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February 20, 2005

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Just How Far Should Freedom Of Expression Go

I admit as stupid as these people Steve and Virginia Pearcy of Sacremento/Berkely are by hanging an effigy of a Soldier hanging from a noose on the front of thier house to show thier feelings about the war, they have the right to do so. But do they not expect others to disagree? What are they really expecting? The effigy being torn down is the mildest they have seen it could have been alot worse, and may get to that point eventualy.
It has been ripped down twice now, that ought to tell them alot about the people that dont feel the same way they do.
Some are calling for the prosecution of whoever ripped the effigy down, I say it was merely petty theft at best. I bet if the Pearcy's had thier way he (The Trespasser) would be raosted in thier front yard on a spit!
Could they not have chozen to write or phone thier Senator, or Congressman, Representative, etc. To tell them how they felt about the war?
Did they not realize by thier display of stupidity that it brings every single Military family into it?
Where is the ACLU?
You can bet your bottom dollar that if the "Display" said "Merry Christmas" the ACLU would have had them take it down by now.
What does this say to our fine Military that are protecting thier sorry asses to be able to put up such a horendous display?
I hope EVERY Military family is OUTRAGED by this display of tasteless ignorance.
Move America Forward has at least done SOMETHING, they are holding candlelight Vigils across from the Pearcy home. To me that is not enough.
There is a fine line between "Freedom of Expession" and "Inciting Violence"
What say you?


Blogger Craig said...

Yes Marie, the Pearcys have proven once again ANYONE ,even you, can say what ever stupidity comes to mind. Yet, I guess that is the point of your Blog. To display your stupidity to the watching world.

P.S. You finally wrote a Blog that every one who believes in defending the 1st amendment can agree with. Job well done!

February 21, 2005 12:53 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

February 23, 2005 12:25 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Well Craig:
You never cease to amaze me.
You get to exercise your 1st amendment rights to spew your stupidity to the watching world as well.
My blog has to do mostly with current events, and political tidbits, not maps.
Maybe if I drew you a map you might get it.
As usual you missed the point, the point I was making was: Is it right to hang a Soldier (Uniform) but the meaning is clear, in effigy from the roof of thier home? No. However they have the right to do so, although I hate to admit it in this case. Did they think no one was going to be appauled by it? Sure they did. I'm sure they are getting the picture with it being torn down continuously. And candelight Vigils in front of thier home by people peacefully protesting. (Must be quite annoying to thier neighbors who have been drug into it just by living there).
Although I dont agree with it being torn down, I personaly am glad it was.
However I think it makes the owners Steve and Virginia Pearcy look like idiots just by leaving it up there.
But when they do leave it up there and put the Iraqi (Under Saddam) Flag in one window and the worst Country of terrorism of all times flag (Palestinians)in the other window it not only sends a message to our fine Troops that they hate them, but they are all for terrorism. In my view by doing so they are no better than the terrorists.
It shows they have no morals, and no respect for our Military.
In other words they did this on purpose to incite violence. So the "Effigy" getting torn down is the mildest of what they could have gotten. By making a mockery of every American family who has a son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, in the Military, they (Pearcys) are lucky they havent been fire bombed or something even worse.
Its disgusting that our fine Military over the years and today are treated this way, just to give you and the Pearcy's the right to Display your stupidity as well.
It would be nice for you and all these other anti-war uh...people to appreciate the rights our Soldiers have fought for and gave you...The right to display your stupidity on a daily basis.

February 23, 2005 12:26 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

Oh the violence and hatred you bestow on those who dont share your narrow views. I am only offended by one point of your usual eloquent rantings and that is you think I am anti-war. Allow me to put that to rest for you. I am in no way opposed to war. I actually went and paid hommage to those who have given the final measure of freedom their lives. I walked the beaches and cemetaries of Normandy and wept for the men and women who bravely fought to bring freedom to Europe.(both American & British) I have been to numerous Civil War battle fields and cemeteries to honor those brave men who sacrificed to preserve this Union. I stood at the Vietnam wall in Washington D.C. and traced the name of my family member who died fighting for his country. Every chance I have that I encounter a veteran who fought to keep the freedoms gauranteed by the Constitution I thank them. I have spoken to veterans of 4 wars who have wept because of the loss they endured in battle and I wept with them. I have several close personal family freinds in Iraq because their country called them to go and I support them every way I can. Yet, I do not and will not support the actions of this administration who has continued to follow its own personal adgenda consequences be damned. So you think I am some left-wing, anti-war, anti-gun, pot smoking liberal you once again prove you reliance on stereo-types handicaps your intelligence. Please try to learn from what I write that your view isnt exclusively correct and that the Constitution defends all who live in this country as Citizens not just those you deem worthy. This isn't Animal Farm where "all are created equal - except some of us are more equal than others."

February 24, 2005 4:56 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I wasnt being violent or hateful. OoOoOo Did I hit a Nerve? Whoopdie doo for you that you went and visisted those that gave the ultimate sacrafice in all those graveyards! You should have. Knowing they gave you the freedom to spout anything your tiny mind comes up with. Your NOT the only one with family who had loved ones protecting our freedom that died doing it, you are NOT the only one with family members in IRAQ. But as usual you missed the point again, it was (As I have to constantly remind you) How far should freedom of expression go? Which you have never answered yet!
I too when I meet a Veteran I thank them also. That's apparently the only thing we agree on. My family that have served already know how I feel. Even those serving in IRAQ! That's why I take this issue with the people hanging the Soldier Uniform in Effigy quite personel! And you should too since you seem to have family that fought and died for you to be able to type your Stupidity. I think THOSE people are mean and hateful! That was the point that started this whole thing you remember. I too have family members in wars dating back to god knows how far back, as do most Americans, thankfully alot of mine are alive today. If there is an animal farm somewhere you are referring to, I'm quite sure you resemble the "Jackass" you know the Donkey? If you are a pot smoking, anti-war, siting in with Jane Fonda, and John Kerry, Protester, I could care less. We are all equal, some are just more ignorant than others and to blind to see or undertsand the meaning of what the blog's intentions started out to be to begin with.
And by the way, your intelligance was handicaped long ago!
You called me stupid first remember? What exactly do you expect back? A Thank You Note?

February 25, 2005 8:39 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

Marie you assume that I dont get the point of what you say... how sad because my last post began with stating I was offended by one thing. Not oh well the point of your post was I am anti-war etc. Another thing you made light of my pilgrimages to the various war memorial sites... Unbelievable, how many have you been to and would you travel to France in order to do this? As best I can tell you are one of the Dolts who wanted to remove any mention of France from the American consience. These sites are sacred to me and should be to all Americans and it would seem those bastard French have more respect for our American dead than you do. But really what can we expect from you and your narrow tainted point of veiw. The jackass comment is quite humorous as it shows you in reality only read the Cliffs notes on Orwell. I'm sure the depth and breadth of your education afforded you only the finest in critical thinking. Then again from what you write it is doubtful. Oh and yes a thank you note would be nice since I grace your blog with my presence.

March 01, 2005 7:01 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Did I make you curse? Oh My! You have drifted off in areas that have nothing to do with what the point of the post was. I am happy you ventured off to go see the Heros yes Heros buried in France!@#$#@! If the French care more about our brave men and women that died to save thier butts than ANY American, they dont show it, they dont act like it, and all they do is protest against the same people for whom had it not been for us they would be speaking German right now. So no I am not to terribly fond of the French right now until proven otherwise.
That is still not the answer to the question however. You, I can tell will NEVER answer it. So this is the last I have to comment on this subject because you just keep changing it. Your education level bothers me also. And A Thank You Note? Are you serious? Get over yourself. Your not that important.

March 10, 2005 5:09 PM  

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