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Homeland Security Advisory

July 16, 2005

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Hey China!!!!

Point your missles somewhere else...
Remember This?
That was 60 years ago!

For more information, ask your neighbor!!!

July 08, 2005

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God Bless Britain

Once again the radical Islamic Bastards have proven how totally stupid, they really are.
Not condeming Islam in itself I know you are actually a Peace Loving People, but the Radical element of Islam has got to go!
No and's if's or but's, they must be destroyed.
I for one stand side by side with the people of Great Britain, and whatever they decide to do I can understand.
There is NO reasoning with these assholes, they want to kill ALL peace loving people, even THIER OWN and take as many innocent people right along with them.
I call on ALL Muslim countries to condemn this latest attack and get up off your asses and do something about this shit!!!
Only you Muslim countries can do something to combat this barbarism that plagues the innocent.
I have seen so far, Kuwait, The United Arab Em, and Qatar condemn these attacks.
Where the hell is Saudi Arabia? Syria? Iran? Jordan? Turkey? etc....
This is the hell we have to live under and now the world.
Welcome to Our Nightmare!
You have 2 choices, you can either fight back!! Or sit back, surrender, and take this shit!
You little Radical Islamic shits, you think you woke a sleeping giant when you attacked us, watch what is waiting for you this time.

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Happy Belated B-Day America!!!!!!!

I have been gone but my feeling for America the Beautiful is NEVER gone.

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