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October 05, 2004

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Well Thank You Mr. Vice President

You looked very in control and in command. Not quite what the Ambulance Chaser of the Kerry ticket was expecting.
Job well done sir.
You took him around back to the Woodshed, for a well deserved spanking!

Post your thoughts on the Veep Debate!


Blogger Liberal Texan said...

Yes, last night we saw a clear contrast: competence vs. incompetence, in-command of fact vs. searching for words, steady vs. shakey -- the contrast between Cheney and Bush couldn't be more obvious!

Now you say it was a "job well done" -- it was if the contest was to see how many deceptions he could pack into his 45 minutes.

Ask yourself if ever during the run-up to war you believed that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. If so, you have been deceived and the person most responsible for your being among the misled is Dick Cheney. He denied it last night, but this morning NPR played four different excerpts from Cheney speeches where he clearly made the connection as a support for going to war.

October 06, 2004 7:17 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

No sir I beg to differ!
Iraq had terrorist connections no matter what any report says. Those of us that arent out of touch realize there were Al-Queada in Iraq before we got there. Zarqowi for instance: He got his leg blown off when we kicked the shit out of Afghanistan then went to Iraq? For a leg opperation? There is proof there Saddam gave Al-Quaeda a safe palce in which to get medical care let alone Zarkowi set up a terrorist training camp in Northern Iraq, which we quickly dismantled.
Had the 4th ID been able to come in through Turkey from the beginning we wouldnt be fighting the insurgents now.
Mistakes were made all right but not on our part.
Well Kerry Has Done it Now!
Kerry says: "I will be a Uniter Not a Divider" "I will bring our allies together" so and so on.
Well in the last week Kerry has managed to allianate, The Prime Minister of Iraq, The Pesident of Poland, The Prime Minister of Britain (Tony Blair), The Saudis, (Which I'm not to terribly fond of the Saudi's at the moment my self but they are trying to help) and 30 of our other allies involved in our coalition of the willing! But Kerry would rather call them the "Coalition of the Coherced and the Bribed"!
Then France and Germany have made a statement that even if Kerry gets elected they wont work with him either, they wont send troops no matter who is in office.
Kerry accomplished this tremendous feat in 1 week. Just imagine what that Moron can accomplish in 4 years!!!

October 06, 2004 10:44 PM  

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