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Homeland Security Advisory

October 30, 2006

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The Democrats Have A New Direction For America

And Here Is Just A Sample

Democrats’ “New Direction for America” has quite a wish list. Here’s just a sampling of the bills put forward by would-be majority Democrats since 2005.

*Charles Rangel (D-NY) proposed the “Crack-Cocaine Equitable Sentencing Act” (HR 2456) to eliminate mandatory sentencing for crack-cocaine convictions.

*California Barbara Lee (D-CA) put forward the “Justice for the Unprotected against Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Confined and Exposed (JUSTICE) Act” (HR 6083) to permit the distribution of prophylactics in prisons.

*Another New York Congressman, Jerrold Nadler, proffered the “Antibullying Campaign Act” (HR 3787) to institute a federal-grant program against bullying in schools.

*In a bit of bullying of her own, the recently retired Cynthia “Slugger” McKinney (D-GA) drew up the “Tupac Shakur Records Release Act of 2006” (HR 4968) to create a special collection of the gangsta rapper’s government records at the National Archives.

On the subject of entitlements, Democrats don’t hold back.
*Robert Wexler (D-FL) offered the “Social Security Forever Act” (HR 2472) to create a new tax on workers, employers and the self-employed to keep Social Security afloat.

*John Dingell (D-MI) offered up a pair of bills, the “National Health Insurance Act” (HR 15) and the “Medicare for All Act” (HR 4683), each raising taxes to promote socialized health care. Dingell’s efforts weren’t enough for Massachusetts Rep.

*Barney Frank, however, who proposed the bill “To provide for coverage under the Medicare and Medicaid Programs of incontinence undergarments” (HR 1052) for taxpayer-funded adult diapers.

Then there’s Iraq.
*Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), offered the “Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act” (HR 3760) to establish a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence to... well, act peacefully and non-violently, we suppose.

*Jim McGovern (D-MA) didn’t beat around the bush with his “End the War in Iraq Act” (HR 4232), which sought to defund the war in Iraq immediately and force a complete troop withdrawal.

Ever angling to put rich kids in their place, the aforementioned *Charles Rangel wants his “Universal National Service Act” (HR 4752) obligating U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform two years’ service in the Armed Forces or civilian elements of national defense.

Also in the mix during the past two years were bills to legalize medical marijuana (HR 2087),

grant voting rights to ex-cons (HR 663),

create a right to unrestricted late-term abortion (HR 5151),

and provide gas to the poor at taxpayer expense (HR 3712).

Proposed amendments to the Constitution include one guaranteeing equal public education (HJ Res 29)

and equal health care (HJ Res 30), as well as constitutional rights to housing (HJ Res 40) and full employment (HJ Res 35).

Actually this isnt a new direction at all. This is the same crap they try and force on us behind our back's every year. But are you willing to pay for all this nonsense? I'M NOT!!!


Anonymous Owen said...

Thanks for your comments on the new direction for America. I want to clarify that the legislation to establish a U.S. Department of Peace is a tri-partisan legislation which hopes to find common ground between the parties and explore all strategies for achieving peace in addition to the strategies currently being used by our current administration. If we can invest in proven progams that are reducing violence domestically and internationally, we will save taxpayer money. If you invest $200 in a program for kids such as one in California at, you can reduce the chances of kids getting involved in gangs and prevent them from ending up in prison. Someone in prison costs taxpayers over $30,000 a year. This is just one of the programs that might be funded by a Dep of Peace.
The people involved in this legislation would like constructive ideas on how we can make this legislation work for Republicans as well as Democrats. Let's start with what we agree on and help stop the polarization between parties.

October 31, 2006 6:29 AM  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Yeah, toss more money down a bureaucratic rat hole to fund social programs of dubious worth with a proven track record of failure... Good idea? I think not.

You want to save money and fund peace? Triple the budget of the Missile Defense Agency and you'll rid the world of the threat of North Korean or Iranian nuclear missiles. Reagan's initial "Star Wars" project cost just a few billions and the peace dividend following the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw pact saved one hundred times that amount.

Curiously, the folks pushing this stupid "Dept. of Peace" were opposed to Star Wars....

Talk about having your priorities screwed up!

October 31, 2006 7:41 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


That's the problem, YOUR PARTY WANT'S MONEY, TAXPAYER MONEY! MINE! For all this crap. If there was any hope for this stuff the private sector would have already stepped in and dumped a boatload of money into any of this and researched it themselves to see if they could make any money off of it like EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH. There is NO scientific evidence that embryonic stem cells cure ANYTHING. If they did the Private Sector would have been ALL over it already. But they arent.

That make's about as much sense as me paying for Tupac Shakur's "Special Collection" of Gansta Rapper's records housed at the National Archives!! Or me paying for Government funded Adult Diapers! You can walk right in to a Pharmacy and buy them yourself, why should I have to buy anyone diapers besides my Grandma or my Grandbaby?

And you want ME to pay for a Program in California to keep street kids off dope and out of jail? I'M IN OKLAHOMA!! Let the Dept. Of Peace or whoever foot the bill for this!


Hit me up for a donation.

October 31, 2006 7:47 AM  
Blogger J_G said...

Owen said...If you invest $200 in a program for kids such as one in California at, you can reduce the chances of kids getting involved in gangs and prevent them from ending up in prison.

My,my,my Owen, Why do you want to start a new program at that bureaucratic price? There is a program that has been around since 1910 that has a proven, solid track record of teaching civics, honor, duty and responsibility. It's called Boys Scouts of America.

Many famous and responsible Americans have been Boy Scouts and there is no need for the Government to have a bloated, expensive bureaucracy to adminster it. Everything is already there and all you need to do is get a charter, set up a troop and kick the ACLU out the building they are using so the Boy Scouts can go to work teaching the boys how to be responsible, honorable and courteous citizens.

Maybe if more people from the liberal side would embrace the beliefs of the boy scouts there wouldn't be so many murders in the cities.

October 31, 2006 10:23 AM  
Blogger LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

I will tell you which bills I oppose and which ones I support, by the HR number.
HR2456-I am not a big supporter on the "War on Drugs." It is like many social programs, they are failures.
HR6083-oppose, i thought this is what commissary was for.
HR3787-somewhat supporT, it acutally belongs in the hands of the schools and state.
HR2472-support some of the bill, but not creating new taxes to provide a source of income to pay it. It has to come from the general revenue. I coyuld go on all day of why the Social Security system if flawed.
hr15 & 4683 and somewhat support, because I do feel medicare and medicaid need to be expanded, but instead of creating more government, allow private industry to do the work.
HR1052-oppose, they don't cost that much! Private charity can help here too.
HR3760-What is that suppost to accomplish?
HR4232-Mixed feelings, we cannot pull out immediately, but we need a time table on future events.
HR4752-strongly oppose, military should be all volunteer.
HR2057-support because the treatment decisions should be between doctor and patient, not government,patient,and doctor.
HR663-support as long as they paid their debt to society.
HR5151-oppose, I feel abortion should be allowed in the 1st and 2nd trimester(The way it is now)
HR3712-oppose, this belongs in the hands of private charity
Res29,30,35,40-belongs in the hands of the state.

October 31, 2006 12:11 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I dont want to be FORCED to pay for any of this junk.

It's MY MONEY! I have grown attached to MY MONEY! I dont want part with MY MONEY. I am TIRED of giving the Government MY MONEY. I want more of MY MONEY.

I dont give a rats ass if Tupac Shakur get's his records in the National Archives, I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR IT!

All I want to pay for is to Support the Troops and keep all these SafeGuards going to protect this Country from another friggen terrorist attack!

October 31, 2006 10:38 PM  

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