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February 17, 2005

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While I was Out

The Liberals have appointed a new leader for thier party [Howard Dean]!!!!!!
Who has already stepped in crap by Ahem stating racially motivated remarks in his first week of duty. I will get back to him later.
Some wild Moronic Professor from the University of Colorado [Ward Curchill], who compares the Victims of 9-11 to "Little Ikemans" (A Death Camp Warrior during the second World War [Adolf Ikeman]). And other various dimented statements. The man should have all his freedom of speech I agree, just to show the Entire population just exactly what it is he represents, and how the Democratic party is spiraling out of control and into the pits of hell. I do however think ....If I had a child in the University of Colorado, and I was paying his tuition to be there I would jerk him out and not pay another cent for him to be taught hate speech, and not be subjected to this idiot. And I do however hope he gets fired, not for his free speech, but for Plagiarism. The man claims to be an Indian, but what has surfaced is that he has no Indian in him at all, and has claimed to be of the Cherokee Nation, whom have denied he ever existed in the Indian Nation as Cherokee. Or as any other Native American of any kind. Was hired to teach Native American History of which he really doesnt have any knowlege being he isnt really of Native American background, and a whole host of other issues he claimed to be in and lied to the school and the students.
But what comes around goes around. He will be exposed for the Liar he really is, and will somehow be driven out because of the hate he spews!
Syria and Iran have formed a pact they have joined together to defeat the EVIL America, who has pretty much had enough of the threats and they should be AFFRAID. Syria, and Iran should be very affraid!! Because America is about tired of thier crap, letting insurgents run wild in Iraq, assasinating a Moderate leader in Lebanon, and we will continue to be threatened with thier so called "Mission" to defeat the enemy "America". If I were THEM, I wouldnt underestimate the force America has. They think we are streched out? Give it 2 days, and we will have the manpower neccisary to eliminate that threat to!
North Korea! Yeah we always thought they had nukes, they have just admitted they do as fact. But they can also moan and bitch, because we dont really give a rats ass unless the (Chia Pet) Kim Sung Ill, Joins back in the 6 party talks, and decides he wants to feed his people wrather than building up for a war against America that isnt even going to happen! Talk about paranoid! Or in his case I think he should take the money he is needlessly spending on Nukes and feed his people, and giving them the kind of life they deserve instead of Dictating, he should be taking care of his people.
There is really so much more, I dont have time tonight to get into but those issues seem to be at the fore front of history at this moment in time.


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