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Homeland Security Advisory

April 29, 2006

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Civilian Leaders WOWED By USS Ronald Reagan's Capabilities

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

CENTRAL PERSIAN GULF, April 28, 2006 - Civilian opinion
leaders who visited the USS Ronald Reagan today got a taste
of what it's like to be the biggest, toughest guy on the
block - one whose presence brings comfort to his friends but
fear in his enemies.

The business, civic, organizational and academic leaders,
all participants in the Joint Civilian Orientation
Conference, visited the world's largest aircraft carrier on its
maiden deployment to the Persian Gulf.

....................USS Ronald Reagan

They met the crew, toured the flight and navigation
bridges, flight-control deck and flight deck and watched F-18
Hornet and Super Hornet aircraft take off for some of the 30
sorties they fly over Iraq every day.

"We believe this is a very worthwhile effort," Rear Adm.
Mike Miller, commander of the Ronald Reagan Strike Group,
told the group after it flew in from Bahrain. "We believe we
are helping preserve the peace and stability of the Arabian

Speaking to group members in the "in-port cabin" that's
fashioned to look like the Reagan Administration's White House
"Red Room," thanks to donations by the Hampton Roads Navy
League, Miller said he's convinced the Reagan is making an
impact in the region.

"We are firmly convinced that we are making life better for
the people here," he said. "People here don't say, 'When
are you going away?' They say, 'Please don't leave.'"

The Reagan, the ninth Nimitz-class carrier, is the Navy's
Mighty Hulk, the largest weapon in the entire U.S. arsenal.
It's as long as the Empire State Building is tall and
boasts 47,000 tons of steel, a 4.5-acre flight deck and the two
nuclear reactors that propel it in excess of 30 knots,
Miller explained.

That size, speed and capability make a powerful statement,
said Command Master Chief Yoshimi Core of the carrier's air
wing. "It's a wonderful feeling to (look) at that a mass of
steel and mass of power and be able to influence people by
our mere presence," he said. "We're able to reassure people
that we're out here having a presence," or in other cases,
to send a warning.

Capt. Terry Kraft, the Reagan's commander, described
himself as the mayor of a city of 5,000 people with a nuclear
power plant beneath it and an airfield above. But with all its
size and power and state-of-the art technology, the $5
billion dollar vessel's greatest attribute, he said, is its

"This is a modern marvel," Kraft said of the carrier, which
began its first-ever deployment since its 2003
commissioning. "But the most impressive thing on board are the 5,000
great Americans. We give these sailors incredible
responsibility, and I couldn't be more proud of them."

About 80 percent of the Reagan's sorties are in direct
support of troops "over the beach" - serving in Iraq, Kraft
told the group. Sorties launched from the carrier's flight
deck monitor convoy routes to detect IED sites and gather
valuable intelligence they pass on to ground troops, he
explained. In addition, two shore-based EA-6B Prowlers jam radio
frequencies to prevent insurgents from using cell phones and
similar devices to activate improvised explosive devices.

At the same time, the Reagan crew conducts broader maritime
security operations in the Gulf, both with its ships and
aircrews. "Our goal is for terrorists not to be able to
operate anywhere in the Persian Gulf or off the coast of the
Horn of Africa," Kraft said.

By making it more difficult for terrorists to operate, the
Reagan crew is "changing the battlefield," he said, "and
creating a sanctuary for our forces."

"Our number one mission is the service we provide for the
guys on the ground," said Lt. Cmdr. John Clary, an F-18C
pilot aboard Reagan. "We're their eyes and ears, circling
overhead and burning holes in the sky."

The gratification of the job comes from knowing that he's
"one more 18- or 19-year-old kid got there safely," thanks
to support from the sky, he said.

Earlier in the war, success was measured in bombs drops and
targets taken out, Kraft told the group. Now, it's measured
more in terms seconds of disrupted road identified as
potential IED sites and actionable intelligence forwarded to the
ground. "The bottom line is that we save lives over the
beach, not that we drop bombs," he said.

While helping save U.S. lives, members of the Reagan crew
said they believe they're making a contribution to Iraq and
the entire region. "We're supporting the Iraqi people and
helping to keep the world safe," said Lt. Cmdr. Paul
Crawford, assistant navigator on the carrier's bridge, which he
called "the nerve center of the ship."

"What we're doing is providing a presence to make sure that
things are fair for everyone," he said.

With less than a year in the Navy under her belt, Seaman
Ashley Kolbinskie said she's proud of her role supporting
U.S. ground troops in harm's way. "We're giving air protection
for troops on the ground. Anything they can't handle, we're
here for them," she said.

But like her fellow crewmates, Kolbinskie said she
recognizes the regional implications of her efforts. "It makes me
feel happy that we have freedom, and to be able to help
other people get it, too," she said.

As the JCOC participants watched the F-18 Hornets and Super
Hornets roar off the flight deck, even Operations
Specialist Marion Cox took pause. "When you see this every day, you
sometimes lose sight of how cool it is," she said.

But no one within the JCOC group failed to notice just "how
cool it is."

Ted Sarandis, a freelance sportscaster based in Boston,
described watching the planes shoot of the deck as "a complete
adrenaline rush."

Sarandis turned almost poetic when he described how the
Reagan's crews operate on the flight deck. "It's a thing of
synchronized beauty, a bit like watching a mechanized
ballet," he said.

"Awesome!" was how Robert McDonald, senior vice president
for 3M Marketing and Sales, described the experience. An
engineer, McDonald resisted the urge to peek into every nook
and cranny to check out the electronics as he passed through
the carrier's departments.

"I'm fascinated by all this," he said. "It's absolutely

Larry Oney, chief executive officer for Hammerman & Gainer
International, relished the chance to see an aircraft
carrier at sea conducting real-life missions.

"Not many people get to see it up close like this," he
said. "This has got to be the highlight of the trip."

For James Schenck, executive vice president and chief
operating officer for the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, gave
his first exposure to real-life Navy operations two thumbs

Schenck called the Reagan "a testament to America" that
"really gets your attention" for its power-projection
capabilities. "I have to say, this makes me a proud American
taxpayer," he said.

Participants in the JCOC program are business, civic,
community and academic leaders from around the country who are
spending the week observing U.S. Central Command at work.

This JCOC trip is the first to the Middle East since the
Defense Department started the program in 1948 to help
educate civilian "movers and shakers" about the military.

NavySite: USS Ronald Reagan
Keep talking crap Iran. THIS is setting in YOUR backyard!!

April 28, 2006

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GreenPeace Goes After Teddy Kennedy

Greenpeace Ads To Target Teddy Kennedy
Newsmax is Reporting:

The infamous environmental group Greenpeace is targeting Sen. Ted Kennedy for opposing a wind farm in the Nantucket Sound because it would interfere with the view from his Hyannis Port mansion.

Greenpeace is launching a nationwide TV ad campaign against Kennedy, with spots that portray the Massachusetts Democrat as Godzilla.

The Cape Cod Times reports:

"In the 30-second spot, a cartoon Kennedy looms over the water like a Japanese movie monster, pounding wind turbines as they sprout from the water, and barks, 'I might see them from my mansion on the Cape.'"

Kennedy's nephew, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a leading environmentalist who urges Americans to cut back on energy consumption and who blamed Bush environmental policies for Hurricane Katrina.
But he, too, opposes the wind farm in Nantucket Sound - going so far as to argue that it would cause pollution.

By running the ads, Greenpeace hopes to torpedo an amendment to a Coast Guard bill that would make a proposed Nantucket wind farm vulnerable to state veto.

"'We've targeted the Senate because we need leaders to stop this amendment before it can even be voted," Greenpeace spokesgal Kate Smolski told the Times.

Read Full Story Here

CARTOON: Expose The Left

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Is The Iranian President Screaming "Come Kick My Ass"?

IAEA reports Iran succeeded in enriching uranium
HAARETZ.Com Is Reporting:

VIENNA - Iran has successfully enriched uranium and continues related activities in defiance of the UN Security Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday.

The finding was contained in a report drawn up by International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed Elbaradei that also effectively reflected a standstill between Iran and agency inspectors pursuing open questions linked to possible attempts by Iran to make nuclear arms.

.........Iran's Lunatic President Ahmadinejad

said on Friday his country would pay no attention to international calls to halt its nuclear work, hours before the United Nations atomic watchdog reports on whether Tehran has met UN Security Council demands.

"Those who want to prevent Iranians from obtaining their right, should know that we do not give a damn to such resolutions," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a rally in northwest Iran, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The West accuses Iran of pursuing a civilian nuclear program as a cover to acquire atomic bomb. Tehran denies it.

"Enemies think that by ... threatening us, launching psychological warfare or ... imposing embargos can dissuade our nation to obtain nuclear technology," Ahmadinejad said in Zanjan province.

Iran said this month it had enriched uranium to the level used in power stations for the first time and has vowed to pursue large-scale enrichment of uranium.

Iran: Israel's election to UN Disarmament 'ridiculous'
Iran's UN ambassador said it was "absolutely ridiculous" that Israel was elected to be a vice-chair of the UN Disarmament Commission, claiming it has been singled out as a threat to peace and security in the Middle East.

Ambassador Javad Zarif also lashed out at criticism in Israel of Iran's election to be a vice-chair of the commission, calling it absurd that a country which hasn't signed an international disarmament treaty "has the audacity to talk about another country having a seat."

Zarif's criticism follows Ahmadinejad's repeated questioning of Israel's right to exist and threat to wipe Israel off the map. Israel has for years regarded Iran as the primary threat to its survival, disputing Tehran's claims that its nuclear program is peaceful.

"We are not surprised that Iran is continuing in its attempt to divert the international community's attention from the real problem, which is Iran's threat to global security and stability arising from its nuclear program," said Meir Itzchaki, deputy director for arms control in the Foreign Ministry.

"It is disappointing that Iran, once again, is choosing to take advantage of the UN to promote their anti-Semitic agenda and their culture of hatred and terror while acting in total defiance of their international obligations and demands set out by the UN Security Council" and the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Itzchaki said.

Iran's decision in February to start enriching uranium, for what it insists is a peaceful nuclear energy program to produce electricity, led to its referral to the Security Council. Tehran has refused to comply with the council's demand to stop enrichment . The United States, which believes Tehran's real goal is to produce nuclear weapons, is planning to introduce a council resolution shortly that would make its demand to suspend enrichment

Zarif, who chaired the UN Disarmament Commission in 2000, noted that Iran is a party to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, considered the cornerstone of nuclear disarmament efforts, while Israel is not. Israel, which is believed to possess nuclear weapons, has refused to sign the treaty along with nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.

"I think it's a rather interesting question that a regime that is not a member of any international treaty, has been recognized by the Security Council time and again as the single most serious threat to the peace and security of the Middle East, has been violating every single Security Council resolution that has been adopted about the Middle East ... has a seat in the Disarmament Commission, and has the audacity to talk about another country having a seat,"
Zarif told a group of reporters at a lunch he hosted.

"That is absolutely ridiculous," he said. "It's pushing the issue to the border of absurdity."

The Disarmament Commission's missions include trying to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and ensure that atomic energy is used only for peaceful purposes.

Israel and Iran were among eight vice-chairs elected at its current meeting, which began April 10 and ends Friday. Topics on its agenda include "Recommendations for achieving the objective of nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons" and "Practical confidence-building measures in the field of conventional weapons."

Read Full Story Here

Israel Launches Eye In The Sky Over Iran

Iran To Lead Disarmament Commission
What a Lunatic! I have tried to steer clear of this Lunatic but it seems it's unavoidable now. I do support taking out this freak's launchpads, but I dont agree with sending in AMERICAN troops. This is one case where we may have to "Brake It" and "Screw Owning It". Israel has already launched an "Eye In The Sky" over Iran. If we or another Country dont take out Iran's launchpads, Israel will! And that may lead to an extremely dangerous situation for the World. There hasnt been 1 resolution from the United Nations yet, (Worthless as they are) but it seems Iran is going through resolutions faster than the United Nations can even come up with one yet. And to top it off real nice the UN picked IRAN to serve as a vice chairman of the UN Disarmament Commission. What were they thinking? I dont think we can take out thier Nuclear facilities at the moment because the fallout would be disasterous. Especially when we have troops on the ground in Iraq, a "Rockthrow" from Iran. It also seems to me that it is TIME for another Country like FRANCE? Germany? Russia? China? to take the lead on this one, WE ARE NOT THE WORLD POLICE! And it's time for the SECURITY COUNCIL to live up to it's name and SECURE this situation NOW!!! Then again if he seriously want's his ass kicked we can accomodate him!

April 26, 2006

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Congresswoman Gwen Moore D-WI Son Sentenced In 04 Election Day Tire Slashing

Ever wonder what happened to those Moron's who slashed the tires of Republican "Get Out The Vote" Vehicles on Election Day 2004? And who they were tied to?
FOXNEWS Is Reporting:
Four Sentenced for Election Day Tire Slashing
Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wisc. Prosecutor: Dem Campaigners Slashed Tires in '04 Election
MILWAUKEE — A U.S. lawmaker's son and three Democratic campaign workers were sentenced Wednesday to four to six months in jail for slashing tires outside a Bush-Cheney campaign office on Election Day 2004.

The men pleaded no contest in January to misdemeanor property damage. A fifth worker was found not guilty.

"This case had to be a public example of what can happen when you interfere with voters' rights," said Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael Brennan, who rejected prosecutors' recommendation of probation for the four men.

The Wisconsin state Republican Party had rented more than 100 vehicles to give rides to voters and poll monitors on Nov. 2, 2004. The cars were parked outside a Republican campaign office when the tires were punctured. The vandalism left the drivers scrambling for new vehicles.

Among those sentenced Wednesday were Sowande A. Omokunde, the son of Democratic

..........Lawmaker Congresswoman Gwen Moore D-WI

and Michael Pratt, the son of former acting Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt.

"I love my son very much. I'm very proud of him," Moore said. "He's accepted responsibility". Omokunde was sentenced to four months in jail; Pratt and Lewis Caldwell of Milwaukee were sentenced to six months; and Lavelle Mohammad of Milwaukee was sentenced to five months. All were granted work-release privileges.

Brennan also ordered them to pay a $1,000 fine each, in addition to the $5,317 in total restitution ordered earlier.

The four could have faced up to nine months in jail term and fines of $10,000.

Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes in the 2004 election ended up going to Democrat John Kerry.

Read Full Story Here
Well that explains alot. I knew it was a Democrat behind the tire slashings, but not a CongressWoman. Proving once again the Liberals will do ANYTHING to steal ANY election. Looks like the judge wanted to make an example of these kids. More corruption on the left!! Big Surprize!!

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Fox News Tony Snow Named New White House Press Secretary

Fox's Tony Snow named to White House press post
By Howard Kurtz
The Washington Post
Published: Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WASHINGTON - Fox News commentator Tony Snow agreed Tuesday night to become White House press secretary after top officials assured him that he would be not just a spokesman but an active participant in administration policy debates, people familiar with the discussions said.

A director of speechwriting for President George H.W. Bush, Snow views himself as well-positioned to ease the tensions between this White House and the press corps because he understands both politics and journalism, the sources said. The appointment has not been officially confirmed, although an announcement is expected today.

Snow will become the first Washington pundit - and an outspoken ideological voice at that - to take over the pressroom lectern at a time when tensions between journalists and the administration have been running high, over issues ranging from the Iraq war to investigations involving leaks of classified information.

President Bush hates responding to the press, hates responding to political enemies he thinks it's beneath him,'' Snow said on Fox News in March. ``He's got a stubborn streak.'' What the president needed, he said, was ``a series of vigorous defenses'' of his position.

Read Full Story Here
Congradulations Tony!! If ANYONE can handle Helen Thomas YOU can. Good luck, your going to need it!!

April 21, 2006

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U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan D-West VA Violates 250 Ethics Rules

House Dem Committed 250 Ethics Violations, Group Says
By Monisha Bansal Staff Writer

( - U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) has committed over 250 violations of House ethics rules, according to a conservative legal watchdog group.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a complaint with the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia on Feb. 28, alleging that Mollohan failed to disclose and grossly underreported his assets, loans and interests in certain companies.

After filing a series of Freedom of Information Act requests, NLPC stated that "slowly a picture of Mollohan's finances emerged that was sharply different from the one being portrayed in the Financial Disclosure Reports." All members of Congress are required to file the disclosure forms as part of the Ethics in Government Act.

Ken Boehm, chairman of the NLPC, said every report Mollohan filed from 1996 to 2004 had "major errors."

"The real issue here is not whether Mollohan systematically was hiding financial and real estate assets, and grossly misrepresenting their value. He was. The real issue is why he was hiding those assets," Boehm said, also pointing out that Mollohan is the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct -- popularly known as the ethics committee.

"No one in the House has more familiarity with the disclosure laws than he does. Any kind of excuse that he did not know how to fill out his financial disclosure reports -- for a nine-year period -- does not pass the straight face test," Boehm added.

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday defended Mollohan and argued that Democrats have a history of ethics reform. For months Democrats have been attacking what they call the "Republican culture of corruption" in Congress and at the White House.

"The Speaker (Illinois Republican Dennis Hastert) should join me in directing the Ethics Committee to get to work, and not cast aspersions on the independent and distinguished Ranking Member," said Pelosi.

She referenced the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, which has resulted in Abramoff pleading guilty, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas being indicted and Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) being criticized for his involvement with Abramoff. Pelosi also invoked the name of former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham of California, who pleaded guilty in a bribery scandal and is in prison.

Read Full Story Here
And the correption of the LEFT continues. Let's see you step aside and Police Yourself Mollohan!!

April 20, 2006

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These People Are Pissing Me Off

If someone doesnt do something DRASTIC about these people soon, I dont know what will happen. I made a post about this previously in March, and since then the situation has gotten way worse. These people are NOT Christians. They go around to Military Funerals, hound the families of the fallen, hold up signs to the families saying things like "Thank God For IED's", and this kind of crap to where a Biker Group has formed "The Patriot Guard Riders" and stands Guard at Military Funerals. These people MUST be stopped! They are UNHINGED!!

Westboro Baptist Church Freaks

Patriot Guard Riders

Westboro Baptist Church FREAKS Website

Anti-Gay Church Hounds Military Funerals

Patriot Guard Riders

Audio of these FREAKS on Hannity, Courtesy: Expose The Left

Video Of these FREAKS on Hannity and Colmbs Courtesy: Expose The Left
I know one thing, If I EVER have to attend a Military Funeral or See you FREAKS in Oklahoma at a Military Funeral, I will be forced to do something that will Deffinately Involve The Police!!

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Valerie Plame To Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Editor & Publisher Is Reporting:
Valerie Plame To Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

NEW YORK Will Valerie Plame be the talk of this year's White House Correspondents Dinner? E&P has confirmed that she is slated to attend this year's gala, along with her husband Joseph Wilson and several other notable non-journalist guests, such as Alex Trebek and Ben Rothlisberger, according to organizers.

As in the past, attendees at the annual black-tie affair, to be held on April 29 this year, often look for a controversial visitor who might spark extended gossip around the open bar. When outsiders such as Donna Rice, Michael Moore, Fawn Hall or Ozzie Osborne were escorted to the gathering, they sometimes drew nearly as much attention as the president during his remarks.Plame, the former CIA operative

.....................Valerie Plame

whose outing by columnist Robert Novak sparked a U.S. Justice Department probe that has already sent one reporter to jail and brought a White House official under indictment, may take that role this year. It is unlikely she will be seated next to Novak, but perhaps Bush may have a good view of her from the dais.

Read Full Story Here
Uh....Didnt she do this before? And was photographed with her husband Joe Wilson AND THE WHOLE WORLD SAW IT before there were any allegations of a leak to begin with? When Joe Wilson outed his own wife in the green room of Fox News to Retired Gen. Paul Vallely (Who wasnt the first to hear this) "My Wife's a CIA Spy"!! I hope they do seat her next to Novak. This ought to be good.

April 18, 2006

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Eleven Years Later

And It Still Hurts

Welcome Here To Remember Those Who Were Killed, Those Who Survived And Those Changed Forever. May All Those Who Leave Here Know The Impact Of Violence. May This Memorial Offer Comfort, Strength, Peace, Hope, And Serenity....entrance to oklahoma city memorial

God Rest The Souls Of Those Who Were Lost On This Day 11 Years Ago

Oklahoma City National Memorial Website

April 17, 2006

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I Miss The Gipper

April 16, 2006

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Happy Easter



Let us not forget Christ died on Friday for all our sin's and awoke today, a Ghost, Holly in every way..To wash away all our sin's to start anew. God Bless Everyone this Easter Sunday and celebrate Jesus Christ Life!! And thee Awakening.

April 14, 2006

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Rummy Your Staying Right Where You Are

Apparently there have been a half dozen or so Retired Generals calling for Our Secretary Of Defense Resignation.

......Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld......

But Secretary Rumsfeld got backed up today from the person who matters the most his boss, President Bush

President Bush's statement on Friday in support of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

Earlier today I spoke with Don Rumsfeld about ongoing military operations in the Global War on Terror. I reiterated my strong support for his leadership during this historic and challenging time for our Nation.

The Department of Defense has been tasked with many difficult missions. Upon assuming office, I asked Don to transform the largest department in our government. That kind of change is hard, but our Nation must have a military that is fully prepared to confront the dangerous threats of the 21st century. Don and our military commanders have also been tasked to take the fight to the enemy abroad on multiple fronts.

I have seen first-hand how Don relies upon our military commanders in the field and at the Pentagon to make decisions about how best to complete these missions. Secretary Rumsfeld's energetic and steady leadership is exactly what is needed at this critical period. He has my full support and deepest appreciation.

George W. Bush

Rumsfeld Stays, Says Commander-In-Chief

Powerline: Those Griping Ex-Generals

I dont know what is really going on here but apparently these Ex-Generals, have been communicating through e-mail and the like. I find this absolutely crazy to get rid of your Secretary of Defense in the middle of a War!!!

April 12, 2006

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Teddy Kennedy Attends Illegal/Legal Immigration Rally

Today, Senator Teddy Kennedy stagered over to join 200,000 inebriated people for a rally supporting his plan for comprehensive immigration reform that he and Sen. John McCain R-AZ wrote when they had a few shot's of Jack Daniels. Demonstrations took place across the country tequila was amidst all around, in 65 cities, for the “National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice”. Last week, comprehensive immigration legislation spearheaded by Senators Kennedy and McCain fell short of the votes needed to move forward. No one seemed to like the plan, Congress claimed it was invented by two inebriated people. Leaders in the labor, business and religious community came together in an unprecedented way and were quoted as saying: "We arent sure if they were drinking but we think they may have been very high to have come up with an idea like that. Senator Kennedy has vowed to continue his fight for tough, fair legislation that deals with our prohabition laws and economic challenges so that everyone can afford a bottle of bourbon in a way that is consistent with our values and the American Dream as long as no one ever goes after him for the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne.

For More Of Teddy:(Enter at your own risk, and deffinately bring your snorkle)

Hold The Presses:
Rush Limbaugh has another view of this Lunatic:

RUSH: Let's go to yesterday, the immigration rally in Washington at the National Mall. This is a portion of Senator Kennedy's remarks. He had his translator out there. He looks out over the masses, the huddles, suffering, starving, thirsting masses, and he tells them he sees the future of America. The funny thing about this is that he's got this translator out there. He pauses every sentence and the translator translates it, and then near the end of his remarks here he says something and encourages the assembled masses to repeat what he says, and they don't even wait for the translator to repeat it, because most of them speak English! Here's the bit.

SEÑOR SWIMMER: Let me ah-sk you some questions. Are you ready? (cheering) Are you ready? (cheering)

RUSH: Stop the tape. Do you hear the translator asking them if they are ready in Spanish? No! They're not Spanish. They're not Spanish-speaking. They may be bilingual, but these are not the people that you have been led to believe they are, ladies and gentlemen.

SEÑOR SWIMMER: Do you have a good job?

CROWD: Noooo!

TRANSLATOR: Trabajo...

RUSH: Stop the tape. Stop the tape. Stop. You hear this? I want to play it again. Cue this back to the beginning, Mike, because he asked them, "Do you have a good job?" They say "no" before the translator even translates this! So you see what this is? Okay, listen to this. Now that you know what's happened, listen for the crowd to respond before the translator responds to what Senator Kennedy is saying.

SEÑOR SWIMMER: Let me ask you some questions. Are you ready? (Cheering) Are you ready? (Cheering) Do you have a good job? (Noooo!) Do you love your family? (Yeeees!)

TRANSLATOR: (Do you love your family?)

SEÑOR SWIMMER: Do you love your community? (Yeeees!)

TRANSLATOR: (Do you love your community?)

SEÑOR SWIMMER: Do you love America?

CROWD: Yeeees!

TRANSLATOR: (Do you love America?)

CROWD: Yeeees!

RUSH: All right. So I'll tell you what, they've all -- well, no. I think they don't have good jobs. It's hard to tell. I mean, they answered the questions the way Senator Kennedy wanted them answered. I mean he says, "Do you have a good job?" they were shouting "no." Of course they must not have jobs, period. What are they doing there in such numbers? "Siiiii!" (Laughing.) It's too bad, you know, that this translator wasn't there when Senator Kennedy was making the speech at the Clinton rally. See if we can get that. I don't see it on the sound bite list here. See if we can get that, because if he'd have had a translator, we might today understand what it was Senator Kennedy was saying when he was introducing Bill Clinton at a rally.

For more of Rush's Hillarious article:

For the Video Of Teddy Kennedy's
I wasnt going to get into this Immigration issue yet, but this was just to funny to pass up. Do you think Teddy Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Chuckie Schumer have a clue that they just alienated the black voters of this country? They have now put the Hispanic Voters on a pedestal above the black community. Teddy and others in his ilk, Hillary, Chuckie, etc.. used the theme "We Have A Dream too", very familiar sounding to Martin Luther king Jr.'s Theme "I Have A Dream", which apparently has ticked off the black community according to a Reverend that was on Hannity and Colmbs lastnight. Maybe we should just sit back and watch the Democrats implode! It is quite hillarious, sad but hillarious at the same time. President Bush's Guest Worker plan sounds better and better every day. I mean if our forefathers came here legally, or waited in line to become legal, why cant the Hispanic people do the same thing? And after 9-11, shouldnt we be exremely cautious as to whom is entering OUR Country from either border?

April 07, 2006

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No wonder the Liberal's are screaming about everything else going on, they are trying to hide the fact our economy is strong!

Breitbart Is Reporting:

Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.7%


Employers, in a springtime hiring burst, boosted payrolls by a sizable 211,000 in March and pushed the nation's unemployment rate down to 4.7 percent.

The latest snapshot, released by the Labor Department on Friday, suggested that an accelerating economic expansion is putting companies in the hiring mood, brightening prospects for job seekers.

Hiring gains were fairly widespread. Construction, financial activities, education and health care and government were among the sectors posting payroll gains. That help to blunt job losses in manufacturing and in the transportation industries.

Read Full Story Here

Breitbart Is Also Reporting:

Consumer Confidence In Economy Improves:


Consumer confidence in the economy's prospects improved in early April even as gasoline prices and borrowing costs marched higher.

The RBC CASH (Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household) Index, based on results from the international polling firm Ipsos, showed confidence at 89.4 in early April, up from March's 86.2. The new reading also was better than a year ago, when consumer confidence clocked in at 84.5.

"It's a positive sign," said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group.

Overall, consumers are in a generally good frame of mind, economists said.

"I think we can take heart in the fact that even with all the worries _ about energy prices, higher interest rates and a slowing housing market _ confidence moved higher," said economist Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics.

Analysts track consumer confidence for clues about consumers' willingness to spend, an important force shaping the country's economic health.

The confidence index is benchmarked to a reading of 100 on January when Ipsos started the gauge.

One of the things consumers feel really good about is the jobs climate, the Ipsos results suggested.

A measure tracking consumers' sentiments on this front jumped in early April to 124.5, the highest on record. In March consumers' feelings about jobs came in at 118.5, a buoyant reading. A year ago, this gauge stood at 116.2.

Employers boosted payrolls by a sizable 211,000 jobs in March, helping to push the nation's unemployment rate down to 4.7 percent, the Labor Department said in a report Friday that suggested the jobs market is on solid footing.

Analysts believe the economy emerged from an end-of-year funk and grew at an annual rate of 4.5 percent or higher in the just ended January- to-March quarter. The government's estimate of first-quarter economic growth will be released at the end of April.

Read Full Story Here
No matter what the Liberals do they cannot run from our Steady Growing Economy, Low Unemployment, Outstanding GDP, and Excellent Consumer Confidence. But they can hide though. And hide, whine, and moan and Bash Bush is all they seem to be able to do. Liberal's accomplish nothing!

April 06, 2006

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McKinney Apologizes As Grand Jury Meets

Foxnews is Reporting:
McKinney Apologizes As Grand Jury Meets

WASHINGTON — A federal grand jury arrived Thursday at the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., to hear from two House staff aides about a scuffle last Wednesday involving a Capitol Police officer and Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

Meanwhile, McKinney, made a formal apology on the House floor for the incident, saying "there should not have been any physical contact."

"I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret this escalation, and I apologize," she said to applause. McKinney also said she would support a House resolution introduced by Republicans to express appreciation for the work done by Capitol Police.

Set to testify Thursday were Troy Phillips, legislative assistant to Rep. Sam Farr, D-Calif., and Lisa Subrize, executive assistant to Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich. Phillips reportedly saw the incident in which McKinney allegedly beat a Capitol Police officer's chest after he supposedly put his hand on her arm to stop her forward progress after she bypassed the Longworth House Office Building metal detector.

Lawmakers are permitted to skip the security checkpoints if they are wearing a congressional lapel pin that identifies them as an elected official or if they are recognized by the police. The six-term Georgia Democratic congresswoman was not wearing her pin.

Read Full Story Here
And At The Same Time
McKinney Security Guard Knocks Elbows With Reporter
Thursday, April 06, 2006

WASHINGTON — Rep. Cynthia McKinney may have stood on the House floor Thursday to offer a mea culpa for a scuffle she had with a Capitol Police officer last week, but another incident with her private security guard moments earlier did not help de-escalate the flap.

A private security guard in McKinney's entourage got into a shoving match with Scott McFarlane, a reporter from WSB-TV in Atlanta, McKinney's hometown. The security guard threatened to throw the reporter's "a-- in jail."

In the incident, McFarlane tried to ask McKinney, as she was ascending the East Front Steps of the Capitol, if she had spoken to a grand jury when the guard and the reporter started elbowing each other. A grand jury is deciding whether to press charges against McKinney for an altercation with a Capitol Police officer last Wednesday.

"I'm going to put your a-- in jail next time you push me," said the retired Georgia State patrolman, who was about six inches shorter than the lithe reporter.

"Sir, do you work for the Capitol Police?" asked McFarlane, to which the guard replied no.

"Who are you a police officer with, sir?" McFarlane asked as McKinney, the guard and an aide quickly climbed the steps. (Strange thing is, McKinney's Bodyguard ISNT a Police Officer, and pretending to be a Police Officer can get you thrown in jail.)

Read Full Story Here

US Capitol Hill Police Seek Arrest Warrant For McKinney After Scuffle

US Attorney's Office Reviewing McKinney Scuffle

McKinney Decries 'Inapropriate Touching' By Capitol Police

Capitol Police Probe Re. McKinney Incident
What kind of an apology was that? I am sorry this misunderstanding happened? She knocked a Capitol Hill Police Officer upside the head with a phone! Well in the chest. But she still ASSAULTED A POLICE OFFICER! Then she claimed it was because "She is a black woman in Congress". She didnt wear her pin showing the Police very quickly who she was, he stops her, (Not knowing who she was) grabs her arm before entering the building, (It's not like she may have had a bomb strapped to her body and was in a rush to get inside and blow up Congress or anything), like the Officer is going to know this, and then she claims "I was in a hurry I had to make an appointment". And now this half ass apology? Hell she IS the reason there was an "Escalation" as she put's it. She assaulted a Police officer, has played the race card in all of this,has pulled this kind of crap before, her bodyguard assaults a reporter outside, and her's was NOT a true apology. Throw her and her bodyguards butt's in jail!
Crossposted, Trackbacked, Pinged, Linked With:
Casting Pearls Before Swine
Mark raises the question: Is Playing The Race Card a form of Terrorism?

Christian Pundits
CP brings up an interesting little known fact that when Cynthia McKinney on a trip to the USSR in the 1980's never felt more free than when she was in the Soviet Union!

American Values Under Attack
American Values, brings a hillarious twist to this situation

April 05, 2006

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Deport This Woman To America

I got this in an e-mail and I think I heard about this but I had to Share!!


The Rambo Granny of Melbourne, Australia

Gun-toting granny Ava Estelle, 81

was so ticked-off when two thugs raped her 18-year-old granddaughter that she tracked the unsuspecting ex-cons down - - and shot off their testicles.

The old lady spent a week hunting those men down -- and when she found them, she took revenge on them in her own special way, said Melbourne police investigator Evan Delp. Then she took a taxi to the nearest police station, laid the gun on the sergeant's desk and told him as calm as could be:

'Those bastards will never rape anybody again, by God.' Cops say convicted rapist and robber Davis Furth, 33, lost both his penis and his testicles when outraged Ava opened fire with a 9-mm pistol in the hotel room where he and former prison cell mate Stanley Thomas, 29, were holed up.

The wrinkled avenger also blew Thomas' testicles to kingdom come, but doctors managed to save his mangled penis, police said. The one guy, Thomas, didn't lose his manhood, but the doctor I talked to said he won't be using it the way he used to, Detective Delp told reporters. Both men are still in pretty bad shape, but I think they're just happy to be alive after what they've been through.

The Rambo Granny swung into action August 21 after her granddaughter Debbie was carjacked and raped in broad daylight by two knife-wielding creeps in a section of town bordering on skid row. "When I saw the look on my Debbie's face that night in the hospital, I decided I was going to go out and get those bastards myself 'cause I figured the Law would go easy on them," recalled the retired library worker. "And I wasn't scared of them, either-- because I've got me a gun and I've been shooting' all my life. And I wasn't dumb enough to turn it in when the law changed about owning one."

So, using a police artist's sketch of the suspects and Debbie's description of the sickos', tough-as-nails Ava spent seven days prowling the wino-infested neighborhood where the crime took place till she spotted the ill fated rapists entering their flophouse hotel.

I knew it was them the minute I saw 'em, but I shot a picture of 'em anyway and took it back to Debbie and she said sure as hell, it was them, the oldster recalled.

So I went back to that hotel and found their room and knocked on the door and the minute the big one, , opened the door, I shot 'em right square between the legs, right where it would really hurt 'em most, you know.

Then I went in and shot the other one as he backed up pleading to me to spare him. Then I went down to the police station and turned myself in.

Now, baffled lawmen are trying to figure out exactly how to deal with the vigilante granny. What she did was wrong, and she broke the law, but it is difficult to throw an 81-year-old woman in prison, Det. Delp said, especially when 3 million people in the city want to nominate her for Mayor.


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McKinney/Pelosi No Longer Speaking

The Hill Is Reporting:

McKinney is distraction, say the Dems
By Josephine Hearn

The bizarre scuffle Wednesday between Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) and an unnamed U.S. Capitol Police officer is winning the spirited congresswoman few new friends in her caucus. In fact, some Democrats are trying to distance themselves from her.
......................Cynthia Mckinney D-GA

McKinney has been aggressively publicizing the incident, calling press conferences on each of the past two business days and even attracting a mention on the front page of The New York Times, something that the dozens of House and Senate Democrats combined couldn’t match when they unveiled their homeland-security plan last week.

Now, with McKinney facing a possible arrest warrant, the media frenzy is set only to escalate. The U.S. Capitol Police referred the issue to the U.S. District Attorney’s office for prosecution yesterday.

All of the attention has some Democrats concerned that McKinney is drawing the limelight away from their failed policy goals and to focus on a momentary, violent, disputed encounter in a Capitol Hill hallway.

“There’s been a lot of eye-rolling,” said an aide to a moderate Democrat who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The national attention it’s been getting has been unfortunate. It’s becoming a distraction.”

A Democratic strategist concurred.

“This is the view of Democrats that we want to project in the tough races, some of our tools are victims and race-baiting,” the strategist said.

McKinney often elicits strong opinions, even within her own caucus. She has a history of making controversial statements that delight etremist groups while irking moderates, yet even some of the caucus’s more extreme members have had disagreements with her.

She and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif)

no longer speak, not even to exchange greetings when encountering each other in the Capitol hallways, said two House Democratic sources. Pelosi "I know she is doing this because she has a film comming out". Pelosi twice turned down McKinney’s request to regain her seniority after she was defeated and then reelected in 2002 and 2004. McKinney first came to Congress in 1992.

McKinney spokesman Coz Carson said his boss is not a very effective member of Congress.

“She’s a loud mouth leader who lags behind instead of getting out in front of important issues,” he said. “She demonstrates extreme and irresponsible leadership for the people who elected her to office.”

McKinney raised some eyebrows when she attended hearings of the select committee on Hurricane Katrina even after Democratic leaders had decided that only three Democrats — Reps. Gene Taylor (Miss.), Bill Jefferson (La.) and Charlie Melancon (La.) — would participate.

At her news conference Friday, organizers originally expected to have members of Congress join McKinney in a show of support. None ultimately appeared, although Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) sent a statement saying that “the most responsible and useful course for all involved would be to seek possible censure a resolution that would be satisfactory to both parties.” Besides jail time.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) called the incident — in which McKinney allegedly struck the officer after he stopped her at a security checkpoint — “disgraceful” and “horrible.” McKinney has said the officer inappropriately touched her.

“I recognize that there are 435 members and I look like a staffer — sometimes an intern — and sometimes memory fails,” said McHenry, who is the youngest member of Congress. “And anyway, I don’t think it’s smart for any member to tussle with a Capitol Police officer. They’re well-trained.”

McHenry and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) plan to introduce a resolution today to show appreciation for the Capitol Police.

Other members were more willing to give McKinney the benefit of the doubt.

“It’s a question of fact and whether the officer put his hand on her first to be certain she even belonged there, or whether he asked her to stop first and asked for ID. The facts will determine who was in the right and who was in the wrong,” said Rep. Al Wynn (D-Md.). “I would be offended and upset if [an officer] put his hands on me prior to asking for ID. Even if I wasnt wearing any identification letting the Police Officer know who I was.”

“The notion that they would charge her isnt ludicrous, regardless of what happened. Everyone assaults an officer of the law at one time or another. It sounds like a misunderstanding. She clearly was intending to assault a police officer.”

Oh Boy, you KNOW you have done something wrong when Nancy Pelosi isnt talking to you. Just throw her in jail! Assaulting a Police Officer IS a crime no matter what the Democrat's think.
Warrant Issued For McKinney's Arrest
Read Full Story Here

April 04, 2006

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Mary Landrieu Threatens President Bush Yet Again

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Frustrated by a lack of progress in rebuilding the state's levees, a Louisiana Democrat threatened Wednesday to block President Bush's appointments requiring Senate confirmation until "significant progress" is made toward restoring the flood protection damaged by Hurricane Katrina in August.
...................Mary Landrieu D-LA

Saying coastal residents "cannot wait much longer," Sen. Mary Landrieu blamed the loss of 1,200 lives in her home state "to the loss of wetlands as a protection and a lack of levees that held."
What Landrieu neglected to mention:

Army Corp Of Engineers Races To Rebuild New Orleans Levees

She is demanding that the Bush administration develop a comprehensive levee, flood control and coastal restoration program, and dole out the funds to pay for it.

"For me, this used to be a major policy issue," she said. "Now, it's an issue of life and death."

The senator said she sent a letter to Bush on Tuesday and "urged him specifically to request of Congress $6 billion that his administration says that we need in order for our region to be safe."

If the White House fails to meet her demands, "I will be compelled to use the power of my office as a senator to hold all executive nominations until we can get a response from the administration."

There was no immediate response from the White House.

Blocking or failing to act on executive appointments may not be the only pressure she applies, she warned.
"I have other leverage, and I'm prepared to use it if I have to."

In her Tuesday letter, Landrieu writes, "Mr. President, the piecemeal approach that has marked your administration's response to providing adequate levee and flood protection for Louisiana has not worked. It needs to be replaced by a comprehensive approach that is both more effective and cost-efficient."

She added that money spent on levees and flood control would ultimately save the government money "by eliminating the need for costly post-storm recovery and rebuilding in areas that were not adequately protected. That is a major lesson learned from last year's horrifying experience."

Landrieu Threaten's President Read Full Story Here

President Allocates 3 BILLION For Hurricane Re-Building/Homeland Security Meeting Read Full Story Here
Oh Brother another election ploy. So far the President has requested and Congress has approved 3 BILLION dollars for recunstruction of the Levees. (That's not including money for victims) And the Army Corp. Of Engineers not only had to wait for the go ahead from State and Local officials to start the re-building, but now they are in a race against time! Landrieu say's she "Has other Leverage and is prepared to use it", what is she going to do beat President Bush to a pulp because her State and Local Government Officials dropped the ball in the first place?(Her included) Left buses sitting there that could have evacuted people BEFORE THE HURRICANE HIT, have lost millions of dollars that were supposed to go to hurricane victims, and no-one in the State of Louisiana seems to know where this money went, and now is threatening that the Bush administration develop a comprehensive levee, flood control and coastal restoration program, and dole out the funds to pay for it. HE ALREADY HAS!!! And now she want's 6 BILLION more? And is threatening to "Hold Up" ALL President Bush's Executive Nominations until her demands are met? Nothing like holding up progress when what you want is already being done eh Mary? But that's typical for Democrats. You need to look at Louisiana Government to find the problems. Everyone else is rebuilding even Hurricane raveged Florida! And not moaning and whining about it. I would still like to know why she has never been admonished for threatening to hit the President?

April 03, 2006

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Cynthia McKinney Case Goes Federal

McKinney Case Goes to Federal Prosecutor

The U.S. Capitol Police on Monday submitted their case against
Rep. Cynthia McKinney

to the U.S. Attorney's office, which will consider whether the Georgia congresswoman will face charges for tangling with a law enforcement officer last week.

"We are working with Capitol Hill police to fully understand and appreciate the incident," principal assistant U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Citing the ongoing investigation, he declined to say whether the referral included a recommended charge against the six-term Democrat or when a warrant for her arrest might be issued.

McKinney spokesman Coz Carson acknowledged the investigation.

"We're aware that the wheels are turning in Washington," Carson said. "We have no control over what they decide to do. We will make the appropriate statement and take the appropriate action once we know where they're going."

For her part, McKinney said she expects to represent her suburban Atlanta district for many years.

"Rest assured, I am doing the work they sent me to Washington to do. Nothing is going to keep me away from my responsibilities," McKinney told a crowd of supporters in Atlanta Monday.

McKinney, 51, scuffled with a police officer on March 29 when she entered a House office building without her identifying lapel pin and did not stop when asked. Several police sources said the officer, who was not identified, asked her three times to stop. When she kept going, he placed a hand somewhere on her and she hit him, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Read Full Story Here

"Mckinney Admits Misusing Taxpayer Money"

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Cynthia McKinney admits that she broke government rules by spending money to fly a celebrity to Atlanta.

Channel 2 Action News has uncovered documents showing McKinney, D-Ga., spent about $1,000 of taxpayer's money to fly singer Isaac Hayes to Georgia to help dedicate a new office in Atlanta.

The money came from a fund members of Congress are supposed to use for office supplies.

Using the money to pay for Hayes' airline ticket and hotel expenses is a violation of strict congressional rules. Those rules state that taxpayer money can only be used for "travel by Members, Members' employees and vendors. A vendor is an employee of a private company that provides maintenance and support for equipment and software..."

Watchdog groups call taxpayer-funded celebrity travel a blatant waste of taxpayer money.

McKinney staffers say they will reimburse the congressional fund for the cost of Hayes' flight and hotel room.

Read Full Story Here
Oh this is getting crazier by the minute.
She assault's a Police Officer, claims SHE is the victim of Racial Descrimination, then misuses taxpayer money to fly to Atlanta to meet Isaac Hayes? She not only needs to be arrested for the attack on the Police Officer, but Impeached for Misusing Taxpayer Money...Here we go again, the corruption on the left gets worse and worse...

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Michael Moore Eat Your Fat Ass Heart Out

Troops send a message to America
Messages From The Troops
Dear supporters, My fellow troops and I are deeply grateful to you and could not fulfill our missions without your support. We understand that you may not agree with why we do what we do, but we are still in evermore need of our family's support. Our country is not only the reason we fight, but the people it stands for... Thank you, your soldier.
ARMY, Ashland, Ill.

I am a soldier currently deployed in Iraq. First off, a big "Thank you" is in order to those who've continued to show their support. Many times the circumstances in which a soldier faces every day can be mentally draining. At times, you can feel rundown before the next mission. I live with twenty-five other souls. Each of them feel the same way. The letters and show of support bring a smile to our faces. It often reminds us of the bigger picture. So once again "Thank you" for caring.
McRae,Gabe Spc. US Army, DeSoto

I would like to thank those who pray, think, and who support the military men and women of our armed forces. It means a lot to us when we are verbally thanked. Thank you for the ones who care. Currently I am stationed in the Republic of Korea. Being so far from home for a year is tough but reading notes from all of our supporters makes us feel at home. Thank you again for your support. I will do and be the best I can for our country.
SSgt Jason A. Downing/USAF, Waukesha, Wis.

I want to thank you for what you do for our country.
Ann, Jacksonville, Ark.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the messages and the support we get from you. It's not an easy job and the more support we see we get from the American people, it makes it that much better. I am currently deployed overseas so I say hello and thank you to all of you back in the home country. Thank you very much and stay safe.
PV2 Mike Pheobus United States Army, Fredericksburg, Va.

I would like to tell my wife that I love her and miss her very much and I cannot wait to get home to my wife and kids. I am always thinking about them and I am also counting down the days until I get to see them again!

For all of you supporting us, I'd like to say my "Thank YOU." Keep up the excellent work, because we certainly appreciate it.
Anthony Muraski PFC Active Army, Antigo/Polar, Wis.

With myself, my mother, my father, my sister, and my brother-in-law all active duty military, it can be scary and confusing to wonder who will deploy next. My father recently returned from a year in Iraq, safe and sound. Your continuing support is what makes this job, this way of life, worth every moment of loneliness and stress we all endure. Thank you for all you do, remember that without you and your support we couldn't go as far as we do. God Bless.
MA2 Brandis Mione, Casa Grande, AZ

I would just like to say thank you to those that do support us. We do what we do for you and sometimes when we see how people not only do not support the war, but they do not support our troops it may make a soldier become complacent and question what they are doing. People like you make us remember our reason for joing the military, to make things better for everyone else in the United States. Thank You for all that you do.
Valerie L. Forster/ SGT/ U.S. Army, Central Islip, N.Y.

I want to send my sincere gratitute to my wife and daughter for all their sacrifices, also all my family, friends, individuals and institutions that support servicemembers like me. Remember "Freedom is not Free," past generations gave us that right. I have been serving for 16 years (not for money or bonuses). I tell you this "will do it again for family, fellow servicemembers and future generations." It's been an honor to serve my country during the hard years and liberate others from opression. I missed the Gulf War; however I served in Germany at that time with force protection, Haiti (Uphold Democracy), Korea, Iraq (OIF 1&2) and now OIF VII. Remember that a simple thank you from the heart is priceless. Never forget that what makes America special is the "diversity" of its citizens and its volunteer servicemembers. Encourage your fellow citizens to join our cause. God bless you!
Pedro M. Nieto Jr. SFC/E-7 US ARMY, Kisseemee, Fla.

Hello Supporters, My Name is Craig Gonzales, I just wanted to say thank you for supporting my Battle buddies throughout the Armed forces and want you to know that we do truly appreciate all of you for what you do. It is greatly appreciated. I just wanted to let you know that you are giving us soldiers the motivation we need to keep going day I and day out on every mission we go through.
Pv2 Gonzales, Inglewood, Calif.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all of America for their support of our troops during our on-going war on terrorism. I would ask that the American people remember the tradegy of 9/11 and remember, that ultimately, those that we face would have our way of life cease to exist. We must remain strong and determined to see this through. We can only do this with your support. Thank you.
1SG (Ret.) Dana Walker, LaPorte, IN, Fla.

Tons of thanks only scratches the surface when thinking about all the care packages the ladies from the Joliet Operation Care Package have sent to all my guys. A lot of them are away from home for the first time and the goods remind them of home, especially the guys who have no loved ones sending them correspondence; it's like a cloud of hope. Anyway, thanks for the continued support. It means a lot.
Jason M. Teague, Capt, USAF, Elwood, Ill.

I would like to thank all the people who found this web site and took the time to send a little support to us over here. I'm sitting in my camps MWR ( rec-center ) on a computer right now and just happend to stumble across it myself. It was very touching to see how many fellow New Yorkers feel the way you kind folks do. I would just ask one thing of the people of my state, Please don't feel bad for us or the situation that we live in here overseas. It is our Honor and duty to take on the burdens we face here. Myself and many like me made the choice to come into the military post 911, understanding what we were getting into. The worst thing you can tell a soldier is "I'm sorry you had to go through that" for any war not just this one, becuase it makes him or her feel their job has less meening. We are happy to serve. But, once again, I'd like to thank you all for always thinking of us and for your support. There isn't one day that goes by that I don't think of NYC and the 5 boros, my home. I'm glad to be here so I can make sure what we went through on 911 never happends again. Love, R.
Pisano R. SPC. US ARMY INFANTRY, White Plains, N.Y.

Thank You for your loyalty to the people of the United States. You are an inspiration to us all. May God be with you.
ssgt Jeffery Fleming, Lynn Township, Mich.

To all of you who have blessed us with your unwavering support, thanks and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You'll never know how much it means to me and others over here to read your emails and letters, you can't imagine what it does for morale. It's like I told people when I was home on leave, and they were saying thank you. I said and you are the reason we do what we do. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND ALL HER PEOPLE ... SSG JEFFERY DAVIS

While researching where to go for r&r I saw this web site. I am glad I took the time. It makes my job immeasurably easier knowing that we have people at home who truly care and support what we are doing and believe in what we are fighting and dying for. As an army medic, I see some of the bad that happens here. At times, it will be difficult to justify why these guys and gals are getting hurt and killed, but remember this, our military is an all-volunteer force. We believe in what we are doing and why we are here. If I can ask one favor of the people that do not know how to help, find an organization that helps disabled veterans. They have made the sacrifice that will always be with them. To my brothers from Vietnam you are not forgotten and I thank you as well as all prior service members. SSgt Brian Thompson us army reserve

I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to write a message, send a package, or just take time out of your day to think about or pray for a service member. With everything you do day to day, you raise the morale of toops at home and abroad. I wish you could see the eyes of a service member when they see that people back home are in full support of what they are doing and will continue to support them as they return home. I know that with the support and love of people like you people, the world over will one day have the same freedoms that we as Americans are blessed with. Thank you again for all that you do.
Wade Polodna/SSgt/United States Marine Corps, Holmen, Wis.

I would love to say that everything you do for us in these trying times is a God sent. The days go slow and morale gets low but in one second when we see the support of our families and those of you who have never seen us before bring a glimmer of hope and courage to our hearts and souls and allows us to deal with the tasks at hand and remember the reason we are here. Again Thank You for all that you do and we will always be there to secure the freedoms we all enjoy and hold dear for as long as it take. Sgt Joseph M. Shamay MWSS 274 Trap Team Leader Crash Fire Rescue USMC SEMPER FI
Sgt Joseph M. Shamay, Beaufort, N.C.
Just a few messages from the Troops :-)

Michael Moore Eat S...t!!!!
More Troop Letters Here

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