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November 02, 2004

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Why Fix It If It Isnt Broke?

My heavens! John Kerry wants us to believe we have gone to hell in a henbasket as a Country.

Then why is it:

The unemployment rate is at its LOWEST point since Clinton was in office!

Home ownership is at its HIGHEST point EVER!

Health Care coverage premiums are coming down after being ratcheted up by trial lawyers with thier frivilous lawsuits, by lawyers the likes of John Edwards!

The economy is growing at a constant steady pace!

More and more jobs are being created every month, considering what Al-Queada tried to do to us!

I got a letter yesterday saying I can chose a "Different" school if I want, to send my Daughter to if I'm not satisfied with the one she is going to, "Which I am", thanks to "No Child Left Behind!

We havent been attacked since 9-11!

Taxes are low! EVERYONE got a tax credit, not just wealthy American's I got one and I'm not wealthy!

New Small Job ownership is way up!

We have won 2 wars, people in Afghanistan voted for the first time ever, Iraq is getting better, its still rough, but when you look at the good news instead of all the Doom and Gloom the Liberals would have you believe, its getting better "Slowly", they will vote for the first time in Iraq without being forced to vote for Saddam, in January. President Bush was right, the only way to win the War on Terror is spread "Peace". Once Peace takes hold, the other Regimes will topple without us having to do a thing! Yes President Bush I do understand, I've listened! I get it! That's what you meant by us keeping our "Resolve".

Things look pretty damn good to me.

I dont know I just dont see it, John Kerry sounds like he is full of hopelessness, and I feel very optomistic!

I dont want a "Doom and Gloom" President!!!

George Bush makes me feel like all is well and is a bit bumpy now and then but basicaly we are doing great! Very optomistic!

Kerry makes me feel like everything is screwed. Very Pesamistic!

Kerry's numbers dont add up for the things he says he wants to do, which some of his "Plans" I have never heard, all I've heard is "I have a plan" then never heard what it was! Astonishing. He says President Bush is the first President to lose jobs since who knows when, but what he wants us to forget is we were attacked, and almost 1 million jobs were gone after that. But they have been coming back in other areas.
I dont honestly know why Kerry wants to be President, he has no record to show for his last 20 years in Senate. His record sucked as Lt. Governor under Michael Dukakis, the only thing I can think of is Ted Kennedy has something to do with this. But he's a murderer, and Bourbon and Cover ups are all he knows.

No I just dont feel safe with any Liberal in office at this time, especially one who wants to reduce the terrorist threat to a "Nuisance", not when they are hell bent on killing us. Kerry just makes me feel uncomfortable about that.

Then Kerry says this is the biggest increase in Government in 100 years, but he wants us to forget we had to Create an entirely new Dept of the Government, "Homeland Security", that costs money, funding all our first responders to fight this new threat takes money, having scanning at our airports takes money, checking our borders, and ports takes money, and so on and so on. So Kerry knows why were are at this point, he just wants us to think it was for nothing! I personaly think Kerry is a Lunatic!

The Military doesnt want Kerry! Hell Kerry hasnt even visited the Troops!

And can anyone picture Michael Moore as Kerry's National Security Adviser? Oh God NO!

No way, I think I will stick with my President thank you! We have been through to much together to make a change now.

And If it isnt broke, why fix it?


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