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April 06, 2007

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British Sailors: We Were Well Within IRAQI Waters

ROYAL MARINE BASE CHIVENOR, Englan — A released sailor said Friday that a seized British Royal Navy crew was in Iraqi waters when detained by Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

"Let me make this clear — irrespective of what was said in the past, we were inside Iraqi waters," Lt. Felix Carman told a news conference attended by 6 of the 15 British sailors and marines held in Iran for nearly two weeks.

"From the outset, it was very apparent that fighting back was not an option," Marine Captain Chris Air said of their capture in the Gulf on March 23.

Air said the crew faced an aggressive Iranian crew. "They rammed our boats, and trained their heavy machine guns, RPGs, and weapons on us."

"We realized that had we resisted there would have been a major fight, one we could not have won and with consequences major strategic impacts," Air said "We made a conscious decision not to engage the Iranians and do as they asked."

The lone female captive, Faye Turney, was isolated in a cell away from the rest of the group. "She was under the impression for about four days that she was the only one there," Air said. "She coped admirably and has maintained a lot of dignity."

Story Here
How much longer will we all have to put up with Iran?



Blogger J_G said...

I'm glad they made home alive. There a lot of lessons that have been learned (again!). #1. Do not let hostile craft get near your boats! #2. Make sure that the person in charge of covering your back is competent enough to keep you from being attacked while you are conducting boarding operations.

Those are hard learned lessons and the mistakes made could have easily been avoided by the officer in charge of security for the boarding party back aboard the HMS Cornwall.

Stuff happens and learning from mistakes is good but when working in a war zone mistakes are usually followed by people getting killed. I sound like my old Chief Petty Officer giving us lectures on not making costly mistakes. I was listening Chief,I was!

April 06, 2007 9:42 AM  
Blogger Uncle Pavian said...

I dunno, j_g. When I heard this morning that HMS Cornwall had recalled the helicopter just before the Iranians showed up, I flashed back to the time during the Six Day War that the Israelis attacked USS Liberty and fighters dispatched from (I think) USS Nimitz were recalled by a two star admiral in the Johnson White House who didn't want World War III to start on his watch.
But as I've pointed out to A.C. at Fore Left, the closer you look at this stuff, the creepier it gets, until you're wallpapering the bathroom with Reynolds Wrap and mumbling about government mind control rays and 9-11 being an inside job.

April 06, 2007 10:00 AM  
Blogger J_G said...

All I know Uncle Pav is what I was trained to do. The boarding party is to be protected no matter what. I don't think there was a conspiracy at all, I think it was your standard foul up of someone (Ops officer) not doing their job.

... fighters dispatched from (I think) USS Nimitz... it wasn't the Nimitz Uncle Pav. Nimitz didn't come online until 1975. It was the USS Saratoga CV 60 and the USS America CV 66. LBJ and McNamara were behind that debacle and someday those two have to be brought to justice for that incident. Mc Namara is still alive but should have been tried for the cover up that went on from attack on USS Liberty.

The speculation about the reasons for the attack on USS Liberty are in the link. I've heard this one before and it makes the most sense to me.

That's why I always maintain my training to shoot first and answer the questions at a board of inquiry later.

April 06, 2007 10:52 AM  
Blogger Uncle Pavian said...

Yah, me, too. Which is probably why the Navy had me checking fire extinguishers and showing Victory at Sea reruns.

April 06, 2007 5:17 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

LOL you guys!!


I was listening Chief,I was!

Uncle P,

Victory at Sea reruns.

You two crack me up!

I'm just glad these guy's got out of there alive.

April 06, 2007 6:03 PM  

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