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November 27, 2004

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Kerry Is Going To Go No Matter What Some People Want

'Unfit for Command' Author Considers Challenging Kerry in Senate Race

John Kerry's nightmarish challenge by his Swift Boat veterans and their allies may not be over.

NewsMax recently chatted with Jerry Corsi, the co-author with Swiftee John O'Neill of "Unfit for Command" - the runaway New York Times best seller that torpedoed Kerry's presidential campaign.

Attending a conference in the suburbs of Washington recently, Corsi let it be known that he is actively considering a run against Sen. Kerry when his term is up.

Corsi is not a Massachusetts native, but says he has already scouted for property to declare his residence there.

He appeared excited about the challenge. Federal law allows him to declare his candidacy at any time and open up a full fusillade against the Senate's most liberal member.

Corsi thinks his criticisms of Kerry will be well received in the state that elected Republican Mitt Romney. Even Bush fared better in Massachusetts in 2004 against its home state candidate than he did against Gore in 2000.

Corsi also notes that his Italian-Irish ancestry will give him an edge in a state given to ethnic voting. Kerry is neither Irish nor Italian, Corsi notes.

As word has circulated about a possible candidacy, Corsi says he has been flooded with e-mails of support.

Corsi said he has read news reports that Kerry is considering a lawsuit against him, O'Neill and the Swift Boat Vets.

Presumably the suit would be for defamation. The New York Post's Page Six quoted a top aide to Kerry saying the senator would need to file such a suit if he has any prayer of making a presidential bid in 2008. Incredibly, Kerry is said to be considering such a run.

Corsi said he and O'Neill have discussed the possibility of the lawsuit, and both said they might offer to pay Kerry for the FedEx charges to serve them with any court papers.

"Quote me: Bring it on!" Corsi said with a chuckle.
I think Kerry stepped in it.
NewsMax has this one.

November 26, 2004

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Thank Heavens We Arent In The Ukraine

As protestors block official buildings, and have now taken the TV station over or the TV station joined with them. Can we say recount? Now that's a word we American's are all to familiar with!
Looking at the pictures of the protestors in the Ukraine, it reminds me of the the protestors here. And for a while there I thought that we may have some crap like that go on here, but us Republicans have guns. We would have put a stop to that crap quick lol.
Just a message for the Ukrainians, RECOUNT, you might not know who your President is for a few months and it will put your country through hell but Putin doesnt seem to mind!

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Kofi Annan and His Son Need To Go-The Un Oil For Food Saga Continues

November 26, 2004 Edition

Annan's Son Took Payments Through 2004

BY CLAUDIA ROSETT - Special to the Sun
November 26, 2004

One of the next big chapters in the United Nations oil-for-food scandal will involve the family of the secretary-general, Kofi Annan, whose son turns out to have been receiving payments as recently as early this year from a key contractor in the oil-for-food program.

The secretary-general's son, Kojo Annan, was previously reported to have worked for a Swiss-based company called Cotecna Inspection Services SA, which from 1998-2003 held a lucrative contract with the U.N. to monitor goods arriving in Saddam Hussein's Iraq under the oil-for-food program. But investigators are now looking into new information suggesting that the younger Annan received far more money over a much longer period, even after his compensation from Cotecna had reportedly ended.

The importance of this story involves not only undisclosed conflicts of interest, but the question of the role of the secretary-general himself, at a time when talk is starting to be heard around the U.N. that it is time for him to resign, and the staff labor union is in open rebellion against "senior management."

"What other bombshells are out there being hidden from the public and U.N. member governments?" asked an investigator on Rep. Henry Hyde's International Relations Committee, which has held hearings on oil-for-food.

The younger Annan stopped working for Cotecna in late 1998, but it now turns out that he continued to receive money from Cotecna not only through 1999, as recently reported, but right up until February of this year. The timing coincides with the entire duration of Cotecna's work for the U.N. oil-for-food program. It now appears the payments to the younger Annan ended three months after the U.N., in November, 2003, closed out its role in oil-for-food and handed over the remains of the program to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad.

This latest bombshell involving the secretary-general's son was confirmed Wednesday by Kofi Annan's spokesman, Fred Eckhard, in response to this reporter's query, based on information obtained elsewhere. In an email, Mr. Eckhard wrote: "I was able to reach Kojo's lawyer this morning. He confirms that Kojo Annan received payments from Cotecna as recently as February 2004. The lawyer said that these payments were part of a standard non-competition agreement, under which the decision as to whether to continue the payments or not was up to Cotecna."

Mr. Eckhard added that, according to Kojo Annan's lawyer, the information has "been reported" to the U.N.-authorized inquiry into oil-for-food, led by a former Federal Reserve chairman, Paul Volcker.

Labeled as compensation for Kojo Annan's agreeing not to compete with Cotecna's business in West Africa, the post-employment payments were in the amount of $2,500 per month, according to another source with access to the documents. If the payments were continuous over the slightly more than five-year period involved, that would have totaled more than $150,000.

Cotecna officials, who this past April received a gag letter from the U.N. Secretariat, did not respond to queries from The New York Sun about why the company continued its non-competition payments to Kojo Annan for more than five years, instead of the one year previously reported. Neither did the company answer a question about why the payments apparently stopped this past February - just after the oil-for-food scandal erupted into the headlines following allegations in a Baghdad newspaper that the program was massively corrupt. Cotecna earlier this year denied any wrongdoing, saying that Kojo Annan's portfolio involved West Africa, not the U.N. or Iraq. Kojo Annan's lawyer at the London-based firm Schillings said the younger Annan is cooperating with the Volcker inquiry, but would not comment to the press on his payments from Cotecna.

The question now is whether Mr. Volcker, whose investigative brief includes not only criminal acts such as graft, but also U.N. maladministration under oil-for-food, will look closely at the evasions and contradictions that have come from the secretary-general himself regarding the money received by his son from Cotecna.

The pattern in this scandal has been that Secretary-General Annan, until confronted by the press, has either failed to spot or failed to disclose timely information about Cotecna's paychecks for his son. The first bout came back in early 1999, two years into Kofi Annan's watch as secretary-general. Cotecna had just won the U.N. oil-for-food contract, replacing a British firm, Lloyd's Register. News broke January 24, 1999, in the Sunday Telegraph, that Kojo Annan had worked for Cotecna. The U.N. produced an internal report, shown this year to the New York Times, but never publicly released, which found no wrongdoing, but evidently failed to note that Kojo Annan was still receiving payments from Cotecna.

About that same time, in February 1999, a U.N. spokesman, John Mills, told the press that Secretary-General Annan had had no knowledge of Cotecna being hired by the U.N., that Cotecna's bid for the job was the lowest "by a significant margin," and that, "This contract was treated at every stage as a routine commercial matter and in line with the rules and regulations of the United Nations" - a statement later contradicted by one of the U.N.'s own secret internal audits, which leaked this past spring.

In March of this year, with the U.N. oil-for-food scandal by then on the boil, the U.N. was questioned again by the press about Kojo Annan's relations with Cotecna. The answer at that stage from the secretary-general's office was that the younger Annan had worked on Cotecna's staff from December 1995 through February 1998, and a few weeks later became a consultant for Cotecna, resigning in early December of 1998, about three weeks before Cotecna won the U.N. contract. This was offered by Secretary-General Annan's office as evidence that the younger Annan had severed his ties with Cotecna before the company got the U.N. job. A source familiar with the documents now says that Kojo's consultancy with Cotecna expired the same day the company got the U.N. contract, December 31, 1998.

Outside investigations in recent months have added to the timeline, raising yet more questions. In September of this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that even after Kojo Annan's Cotecna consultancy ended in 1998,he continued to receive payments from Cotecna through the end of 1999, as well as having use over that same period of a company credit card. This report is confirmed by a letter, seen by this reporter, written January 11, 1999, by Cotecna CEO Robert Massey, beginning "Dear Mr. Annan" and outlining the terms of a $2,500 per month "compensatory indemnity" in return for Kojo Annan's agreement to "refrain from any similar consultancy or employment."

Now comes this latest information that Kojo Annan continued to receive payments until February 26 of this year - more than five years longer than the U.N. initially implied, four years longer than the U.N. confirmed to the press this September, and for the entire duration of Cotecna's U.N. oil-for-food contracts.

So far, the secretary-general has refused requests from Congress for inter views with U.N. staff, or access to the U.N.'s 55 internal audits of the oil-for food program. One of those internal audits, which leaked this past May, noted serious irregularities with the U.N.'s handling of the Cotecna contract, including an "inappropriate" upward revision of Cotecna's lowball $4.87 million bid, just four days after Cotecna and the U.N. signed the deal.

At every turn, the saga of the secretary-general's family ties to Cotecna raises questions about Kofi Annan's handling of potential conflicts of interest. Even if Mr. Annan cannot be held

responsible for the decisions of his son, his job does entail responsibility for the actions of the U.N. Secretariat. As the oil-for-food scandal has unfolded, it has become clear that U.N. secrecy and lack of accountability evolved, in effect, into complicity with Saddam's scams and influence-buying. By now, between congressional and other investigations, there are allegations that Saddam, on Mr. Annan's watch, under U.N. sanctions and oil-for-food supervision, scammed and smuggled some $17.3 billion in oil money meant for relief, using some of that money to fund terrorism, import weapons, and buy influence with Security Council members France, Russia, and China.

On top of that, only now is it learned that for fully more than eight years, from 1995-2004, the secretary-general's son was in one way or another on the payroll of Cotecna, which for almost five of those years held a crucial oil-for-food inspection contract with the U.N. Secretariat. All this, said the investigator for Mr. Hyde's congressional committee, is good reason why "the U.N. Secretariat should move swiftly to lift the gag order on U.N. employees and contractors and publicly release its oil-for-food program files."

This whole damn group needs to go to jail!!!

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Screaming For Help?

Zarqawi network appeals for help in first signals of defeat

Friday, November 26, 2004
BAGHDAD — Sunni insurgents backing Abu Mussib Al Zarqawi have expressed alarm at the prospect of a defeat by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq.

An audio tape said to be from Al Zarqawi charged Muslim clerics with letting down the insurgency "because of your silence."

On Wednesday, Al Zarqawi, with a $25 million bounty on his head, was the target of a major manhunt in the Sunni Triangle, Middle East Newsline reported. Iraqi military sources said Al Zarqawi was said to have been seen in an area south of Fallujah.

Islamic sources said that for the first time in more than a year the Tawhid and Jihad group led by Al Zarqawi appears to have lost control over many of its insurgents in the Sunni Triangle.

The sources said Iraqi and U.S. assaults on major insurgency strongholds in such cities as Baghdad, Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi and Samara have resulted in heavy insurgency casualties and a break in the command and control structure.

Over the last few days, Al Zarqawi supporters have appealed for help from Al Qaida and related groups. The sources said Al Qaida's allies, including the Salafist Brigade for Combat and Call, have sought to increase recruitment of Muslim volunteers to fight the coalition.

The Internet has also reflected the growing concern that Islamic insurgents would be routed in Iraq. A message posted on an Islamic website appealed for help from Islamic insurgents in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority.

The message, posted by a purported insurgency supporter who used the name Abu Ahmed Al Baghdadi, acknowledged that the Sunni insurgency has been harmed by the U.S.-led offensive in Fallujah. Al Baghdadi said insurgents have lost their haven in Fallujah, but asserted that Al Zarqawi has acquired a broader base for operations and recruitment.

For his part, Al Zarqawi has also expressed concern over the U.S. military operation against Fallujah, Mosul and other insurgency strongholds.

On Wednesday, an audio tape posted on an Islamic website and purportedly from Al Zarqawi accused Muslim clerics of failing to support the insurgency in Iraq.

"You have let us down in the darkest circumstances and handed us over to the enemy," the message said. "You have stopped supporting the holy warriors. Hundreds of thousands of the nation's sons are being slaughtered at the hands of the infidels because of your silence."

In early November, Al Baghdadi posted a plan for the Tawhid group to take over Iraq. Islamic sources said Al Baghdadi was believed to be pseudonym used by a major Islamic operative.

Al Zarqawi accused unnamed clerics and scholars of preventing Muslims from joining the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. He said Muslim clerics abandoned the insurgents to the United States.

"Are your hearts not shaken by the scenes of your brothers being surrounded and hurt by your enemy?" Al Zarqawi asked.

"How long will you continue to abandon the nation to the tyrants of the east and of the west, who are inflicting the worst suffering, cutting the throats of the holy warriors, the best children of the nation, and taking its riches?"

Is it me? Or are the terrorists sounding more deranged, on the brink of insanity, and totally getting thier asses whipped by the US and coalition forces?
I mean this is not what I expected to see, the insurgent terrorists fighting with each other? lol....While thier buddies pick up thier tinker toys and head home. Play time is over fellas, we are winning the war on terrorism!!!!

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WOW!!! The FA-22 Raptor

In the fall of 2004, the United States Air Force will introduce into service it's newest aircraft, the F/A-22 Raptor. The F/A-22 Raptor is a new breed of super-fighter for the 21st century. With its stealth, supersonic cruise, agility and advanced integrated avionics, it will dominate the skies over any future battlefield and bring unequaled capability into the hands of America's Air Force fighter pilots.

The F/A-22 Raptor, developed at Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the replacement for the F-15 Eagle air-superiority fighter. It combines stealth design with the supersonic, highly maneuverable, dual-engine, long-range requirements of an air-to-air fighter, and it also will have an inherent air-to-ground capability, if needed. The F/A-22 incorporates the latest technological gains in reduced observables, avionics, materials, engine performance and aerodynamic design.

The first operational wing will be delivered to the 1st Fighter Wing of the Air Combat Command stationed at Langley AFB, Virginia. As the spearhead of the Global Strike Task Force, the USAF's contribution to the nation's "kick-down-the-door force", the F/A-22 next-generation air superiority fighter will offer a "first-look, first-shot, first-kill" capability, guaranteeing U.S. air dominance for the next three decades.

If I was one of those freaky Countries with designs on taking on our Military, I would think again if I saw this.

November 25, 2004

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Thanksgiving 2004

"We are a nation founded by men and women who deeply felt their dependence on God and always gave Him thanks and praise. As we prepare for Thanksgiving in 2004, we have much to be thankful for: our families, our friends, our beautiful country, and the freedom granted to each one of us by the Almighty. During this holiday season, we think especially of our men and women of the armed forces, many of whom are spending Thanksgiving far from home. ...Through their courage and skill and sacrifice they are keeping our country safe and free. America is proud of our military. We're proud of our military families. And we give them our thanks every day of the year." --President George W. Bush

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!! Even you Liberals I suppose. But NOT Michael Moore, he IS the Thanksgiving Turkey!!

November 24, 2004

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Support Our Troops Through These Organizations

By Samantha L. Quigley
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2004 – One often-repeated question
from forward-deployed
troops today is some form of: "Does America support what
we're doing over

Judging by the number of Web sites devoted to that support,
the answer is a
resounding, "Yes!"

But as times have changed, so have the ways to support the
troops. Just because
the old way – no more "Any Servicemember" mail - doesn't
work anymore, that
doesn't mean that troops can't receive mail and care
packages from patriotic
souls. It simply means finding an organization to help you
get that morale-
boosting mail to the troops.

Dozens of independent organizations are ready and willing
to help those who
want to support the troops. They generally fall into two
basic categories. The
first is the organizations that collect cash or goods to
create care packages
to be sent to troops who wish to receive them.

One such organization is Freedom Calls Foundation, which
uses state-of-the-art
communications technology to keep servicemembers connected
with their families.
Because of Freedom Calls' efforts, servicemembers have
"been there" for
milestone events such as weddings (sometimes their own),
births and

The Veterans of Foreign Wars offers a program called
"Operation Uplink" that
connects servicemembers with family and friends. The
program, begun in 1996,
provides pre-paid phone cards to active-duty servicemembers
and hospitalized

Again, Operation Uplink accepts cash donations that are
used to purchase the
pre-paid phone cards. Donations can be made online, via
phone or through the

Another supporter of deployed U.S. troops, the United
Service Organizations,
has a program called "Operation USO Care Package." The
program lets well-
wishers sponsor a care package for a monetary donation. USO
makes the donation
part easy too. All it takes is a mouse click, a phone call
or a stamp to mail a

The second-type organization pairs supporters with
servicemembers who have
given permission to release their contact information to an
individual. Most of
the sites offering servicemember "adoptions" require a
minimum commitment of
one piece of mail a month.

AdoptaPlatoon, not only provides the means to "adopt" an
servicemember, but an entire platoon. The requirements for
each adoption are a
little different. Supporters can also ask to be matched
with a servicemember as
a pen pal.

Operation Military Pride is another group that focuses on
care packages.
However, to obtain mailing information for a servicemember,
supporters are
required to sign up through the site. Like many
organizations, Operation
Military Pride has several different campaigns in the works
to support deployed

There also are a smaller number of Web sites dedicated to
allowing a supporter
to send an electronic greeting to servicemembers and some
that have compiled a
list of links to various support Websites.

Care packages are always nice, but letters are just as
good. And sites like
Operation Dear Abby and Letters From Home make that very
easy to do. Operation
Dear Abby provides the means to send an electronic greeting
to a servicemember
and Letters From Home works with the old-fashioned variety.

If the legitimacy of a site is a concern, check out the
list on the Defend
America Web site. While the Department of Defense does not
organizations, a DoD official said that the groups listed
on Defend America are
checked routinely to make sure they are doing what they say
they are.

It's also important to remember that some Web sites are
easier to use than
others. So don't get discouraged, the links are there. It
may just take a
little looking to find them.

These are just a small sampling of organizations that offer
Americans the means
to remember and appreciate our troops. There are many, many
groups offering
many, many ways to show deployed troops that yes, America
Supports You!

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American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 24, 2004 -- AT&T is offering a way for the
American public to
give servicemembers in certain locations gifts of
Internet-usage time.

The new program, the AT&T CyberZone Holiday Gift Card and
Gift Account for
military personnel, provides consumers, family members and
friends of the
military a way to give servicemembers the gift of Internet
time at AT&T
CyberZones located on select U.S. military bases in
Germany, Kuwait and the
United States.

"We developed this patriotic gift in response to requests
from family and
friends of servicemembers who frequently use AT&T
CyberZones," said Bill
Baumann, director of AT&T Military Markets. "Many consumers
were used to giving
AT&T PrePaid Phone Cards to servicemembers stationed
overseas, but they also
wanted the ability to provide them with time on the

AT&T CyberZone Holiday Gift Cards and Gift Accounts are
available for purchase
by individuals in denominations like $10, $20 and $50,
providing two, four and
10 hours, respectively, of Internet time in Kuwait. Hourly
rates differ for
other countries and are available on the program's Web
site. The gift cards are
also available for purchase in bulk, in denominations of
$2.50, $3.50 and
$5.00, with a customized message and logo signature on the
back so civic-minded
groups, businesses and other organizations can also show
their support.

The gift cards and accounts may be purchased online for use
at 55 AT&T
CyberZones serving troops at 41 U.S. Army and Air Force
bases in Germany, the
United States and on forward-deployed bases in Kuwait. AT&T
CyberZones are on-
base "Internet cafés" that provide troops with
state-of-the-art technology,
including high-speed Internet access for e-mail, instant
messaging, webcams,
word processing and color printing.

Consumers can designate their purchase as follows:

For a specific servicemember: An e-mail message will inform
the servicemember
that someone has purchased an AT&T CyberZone Holiday Gift
Account for him or
her and provide the required access code.

For any servicemember: AT&T will work directly with the USO
and military
commands for deployed U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine
Corps personnel to
distribute the gift cards that are purchased for "any
servicemember" on bases
with AT&T CyberZones.

November 23, 2004

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Oh My Could Democracy Be Breaking Out? IRAN? Whoa!

I just found this meant to post a while ago,

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004 11:39 a.m. EST

'Millions' of Iranians Celebrate Bush Victory

On the streets and in the gathering places of Iran, millions celebrated the re-election of President Bush with congratulations and discreet V for victory signs to each other.

The Student Movement Coordination Committe for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI) Web site reports that not just a few, but millions of Iranians hoping for reform in that country are excited about President Bush and his promises of democracy for the whole region.

However, SMCCDI reports, "As Iranians and especially the younger generations have become happy, those affiliated to the Islamic regime are seen deeply worried about their future."
It says the ruling regime in Iran, and all of its lobbyists and apologists, spent piles of money hoping for a Bush defeat.

They even organized a celebration in Tehran of the day the American hostages were taken in Iran in 1979, but could only manage a "few thousand professional protesters" from a city of 12 million inhabitants.

The site reports that "commemoration of one of the main Islamist act [sic] of terror ecountered another massive popular rejection."
Is it me or is there a slow moving domino affect taking place, Ever so slowly but moving none the less?

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Still Think Saddam had no ties with Al-Qaida?-WARNING GRAPHIC!!!!!

Read this:

Irefutable proof! From inelligence all around the world!


Or click the title of this blog to take you straight there.

More Proof President Bush was right.

"If you hide a terrorist, feed a terrorist, give safe passage or haven to a terrorist, you are just as guilty as a terrorist": George W. Bush

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Good Ridance Dan Rather

Dan Rather to Step Down as CBS Anchor
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

NEW YORK — Dan Rather, embattled anchor of the "CBS Evening News," announced Tuesday that he will step down in March, on the 24th anniversary of taking over the job from Walter Cronkite.

The veteran anchor has been under fire in recent months for his role in a "60 Minutes Wednesday" story that questioned President Bush's service in the National Guard, which turned out to be based on allegedly forged documents.

Rather, 73, said he will continue to work for CBS, as a correspondent for both editions of "60 Minutes."

He made no mention of the National Guard story in announcing the change, saying he had agreed with CBS executives last summer that after the Nov. 2 election would be the right time to leave.

"I have always been and remain a 'hard news' investigative reporter at heart," he said. "I now look forward to pouring my heart into that kind of reporting full time."

CBS made no mention of a potential successor.

Rather has worked at CBS News for more than 40 years and made his name as a reporter covering the Nixon White House. His nearly quarter-century at the helm of the "CBS Evening News" is the longest at the helm of any network evening broadcast.
I wont lose a wink of sleep over seeing you go nutjob!
And I'm glad you got caught by the Bloggers for your stupid stunt over our Presidents Service records.
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh This Just Gets Better

Kerry: Bin Laden Cost Me Election

Failed presidential candidate John Kerry is blaming Osama bin Laden for "scaring" voters into re-electing President Bush.

Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera caught up to Kerry on Thursday in Little Rock, Ark., where he was attending the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library.

"Tough luck, senator," Rivera said to Kerry, referring to his Election Day defeat.
According to Rivera, Kerry replied:

"It was that Osama tape — it scared them [the American people]."

Kerry told the Fox host that the terror master's October surprise came too late - just four days before the vote - for him to counter.

"Senator Kerry clearly believes not only is it the security issue that cost him the election, but very specifically the Osama tapes coming out in the 11th hour," Rivera reported Friday.

The bin Laden tape echoed attacks by Kerry and other Democrats on President Bush, including references to the disputed Florida election in 2000, Halliburton and a scene from Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."

At the time, Democrats said the video would likely help Kerry, because it would remind Americans that Bush had failed to capture bin Laden.
That's Kerry for you, everyone elses fault but his own.
Is he ever going to move on?

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The Boy Scouts Are Under Attack has this:
Remember when the radical leftists at the American Civil Liberties Union took their case against the Boy Scouts all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, to try to force them to accept homosexual scoutmasters?

Remember watching as one by one, the ACLU got cities and companies to withdraw their support for the Boy Scouts because of their insistence on their members holding a belief in God?

Once again, the Boy Scouts are under ATTACK by the ACLU -- and this time, it looks like the ACLU is going to WIN... unless WE do something to stop them!

So, once again, is taking the lead by taking out a NATIOWIDE full-page ad in support of the Boy Scouts, and rallying patriotic Americans across the country to DEMAND a reversal of the outrageous settlement with the ACLU.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Defense settled with the ACLU to ban military bases from sponsoring the Boy Scouts of America. But, as noted in a WorldNetDaily column by Hans Zeiger, a student at Hillsdale College and the president of the Scout Honor Coalition, "The American military cannot survive the challenges of the 21st century without the preparatory support of the Boy Scouts of America."

Millions of our bravest heroes in uniform -- thousands who have given their lives in every war since World War I -- wore their first uniform as a Boy Scout. "A U.S. Marine now in Iraq, who also was my Scoutmaster when I was growing up, once told me that he became a Marine because he had first been a Scout," said Zeiger.

Apparently seeking the annihilation of our nation's defensive capacity along with its moral character, the ACLU announced last week that U.S. military bases will no longer be able to sponsor Boy Scout troops. It seems that our nation's military leadership has broken wartime policy to settle with the terrorists in the ACLU.

It is the Boy Scout Oath to which the ACLU responded by filing legal claims against the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Chicago Board of Education in 1999. "On my honor," goes the Oath, "I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight."

Wow. What a radically subversive oath. How has our country survived all these years with the Boy Scouts reciting something like that?

Do you see how RIDICULOUS this lawsuit by the ACLU has been -- and how OUTRAGEOUS it is that the Defense Department agreed to their demands?

We need to take out a FULL PAGE ad nationwide NOW, demanding that Defense reverse this terrible settlement, and urging Americans everywhere to stand up for the Boy Scouts.

Following its new settlement with the ACLU, the Department of Defense will be sending word to American military bases worldwide that sponsorship of the Boy Scouts is strictly prohibited. Though Boy Scouts -- primarily the children of service members -- have long met on military bases in association with a base sponsor, the days of political correctness have brought that arrangement to an end.

And this is the George W. Bush / Donald Rumsfeld Department of Defense that we're talking about!

Like an array of private organizations that, of necessity, have dealings with our nation's armed forces, the Boy Scouts adhere to beliefs and practices that fall outside the sanction of public policy. No one on our nation's military bases is coerced into supporting the Boy Scouts.

But we're willing to bet that members of our armed forces hold the Scouts in much higher esteem than they do the ACLU.

TAKE ACTION: The Department of Defense cannot expect to win wars abroad if it is capitulating to the demands of political correctness at home. Our armed forces must be aligned with the standards of character that make America worth fighting for.

We MUST take a stand for what is RIGHT -- so once again, is stepping up to the plate and taking out a NATIONWIDE full-page ad to rally the support of patriotic Americans across this great country, and DEMAND that President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld do EVERYTHING possible to reverse last week's settlement with the ACLU.

With the generous support of our members, we've taken out a number of full-page ads across the nation in the past, in widely-circulated papers like USA Today and the Washington Times National Weekly Edition. And with YOUR help, we're ready to do it again!

November 22, 2004

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Well It's Been 41 Years

It's been 41 years since President John F. Kennedy was assasinated! Teddy's still Drunk, and should be in jail for murder. LBJ was able to carry out the most stupid war the Kennedy administration ever got us into Viet Nam! I dont think I have anything nice to say today, I'm sorry any of our President's ever got assasinated. That's about the nicest thing I have to say. Anyones thought's?

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Michael Moore isnt just BIG, FAT, WHITE AND STUPID, he's a Moron as well.

Michael Moore, Where Are You?
Don't expect Michael Moore to be making a "documentary" about this:

President Clinton's new $165 million library here was funded in part by gifts of $1 million or more each from the Saudi royal family and three Saudi businessmen.
The governments of Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar and the deputy prime minister of Lebanon all also appear to have donated $1 million or more for the archive and museum that opened last week.

The article even notes how "Democrats spent much of the presidential campaign this year accusing President Bush of improperly close ties to Saudi Arabia"

Even Craig Unger, who wrote the book "House of Bush, House of Saud" suspects that the Saudi support may have something to do with Hillary's potential presidential bid in 2008.

I absolutely had to, I cut and pasted this from BlogsForBush it was to irresistible!
What an absolute Moron Michael Moore is the most lying idiot of all time. Not that any person with any sense at all believed a word of his movie Farenheight 9-11. But did he not say in his movie the BUSH family were the only ones with ties to the Saudi Royal Family? Well here is another LIE debunking his movie. Not to mention when in a scene in his movie he has these men come up to him looking like they were from some security outfit, and asked what was he doing there (I would have too) and "He" Michael Moore said they were "Secret Service? Well I know first hand about this, I was on the recieving end of a visit from the Secret Service for a reason I will not mention, and you will NOT see them coming. They dont ride around in little white cars and wear Black and White Uniforms, that's Security Service. You may encounter Security Service when you are Maliciously screwing around in front of the Saudi Embassy on embassy row, but I guarantee you wont find the Secret Secret service till they find you! Michael Moore I hope you realize you are getting debunked and rideculed daily lol.

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Close Call

A private jet that was en route to Houston to pick up former President Bush clipped a light pole and crashed Monday as it approached Hobby Airport in thick fog, killing all three people aboard.

The Gulfstream G-1159A jet, coming into Houston, went down about 6:15 a.m. in an undeveloped area 1 1/2 miles south of the airport, officials said. The former president had been scheduled to travel to Ecuador for a conference.

“I was deeply saddened to learn of the plane crash this morning,� Bush said through spokesman Tom Freschette. “I’d flown with this group before and know them well. I join in sending heartfelt condolences to each and every member of their families.�

The names of the three crew members were not immediately released.

We almost lost our President Bush 41 yesterday. I am begining to believe in Divine Intervention! God Bless those brave Souls that were on that plane.

Yahoo News, and Pardon My English have this one.

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Can We say Dimwitt?

Helen Thomas: Condi a 'Monster,' 'G--damn Liar'

President Bush's decision to nominate Condoleezza Rice received widespread praise from both Democrats and Republicans.

But longtime White House Bureau Chief Helen Thomas, now a syndicated columnist with Hearst, had nothing but contempt for Rice's nomination. The feisty 84-year-old reporter who started at the White House during the Kennedy administration had some unkind words to describe Bush and Condi.

NewsMax bumped into Thomas in the lobby of New York's Waldorf-Astoria as she waited for a lunch date.

Asked about the election result, the sharp-tongued reporter simply put her hand on her face and said, "My God, the man is a fascist -- a fascist, I tell you."

She warned that Bush's victory will mean one thing: more war. She expects Iran to be next.

But surely Thomas, a female reporter who succeeded decades ago in a "man's world," had some empathy about Condi's appointment.

As we suggested the notion, a look of horror came over Thomas' face.

"I tell you, the women is a monster, a monster, a monster," she kept saying.

Asked why she was so angry with Condi, Thomas explained that the national security adviser had lied about the Iraq war and "thousands had died."

Thomas, to her credit, has asked tough questions of both Democrat and Republican presidents during her long tenure in the White House press corps, but some of her anger seemed more personal.

For decades, Thomas held the privileged front-row seat in the pressroom and usually got to ask the first question. Now she says she is back in the last row and "Bush is afraid to take my questions."

Fair enough, but the venom for Condi?

When NewsMax referred to some of Condi's positive achievements, Thomas kept interjecting "monster" to describe her. "The lady is a goddamn liar," Thomas said, adding that such prevaricators were commonplace in the Bush White House.

Nor was Thomas impressed that Condi, an African-American woman, had risen from segregated Alabama to become the most powerful woman in the nation.

Thomas rejected that, too, claiming that Condi's family had opposed Dr. Martin Luther King and that she and her folks had not supported the civil rights movement. In fact, Thomas then made the bizarre claim that Condi's family wouldn't even patronize black-owned stores.

Thomas had little substantiation for any of these allegations.

Nor for some very vague allegations about the Bush family, which she said would "stop at nothing" to deal with its enemies.

Michael Moore, please call Helen Thomas. She is ready to help with your next movie!
Newsmax has this:

This treatment Condi Rice is already recieving has convinced me that Liberals arent going to reach across the table or anything else. They are just interested in fighting, and holding things up in congress as usual. I expect there will be alot of arguments, fights and alot of the Name calling and bad treatment towards the Republicans from the left. I cant wait till the 109th congress is sworn in.

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Damned If They Do, Damned If They Dont

In their latest campaign to eradicate Jihadi vermin on the Iraqi warfront with Jihadistan, U.S. Marines and Army infantry have, in the last two weeks, purged Fallujah of more than 5,000 terrorist insurgents who were dug in throughout the city. The combat has been fierce.

A week into the Fallujah operation, an NBC photographer embedded with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, recorded video of a young combat-hardened Marine entering a room in a mosque where he found several insurgents on the floor under covers. Unable to determine if these enemy combatants were injured, dead or preparing to ambush his unit, the Marine raised his rifle in preparation to defend himself and his fellow Marines. When he detected movement from one of the combatants, the Marine yelled, "He's (expletive) faking he's dead! He's faking he's (expletive) dead!" and killed the Jihadi -- and that is where this story should have ended.

As it turned out, however, the Jihadi had been wounded the day before and the NBC photographer, Kevin Sites (whose photographs are featured on many anti-war Website), stepped up to get his 15 seconds of fame. Sites turned the video over to his network, telling them that he did not think the Jihadi was a threat, and within 24 hours, Lefty lynch mobs were forming to hang themselves a Marine.

Notably, the loudest protests of "war crimes" were from those who have never been closer to combat than the distance between their living-room lounge chairs and TVs. (Of course, it is a war crime to store weapons in a mosque as was documented, but the Lefties are not protesting that.) Indeed, the Leftmedia's mindless promotion of this video (as with the Abu Ghraib feeding frenzy: see -- http://FederalistPatriot.US/alexander/edition.asp?id=258) was tantamount to shaking a hornet's nest -- making the task of our fighting forces in Fallujah and elsewhere in the region all the more difficult. Actions have consequences, and the exploitation of this video empowered Jihadis in the region -- in effect, making life very difficult for our Armed Forces.

But what you're not hearing from NBC's Tom Brokaw or any other Leftmedia talkingheads in their wholesale condemnation of this incident is that Jihadis (knowing that U.S. military personnel have the decency to tend to wounded enemy combatants) have routinely booby-trapped the bodies of dead insurgents. In fact, one member of the Marine squad now being scrutinized was killed (and five others wounded) when attempting to check on a wounded Jihadi only days earlier. In addition, the Marine now being questioned for killing this wounded Jihadi suffered a wound to his face a day earlier when an injured Jihadi fired on him.

These facts notwithstanding, the Left and their media minions have now made this young Marine their poster boy for U.S. atrocities. Here, we would remind these hypocrites that a few short weeks ago, they were doing all in their power to support John F. Kerry's campaign for the most powerful office in the world. This would be the same JFK who received a Silver Star (with and erroneous "V") for chasing a wounded Vietcong combatant (described as a young boy in a loin cloth) around a hutch and shooting him in the back.

While we have strenuously questioned the merits of John Kerry's Silver Star for this action, we have never questioned his decision to kill this VC enemy, whom he judged to be a threat to his boat crew. By the Kerry standard, the young Marine in question should get a Silver Star. (Of course, enlisted personnel really have to do something spectacular to pin one of those on.)

Now that the Left is once again decrying military actions to liberate Iraq, please take a moment and join more than 115,000 grateful Americans who have already signed An Open Letter in Support of America's Armed Forces in support of our Patriots in uniform. These American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have plowed the ground for liberty while protecting their countrymen back home. We remain the proud and the free because they have stood bravely in harm's way and remain on post today.

For this, we, the American People, offer our heartfelt thanks. Please support our troops -- let your voice be heard! Join fellow Patriots on the front lines in defense of our liberty and national sovereignty. Link to -- http://PatriotPetitions.US/USMIL
(If you don't have Web access, please send a blank e-mail to:
Each e-mail sent to this address will be counted as one signature for the petition.)

Memo to the Pentagon: Leave the reporters embedded, but have them check their cameras in the rear. Otherwise, the resulting Leftist hype will continue to jeopardize our mission -- and jeopardize the lives of American military personnel.

November 20, 2004

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Does Anyone Remember?

Does anyone remember back in 1991 when Saddam Hussien and his henchmen ravaged the Kuwaiti people and SCORCHED the earth by lighting the Kuwaiti Oil fields on fire? They not only scorched the earth, but caused one of the greatest environmental disasters of all time. Burned for 8 months before the last one was put out, and had countless thousands of workers cleaning off and giving baths to the animals that did make it through that disaster.

I dont think I want to hear another soul say "The United States and its environment policy's have blah blah blah". Does the world actually believe we are the only Country on earth that burns fuel? Does the world think we are the only Country that emits green house gases? Before judging the US, other Countries better take a good look in thier own backyards, and quite franky so should alot of Americans.

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Here's Some Therapy For The Depressed Left

Three Times a Day and you will forget this election ever happened!!!!

November 19, 2004

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Hillarious Rush Audio

Visit Or Click the title of this blog it will take you straight there) go to the (EIB PEST PSA >>audio<<) on his page and play the audio.
Rush Limbaugh's Public Service Announcement is not to be missed. Lmao!

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Kerry, "Usama Made Me Lose"

John "Crushed" Kerry- "I Lost Because of the Osama Tape" Proving that "denial" just isn't a river in Europe, the vanquished Brahmin told Geraldo Rivera that the Osama tape the weekend before the election cost him the race. Well, he's not all wrong. The tape did remind people that the world is a dangereous place. But Kerry should look in the mirror rather than at the tape. Seeing Osama just reminded people of his hideous 30 year record on national security, and utter lack of a realistic plan to fight the war on terror. "Go to my website and read it" is not comforting in a time of war. No Senator, that tape reminded people of your Sept. 10 worldview. Don't blame the messenger.
Every excuse in the book. Kerry maybe should look at it this way, MORE PEOPLE LIKED PRESIDENT BUSH MORE THAN YOU DUFUSS!!! And thought our President is the better man for the job. But go on blame everybody but yourself, and take your private jet down to Florida and get help.

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President Bush Pardons ThanksGiving Turkeys

This has got to be my favoite time of the year especially when I see what antics the Turkeys may pull, but President Bush went on and Pardoned Biscuts and Gravy, they will now go on to live on a farm in Virginia!
Go here for the video^^^^ Or Click the Title
The president hosted the annual White House event in honor
of the national
Thanksgiving turkey. In keeping with custom, Bush granted
this year's bird,
Biscuits, a presidential pardon, meaning that it was "not
going to end up on
the table." And in an unusual twist, the president included
a second turkey,
Gravy, in the pardon.

God I Love That Man

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Troops Gives Message To Terrorists In Fallujah

A while back Employess of Blackwater were killed, burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah, I guess its a good idea to let the terrorist who try to come back to Fallujah and reak havoc know what will happen to them also :) Nifty Note from the Same place our Americans were hung from.

Way to go guys!!!!!

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President Bush Thanks Troops And Families

By Gene Harper
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2004 – President Bush turned the
nation's thoughts to
servicemembers and their families during a pre-Thanksgiving
White House event
Nov. 17.

"During this holiday season," the president said, "we think
especially of our
men and women of the armed forces, many of whom are
spending Thanksgiving far
from home.

"America is proud of our military. We're proud of our
military families," he
said. "And we give them our thanks every day of the year."

Bush recalled his surprise 2003 Thanksgiving Day visit with
troops serving in
Iraq's Baghdad area. Under tight-lipped security and
secrecy, the president
flew to Iraq and dined with about 600 servicemembers and
invited guests.

That day, he told the stunned audience they were on duty in
Iraq "so that we
don't have to face them in our own country."

"You're defeating Saddam's henchmen so that the people of
Iraq can live in
peace and freedom. By helping the Iraqi people become free,
you're helping
change a troubled and violent part of the world. By helping
to build a peaceful
and democratic country in the heart of the Middle East, you
are defending the
American people from danger, and we are grateful," Bush
said at his 2003 visit.

At the White House this year, he noted that "those men and
women, like all who
wear our nation's uniform, have volunteered to serve," Bush
said. "Through
their courage and skill and sacrifice they are keeping our
country safe and

The president reminded guests Nov. 17 that "we are a nation
founded by men and
women who deeply felt their dependence on God and always
gave Him thanks and

"As we prepare for Thanksgiving in 2004, we have much to be
thankful for: our
families, our friends, our beautiful country, and the
freedom granted to each
one of us by the Almighty."

The president hosted the annual White House event in honor
of the national
Thanksgiving turkey. In keeping with custom, Bush granted
this year's bird,
Biscuits, a presidential pardon, meaning that it was "not
going to end up on
the table." And in an unusual twist, the president included
a second turkey,
Gravy, in the pardon.

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Pictures You Will Never See On The News

God Bless Ours and The ENTIRE Coalition Troops

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Pentagon Launches "America Supports You" Program

There are just no better people than these

PRESS ADVISORY from the United States Department of Defense

No. 058-04

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel
and Readiness Charles
Abell will launch DoD’s nationwide program “America
Supports You� Friday, Nov. 19,
at 11:30 a.m. EST in the DoD Briefing Room, Pentagon 2E579.
The “America Supports
You� program will spotlight what Americans are doing in
support of U.S. military
men and women serving at home and abroad.

Abell will be joined by Shauna Fleming, the Los
Angeles teen who founded
“A Million Thanks� , a
year-round campaign to show
U.S. military men and women, past and present, appreciation
for their sacrifices,
dedication, and service through letters, emails, cards,
prayers and thoughts.
Click the title to got straight to hhtp://

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Vietnam Veteren Makes Sure Every Hero Gets Proper Welcome Home

All Our Soldiers Are The Best
By Samantha L. Quigley
American Force Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2004 – It happened to Steve Cobb
during his first tour in
Vietnam with the 11th Light Infantry Brigade. He was
wounded in combat - four

"I got four Purple Hearts my first tour and zero my
second," Cobb said. "I
finally learned to duck."

While learning to duck may have been an extremely valuable
lesson, it can't
compare to what being combat wounded taught him. That is
what he draws on when
he meets the wounded servicemembers who arrive at Andrews
Air Force Base from
Iraq or Afghanistan three times a week.

It is that experience that gives him credibility when he
meets one of those
servicemembers, as he's been doing since April. It is also
that experience that
helps him put what has happened to that servicemember into

"The bond and understanding is instant, it is deep, and
it's lifelong," Cobb
said, "because they recognize I've been through the same
thing that they have.

"It's hard to describe to someone who hasn't experienced
all the trauma and the
shock and the pain and the inconvenience of evacuation," he
continued. "It's
really hard to understand what that person feels deep
inside. But when you've
been there and gone through that, you have that
understanding and the bonding
is so instant."

Cobb, currently the commander and adjutant of the Military
Order of the Purple
Heart Chapter 353, Greater Washington Area, doesn't meet
planes at 1 a.m. for
the glory. His motivation is the reception he received when
he returned from

"When I came home there was nobody but demonstrators to
meet the troops. And I
just never wanted to see another generation of troops come
home without being
welcomed (and) appreciated," Cobb said.

Cobb and his wife, Tanya, try to meet each servicemember at
Andrews and offer
whatever help is within their scope. Usually that includes
easing hesitations
and maybe even eliciting a laugh or two to put things in
perspective. But the
duo's main focus is to make sure nobody leaves

MOPH supports combat wounded veterans of all wars. When
that status has been
determined regarding a particular servicemember, they
receive a specially
prepared packet of information. That packet includes
information on benefits,
treatment and contact information in case there are any
questions or problems.

It also contains some "morale boosting" items, including a
miniature Purple
Heart medal, a history of the medal, a phone card, a sheet
of Purple Heart
postage stamps and a welcome-home letter. Also included is
a year's free
membership with any MOPH chapter.

Non-combat-injured veterans aren't left out. They receive
welcome-home packets
from the Veterans of Foreign Wars that include a benefits
brochure, a service
officer card and a year's free VFW membership.

"The philosophy behind that is, if I walk into a room with
six patients and
three are battle injuries and three are non-battle
injuries, no patient is ever
left empty-handed," Cobb said. "It's a huge morale factor
and they all
appreciate it."

While the packets provide an icebreaker, getting the
servicemembers to focus on
the future and not dwell on the past becomes the order of
the day. Cobb's
weapon of choice for that pursuit is usually humor. And
"Wednesday night
doughnuts" don't hurt anything either, Cobb said.
Occasionally, wheelchair
races have to be refereed after the doughnuts are gone, he

Those who get the packets at Andrews represent about 80
percent of the wounded
servicemembers coming in, he said. The other 20 percent of
the troops are
critical enough to be taken from the flight line at Andrews
directly to Walter
Reed Army Medical Center or the National Naval medical
Center in Bethesda, Md.,
where the Cobbs follow up to make sure the servicemembers
receive a proper
welcome home, including one of the two packets.

It's through these follow-up visits that Cobb learns what
the hospitals need by
way of personal items for the servicemembers. He said the
staff is not allowed
to voice those needs unless asked directly, but when he
broaches the subject,
there are always needs. The biggest, he said, is usually
breakaway sweat pants.

He said he and his wife will continue to meet the wounded
servicemembers coming
into Andrews with information and their own special brand
of thanks,
understanding and appreciation.

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Why I Serve-PFC Richard Abrams-US Army

Keep smashing those cheeseburgers in your face Michael Moore

By Sgt. 1st Class Doug Sample, USA
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2004 -- "I joined the Army not only to
serve this country,
but because I had an obligation to my family," said Army
Pfc. Richard Abrams.

"I have to be honest, joining the Army was a way to provide
for my family, help
out my country, and to really build a good long-term

"I give the Army what they ask of me, and they take care of
me. It's a win-win
situation for everybody, honestly."

About a year ago, the Army put Abrams, a food-service
specialist, on compassion
reassignment, relocating his wife and two sons, to Fort
Myer, Va., from duty in
the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, N.Y. He said that
unit came down on
deployment orders for Iraq.

The move brought the family closer to Walter Reed Army
Medical Center in
Washington where his oldest son, Charles, 6, could get
specialized treatment
for a variety of mental disorders, which Abrams described
as "lifelong."

While his son goes through treatment here, Abrams said he
often thinks of his
comrades in his old 10th Mountain Division unit and tries
to keep up with
friends in Iraq through e-mail.

"They haven't said much, other than it's hot and dry," he
said. "It seems like
over there cooks are not doing as much of the cooking as
they are running other

Abrams said that if the Army calls him to rejoin his unit,
he is prepared to do
so. He said the Army will take care of his family.

"I know the military has got services there so that my wife
and kids will be
supported if I'm needed to go, which honestly makes me a
lot more comfortable,"
he said. "I know there are enough support services in the

Abrams said that the support the Army has provided for him
and his family is
one of the things he appreciates most about serving in the

And it's also why he said that he is proud to serve. "The
Army has helped me
out tremendously," he said.

November 18, 2004

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Why I Serve-SGT. Lisa Phillips-Army

By Master Sgt. Jack Gordon, USA
Special to American Forces Press Service

– "I wanted to join
the Army since I was young," said Sgt. Lisa Phillips, 630th
Company, from Washington, Pa.

"I knew I couldn't go full-time, but it was always
something I wanted to do,"
he said. So seven years ago, Phillips enlisted in the Army
Reserve. Before
being mobilized with the 630th in support of Operation
Iraqi Freedom, she was
assigned to the 223rd Transportation Company from
Norristown, Pa.

Many Army Reserve soldiers select an occupational specialty
closely aligned
with their civilian career, but not Phillips, who works as
a security officer
for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in
Harrisburg, Pa. In the Army
she is a trained truck driver, and not just a pickup, but
rather a 915-series

"I like driving," she said, "so that's why I'm in
Transportation is the best. I love moving the supplies that
everybody needs –
all the other things cannot happen unless we keep things

The 630th's mission here is moving supply convoys from here
to Forward Operating
Base camps throughout Iraq. Anaconda is the centralized hub
for supplies in the
theater and home to some 23,000 soldiers, service members
and civilian
contractors. Once used by Saddam Hussein as a premier Iraqi
air force base,
Anaconda hosts the largest concentration of troops in Iraq.
Dozens of convoys
depart and return here every day, and all convoys must be
escorted by gun
trucks in accordance with security and force-protection

Phillips said she switches off between driving or serving
as a machine-gunner
in the unit's gun trucks.

"It's nice to have the change," she said, adding that life
as a soldier is also
a big change. "I'm doing it full time now and it isn't bad.
It's going pretty
well – but I had set my expectations very low. When I got
here and saw we had
air-conditioned tents and showers, it had gone beyond my

The .50-caliber machine gun is a time-tested weapon in the
Army's weapons
inventory for decades, and is still considered a weapon of
choice to engage
enemy in vehicles or buildings. It has recoil like a
jackhammer and muzzle
control takes a lot of arm and body strength. On the
630th's gun trucks,
Phillips mans the .50-cal.

"It's a very heavy weapon," she said. "It makes me feel
good to know that the
other soldiers can fall back on me if they need me. I'm
comfortable with it …
and I'm comfortable with all of our weapons. If I'm not, it
could be my buddy
who gets hurt, so I'd better be comfortable with it."

During the missions, Phillips said she has one thing on her
mind. "I'm focused
on the mission," she said. My main focus is staying alive
and seeing that
everyone else here is safe. I'm not in denial about
getting hurt, but I keep
away from the negative thinking – or I guess it's more
preparing yourself – but
I'd rather not prepare myself for that.

"We've been through (improvised explosive devices) and
sniper fire. … You have
to be observant of everything. There's so much going on
when you're driving
down the road, so I'm constantly watching," Phillips said.

Like many soldiers, Phillips attributes some of her
patriotism to the tradition
established by others in her family, and their earlier
service to the nation's
call to duty.

"My father and my uncle were both in the service, but the
main reason I joined
was my grandfather – Anthony Marciano," Phillips said. "He
was my hero. He was
my stepmother's father, so there was no blood relation, but
he always treated
me as if I were his own granddaughter. remember eating
mussels in tomato sauce
in front of the TV with him. I went with him wherever.

"He was in the Army in World War II. He was wounded by
shrapnel in Germany,"
she continued. "The doctors told him he could go home … but
he didn't. He went
back. He just kept going – that means a lot to me. I hope
to have 10 percent of
the courage he had. He was kind and fair with people. I'd
like to be the kind
of person he was. He died two years ago. I know he'd be
very proud of me."

Phillips said her family realizes the risk of her service
here in Iraq. "My
family misses me – I was always 'daddy's little girl,' so
my father misses me a
lot," she said.

"I have a big family and they're proud of me. They know the
reason I'm here is
because of all the other soldiers who are here. There are
risks involved, but
our unit is trained. If it happens … it happens, but we're
going to keep
driving on," said Phillips.
Grab another cheeseburger Michael Moore

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Teenager Collects a Million Thanks For American Troops

By Terri Lukach
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2004 – It's not every day a
16-year-old gets to meet the
president of the United States, but Shauna Fleming of
Orange, Calif., is no ordinary

Shauna collected one million letters of thanks for U.S.
servicemembers, and she gave
the milestone letter to the president in a private White
House meeting today.

In late October, Shauna received that milestone letter, a
handmade card from Stephanie
Cope Francis of Howell North High School in St. Charles,

"Meeting my goal was exciting," Shauna said, "but doing
what I had planned from the
beginning, which was to give the letter to the president,
was even better - very
neat!" Shauna said Bush thanked her for what she is doing.
"It means a lot to the
troops," Shauna said, recalling the president's words to
her. "You are doing a great
job, and keep up the good work."

Shauna said Bush seemed very excited by the project, but
apparently not as excited as
her father. "Meeting the president was awesome," Michael
Fleming said. "What a great
man. He just made everyone feel so comfortable. It was a
great experience for us."
Shauna's mother and her brother, Ryan, accompanied her to
the Oval Office.

It was just barely six months ago, as part of National
Military Appreciation Month,
that Shauna, then a high school freshman launched a
campaign called "A Million Thanks"
to collect and distribute a million letters to U.S. forces
fighting for freedom in the
global war on terror.

To spread the word and stir up enthusiasm, Shauna started
the month May 3 by setting
up shop under the tent of NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth at the
Auto Club 500 in Fontana,
Calif. Later, she met country music superstar John Michael
Montgomery in Nashville,
Tenn., where the two teamed up to do more than 70 radio and
television interviews.

By Memorial Day, the duo was again promoting "A Million
Thanks" during the May 30
Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C.
Montgomery sang his hit
"Letters From Home" at the race's opening ceremony, and
Shauna distributed letters to
servicemembers who were special guests of NASCAR.

Shauna said when she first heard Montgomery's song, which
tells of a deployed soldier
receiving letters from his parents and girlfriend, she knew
it was a perfect fit for
her project. "It's sort of the theme song," she said at
the time.

A week before the race, the project passed the
400,000-letter mark – almost halfway to
Shauna's million-letter goal. "We've gotten letters from
everywhere," Shauna said
then, "all across the country, and even from Italy and

Little did she know that Military Appreciation Month would
be just the start of
something much bigger. By July, she was not only a regular
on the radio and racing
circuit but even had her own Web site and radio show to
promote the project. The radio
show, which discusses the campaign and includes guest
interviews, took shape after
station owner Chris Murch, a former Marine captain,
contacted Shauna after seeing her
on the Fox News Channel on Memorial Day.

"Doing an Internet radio show gives me the opportunity to
tell people around the world
that Americans do appreciate what our military men and
women do for our country, and
not to believe everything they read," Shauna said. "It also
lets me inform everyone
what I hear from our soldiers who are out there, and how we
can help them and their

In addition to letters for the troops, the project expanded
to include the collection
of used CDs and DVDs for distribution to forces stationed

During her visit to Washington, Shauna is slated to visit
the Pentagon on Nov. 19. She
also plans to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at
Arlington National Cemetery.
What would this Country be without folks like this

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Support,Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and VFW

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2004 –- More than 900,000
servicemembers serving worldwide
will be able to write and call home during this holiday
season thanks to the
generosity of Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and the Veterans of
Foreign Wars.

This is the third year Wal-Mart and the VFW have partnered
to provide free
phone cards to deployed servicemembers through the
Operation Uplink program,
said Michael Meyer, administrator for corporate development
for the VFW
Foundation at VFW's national headquarters in Kansas City,

This year, the two organizations, plus Sam's Club, a
division of Wal-Mart, will
co-sponsor the sending of new MACK -- Military Assistance
Communications Kit --
programs to 900,000 servicemembers overseas, Meyer said.

Each kit, Meyer noted, contains a phone card, writing
paper, note cards,
envelopes, a folder with a 2005 calendar and a letter of

The Wal-Mart-VFW partnership has provided more than 2.3
million free phone
cards to active servicemembers in the past two years. The
VFW began the
Operation Uplink program in 1996.

"We've provided prepaid phone cards to our servicemen and
women for a number of
years now," noted Meyer, a Vietnam veteran. He said his
understands "how important these phone cards are" to
deployed servicemembers
and their loved ones.

Meyer lauded the many VFW members who solicit donations for
phone cards and
other veterans' programs. These people "are the backbone"
of the organization,
he said.

Programs like MACK, he pointed out, come about through a
combination of
corporate support and individual effort.
The first batch of MACKs was sent out to overseas
servicemembers via Federal
Express on Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

Dan Fogleman, Wal-Mart spokesman at the company's
Bentonville, Ark.,
headquarters, noted that MACK "is new, a next step in
Operation Uplink."
Besides providing free phone cards, he noted, the MACK also
contains paper and
envelopes, which are "in short supply in some areas of the

"The men and women in the armed forces want to know they're
being remembered
for their service, and that's what we're doing at
Wal-Mart," Fogleman said.

Wal-Mart, a discount retailer established in 1962, has a
long history of
supporting servicemembers, Fogleman said, pointing to
company pay and benefits
differentials provided to deployed Guard and reserve
members and donations
provided by the Wal-Mart and Sam's Club foundations. In
fact, he said, the two
foundations recently made a $1 million donation to the VFW
specifically to meet the needs of servicemen and women,
past and present.

Regarding the new MACK program, Fogleman said his company
is "very proud to
again partner with the VFW to bring our servicemen and
women this gift of

With the holidays coming up, Fogleman noted that many
deployed servicemen and
women will be feeling the effects of being deployed far
away from home and
loved ones.

The MACK and Operation Uplink programs, he pointed out,
enable military
personnel deployed overseas to call home free from
virtually anywhere in the

"Imagine what a gift that would be, to hear your parents,
wife, husband or
child from half a world away," he said.

Kathy Cox, the community program development manager for
the Wal-Mart
foundation, spoke of receiving an e-mail from Dale
Stevenson, a Wal-Mart
assistant store manager who works in St. Petersburg, Fla.
In his message,
Stevenson, whose son, Andrew, is a Navy man deployed to
Fallujah, Iraq, thanks
"the people responsible for Operation Uplink and also for
the MACK packs."

Stevenson said his son had called him using a
Wal-Mart/VFW-supplied phone card
during a stopover in Germany en route to Iraq.

"He told me that there was a small sign next to the box
that said that the VFW
and Wal-Mart had provided these cards for the boys to stay
in contact with
parents," the elder Stevenson wrote to Wal-Mart in his

"I can tell you that just hearing my son's voice is truly a
treasure," the
father said, according to Cox, "one which was made possible
by your efforts,
and the efforts of the men and women at the VFW.

"I just wanted to let you know that it really makes a
difference," he said.

November 17, 2004

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I have had all I can take of Liberal scumbags! Right under President Clinton's big fat nose, and under Kerry's watchful eye had he been elected, the Iraqi people would have still been being murdered, and we would have still been aligned with France and Russia, Terrorists still ramming planes into our buildings, Israeli's still being murdered by homicide bombers, and Saddam Hussien still bilking billions of OUR dollars from the Oil For Food Program.
Does anyone else believe in Devine intervention?
I'm begining to wonder.
And God only knows what realy happened to the WMD! With all the money Saddam swindled from us, he could have paid to have them moved anywhere. Now the questions may be, who the hell did he pay, and where the hell did they go?
It truely sickens me that 48% of the American people are so damn blind and stupid they would have elected a jackass as Kerry to head this country! Thank God! They didnt get thier selfish way!
Saddam didnt have any terrorist connections? Isnt that what you stupid Liberal pigs have been preaching for how long now?
Well it was made clear today he DID.
We tried to make you idiots realize what we have seen all along, but you are so blinded by Michael F....cking Moron and that bunch you chose not to see.
Well when all is said and done your Precious France (And by the way a big howdy and you from me ,!,,) and Russia who has probably got a bigger bomb than we do now would be all cozy with your Kerry! And while "Any Terrorist strike will be met with a swift and certain response" Kerry, would not have even seen these events coming and we would have been blind sided by the BIG ONE! Which they surely arent going to get the chance to use on us now. Not this time. Not with this President.
Moving In A New Direction Kerry to what? Blown to smithereenes? Hope is on the way? For who? Terrorists? France? Russia? Are you F...cking serious?
Get a permission slip to defend ourselves from the very people who didnt want thier hand caught in the cookie jar where they were literaly stealing all the cookies AND the jar Ahem "France"? The UN?
My God to think we would have been blind to all this Oil For Food Program crap had the Documents not been discovered by our FINE Military who had to go to Iraq for alot of other reasons but in the process found them. And the Courage of the Heritage Foundation to investigate and report them.
My heavens I cant believe Liberals are so damn stupid!
Clinton has a legacy? My Ass! The only legacy he has is more terrorist attacks happened under his administration, Saddam was able to succeed in his plans for terror and ripping us off, Al-Queada was able to build on thier plans for attacking us on 9-11, and he was only the second President in US History ever to get impeached!
Thank God Bush won.

November 16, 2004

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Now I Feel Sick-Oil For Food Saga Continues

First off I want to apologise to the Israeli people had I known and I'm almost posative most Republican's feel this way but I can only speak for myself, that our tax dollars were being used to go to the Oil For Food Program for that kind of crap Saddam pulled well I dont know how we could have known but I still feel the need to apologise anyway!
I knew Saddam was paying Palestinian Homicide Bombers, to come over to your country and blow themselves to smithereens and take as many of you out as they could, I had no idea he was using Oil For Food Program Money to do it.
No matter which way that mad man did it he will pay.
It just makes me sick that we were unwilling, unknowing contributers of it.
This ivestigation will probably prove there were some American companies involved in this too and let them be damned!
No matter if that Bastard had WMD or not, which I'm sure your intelligence didnt lie either, but that's beside the point at the moment, I dont give a rats ass what anybody says, the Butcher of Baghdad needed to go, and when he is executed, besides the Iraqi people, the Kuwaiti people, the Israeli people, and Most of the American people, somewhere in the distance I will be yelling a BIG Yee Haw myself.

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Kofi Needs To Go

Kofi Anon has got to go. This whole oil for food mess is getting bigger than anyone imagined. The UN is caught right up in the middle of it, and Kofi Anon is trying to obstruct justice by not realesing the OFFP records so NO ONE finds out what kind of roll he played or how he had his hand out for some of the money. Or his son. Now we know this Oil For Food Program disaster that we are still paying for lined the Butcher of Baghdad's pockets to the tune 21 billion dollars instead of 11 billion, and paid off France, Russia, and China so they would keep thier mouths shut and vote Saddam's way in the UN.

Isnt this the same corrupt bunch of idiots Kerry wanted us aligned with had he been elected?

November 14, 2004

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Criminal Lawyers Award Contest

My Precious Love!
A Charlotte, NC, lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars,

then insured them against fire among other things. Within a month, having
smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars and without yet having
made even his first premium payment on the policy, the lawyer filed claim
against the insurance company.

In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost "in a series of small
fires." The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason:
The man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion.

The lawyer sued...and won!

In delivering the ruling the judge agreed with the insurance company that
the claim was frivolous. The Judge stated nevertheless, that the lawyer
held a policy from the company in which it had warranted that the cigars
were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire,

without defining what is considered to be unacceptable fire, and was
obligated to pay the claim.

Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance
accepted the ruling and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the
cigars lost in the "fires."

NOW FOR THE BEST PART... After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance
company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON!!!! With his own insurance
claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the
lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was

sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine.

This is a true story and was the 1st place winner in the recent Criminal
Lawyers Award Contest

November 13, 2004

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A Message To My Fellow Republicans

Get you a pencil/pen and a little notepad convienient enough to carry around or park at your home/work handy for 4 years!
Yes there is a good reason for this, write down every name they are calling us, statement, phrase, quote, etc. I am talking about the Lunatic Left.
If you are anything like me you will forget more than half of what they say. No need to attach a name to it, but if you need to or have the chance to, do it. This will be your own "Personel" log so do what you want with it.
Whenever you hear the Lunatics say things at work, on the news, read it on a webpage, a newspaper, etc. just jot it down and go on with your business. This doesnt have to be time consuming unless you want it to be.
We are going to drag this out before we vote again in 4 years so we have something to look back on. So we realy need to start now.
Inbetween now and then whomever we see trying to wrap themselves in the Flag, or attend church meetings or preaching the Gospel that we know NEVER did this before lol we have a pretty good idea who will be running for President or being a major supporter of a candidate in 2008.
I just started yesterday and I have quite a few statements, phrases, and name calling that will REQUIRE my looking back on 4 years from now. and trust me, these Lunatic Leftists are NOT going to stop. They are so uh... "Disturbed" that we had an overwhelming victory they will repeat themsleves over and over again but no need to write down the same crap continuously, once is enough lol.
But if you can and have the time, I think this would be a good idea!!
I am just so I can cunsult myself before I go into that booth again in 2008. Because that may be the next biggest election of our era!

November 11, 2004

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I See D.U.M.B. People

"The nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools."
(Thucydides 450 B.C.)

During the past year we have seen many thinking cowards come out of thier caves to express one-sided biased opinions the Global War on Terrorism. In many instances, these members of the Distinguished Uniformed Mainline Brotherhood (D.U.M.B.) have braodcast blatant distortions of the truth while failing to report the incredible work our soldiers are continually doing in hostile conditions. Of course, we have a free country with a free press, and the D.U.M.B. members have the right to air thier opinions.

When you are far from home, whether in Germany or down range, it is easy to get discouraged when you hear stories from D.U.M.B. sources who have never served thier country and who will never understand what it means to be a soldier. Under these circumstances, when you find yourself feeling pessimistic, you should take heart. Remember: You are a member of the most intelligent, most highly technical fighting force in all of human history performing a signifigant mission. Take pride in the fact that this war is being fought by scholary warriors. Above all, you are making a difference.

We are proud of all our deployed family. And Thucydides would be proud of you as well.

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Veterans Day Message

In 1834, the American patriot, Daniel Webster, told the
United States Senate: "God grants liberty
only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard
and defend it."

Fortunately for America, for more than 200 years our nation
always has been blessed with patriots
who believed as Webster did, and who have proudly stepped
forward -- ready to fight and, if
necessary, to die to ensure that liberty is defended.

We have a name for these patriots -- we call them veterans.
And, in their honor, America has set
aside a special day each year – a day to recognize their
courage and their commitment to our
country, and to tell them once again of our deep
appreciation for their dedicated service.

Through every conflict, in every era, they have battled
tyrannies of every kind. While the names
of those tyrannies have changed – from fascism to Nazism to
communism -- the nature of dangers
they posed to peace and freedom have all been serious.

Today freedom is again threatened -- this time by a new
tyranny, the tyranny of extremism – of
terrorism. And, again, patriots have stepped forward. They
are there -- in Afghanistan, in Iraq,
and wherever our liberty is at risk -- guarding freedom,
and bringing hope to millions who once
lived in fear.

To those on guard today, and to the veterans of every war
on whose shoulders they stand -- the
living, the departed, and the missing -- you have our
deepest gratitude for your service and your

May God bless you all. And may God continue to bless the
United States of America.

Donald H. Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense

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Why I Serve-PFC Friel, USMC

By Pfc. Lucian Friel, USMC
Special to American Forces Press Service

"Because I am Middle
Eastern and speak the language, it will be easy for me to
gain the Iraqi
peoples' trust," Marine Lance Cpl. Ahmad M. Ibrahim said.

The 26-year-old Marine reads, writes and speaks Arabic. He
is being deployed to
Iraq with the 2nd Marine Division early next year because
of his language
ability, one desperately needed by his unit.

Born in Kuwait and raised in Syria, Ibrahim was surrounded
by violence for most
of his childhood. He said this has helped prepare him for
dealing with a
violent society. "I was living in fear for most of my life.
You learn to ignore
the chaos, but in a war environment you become very
fearful," Ibrahim

In 1990, Ibrahim and his family were on vacation on the
East Coast of the
United States when the Gulf War broke out. "My parents
decided it was best for
us to stay in the U.S.," he said. "My first legal
citizenship was here in
America, because I was never a legal citizen in Kuwait and

Ibrahim graduated from Philadelphia's George Washington
High School in 1995 and
went on to graduate from Temple University. Being a college
graduate, he had
the opportunity to become an officer in the military but
chose a different

"I went enlisted because I wanted that real experience," he
said. Ibrahim
enlisted with an Army Reserve unit in Newtown Square, Pa.,
but "wanted to
experience something a little more difficult."

He joined the Marine Corps in late 2003, after serving a
year and a half in the
Army Reserve. During boot camp, Ibrahim was tested on his
Arabic writing and
speaking skills. He scored high and became a certified

He said he believes his skills will be useful for his unit
in Iraq. "If we're
on patrol and there are ambush signs warning us to keep out
of an area, I can
inform my fellow Marines and help them communicate with
locals if they need
to," he said with his slight Middle Eastern accent.

Ibrahim said he is excited about experiencing Iraqi
culture. "I don't want to
be behind a desk five miles away from what is going on," he
said. "I need to be
right there with my fellow Marines communicating directly
with the Iraqi

The administrative clerk said he hopes to do all three of
his Marine Corps jobs
in Iraq. "I want to do my normal job with admin, but at the
same time I know
I'll be interpreting," he explained. "And I want to be a
rifleman with the
infantry grunts."

Ibrahim said he wanted to be a Marine because he enjoys
military life. In Iraq,
he will be able to help Marines and Iraqis communicate with
each other, making
it easier for Marines to help Iraq stand on its own two

"I know I can contribute to the war effort," Ibrahim said.
"And I am grateful
for my abilities that have enabled me to be a part of this

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Support Starbucks-Red Cross-Fed Ex

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON,– The coffee giant Starbucks and
the American Red
Cross are teaming up to deliver hot java to U.S.
servicemembers serving
overseas in the war against global terrorism.

Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Jim Donald said during a
Capitol Hill press
conference today in the office of U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks that
his company would
provide 50,000 pounds of free, whole-bean coffee that will
be brewed and
distributed by Red Cross workers to troops serving in
Kuwait, Afghanistan and

"It's important that we show the support – and we have
shown support -- for our
troops overseas," Donald explained. In fact, he said,
Starbucks, headquartered
in Seattle, has 80 employees in the military now deployed
in Iraq and

And many of Starbuck's 85,000 employees, Donald pointed
out, have friends and
family members serving overseas in the military. Starbuck's
partnership with
the Red Cross, he noted, "is just a way of reaching into
the community and
supporting troops from all over the U.S."

Starbucks will ship the coffee to overseas locations as
directed by the Red
Cross, noted Alan McCurry, chief operating officer for the
American Red Cross.

"We will make coffee and distribute it," McCurry explained,
noting that the Red
Cross will also ensure that forward-deployed ground troops
will get their

The Starbucks-Red Cross coffee distribution partnership
will boost military
morale, McCurry predicted, while bringing "a little bit of
home to the troops."

McCurry estimated that coffee shipment to overseas troops
should begin in about
three or four weeks, in time for the holiday season.

Dicks, who represents the district that includes Seattle,
said many employees
at Starbucks stores across the country had already been
sending "care packages"
of free coffee to U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and

According to Starbucks officials, local company
representatives recently
donated 10 thousand gallons of freshly brewed coffee and pastries to
support a family
support group event held at Fort Sheridan, Ill., near

Other Starbucks employees from 90 stores in the
northeastern United States,
including New Jersey and Philadelphia, donated their free
weekly coffee
allotment – totaling 2,000 pounds – to U.S. servicemembers
serving overseas.
Federal Express shipped the coffee for free to Ramstein Air
Base, Germany,
where it was then distributed to troops in the Balkans and
the Middle East.

And the daughter of a Starbuck's store manager in Newark,
N.J., who was
corresponding with reservists from Morristown serving in
Iraq, played a role in
ensuring they received free Starbucks coffee. The soldiers
forwarded a letter
of thanks, noting the coffee reminded them of home.

At a recent meeting featuring representatives from about
100 Starbucks stores
in northern Ohio and Michigan, store managers and partners
collected more than
500 pounds of coffee that was then shipped to American
soldiers in Iraq.

In Texas, the Rangers baseball team and north Texas
Starbucks stores recently
teamed up to send coffee and Rangers' teddy bears to troops
serving in Iraq.

A Starbucks customer with a son serving with a Maryland
National Guard unit in
Iraq complimented Starbucks stores in Arlington, Va., for
donating free coffee
to troops serving in Iraq, noting the company "is doing a
great job supporting
our (military) men and women."

Now Starbucks' corporate headquarters in Seattle wants to
"do something of
significance" to support the troops, Dicks noted.

Washington State, Dicks pointed out, is home to several
military facilities,
including Fort Lewis, where U.S. Army soldiers train with
the transformational
Stryker vehicle.

The congressman said he appreciates the difficult work
performed by U.S.
servicemembers deployed overseas in the war against global
terrorism, noting
they "are doing a great job for our country."

"We hope that having these 50,000 pounds of coffee will
make life a little
better" for deployed servicemembers, the congressman
remarked, noting that he
wishes them success in their missions and that they safely
return home to their
families. The Ring of Republican Websites
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