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November 03, 2004

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Kerry, Your Done Just Go!

Dont go away mad, just go away. Obviously people found out what a seriously awful human being you are. And you thought the high voter turnout was for you ha! I can just see Ted Kennedy's face today, that is if he isnt face down with a bottle of Bourbon in his hand. What's really funny is Senator Edwards, and Tom Daschle are out of a job! I know I'm a sore winner, but after all the hell you guys have given my President, you deserve it. I hope Michael Moore goes into seclusion, and he gave up his right to an Acadamy award so people could see his lie of a movie even. Oh this is to good to be true. And we dont have to put up with Terayyyyyza either oh I am going to have such a wonderful day. Hey Swift Boat Vets......YOU WON, AND WELCOME HOME YOU ARE OUR HEROS!!!!!
SEMPER FI........


Blogger Hijacked Hatred said...

Agreed! I'm stoked that Bush won, but almost half of that is because Kerry didn't. I was almost as excited last night that Daschle got his rosey handed to him as I was that W was reelected. Watching the Democratic party lose the way they did last night was very gratifying, mostly because it is a continuation of a trend which began in the 90's. They're losing their significance.

November 03, 2004 4:01 PM  
Blogger Librarian Babe said...

Wow. I'd almost think this blog was a parody of a conservative sheep but you're just way too serious. People like you frighten me. Your lack of spelling, grammatical and critical thinking skills cast shame on our American educational system. Bush really ought to stop cutting funding to schools. (What was that he said about "No child left behind?" That was all well and good until it came to putting money where his mouth was.)

November 03, 2004 7:22 PM  
Blogger RJay said...

I like Democrats when they concede. They should do it more often. I wonder if Soros picked out his monastery yet and if Robert Redford is packing his bags to move to Ireland. He should move to Canada or France and take his Sundance channel with him.

I see the liberals (Nadia) are picking on you again. They all live in the state they won with 100% of the vote. The State of Denial.

November 04, 2004 5:03 AM  
Blogger Libertarian of Pennsylvania said...

President Bush did win re-election fair and square and I congradulate him, although I don't agree with everything he does. I also give credit to Senator Kerry on how he conceded the election when he knew that it couldn't be won. President Bush said we must unite. America must put its differences aside for the better. I can only hope for a optimistic future.

November 04, 2004 5:34 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Blithered and RJ:
I'm Lovin it! You know things in the Liberal arena have gotten bad when the people replace the House Minority Leader, bring in a bunch of Republican seats including a Governor, and give the Sitting President who for 2 years people (on the left) called an idiot, and other vicious names, and when it came down to it I bet even some of those lefties voted for him too. All in all, way to go Americans!!! Later Dasshole lol...
I think it was quite fair and square myself, and to tell you the truth I dont even agree all the time with my President, I Love him dearly, but I'm not sure anyone would agree with thier President about everything. But at least we can put to rest the "Stealing Election" notion now. That nonsence is over, nothing like a clear, concise victory :-)
Ha, well what can I say, you are exactly the kind of people millions spoke out against. The kind that hold up everything in Congress, that squabble and fit throw and never get anything done because you dont want to let go of that power you think you have. You remind me of someone who has lost her playtoy and is stomping her feet. Buck up GF! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move along with the rest of the people. If we play nice together maybe something can get done. Dont hold up the process, go with the flow. :-)

November 04, 2004 4:31 PM  
Blogger Librarian Babe said...

Oh yes. I forgot. We should all be sheep and follow our corrupt government. All hail Fuhrer Bush! Sieg heil! I'm waiting for the book burnings and concentration camps. My boss, a Jew, is terrified of all this pro-Christian stuff coming from a government that's supposed to have a separation of church and state. Bush and his cronies can't seem to follow the constitution and the laws of the United States. If that was any one of the rest of us we'd be arrested. Why should they be different?

Hey it's fine that most of my countrymen voted for him. It just confirms what I thought - most people in the United States are under-educated and stupid. It's sad. And the arguments conservatives put forth constantly use lots of words to say nothing.

Keep the smoke screen going... keep talking and maybe you'll start believing what you say.

As for "picking on you" as RJay claims, I'm just a) putting forth my view in this "free" country and b) pointing out facts - Marie is spelling and grammar impaired (and can't forget logically and critical thinking impaired).


November 04, 2004 7:17 PM  
Blogger Hijacked Hatred said...

Nadia, Nadia, I see a few terrifying trends from you: a fear of bad grammer and a fear of Conservatism. Like sheep, we Republicans have excercised our rights to vote. Unfortunately, like sheep, we voted for George Bush. BAAA! Guess what, Nadia? I'm actually (gasp!) more Conservative than George Bush.
You site corrupt government. A little history lesson for you, dear Nadia: contemporary American Government was molded by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat. Yes, a beloved Democrat. Is our government corrupt? Of course! Is it the fault of Christians or George Bush? Hardly.
Your boss is misinformed if he/she is terrified. Most Jews know that support for Israel is much greater among the right than the left in America. Even Stephen Spielberg has admitted to this. He's a Democrat!
The only calls for censorship are coming from the left. Calls to silence Christians, right-wing talk radio, and Fox News.
There is no separation of Church and State in the Constitution. Show me where it is! You can't!
Your vitriol and contempt are impressive, but empty. The smoke screen is eminating from you, my dear, and your clever buzz-words and phrases are useless.
Keep this in mind, because it is true: If you are Conservative when young, you have no heart; if you are Liberal when old, you have no brain. Time to grow up, Nadia.

November 06, 2004 9:12 PM  

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