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November 01, 2004

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Liberal Voter Fraud Must Be Stopped

It's already started.

Remember four years ago? Remember the legions of lawyers flown in by the Democrats to challenge the legal results of George W. Bush's win in Florida? Remember how they tried to STEAL the election?

They're ready to do it again, in state after state after state. It's been reported that the Kerry campaign has assembled six so-called "SWAT" teams, units of lawyers and campaign officials awaiting Kerry's orders aboard fully fueled jet airplanes, all within 1 hour of each battleground state, ready to contest close election results. These vultures are more than willing to drag this election out as long as they can to try and force the results they want -- just like Al Gore tried to do in 2000.

Well, we've launched a MAJOR legal initiative to ensure the integrity of the vote over and against the Democrats' attempts at voter fraud -- but we're going to need YOUR help to accomplish this! Go Here to contribute now.

It gets even worse. This year, the outright FRAUD being perpetrated by the Democrats and their cronies in groups like ACT and is OFF THE SCALE. You've probably already seen the reports from "battleground" and other states:

In Ohio, they've got four counties where there are now more voters registered than they have 18 and over population. A lot of these newly-registered "voters" don't even have addresses. When the elections departments send the registration postcards out to them after they register, thousands of them are coming back undeliverable, all across the state.
Ohio's voter-registration rolls contain more than 120,000 duplicate names, and an untold number of ineligible voters, such as people who have moved out of the state. A review of the rolls by the Columbus Dispatch even found a murder victim and two suspected terrorists among the "eligible voters"!
In Michigan, Democrats have sued to force "provisional" ballots that are cast in the wrong precinct to be counted, anticipating that their supporters are the ones most likely to head to the wrong place to vote. Michigan Democrats delayed the suit for months and attempted to "railroad" it through the courts at the last minute. Imagine! People could vote as far away from their residence as they chose, utterly unknown to personnel at the polling place or to their non-neighbors. Other than fraud or double voting, what could be the purpose?
In Florida, election officials found 46,000 state residents also registered to vote in New York. The overwhelming number of double registrations were Democratic. The Orlando Sentinel also examined voting records from Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, and found that in more than 68,000 cases voters with the same names and dates of birth were registered in two states.
In Pennsylvania, reports indicate that the hyper-partisan Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell and the former Kerry campaign official he just put in charge of monitoring the state's election for problems such as fraud are working overtime to make sure that the votes of some 16,000 military voters aren't counted. As polls show roughly 75 percent of the military vote is likely to go to Pres. Bush, this represents a clear attempt to deny Bush as many as 12,000 votes in that state.
In Alabama, counties have a big backlog of last-minute registrations that were brought in by "outside" organizations, and discrepancies in the records have left officials unsure how many voters are actually on the rolls. Last week, the director of the office of voter registration resigned after she couldn't explain the discrepancies.
In Nevada, litigants supported with cash from the Democratic party went to court and tried to re-open voter registration when it looked like there weren't enough new Democrat voters registering.
In Illinois, members of the military received absentee ballots that failed to even LIST George W. Bush and Dick Cheney!
Democrat Party voter fraud is nothing new. In 2000 it was widespread. In at least two states, Wisconsin and Missouri, it tipped the electoral vote to Gore. Before it's over, we may well be able to take a lesson from the Afghanis on how to conduct fair and honest elections.

And when will it be over? That's where the legal wrangling phase comes in.

As veteran GOP media consultant Jay Bryant recently wrote, "Fraudulent registrations, provisional ballots, 'assisted' absentee voting and the fallout from 2000 (when, lets be clear about this, it was Gore who refused to accept the results and took the election to court) are building something resembling a perfect storm in which virtually no realistic Bush margin is likely to be safe from the challenges of hard-core partisan Democrat lawyers willing to end the 216-year history of deciding elections at the polling places."

Old style vote fraud of the Lyndon Johnson/Richard J. Daley sort was a blemish on the system, but it was, to put it in terms John Kerry ought to understand, rather like prostitution and gambling, a "nuisance" but not fatal. Even Richard Nixon understood this, choosing to accept defeat in 1960 rather than challenge the outright fraud in Illinois and Texas (as even President Eisenhower recommended) and throw the nation into the chaos of an uncertain outcome.

And now, we're at war.

The presidential outcome is expected to be very close, and voter registration fraud looks like it's about to become this year's "hanging chad". If so, it'll be an issue that the Democratic party can jump on to argue in the courts that the election was flawed.

After the horrific 2000 presidential election, new federal rules were supposed to ensure that registration lists were more accurate and current. Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in 2002, requiring every state to have a computerized statewide registration list that would be instantly updated with each new registration.

But 75% of the states failed to meet the new standards. And to top it off, HAVA's "provisional ballot" requirements (for people that can't prove they're actually registered to vote) will likely result in thousands of votes being in "limbo" as to whether they should actually count or not. The vast majority of these will come in as a result of the Democrat groups' efforts -- which means the Kerry campaign is already dead set on challenging election results across the country.

Once again, the LEFT is going to try to STEAL the presidential election.


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