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November 05, 2004

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Scott Speicher's Long Journey Home

By Charlene Shirk
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- First Coast News has learned a body has been found in Iraq and DNA testing is underway.

Multiple sources tell First Coast News Captain Scott Speicher's family has been notified.

They will not disclose the details of why they believe these are his remains only to say they have reason to feel confident these are his remains.

Test results are expected within weeks.

When I sat down with Buddy Harris, who was Speicher's best friend and is now married to Speicher's widow, he told me the family would never give up until they found what happened to him and brought him home.

They may be well on their way to learning the answer and putting this mystery and this man to rest.

From the deck of the USS Saratoga in the Red Sea., a husband and father of two from Jacksonville prepares to fight for the first time. 33 year old Lt. Commander Michael Scott Speicher, also known as "Spike", is ready for take off.

It's 1 a.m. January 17th, Speicher is part of the first mission flown over Iraq during the first Gulf War.

Within hours his squadron is in the heat of battle. The mission is deemed a success.

But when Speicher's unit returns He is the only one who is not accounted for.

From the first moments, fellow pilots and squadron mates believe the highly skilled Speicher ejected and survived.

But within hours the Pentagon announces Speicher is dead, killed in action in a mid-air explosion. There would be no recovery mission.

In 1993, U.S. Intelligence finds an American plane in better condition than expected in a remote desert in Iraq.

The plane's identification numbers confirm it is Speicher's plane.

The cockpit canopy was found some distance from the wreckage, raising the theory that Speicher ejected, survived and was captured.

First Coast News has learned the human remains, thought to be Speichers, were not found at the crash site.

The remains being tested were found in another part of Iraq.

After the initial discovery of the crash site, in an unprecedented move, the Pentagon changed Speicher's status from Killed in Action, to Missing in Action, and then later, Missing Captured.

The president even included Speicher and the fact that he was still in Iraq in a speech he gave to the nation.

Shortly into the second Gulf War, the initials M.S.S were found in a Baghdad prison.

Sources are now telling First Coast News they have information that indicates Speicher was captured after the crash and held as a prisoner for some time before he died.

However, DNA tests performed on the materials used to make the markings failed to confirm those initials found in a cell were made by Michael Scott Speicher.

His friends and family were not discouraged saying they knew the wall had been painted over several times and other things found in other prison cells supported their theory that Scott had been held at that prison.

We were the only local news station in country to sit down and talk with Buddy Harris, Speicher's best friend and now husband to Joanne Speicher Harris.

Buddy told us then that the family would never stop asking the question of what happened to Scott. And they were prepared no matter the answer.

"I cannot foresee a situation where we would just give up and go away.

I won't do it and I know my family backs me on his 100 percent in not giving up."

The family went through this once before.

Several years ago, then President of Iraq Saddam Hussein sent a pound of flesh to the United States claiming it was the remains of Scott Speicher.

The pilot's children at that time provided their DNA so the remains could be tested.

That test proved the remains were not their fathers.

The family has been through a roller coaster of emotions over the years.

They have learned to be very cautious about any new information they receive.

We expect they are taking the same approach with this latest news.

This remains a very big development.

If the tests indicate the remains are the missing the navy pilot Scott Spiechers', they will finally have an answer to the question they've asked for more than a decade.

We contacted the family's attorney, Cindy Laquidara, Thursday night for reaction to this new discovery. She had no comment for us at this time.

Now just two and-a-half months shy of the fourteenth anniversary of Speicher's disappearance, the answer may finally come in the form of DNA.

An American hero... A First Coast son... may finally return home after a very long mission.
Drudge has this.
If these remains are Scott Speicher's I not only believe the mission was correct to rid the world of another terrorist playground, but we should reserve the right to execute The Butcher of Baghdad if the Iraqi's dont! But I'm sure they will, thier way!


Blogger hereforme said...

I just ran across your blog while selecting the "next blog" button. I like your blog and will be bookmarking you. I am very interested in this gentleman's return to his family. If you hear any more information please post about it.

Thanks for the stand!

November 09, 2004 11:37 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

You are welcome, And Thank You :-) And if I read or hear anything more about Scott I will post. Hopefully we will know something soon. I Have been "Hooked" I guess is the word for it on this story and I will persue it to the end. I want so bad for his family to have him home.

November 11, 2004 3:03 PM  

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