just yet; the operation is just two weeks old. But U.S. troops have been able to accomplish all of this with just one more brigade in-country, with four more on the way by May. These encouraging early returns show the potential for success when we apply concentrated military force to the security problem. When the Army and Marine Corps are on offense, carrying out combat operations and clearing out insurgent strongholds, we win. When we lay back, carrying out routine patrols and playing Baghdad beat cop, we lose.

The key to success is staying power. The always incisive Daffyd ab-Hugh has a good read on this dynamic. Counterinsurgency in Iraq has often been compared to a game of whack-a-mole -- secure an area, only to have the insurgents pop up somewhere else. But if we slammed a mallet into the hole, and kept it there, then picked up a new one... and did the same?

This is a new game called Seal-a-Hole , and it has a very different dynamic from Whack-a-Mole: the normal game is one of futility; the game continues until the player gets tired and quits or he runs out of money. But Seal-a-Hole actually has a victory point: when all the holes are sealed, the game is over -- and the player, America, has won.

Even though Seal-a-Hole is not futile, it nevertheless requires a great deal of patience; there are many, many holes, and each hole has a mole who must be whacked. Some of the holes, such as Sadr City, are very big and will require many mallets to properly seal. But if we have the courage and fortitude of our American forebears, we will seal those holes... and we will win.

On the political front, the White House also seems to have dislodged a major roadblock to victory: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's reluctance to allow U.S. troops to take the fight to Sadr and his militias. Returning American troops have expressed their frustration at having to walk on eggshells when it came to came to entering Shi'ite areas, a backbone of support for the government. Thankfully, the rules of engagement are changing. American troops are now freer to take on all comers, and the results are clear in both Sunni and Shi'ite areas.

In the coming days and weeks, these rules of engagement will face their ultimate test with the decision to enter Sadr City, the Mahdi Army's key stronghold. And enter we must. Those intent on turning Iraq into a breeding ground for al-Qaeda won't be convinced of our seriousness until we confront the key sources of violence on both sides of the sectarian divide.

When things don't go well in Iraq, we see the endless B-roll of chaos and carnage. When things are on the upswing, we tend to hear more about Anna Nicole Smith. The media will never acknowledge victories in Iraq, so we'll have to settle for an absence of bad coverage. But even in this relative lull in Iraq, it's important to understand and appreciate the short-term victories so we can create more of them. And finish the job.

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Gee who would have thunk it? While all this carping and moaning about the "Surge" is being debated in the halls of Congress, the Troops already have things going thier way. So let's try to digest the news media coverage of this. I suppose when the MSM ISNT showing a car bomb going off, or carnage in the streets of Baghdad things are going OUR way. Let's go through this again, Car bomb footage "We are having a bad time" No car bomb coverage, no carnage in the streets of Baghdad, "We are whooping major ass, and the Iraqi Army is getting a handle on this situation as well". I think that is the only way to interpret the News Media anymore because they certainly arent going to show us that the Surge is working.


Anonymous Eric Dondero said...

You are correct. The media's silence on Iraq, all of a sudden is the greatest indication that the Surge is working. Keep up the good reporting.

Eric Dondero, CEO

March 02, 2007 6:58 PM  
Blogger mariestwocents said...


Isnt it amazing? Absolutely NOTHING but Anna Nicole Smith for the last 3 weeks, complete SILENCE on Iraq, with the exception of harping and whining in Congress about "The Surge" when "The Surge" is already taking place and our Troops already have a handle on this situation. Pathetic...

March 02, 2007 10:01 PM  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Aw come one Marie don't you know that it can't be working? I mean Pelosi, Reid and the MSM, the great strategists that they are say it's the wrong move so it has to fail because they said so!

I wonder when the libs and MSM will finally eat the crow they deserve for the BS they are spewing and admit they are and have been wrong and that this IS WORKING. But then again I must remember who I am talking about. They only know how to obstruct and belly ache!

March 03, 2007 7:49 AM  
Blogger mariestwocents said...


We must remember, when there is a bus accident all day long or Anna Nicole, or something besides another bomb went off in Iraq somewhere all must be going quite well in Baghdad.

No one is going to mention it, Fox does ocassionally, but they dont even measure up.

March 05, 2007 4:02 PM  
Blogger MDConservative said...

"The media's silence on Iraq, all of a sudden is the greatest indication that the Surge is working."

Not so! We recently had 60 minutes allowing 10 people to speak on behalf of over a million service members.

All kidding aside it is truly amazing how quiet things got. Almost makes you understand why the left hates the question "do you want us to win?" They refuse to say "yes." Hey if someone asks you if you think we can win...that is subjective and who knows how creible the answer would be depending on the persons knowledge of the military and war. But why is it that when asked if they "want" us to win will they not answer. Is the left and liberal media betting against their own country?

On a side note, my TVs barely escaped beatings. One more moment of Anna Nicole and I was going to plug them in and push them out in the rain.

March 05, 2007 10:37 PM  
Anonymous Seth said...

So all that's left to do, from the politics angle, is for Bush and for those Congressional Republicans who have a yen to do their jobs for a change to do whatever they need to do to prevent the Dems from pushing through any actual (as opposed to "non-binding")bills that might sabotage the progress our troops are making.

This must be terribly rough on the Dems on the Hill -- if they manage to pull any funding and things go badly as a result, the MSM would have to become really creative to cover things up, and their failure to do so effectively would show the left for the enemies of the state they truly are.

March 06, 2007 4:26 AM  
Blogger mariestwocents said...


Not so! We recently had 60 minutes allowing 10 people to speak on behalf of over a million service members.


It is amazing how deafening the silence has gotten on the left about the "Good" news.

I have noticed no one on the left will answer the "Do you want the US to win" question either. And I havent found many with much knowledge of the Military or the war. Basically they are just hearing whatever they want to hear at this point, they hang out at HuffPo, take that as the Gospel truth and repeat almost word for word what goes on over there.

That's a good point, I bet the Media and the left do have a bet going against our own Country. Some comments I get are so anti-American and anti-Troops I have to dump them in the trash.

Ha, I know what you mean, I was considering what damage I might do to my TV if I saw another minute of Anna Nicole, That's when it hit me, All must be going pretty darn good for the most part in Baghdad!

March 07, 2007 1:26 AM  
Blogger mariestwocents said...


I guess for the "New" Congress they must be very unhappy, either which way they go they are screwed.

Either by those that voted them in to stop the War yesterday, or knowing if they do cut off funding right in the middle of the "Surge" that is apparently working and the other 5 Brigades havent even entered theatre yet, the majority of the population will be all over thier butts.

I guess in trying to tie the President's hands behind his back, in reality, they just tied thier own.

March 07, 2007 1:35 AM  

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