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November 02, 2004

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I Love You President Bush!!!

I have never seen a line so long in my LIFE to vote as I have today! But I waited! And I did my duty! Something alot of us take for granted, but I had this thought as I was waiting in line, This is what Freedom is all about, and what a Price we have paid to be able to even vote let alone stand in line and wait to vote! I feel so Proud seeing all the people out to vote. I feel Proud to be an American.
I also started thinking, you are like my Dad or something. Sounds strange I know, but we have been through alot together. You and the whole Country. But you brought us through it, even when you were at the most down time of your life, you hid it, sometimes, sometimes we could see it. This has been a roller coaster ride these last 4 years. And some of the dirty things that people did to you I will never forgive or forget. But you didnt bat an eye. You are the strongest Leader I have ever seen next to Ronald Reagan. You are the most punctual man. All the stuff, The Space Shuttle Columbia, The Attacks of 9-11, The Mess when the Chinese didnt want to hand over our boys that accidently landed over there, but YOU got them back, 2 Wars, The Abu Garaib crap, All that stuff coming out of Iraq, The 9-11 Commision, North Korea, Protestors, Iran, The Death and State Funeral of President Ronald Reagan, The Oil for Food Scandal, The Campain, I'm sure I left out some major crisis or catostrophic event.
But some how you still found the time, to lower our taxes, create new jobs, leave no child behind to slip through the cracks in school, made it possible for more people to own thier own homes than ever, stimulated our economy "The Fast Way" with a "Tax CUT" but it worked! Created a new office oh Homeland Security, Kept Us Safe since 9-11, Thanked the Troops every chance you got just because you Love them and wanted them to know you cared, and they understood, and they understood the mission too, Signed into law the "Amber Alert" which has saved countless childrens lives, got Perscription Drug Cards for Seniors, oh I know for sure I am leaving some stuff out.
How did you do it? How did you do all that and put up with all the nonsense from the Liars and the Liberals which are sometimes the same party!
I now see the age on my Presidents face and the Gray in your hair, you looked so much younger and a lot less gray when you first entered that White House.
And YOU have the notion to want to be our President again? After ALL THAT? How on earth would anybody REALLY want your job? How would YOU still want the job? I truly Love and Admire you for wanting to be our Commander-In Cheif, I would Love to have that Honor again. It's actually been an Honor to have someone serve US who didnt take any Sh..t from ANYBODY! By God if you thought it was going to save our lives, if all the evidence pointed to it, every body agreed on it, there was another resolution on it, and every single intelligence report said that they had it, and both houses voted for it, and I'm talking about being an "Imediate Threat", you sure as hell werent taking any chances with our lives, no matter what. Some people called that Stubbron, I called it Brave. You are our Dad, our Friend, Our President. There isnt ANYBODY who understands us like you do at the moment. And us you. I Love You Mr. President, and there is just one thing left to say on this election day,


Blogger Hijacked Hatred said...

Damn well said! He totally reminds me of my dad, only without the big belt buckle.

November 03, 2004 4:07 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Late but thanks :-) lol belt buckle

November 11, 2004 3:28 PM  

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