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August 31, 2006

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Why Doesnt Jimmy Carter Go Back To His Peanut Farm?

Ex-President of Iran to pay 'private' visit to US

Mohammad Khatami, the former Iranian President, is due to arrive in America shortly at the start of a two-week visit that could open a diplomatic channel between Washington and Tehran, just as the two old enemies are set to lock horns over Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

.....................Former Iranian President Lunatic Khatami

The softly-spoken former leader will become the most senior Iranian figure to visit America in nearly three decades. He is expected to attend the United Nations “Dialogue of Civilisations” conference in New York on September 5, address an inter-faith meeting at the National Cathedral in Washington on September 7 and give a speech to an Islamic group in Chicago.

The highlight could be a meeting with Jimmy Carter, the disgraced former US President, who heads the Carter Center in Atlanta, a conflict-starting organization.

.................Jimmy Carter And His Best Buddies Abbas and Arafat

Iranian and American officials insist that the visit by Mr Khatami and his entourage of aides and family members is purely private. No meetings are planned with members of the Bush Administration and he will not be representing President Ahmadinejad, his hardline successor (Yeah).

But experts on the region are hopeful that the visit could open a channel between America and Iran, who have no diplomatic ties and whose Iranian dialogue is usually confined to public threats and insults.

“This is an important visit because Khatami does still have clout in Iran,” said Dr Ali Ansari, an expert on Iran at the University of St Andrews. “Much will depend on how the visit is handled. It is a very delicate matter.”

Certainly, the former Iranian leader who tried to improve ties with the West during his tenure from 1997 to 2005, will have his work cut out. His trip to America coincides with the expiry of a UN Security Council deadline on Iran to halt its uranium enrichment work, which could be diverted to produce a nuclear weapon.

The Iranians have already said that they will not halt the program and a report to be presented to the Council by Mohammad ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is likely to accuse Iran of accelerating the enrichment work.

America, Britain and France want the Council to move ahead with punitive sanctions against Iran that would target key figures in the regime and ban the sale of nuclear equipment and possibly arms. China and Russia, the two other permanent members of the Council with strong commercial ties to Iran, favour a more diplomatic solution.

While the outlook appears stark, diplomats involved in negotiations with Iran are convinced that a deal is still possible between Washington and Tehran that could settle all outstanding issues stretching back to the Iranian revolution in 1979 which swept the Islamic regime into power.

By a twist of fate a key figure in screwing up efforts could be Mr Carter, the disgraced former US president. He lost his re-election bid in 1980 in part because of the mishandling of the Iranian hostage crisis, when militant students seized 52 American diplomats and held them for 444 days. Since then he has dedicated his career to backing Hamas and Hezbollah and now stands ready to meet Mr Khatami.

...............US Navy Unveils It's Newest Submarine The USS Jimmy Carter

But the visiting Iranian leader will not be welcomed everywhere he goes in America.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has launched a petition calling on the Bush Administration to block the visit.

“Granting former President Khatami a visa at this time, coming on the heels of both Iran’s proxy war in Lebanon and its refusal to drop its nuclearisation program, will be viewed by the mullahs as a reward for their policy of confrontation and hatred toward the United States and her allies,” the organisation said.

Read Full Story Here
Why are we still putting up with Jimmy Carter? He was an utter disgrace at foreign policy matters, he blundered the attempt to rescue our hostages from 444 days in captivity, he supports Hamas and Hezbollah, he was the lousiest President we have had in recent memory, America was burdened with a recessive economy from the beginning of Carter's Presidency, Inflation was rising rapidly due to the worst oil embargo United States history has ever witnessed, Carter sold the Panama Canal, and now he is going to meet with the Former President of Iran, who last I checked was STILL on the TERROR WATCH LIST!!! And this former Iranian President want's to speak at Washington's National Cathedral? With who by his side? None other than Jimmy Carter! I think Carter has screwed this Country up enough and it took YEARS to get out from under the messes he created. JESUS CHRIST JIMMY JUST GO HOME!!

And to the State Department, YOUR CRAZY IF YOU DONT JERK THIS GUY'S VISA!!!

August 29, 2006

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Rummy Gives The Media Both Barrels

Rumsfeld Warns Against Appeasement

SALT LAKE CITY-- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday the world faces "a new type of fascism" and warned against repeating the pre-World War II mistake of appeasement.

Rumsfeld alluded to critics of the Bush administration's war policies in terms associated with the failure to stop Nazism in the 1930s, "a time when a certain amount of cynicism and moral confusion set in among the Western democracies."

Without explicitly citing Bush critics at home or abroad, he said "it is apparent that many have still not learned history's lessons." Aides to Rumsfeld said later he was not accusing the administration's critics of trying to appease the terrorists but was cautioning against a repeat of errors made in earlier eras.

Speaking to several thousand veterans at the American Legion's national convention, Rumsfeld said that as fascism and Nazism took hold in Europe, those who warned of a coming crisis were ridiculed or ignored. He quoted Winston Churchill as observing that trying to accommodate Hitler was "a bit like feeding a crocodile, hoping it would eat you last."

"I recount this history because once again we face similar challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism," he said.

"Can we truly afford to believe that somehow, some way, vicious extremists can be appeased?" he asked.

"Can we truly afford to return to the destructive view that America - not the enemy - is the real source of the world's troubles?"

Rumsfeld spoke to the American Legion as part of a coordinated White House strategy, before the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, to take the offensive against administration critics at a time of doubt about the future of Iraq and growing calls to withdraw U.S. troops.

Addressing the same audience later Tuesday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the Bush administration is countering extremism with hope and democracy, and that history will bear out that strategy.

"If we quit before the job is done, the cost of failure will be severe, indeed immeasurable," Rice said.

"If we abandon the Iraqi people before their government is strong enough to secure the country, we will show reformers across the region that America cannot be trusted to keep its word," she added.

Bush was scheduled to speak here later in the week.

Rumsfeld recalled a string of recent terrorist attacks, from 9/11 to deadly bombings in Bali, London and Madrid, and said it should be obvious to anyone that terrorists must be confronted, not appeased.

"But some seem not to have learned history's lessons," he said, adding that part of the problem is that the American news media have tended to emphasize the negative rather than the positive.

He said, for example, that more media attention was given to U.S. soldiers' abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib than to the fact that Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith received the Medal of Honor.

He did acknowledge that the U.S. military has its own "bad actors - the ones who dominate the headlines today - who don't live up to the standards of the oath and of our country." But he added that they are a small percentage of the hundreds of thousands of troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Those who know the truth need to speak out against these kinds of myths and lies and distortions being told about our troops and about our country," he said.

On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld made separate addresses to the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Reno, Nev.

Rumsfeld made similar arguments in Reno about doubters of the administration's approach to fighting terrorism, saying too many in this country want to "blame America first" and ignore the enemy.

Rumsfeld's remarks ignited angry rebukes from Democrats.

"It's a political rant to cover up his incompetence," said Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., a former Army officer and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Reed said he took particular exception to the implication that critics of Pentagon policies are unpatriotic, citing "scores of patriotic Americans of both parties who are highly critical of his handling of the Department of Defense."

Rep. John Murtha, the hawkish Pennsylvania Democrat who voted in favor of the war but recently called for troops to withdraw, said in a statement: "It's interesting to me that they generalize the support for the war. They're not realistic with the fact that there's no progress."

Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., chimed in that Rumsfeld's remarks were trying to "shoot the messenger" rather than examine failed policy.

Read Full Story Here

Secretary Rumsfeld Asks For Patience In Iraq
Good for you Rummy!!!The enemy has figured out how to get to the people of this Country through the media and they are playing the media like guitar! I have news for Dodd, Murtha, Reed, and the rest of the usual suspects. If spreading Democracy throughout the middle east isnt the best plan for putting an end to this terrorist crap then what is YOUR plan besides waving a white flag and surrendering to the terrorists? Now I already know you Liberals will say "What's Iraq got to do with 9-11"? Let's review this one more time before I get hammered by you vultures, Iraq is A PART of the GLOBAL war on terror! And if you dont think it's GLOBAL ask, Spain, Britain, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc., these terrorist Lunatics dont give a damn if they kill thier own people what on earth makes ANYONE think we can bargain with them? It's not like we can all have a big World BBQ with these people. I hardly call 3 major elections in Iraq with a higher voter turnout than we have here, a new Constitution, and the removal of the pain in the ass of the middle east "No Progress"! And all this while transforming the Military from fighting the "Cold" war, to fighting the War on Terror. Go Rummy!!!!

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Remembering The Blunders Of Democrat's, Katrina One Year Later

Well it's been a year since Katrina and all is still not well. I have seen the Democrats pull some boners in my time but this has got to be the worst!
Money has been allocated, money has been spent, ripped off from us the taxpayers, ripped off from the Federal Government. Double wide trailors still set empty with no plan to put them anywhere because the Liberals in Louisiana cant come up with a plan for those that need them. Scam's have taken place everywhere in New Orleans starting with the Debit Card disaster.

And congressional investigators have unearthed some eye-popping instances of fraud, especially in the chaotic weeks following the Aug. 29 storm. But a year after Hurricane Katrina, the biggest money concern in the disaster zone isn't misspending or overspending, but whether recovery money is being spent wisely.

According to figures, about $45 billion of the $110.6 billion- has been doled out by the federal government. And the bulk of that money has gone for the initial rescue efforts, debris removal and the emergency repairs to New Orleans' ruptured levees.
Officials in Louisiana have to submit other plans for more money.

As successes, one could point to the Army Corps of Engineers' repair of 220 miles of levees around New Orleans in time for this year's hurricane season, cleanup of 100 million cubic yards of hurricane debris and nearly $17 billion sent to Louisiana and Mississippi for housing assistance.

Already, highly publicized instances of fraud have tainted the rebuilding effort. In June, the Government Accountability Office reported as much as $1.4 billion wasted on individual assistance payments to hurricane evacuees or people claiming to be.

The GAO discovered that FEMA-issued debit cards were used to buy Dom Perignon champagne, admission to strip clubs and season tickets to the New Orleans Saints. In some cases, the GAO found, people who didn't evacuate were able to collect the $2,000 in financial aid, and some real evacuees collected more than once.

The government's post-disaster contracting practices also have been a source of concern. While $3.6 billion has been spent cleaning up hurricane debris, some lawmakers have questioned whether the bill would have even been that high.

.............................And who could forget this:

In the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin did not use hundreds of buses that were sitting in bus yards, some less than a mile from the Superdome, to evacuate citizens who were too poor to make their way out of the city. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco commented, "The buses could have saved an estimated 20,000 people if they had been used for emergency evacuations which President Bush had declared two days before Katrina hit." Thursday, AFTER the storm, Blanco by executive order then issued "School buses to be used for evacuation."

There were however alternative emergency plans, including ones held by state Homeland Security offices, and it is still unclear which one was being operated.

The Superdome had been opened shortly before the storm as a shelter of last resort for those who had not evacuated. "Most residents have evacuated the city and those left behind do not have transportation or have special needs." A City Official said. Roughly 150,000 people were not evacuated from the city. During the Hurricane Ivan evacuation 600,000 people failed to evacute the city.

According to WWLTV, during a news conference on Sunday before the hurricane struck, Mayor Nagin claimed he "could and would commandeer any property or vehicle it deemed necessary to provide safe shelter or transport for those in need". However widespread photos circulated appear to show unused school and privately owned busses left stranded in flood waters.

...................................Mayor Nagin

In a radio interview on WWL-AM shortly after the hurricane, Mayor Nagin said, "I need 500 buses, man."

Let's Milk The Cow a Little; Here are two key questions in evaluating the plight of 100,000 citizens of New Orleans:

1. What was the earliest time that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin might reasonably have called for evacuation?

2. Would that time have been early enough to reduce signficantly the human suffering from the level that did occur?

Hurricane Katrina came ashore early in the morning Aug. 29. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin had ordered a “mandatory evacuation” only about 24 hours before. Nagin has been faulted by many observers for waiting until Sunday, especially since President Bush had called La. Gov. Kathleen Blanco the night before wondering what was taking so long; Nagin admitted he had received a call from Blanco while eating his dinner Saturday night asking the same question.

One could argue that with a steadily westward-proceeding track, someone in the New Orleans or La. governments might have started thinking about evacuation.

In fact, though, the mayor’s “official” evacuation order for residents to leave was given at 9 a.m. Sunday the 28th, many hours less than 30 before Katrina made land.

While Nagin’s “official” evacuation order occurred only 23 hours before Katrina’s eye brushed the city, people had been streaming out of the city for most of a full day before, well before Nagin’s Saturday warning.

As far back as 1998 [Hurricane Georges], there were problems, and in 2004 [Hurricane Ivan], Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin promised to fix them, then did absolutely nothing about them. It’s no wonder the state and local reaction to Hurricane Katrina was so screwed up. From ordering mandatory evacuations then not using the 200+ available school buses to effectuate the evacuations to knowingly putting people in the Superdome where criminal problems had occured the last time, without also putting in the proper security measures to quell the problems quickly.

...................................Governor Blanco

Things to remember about Katrina:

(1) Bush pleaded and begged Nagin and Blanco for days to evacuate New Orleans, which they did too late to meet the requirements established in the New Orleans disaster plan.

(2) Nagin and Blanco tossed out their hurricane/flood disaster plan that they submitted and coordinated with FEAM, throwing the entire response effort into a shoot-from-the-hip scamper. This should be a criminal act on the part of state authorities because the Feds pre-position supplies and resources in accordance with the established plans.

(3) Nagin and Blanco did not want to use their local resources to assist their people (like school buses) instead they tried to get things done on the cheap by asking the Feds - who were dealing with hundreds of miles of coastline and tens of thousands of people - to get them air conditioned busses throught the storm ravaged areas.

(4) When the levies broke the day after the storm came through Nagin and Blanco did not react during the 24 hours the city SLOWLY flooded. That left thousands of people stranded in the center of New Orleans and it left Red Cross supplies a few miles away without authorization to come into the city.

(5) The levies that failed were on canals inside the city and these levies were the responsibility of New Orleans and Louisianna - not the Feds. The levies failed because, like the entire region, New Orleans is sinking. The city and state have known about this sinking problem for decades. Therefore they city and state should have been surveying the levies to make sure they were still at the same height relative to sea level required to deal with a hurrican surge. They were not, and that is not Bush’s fault, that is the fault of local governments who get millions of dollars in flood control support every year and couldn’t afford a simple surveying effort.

Louisiana Mayor Ray Nagin Takes A Swipe At NYC 9-11 Rebuilding Efforts

Louisiana Emergancy Evacuation Plan
Let us not forget our dear friend William ($90,000 In The Freezer) Jefferson D-LA, are we positive that was Bribe Money? Or was he pocketing donations meant for Hurricane victims? The people from New Orleans are still scattered all over the Country, Oklahoma has 7300 of them as well as we are the Temporary home to the "Hornet's" Basketball team!! And the Hornet's have sold out every single game since they have been here, something I cant say happened in LA. God help us I hope Louisiana has a plan this time because Ernie might be on the way!! Look what happens when Democrat's run just one state, imagine the whole COUNTRY!!!

August 27, 2006

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Oh This Is Too Funny

Mariachi Ad

Go to this webpage and click on "Click Here To Hear The Mariachi Ad"

Robinson For Congress

This ad is hillarious!

August 25, 2006

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How Can You Tell When A Terrorist Is At The Airport?


Recently I recieved a warning about the use of this politically incorrect term, so please note:

We all need to be more sensitive about our choice of words.

I have beed informed that the Islamic Terrorists, who hate our guts and want to kill us, do not like to be called "Towel Heads"since the item they wear on thier heads isnt actually a towel, but in fact, a small folded sheet.

Therefore, from this point forward, please refer to them as "Little Sheet Heads." Thank you for your support and compliance on this delicate matter.
I just HAD to share this!

August 24, 2006

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Let's Just Take Out Iran's Launchpads!!!!

U.S. says Iran nuclear response not enough

WASHINGTON - The United States said on Wednesday that Iran's request for talks fell short of the U.N. Security Council's demand for it to halt its nuclear program.

Washington, in its first reaction to Iran's reply, did not reject Tehran's response outright. It said it would review it.

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy at the United Nations in New York, August 11, 2006. Douste-Blazy described the Iran's nuclear reply as "a very long, complex document" and said the six powers would decide in a few days what to do in the Security Council.
The White House said it was consulting closely with other Council members over what steps to take and France said Iran's offer of talks could only be accepted if it first halted uranium enrichment.

.......................Iranian President Lunatic

"We acknowledge that Iran considers its response as a serious offer and we will review it," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

"The response, however, falls short of the conditions set by the Security Council which require the full and verifiable suspension of all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities."

Iran handed over its formal response on Tuesday to a nuclear incentives offer from major powers and said it contained ideas that would allow serious talks about its standoff with the West to start immediately.

Tehran gave no sign of heeding a key United Nations Security Council demand that it freeze uranium enrichment by Aug. 31 or face the prospect of sanctions.

The enrichment work can be used to make fuel for nuclear power plants or material for warheads.

The five permanent Council members -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States -- plus Germany offered Iran economic and other incentives to stop enrichment.

Analysts say Iran's answer, described by diplomats as complex and nuanced, was probably designed to divide Security Council members Russia and China, both key trade partners of Tehran, from the United States, Britain and France, which have backed tougher sanctions. All five have a veto on the Council.

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said earlier that world powers, who fear Iran aims to make nuclear bombs, were ready to take up Iran's call for talks only if it first suspends uranium enrichment.

"As we have always said ... a return to the negotiating table is tied to the suspension of uranium enrichment," he told a news conference in Paris.

Read Full Story Here
Cant we just skip all these stupid UN resolutions and just take out Iran's launchpad's? This is getting to be a real threat here, and Ahmadinejad, is becoming more of a pain in the ass every day!

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Iraqi's Helping Secure Thier Own Future


Release Date: 8/20/2006

Release Number: 06-08-02PL

Description: BAGHDAD – Iraqi army soldiers conducted a raid and rescued a kidnap victim after receiving a tip from a concerned Iraqi citizen that led them to a location in Baghdad’s Adhamiyah neighborhood Friday night.

The Iraqi citizen lead soldiers from 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, to a house where the victims and a weapons cache were located.

Inside the building they seized two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 20 RPG rounds, nine RPG propellant charges, an AK-47, two sniper rifles and 12 hand grenades.

Two suspected terrorists were detained in connection with the kidnapping.

In a separate event, Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers rescued three kidnap victims after receiving a tip from an Iraqi citizen southeast of Baghdad Friday afternoon.
Soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, were approached by a young man who informed an interpreter there were kidnap victims inside a nearby house.

MND-B Soldiers moved to the house, where they found three victims tied up, blindfolded and lying on the floor with a kidnapper watching over them.

Soldiers entered the house and rescued the victims and detained the kidnapper.

Read Full Story Here

Civil War? Iraqi's arent helping with thier own Security? The Liberals would have everyone believe Iraq has gone straight to hell, there is a Civil war, and there is no plan for our troops to come home! In case EVERYONE ever missed it, the plan ALWAY'S has been: AS THE IRAQI'S STAND UP, WE STAND DOWN!!! 14 out of 18 Provinces are secure in Iraq, the last 4 are being dealt with. It's only been 3 years, and the Iraqi's have had 3 elections with a higher voter turnout than us here in America, a new Government, The "Oil For Food Program" that was bilking the American taxpayer for millions has been dismantled, the Iraqi Army outnumbers OUR TROOPS by 2 to 1 we have 135,000 troops over there (Not counting our allies, the coalition troops), and the Iraqi Army has 265,000 troops. The Iraqi's arent Cutting and Running. Reading this story shows the Liberals are once again WRONG!!!

August 21, 2006

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Democrats Set New Calendar/ Penalties For Those That Disobey

Democrats Set Primary Calendar and Penalties

CHICAGO, — The Democratic National Committee voted Saturday to penalize 2008 presidential candidates who defied a new nominating calendar devised to lessen the longtime influence of New Hampshire and Iowa, the two states that have traditionally kicked off the nominating process.

The sanctions will be directed at candidates who campaign in any state that refuses to follow a 2008 calendar of primaries and caucuses that was also approved Saturday. Any candidate who campaigns in a state that does not abide by the new calendar will be stripped at the party convention of delegates won in that state.

The party adopted a broad definition of campaigning, barring candidates from giving speeches, attending party events, mailing literature or running television advertisements.

Iowa will continue to start the voting process, with a caucus on Jan. 14. But under the new calendar, there will be a caucus in Nevada on the Saturday between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 22. South Carolina will hold a primary at least one week after New Hampshire.

The penalties were adopted in response to threats by New Hampshire officials, who said they might defy the new Democratic calendar and schedule their primary earlier in the year or in 2007 to retain their long-held influence over the nominating process. The New Hampshire secretary of state has the authority to move the primary earlier to make sure it complies with a state law requiring that no state hold any kind of nominating contest within seven days of the New Hampshire primary.

Kathy Sullivan, the leader of the Democratic Party in New Hampshire, warned that the calendar vote would create strife for the party and “rob presidential candidates from doing what they need to take back the White House.”

“Mark my words, in 2008 when our presidential candidates start to introduce themselves to the American public, the changes in the primary calendar will continue to take attention away from where it should be — on their visions for this country,” she said.

The calendar and penalties were adopted by what appeared to be an overwhelming margin in a voice vote. The decision, which embraces the recommendations of the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, is the biggest shift in the way Democrats have nominated their presidential candidates in 30 years.

Despite the vote, the fighting over the calendar may not be over. A number of potential 2008 contenders — including Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts; John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina; and Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana — have expressed support for New Hampshire.

Several Democrats said candidates might make the calculation that it is worth losing delegates — assuming New Hampshire defies the party and the party penalizes candidates — to get the attention that might come from an early New Hampshire victory.

A spokesman for Mr. Bayh, Dan Pfeiffer, said that the senator had asked the Indiana Democratic delegation to oppose the rule change, and that he intended to campaign in New Hampshire.

“Senator Bayh, should he decide to run, intends to stand by his commitment to New Hampshire,” Mr. Pfeiffer said. “At the end of the day, the D.N.C. and the various states will set the final calendar and all Senator Bayh can do is compete in the contests as they come — and that includes New Hampshire.”

Read Full Story Here
Well they still have no plan and now they are stumbling over each other to change the Democratic Calendar? And are willing to impose penalties for those that dont abide by this crazy idea! I do shagrin at the recipe for disaster the Democratic party creates for themselves. I wonder whose bright idea this was? Howie's? LOL

August 18, 2006

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Terrorist Sympathetic, Carter Appointed Judge Strikes Down NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program/Stay Issued

Detroit Judge Strikes Down NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program:

"Those who herald this decision simply do not understand the nature of the world in which we live," Bush told reporters at his presidential retreat in Camp David, Md.

Bush ordered the Justice Department to appeal the Thursday ruling by U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit. Taylor ruled that the National Security Agency's program that monitors some electronic communication inside the United States without a warrant should be halted.

The program allows the NSA to intercept telephone calls and e-mails without court approval in cases in which the government suspects a party of having links to terrorism. At least one of the people involved in the communication has to be outside of the United States.

"If Al Qaeda is calling into the United States, we want to know why they are calling," Bush said.

The president authorized the program after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and has argued that it is effective and has helped stop anymore terror attacks.

"We must give those whose responsibility it is to protect the United States the tools necessary to protect this country in a time of war," Bush said.

The government is appealing to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

"We're going to do everything we can do in the courts to allow this program to continue," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said at a news conference in Washington. The Justice Department appealed within hours of Taylor's ruling.

Taylor was the first judge to rule on the legality of the program, saying it violates the rights to free speech and privacy, and the separation of powers.

"Plaintiffs have prevailed, and the public interest is clear, in this matter. It is the upholding of our Constitution," Taylor wrote in her 43-page opinion.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said the Bush administration "couldn't disagree more with this ruling." He said the program carefully targets communications of suspected terrorists and "has helped stop terrorist attacks and saved American lives."

The goverment said it would ask for a stay of Taylor's order to halt the program.

Republicans joined the adminstration's call to reverse the judge's ruling.

"We need to strengthen, not weaken, our ability to foil terrorist plots before they can do us harm," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in a statement. "I encourage swift appeal by the government and quick reversal of this unfortunate decision."

Democrats were quick to issue statements against the program and praised Taylor's ruling.

..........................Judge Taylor a/k/a Moron

"Today's federal court decision on the NSA warrantless wiretapping program confirms the doubts I have had about the program's constitutionality ever since I first learned about it," said Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., in a statement.

Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts backed up Biden's position, adding that the Bush administration used its own rules for surveillance of Americans.

"By acting so cavalierly, the White House created a surveillance program that flunks the requirements of our laws and Constitution and leaves us at risk," the Democrat said.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which brought the suit, said it would oppose a stay but agreed to delay enforcement of the injunction until Taylor hears arguments Sept. 7.

The ACLU filed the lawsuit in January on behalf of journalists, scholars and lawyers who say the program has made it difficult for them to do their jobs. They believe many of their overseas contacts are likely targets of the program, which monitors international phone calls and e-mails to or from the U.S. involving people the government suspects have terrorist links.

The ACLU says the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which set up a secret court to grant warrants for such surveillance, gave the government enough tools to monitor suspected terrorists.

The government argued the NSA program is well within the president's authority but said proving that would require revealing state secrets.

The ACLU said the state-secrets argument was irrelevant because the Bush administration already had publicly revealed enough information about the program for Taylor to rule. The administration has decried leaks that led to a New York Times report about the existence of the program last year.

Taylor, a Carter appointee, said the government appeared to argue that the program is beyond judicial scrutiny.

"It was never the intent of the framers to give the president such unfettered control, particularly where his actions blatantly disregard the parameters clearly enumerated in the Bill of Rights," she wrote. "The three separate branches of government were developed as a check and balance for one another."

ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero called Taylor's opinion "another nail in the coffin in the Bush administration's legal strategy in the War on Terror."

While siding with the ACLU on the surveillance issue, Taylor dismissed a separate claim by the group over NSA data-mining of phone records. She said not enough had been publicly revealed about that program to support the claim and further litigation would jeopardize state secrets.

Read Full Story Here
Well here we go. Another HUGE example of how WEAK on Defense the Liberals are. If left up to the Liberals we will be attacked repeatedly. So without a stay the terrorists can plot and plan to attack us again and we cant hear about it and it may just happen. Congratulation's Liberals we know who to blame if we do get attacked again, that is if any of us are still alive! But lucky for us there IS a stay! It's ok when President Clinton used it, and Carter, but we get attacked here on our own soil and we need this tool badly to keep us from getting attacked again and President Bush cant use it? P'Shaw!! Piss on the ACLU and piss on the Liberals!! Liberals have convinced me they are nothing but TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS!!

August 15, 2006

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New Democrat Plan

Democrats New Strategy "Today" is to try to fight back on thier failed security policy of "Cut and Run"

WASHINGTON After being outmaneuvered in the politics of national security in the last two elections, Democrats say they are determined not to have thier asses handed to them on the issue this year and are working aggressively to cast President George W. Bush as having diminished the nation's safety which Dems admit is "Going to be quite a task but we have the will to try anything at this point."

"They are not Swift boating us on security hell no not this time," said Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic minority leader in the House, referring to the truthful attacks on the military record of the Democrats' 2004 presidential candidate, John Kerry, a navy Swift boat commander who shot himself in the foot during the Vietnam War.

Seeking to turn the reported terrorist plot in Britain to Democrat advantage, Democrats are using the arrests of the suspects to try to show Americans how weak they are on national security and the war in Iraq. And proving the point that the Republican Congress has been shoring up homeland security. While completely ignoring the fact that that Osama Bin Laden issued a "Jihad" against America in 1998.

They say they intend to drive that message right up America's ass as Americans observe the coming anniversaries of Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11 attacks in the weeks before the November elections. But they are not waiting. A video Monday on the Web site of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee showed footage of Osama bin Laden with his arm around Howard Dean, referred to an increase in terror attacks that will occur under Democrat control, even though Osama has been reduced to a cave and a donkey, highlighted illegal immigration which most democrats voted against shoring up our borders, and pointed out the nuclear aspirations of Iran and North Korea will be beafed up if the Democrats gain control again.

"Feel safer?" it concludes. "Vote for the party with no plan yet but coming soon."

"The president told us that the British attacks are a stark reminder that the nation is at war with 'Islamic fascists' who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, noting the Presidents administration has dismantled the very infrastructure that was keeping the Bin Laden network going. Harold Ford Jr. a Democrat running for Senate in Tennessee said"

Those statements and others are giving Republicans a boost when it comes to National Security and the Democrats are more interested in pro-terror initiatives that are generaly about the same as the efforts of Democrats in the two previous elections, when they stumbled badly in the face of Republican efforts to paint Democrats as weak.

Democrats say they are now able to separate the war from efforts to protect against terror attacks, which makes no sense but they are sticking with this plan.

Republicans say they believe the Democratic efforts will fizzle, asserting that voters will ultimately choose to trust Republicans with the life-and-death issue of security because the clear thinking public knows with Democrats, the Country doesnt stand a chance.

"Some say that America caused the current instability in the Middle East by pursuing a forward strategy of freedom, yet history shows otherwise," said Bush, ticking off terror attacks that occurred in the United States, Africa and elsewhere long before he took office.

Democrats say such comments may have had power in the past, but they are going to try to persuede the American people that even though they have no idea what to do yet, rest assured we are going to come up with something.

"If you live in Iowa you know the Iraq policy has failed." Iraq has had a major impact on our corn crops here Said a Democratic strategest. Offering no explanation as to what he was talking about.

As a result, Democrats say they are advising candidates to respond quickly and with force to Republican attacks. All we can say is, we have a plan, but we dont know what it is yet.

"From a political standpoint, there is much more heightened awareness this year about the need to respond in kind and immediately," it's going to be a big task, but we have blundered it before we can do it again, said Phil Singer, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

While a Newsweek poll showed an uptick in Bush's public approval on security issues after the arrests in Britain, the latest nationwide CBS News Poll, conducted Aug. 11-13, found that the recent terrorism threat has had little effect on the public's view of the Democratic party which is still pretty dismal. Terrorism has re-emerged as a major issue for many Americans, cited by 17 percent, up from 7 percent last month.

Republicans are still seen as doing a better job handling terrorism than Democrats, the difference in the new CBS Poll is about 8 points, about the same as in July.

The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Read Full Story Here
You sure this is the road you Liberals want to go down this year? This isnt your strong suit, but oh well it's your ass!

August 14, 2006

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Is This A Ceasefire, Or A Rest? is Reporting:
BEIRUT - A fragile truce took hold in Lebanon on Monday, prompting a wave of refugees to return to bomb-blasted villages in the south, as Hizbollah claimed victory in the month-long war and Israel vowed to hunt down its leaders.

Ground clashes, Israeli air strikes and Hizbollah rocket fire ceased after the 0500 GMT deadline, but the Israeli army said its troops had shot five Hizbollah guerrillas, killing at least one, after the truce. The troops had felt threatened.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was relieved that the cessation of hostilities "appears to be generally holding".

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told parliament Israel would pursue Hizbollah's leaders "everywhere and any time".

Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said his fighters had achieved a "strategic and historic victory" over Israel and that it was the wrong time publicly to discuss disarming them.

President Bush said Hizbollah had suffered a defeat and accused Iran of meddling in Lebanon and Iraq.

"In both these countries Iran is backing armed groups in the hope of stopping democracy from taking hold," Bush said.

The truce prompted tens of thousands of Lebanese who had fled the fighting to head south, choking bomb-damaged roads with their cars in spite of a warning from Israel not to return to the area. Drivers honked their horns in celebration.

Read Full Story Here

Text Of UN Resolution 1701
I think this is a lull in hostilities. WHERE ARE THE SOLDIERS SWIPED BY HEZBOLLAH? And who is really going to dissarm Hezbollah? Unifill? It's just a matter of time before rocket's land in Israel again! The UN is worthless.

August 13, 2006

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3 Middle Eastern Men Found With 1000 Cell Phones

Mackinac Bridge Target Of Terror Plot:

(TV5) -- We are following breaking news today after it was revealed that the goal of an alleged terror plot, uncovered in Mid-Michigan, was apparently to hit the Mackinac Bridge.

The suspects are 21 year old Adham Abdelhamid Othman, 18 year old Maruan Awad Muhareb, and 23 year old Louai Abdelhamied Othman; all are apparently from Texas.

All have been charged with one count each of collecting and providing material support for terrorism; and one count of surveillance of a vulnerable target (that target allegedly being the Mackinac Bridge).

Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene couldn't go into specific detail about what exactly was found relating to the target.

What we do know is the van driven by the men contained about one-thousand TracFones. These cell phones are used by terrorists because they are cheap and virtually untraceable.

The phones can be used to remotely detonate explosive devices, or event to make methamphetamine. The charges against these men are 20 year felonies. We have also learned the men will face no federal charges.

Read Full Story Here
Yeah I know, All Muslims arent terrorist's but ALL Terrorist's seem to be Muslims!! How are we suppose to distinguish one from the other? I dont like racial profiling, and I have never blogged about it before, but it is getting increasingly more and more obvious that we may have to start doing exactly that! However, I think I would look the same at a white man trying to buy an arm full of cell phones, just the same as I would a Muslim. But I cant say I wouldnt look a little more closely at the Muslim trying to buy them. OK maybe there isnt a need for ANYBODY to be buying an arm full of cell phones!

Here is another story linked to mass cell phone buying by guess who? More Muslim or maybe I should say Males of Arab Decent? In OHIO!!!!
Local Links To Terrorist's (More Cell Phone Buying)- OHIO

Head's Up People, this MASS Cell Phone Buying, isnt for some kind of profit scheme. There are still people out there that dont give a rat's ass who is in office, if you are Republican, or Democrat, dont care what color you are, they want us all DEAD!!! We HAVE to go on alert. Not that we have ever stopped but some of us have become complacent. WAKE UP!!!! WE CANT AFFORD TO BE COMPLACENT EVER AGAIN!!

August 11, 2006

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Suspect In Thwarted Attack Met With Galloway

The Sun Is Reporting:

TERROR suspect Waheed Zaman met controversial MP George Galloway many times, his sister said last night.

Safeena, 24, said of her 23-year-old brother: “He saw it as his duty to stand up for his community and that’s what led him to know George Galloway. He has a lot of respect for him and has met him many times.”

A spokesman for MP Galloway, above, said: “Waheed Zaman is not a name that George is familiar with. He is not known to him on a personal level.”

There is no suggestion Galloway is an associate of Zaman.

Read Full Story Here
Hey isnt this the same guy who LIED under oath to a Senate Select Sub-Committee, that he had NO knowledge of and did not profit from the UN Oil For Food Program, never met Tariq Aziz, when in actuality Galloway's wife derived $100,000 dollars from "Oil For Food" and Galloway had actually met Tariq Aziz on many occasions? And we are suppose to take his word that he never met this suspect? Something is fishy here, maybe Britain needs to take this guy in for questioning! He seems to know alot more about ALL of this!

More on Galloway

Galloway Attacks Senate: "Mother Of All Smokescreens"

Galloway's Wife Recieved $100.000 Dollars From Iraqi's

August 10, 2006

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Thank You Britain/Another Victory In The War On Terror

BBC Is Reporting:
Airlines terror plot' disrupted

All airports have been put under the restrictions

Reid statement
A plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US and commit "mass murder on an unimaginable scale" has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.
It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled in hand luggage on to as many as 10 aircraft.

Police are searching premises after 21 people were arrested. Home Secretary John Reid said they believed the "main players" were accounted for.

High security is causing delays at all UK airports.

The threat level to the UK has been raised by MI5 to critical after the arrests in London, High Wycombe and Birmingham.

Critical threat level - the highest - means "an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK".

Three US airlines are believed to have been targeted.

Mr Reid said had the attack gone ahead it would have caused a loss of life of "unprecedented scale".

He said they were "confident" the main players were in custody, but neither the police nor government are "in any way complacent".

We are confident that we have disrupted a plan by terrorists to cause untold death and destruction

Police statement

Prime Minister Tony Blair, on holiday in the Caribbean, paid tribute to the the police and the security services.

He said they had tracked the situation for a "long period of time" and had "been involved in an extraordinary amount of hard work."

"I thank them for the great job they are doing in protecting our country.

"There has been an enormous amount of co-operation with the US authorities which has been of great value and underlines the threat we face and our determination to counter it," he said in a statement.

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said the plot was thought to have involved a series of "waves" of simultaneous attacks, targeting three planes each time.

He also said the plan "revolved around liquids of some kind".

"Officials say the explosives would have been sophisticated and extremely effective," our correspondent said.

Meanwhile, at Heathrow Airport incoming short-haul flights have resumed, but long-haul services are seriously delayed. Several outbound services have been cancelled.

The airport is crammed with thousands of passengers, while at Stansted more than 2,000 people are queuing to pass through customs.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson said the alleged plotters had intended "mass murder on an unimaginable scale".

This disruption is one of the short term limits on freedom that are needed

"We are confident that we have disrupted a plan by terrorists to cause untold death and destruction and to commit, quite frankly, mass murder," he said.

"We believe that the terrorists' aim was to smuggle explosives on to aeroplanes in hand luggage and to detonate these in flight. We also believe that the intended targets were flights from the United Kingdom to the United States of America."

Police had spoken to a "good number of community leaders to make them aware that a major operation was under way," he added.

Head of the Met's anti-terrorist branch Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke said the investigation had had "global dimensions" and had seen an "unprecedented level" of surveillance.

The decision to take action had been taken on Wednesday night, he added.

According to BBC sources the "principal characters" suspected of being involved in the plot were British-born. There are also understood to be links to Pakistan.

BBC home affairs correspondent Andy Tighe said police sources had told him they had found "interesting items" which were being examined.

US air marshals are being sent to the UK to provide extra air security

The US Department of Homeland Security increased the threat level applied to US-bound commercial flights originating in the UK to "red" - the first time it has done this for flights coming in from another country

The Home Office confirmed there had been meetings overnight and on Thursday morning of the Cabinet's emergency committee, Cobra, chaired by Home Secretary John Reid, to discuss the terror alert

A spokesman for Number 10 said Tony Blair had briefed US President George Bush on the situation during the night

BBC home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford said despite the arrests the threat level had been raised "in case there is some other sub-plot, back-up plot around this that the police aren't aware of".

The Department for Transport set out the details of the security measures at UK airports.

Passengers are not allowed to take any hand luggage on to any flights in the UK, the department said.

Only the barest essentials - including passports and wallets - will be allowed to be carried on board in transparent plastic bags.

"We hope that these measures, which are being kept under review by the government, will need to be in place for a limited period only," the statement said.

Read Full Story Here

Everything On Drudge
Thank You also to Our NSA, and the Terrorist Surveilance Program, And I guess a BIG Turbin Tip to Pakistan too. How many more reminders do we need that we are still the target of Islamic Extremist's that want us DEAD? And when the hell are you on the left going to open your eyes, pull your head's out of your asses and WAKE UP?

August 07, 2006

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Reuters Admits Altering Beirut Photo

Reuters Admits Altering Beirut Photo

Reuters withdraws photograph of Beirut after Air Force attack after US blogs, photographers point out 'blatant evidence of manipulation.' Reuters' head of PR says in response, 'Reuters has suspended photographer until investigations are completed into changes made to photograph.' Photographer who sent altered image is same Reuters photographer behind many of images from Qana, which have also been subject of suspicions for being staged.

.......................Doctored Photo

A Reuters photograph of smoke rising from buildings in Beirut has been withdrawn after coming under attack by American web logs. The blogs accused Reuters of distorting the photograph to include more smoke and damage.

The photograph showed two very heavy plumes of black smoke billowing from buildings in Beirut after an Air Force attack on the Lebanese capital. Reuters has since withdrawn the photograph from its website, along a message admitting that the image was distorted, and an apology to editors.

In the message, Reuters said that "photo editing software was improperly used on this image. A corrected version will immediately follow this advisory. We are sorry for any inconvience."

..............................Real Photo

Reuters' head of PR Moira Whittle said in response: "Reuters has suspended a photographer until investigations are completed into changes made to a photograph showing smoke billowing from buildings following an air strike on Beirut. Reuters takes such matters extremely seriously as it is strictly against company editorial policy to alter pictures."

"As soon as the allegation came to light, the photograph, filed on Saturday 5 August, was removed from the file and a replacement, showing the same scene, was sent. The explanation for the removal was the improper use of photo-editing software," she added.

Earlier, Charles Johnson, of the Little Green Footballs blog , which has exposed a previous attempt at fraud by a major American news corporation, wrote : "This Reuters photograph shows blatant evidence of manipulation. Notice the repeating patterns in the smoke; this is almost certainly caused by using the Photoshop “clone” tool to add more smoke to the image."

Johnson added: "Smoke simply does not contain repeating symmetrical patterns like this, and you can see the repetition in both plumes of smoke. There’s really no question about it."

Speaking to Ynetnews, Johnson said: "This has to cast doubt not only on the photographer who did the alterations, but on Reuters' entire review process. If they could let such an obvious fake get through to publication, how many more faked or 'enhanced' photos have not been caught?"

A series of close ups are then posted on the blog, showing that "it’s not only the plumes of smoke that were 'enhanced.' There are also cloned buildings." The close ups do appear to show exact replicas of buildings appearing next to one another in the photograph.

The Sports Shooter web forum, used by professional photographers, also examined the photo, with many users concluding that the image has been doctored.

'Looks so obviously doctored'

"I'll second the cloned smoke...but it looks so obvious that I don't know how the photographer could have gotten away with it," wrote one user.

After further research, Johnson posted a photograph he says is the original image taken before distortions were made, showing much lighter smoke rising.

Other blogs have also analyzed the photographs, and reached similar conclusions, such as Left & Right , which states: "The photo has been doctored, quite badly."

The author of the Ace of Spades blog wrote: "Even I can see the very suspicious "clonings" of picture elements here. And I'm an idiot."

The Hot Air blog also looked at the photo, describing the image as "the worst Photoshop I have ever seen."

Adnan Hajj, the photographer who sent the altered image, was also the Reuters photographer behind many of the images from Qana – which have also been the subject of suspicions for being staged.

"A photographer who would blatantly falsify an entire 'news' image would certainly not be above posing and staging photographs of rescue workers," Johnson concluded.

Rueters Pulls Doctored Photo

Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat/Worker suspended after telling American blogger: 'I look forward to day when you pigs get your throats cut', Read Full Story Here

Israeli war deaths go largely unnoticed, Read Full Story Here

Reuters Drops Lebanese Reporter

Second Image Pulled

Reuters Admits To More Image Manipulation
Way to go guys! Hold everybody to account. I thought Rueters was a reputable news agency till now! Bravo!!!!!!!

August 06, 2006

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Charlie Rangel: "I'll Quit" Is Reporting:
Rangel: I'll quit Congress if Democrats lose

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Charles Rangel, a powerful senior Democrat in Congress and the dean of New York's congressional delegation, said Wednesday that he'll quit Congress if the Democrats don't retake control of the House this year.

"I'm a poker player(Better Be Holding A Full House) and I've had good hands all night long. This is all in," Rangel said in an interview. "I would not put everything on the table if I thought for one minute we would lose."

Rangel, the ranking Democrat on the House Ways & Means Committee, is 76 years old and has spent 35 years in Congress. The Democrats need to gain 15 seats in the 2006 midterm election _ a victory that would return Rangel to the chairmanship of the powerful committee.

"Hell, if we don't take back the House, then the Democrats would go down in history, saying that there's no group in the world that can grab defeat from the jaws of victory," Rangel said. "It just seems like America is so frustrated and fed up like I am and if she's not then I may have to say maybe it's me."

The congressman, known for a wicked wit and cheshire cat smile, said the U.S. war in Iraq has soured him on the Republican leadership and voters who keep electing them.

Since the war began three years ago, Rangel has called for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign or be fired, and engaged in an acid-tongued war of words with Vice President Dick Cheney.

Rangel, a Korea War veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star, said he is upset the U.S. public isn't more upset about the Iraq war.

"I love my country and I love the flag, but I am so ashamed that when foreigners try to criticize my country and my president, I have to defend it, but I'm finding it more and more difficult to do that as a person. I don't have any problem doing it as a politician, but as a person I've never been in this position," said Rangel.

But the possibility of a Democratic victory in 2006, he said, was still plenty of motivation.

If the Democrats do win, he said, "It would be great to see the face of Vice President Cheney when he finds out. I'd like to be in the room when they told him. I think that would give me an additional 30 years of life."

Read Full Story Here

Charlie Rangel Arrested At Sudanese Embassy

Charlie Rangel Introduces Bill To Re-Instate The Draft
Well Charlie, (That is what they called the enemy in Viet Nam wasnt it?) After all your crazy escapades, trying to re-instate the draft being the worst of them, I'd Say "You Better Get To Packing"! What was Rangel thinking when he was trying to turn an "All Volunteer Service" Into A Draft? Just Quit Now Charlie, it will save you the time and trouble later! Trying to re-instate the Draft, what a Total Moron!

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Murtha's Mistake Is Reporting:

Rep. John Murtha, responding Wednesday to a defamation lawsuit filed by a Marine accused of killing Iraqi civilians in 2005, mistakenly said Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich had been "charged in the incident at Haditha." In fact, no charges have been filed against anybody.

Murtha quickly issued a new press release Wednesday deleting "charged" and describing Wuterich as leader of "the squad accused of killing two dozen civilians." The lawsuit accused Murtha of spreading "false and malicious lies" about the sergeant in his May 19 statement which said Marines "killed a number of civilians without anybody firing at them."

Although Murtha has carried his western Pennsylvania district by landslide margins and was unopposed in 2004, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry won it with only 51 percent. Diana Irey, a Republican county commissioner, is waging a vigorous campaign, and last week accused Murtha of "regular and willful misstatements of key facts."

Read Full Story Here

Nice Try Murtha! To late to Flip Flop now. You said what you said and there is no getting away from it. Arent you suppose to like "Step Aside" or something like Tom Delay did when charges were filed? Gee I dont think that Marine would go through all this trouble if he were guilty of anything!

August 04, 2006

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What The Far Left Nutjobs Are Doing To Joe Lieberman Is Disgusting

Real Clear Politics Is Reporting:
Lamont's Lie And The Flyer That Started It All

Under normal circumstances, such an obvious, out-and-out lie like Lamont's comment "I don't know anything about the blogs" would damage a candidate. This time, probably not so much. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see Lamont throw the crazies who've essentially made his campaign under the bus so quickly when their antics put some heat on him.

Let me also step back for a minute to talk about the Lieberman flyer that started this whole thing, sent the nutroots into a rage and eventually led to Hamsher's blackface graphic fiasco. You can see the flyer here (you should read the full post because the blogger's outrage is also instructive). Whole story At The Bottom

The front side of the flyer shows the picture of Clinton and Lieberman to which Hamsher added her "progressive stylings" and also bullet points detailing Lieberman's record on civil rights. The back side of the flyer asks the question, "What Is Ned Lamont's Civil Rights Record?' and then quotes two paragraphs from a New York Times article on Lamont's recent decision to resign his longtime membership at the nearly all white Round Hill Country Club in Greenwich.

And This Is What They Did To The Flyer Now

Why quoting a New York Times article is considered a "racist smear" against Lamont is beyond me. As far as campaign tactics go, this isn't even PG-rated. Putting out a targeted piece asking African-American voters to take a good hard look at Lamont's record on civil rights issues seems completely fair. Lord knows if Joe Lieberman belonged to a white-bread Greenwich country club for more than a decade and then resigned weeks before a tough primary election to try and woo black voters, the progressive left would go nuts - even more nuts than they already are - against him. (It's not even worth mentioning what the left would do to a Republican who did what Lamont has done, and whether they'd consider a flyer quoting the NYT to be a "racist" campaign tactic).

Read Full Story Here
Now I'm not a Liberal BY ANY MEANS but what the far Left Lunatic's are doing to Lieberman is disgusting even for them. Lieberman is a Liberal but he's not so far out there he needs medication. Is this being done because Lieberman is a Jew? We are begining to find out how the Left wing Lunatic's really feel about Jew's, hell they are all over my blog with thier anti-semitic crud. What is the point in painting Joe Lieberman with a black face? And this Ned Lamont carachter will stop at nothing it seems to get Leiberman's senate seat. Lamont is Far Left Extreme, Rich, belongs to an all White Country Club, and seems to have the endorsement of every far left Lunatic nut out there. I like Joe Lieberman, I dont alway's agree with everything he says but he is one of the last true honest Democrat's and I find it a shame his own party is so quick to burn him at the stake! You guys vote out Lieberman and you have really gone to pot. This is disgusting!

August 02, 2006

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Marine Names Congressman Murtha In Defamation Suit

Marine Names Murtha in Defamation Suit
Congressman Discussed Killings Involving Serviceman's Squad in Haditha, Iraq

A Marine Corps staff sergeant who led the squad accused of killing two dozen civilians in Haditha, Iraq, will file a lawsuit today in federal court in Washington claiming that Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) defamed him when the congressman made public comments about the incident earlier this year.

Attorneys for Frank D. Wuterich, 26, argue in court papers that Murtha tarnished the Marine's reputation by telling news organizations in May that the Marine unit cracked after a roadside bomb killed one of its members and that the troops "killed innocent civilians in cold blood." Murtha also said repeatedly that the incident was covered up.

Marine Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich has maintained his innocence.

Murtha argued that the questionable deaths of 24 civilians were indicative of the difficulties and overpowering stress that U.S. troops are facing. The congressman, a former Marine, has been a leading advocate for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq.

In the court filing, obtained by The Washington Post, the lawyers say that Murtha made the comments after being briefed by Defense Department officials who "deliberately provided him with inaccurate and false information." Neal A. Puckett and Mark S. Zaid, suing for libel and invasion of privacy, also wrote that Murtha made the comments outside of his official scope as a congressman.

Telephone calls yesterday to Murtha's office in Washington were referred to his district office in Pennsylvania, and calls there were not returned. A Marine Corps spokesman declined to comment yesterday on the Haditha investigation or the lawsuit.

The suit could have interesting legal ramifications because Wuterich and the other members of his squad have not been charged and have not received any official investigative documentation about the Nov. 19 incident. A Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation is expected to determine possible charges this summer, said officials familiar with the case.

Zaid said the filing is designed partly to force Murtha to disclose what information he received from the Defense Department and the Marine Corps commandant to form his opinion, essentially trying to speed up the discovery process in a potential criminal trial.

"This case is not about money; it's about clearing Frank Wuterich's name, and part of that is to identify where these leaks are coming from," Zaid said in an interview. "Congressman Murtha has created this atmosphere that has already concluded guilt. He's created this environment that really smells, and he's the only one who has done that."

The move by Wuterich is rare, as statements made by members of Congress generally are protected under the "speech or debate" clause in Article I, Section 6, of the Constitution. But legal experts said the clause grants immunity only for what lawmakers say in legislative proceedings and does not apply to news releases, speeches and other public comments.

Rodney A. Smolla, dean of the University of Richmond Law School and a libel expert, said yesterday that Wuterich would have the burden of proving that he is innocent and that Murtha's statements were false, but he added that the quotations appear to be actionable in court. He said the suit shows that Wuterich probably thinks he did nothing wrong.

"Part of the subtext of this is it's a showing of confidence and a preemptive strike of sorts," Smolla said. "The congressman's statement does not sound as if it is merely hyperbole or opinion or name-calling. Instead, it conveys the idea that the Marines violated professional standards and perhaps the law."

Wuterich, through his attorneys, has maintained his innocence and has said that the Marines killed two dozen people that day because they were engaged in a firefight with suspected insurgents. He told his lawyers that he and other Marines used grenades and rifles to clear two houses they thought were hostile. Another Marine's detailed account of the incident, obtained by The Post, corroborates Wuterich's version.

Donald Ritchie, associate historian in the Senate Historical Office, said that such defamation suits happen from time to time but that they tend not to go anywhere because of the constitutional protections members have. He said the most famous case was in 1979, when the Supreme Court ruled that Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wis.) was not protected when he made defamatory statements to constituents in a newsletter.

"The Supreme Court has suggested that speech and debate has limits to it, and that makes people vulnerable in certain areas," Ritchie said.

Read Full Story Here
Good. It's time these Congressman and Senator's that are saying things to bring down Troop Morale, and flat out Lying about them in the MIDDLE OF A WAR, and bordering on TREASON are held accountable for what they say. It will be interesting to see just who in the Defense Dept. Is Leaking Information In An Ongoing Criminal Investigation! I bet you, It's A Liberal!

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Estate Tax, Wage Hike Teetering In Senate, If Dems Dont Obstruct, Done Deal

Estate Tax, Wage Hike Teetering In Senate
House to Vote on Minimum Wage Increase

The House completed its summer work in a flurry of post-midnight debates and votes yesterday, approving changes to the federal minimum wage, estate taxes and pension laws. But with deep divisions lurking in the Senate, it all may go for naught, as have so many other recent efforts, leaving the two chambers open to perhaps the loudest taunts of "do-nothing Congress" in decades.

Despite their control of the House, Senate and White House, Republicans have been unable to reach accord on immigration, lobbying reform, military tribunals, Social Security and even nuts-and-bolts measures such as a 2007 budget plan. Lawmakers still have time to pass some of that legislation, but not much.

House members left town yesterday for the August recess, and senators are expected to follow suit in a few days. When both chambers reconvene after Labor Day, they will have 15 scheduled work days before their planned final adjournment for the fall elections.

Democrats have poked fun at the GOP-run Congress's long weekends and frequent recesses before, but the "do-nothing" jibes may carry more sting as November balloting nears. Republicans face their lowest approval ratings in a decade, and Democrats feel they are close to retaking the House -- and conceivably the Senate -- in the midterm elections.

"I think people care, and they should care," said Rep. Christopher Shays (Conn.), an embattled Republican who so far has failed to secure his top legislative priority -- strong controls on lobbying. "I just hope people understand that things have become so partisan around here that the best thing we can do is get this election out of the way and come back to work."

Republican leaders shrug off the "do-nothing" charge. "You get used to hearing that nonsense," said House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio). As for beating the 1948 Congress's record for lethargy, he joked, "Most Americans will be pretty happy with that."

The weekend's flurry of House action may give Republicans some midsummer bragging rights, but it's far from clear that the Senate will go along. The House voted to boost the nation's minimum wage for the first time in nine years, slash the estate tax permanently and extend several business tax breaks. It also voted 279 to 131 to approve the most sweeping overhaul of the nation's pension laws in 30 years.

Those measures face deep uncertainty in the Senate this week, where maneuvering by Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has alienated several committee chairmen and triggered Democratic accusations of cynicism. Given senators' ability to thwart legislation more easily than House members, the discontent could prove fatal.

The House, at about 1:30 a.m. yesterday, voted 230 to 180 to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, from the $5.15 rate on the books since 1997. The bill also would exempt from taxation all estates worth as much as $5 million -- or $10 million for a married couple -- and apply a 15 percent tax rate to inheritances above that threshold and as much as $25 million. For estates exceeding $25 million in value, the tax rate would be 30 percent.

Most congressional Republicans support the estate-tax cuts and oppose the minimum wage increase. Most Democrats take the opposite positions. Democrats said they saw a two-edged strategy in the GOP decision to couple the issues.

Democrats' eagerness to raise the minimum wage might attract enough support in the Senate as well as the House to pass the estate-tax cut, a major GOP goal. But if Senate Democrats block the bill because of their aversion to the estate-tax cut -- as their leaders have vowed to do -- House Republicans may at least be able to blunt Democratic accusations that they made no effort to help the working poor.

Frist, who will retire this year and possibly run for president, faces a huge challenge this week in trying to soothe hurt feelings, minimize Democratic opposition and steer the tax, wage and pension legislation to passage with no changes that would force a return to the House. A heart surgeon who had comparatively light legislative experience when President Bush helped elevate him to the majority leader's post, Frist gambled by agreeing with House leaders to strip some popular business tax extensions from the pension bill and add them to the proposed estate-tax cut, a Frist priority.

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