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March 11, 2005

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Former Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter: Iraq Election Fixed, Oh Brother

Scott Ritter: Iraq Vote Fixed

Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter said Tuesday that January's historic election in Iraq, which set off a wave of democratic reform throughout the Middle East, was fixed.

Claiming he was vindicated when the U.S. failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Ritter insisted that the election results were changed using a "secret recount" held three days after the vote.

"It's as obvious as anything," the former weapons expert told WWRL Radio's Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter.
Ritter maintained that in initial election results, the Shia majority won nearly 60 percent of the vote, giving them control of Iraq's National Assembly without having to form a coalition with any other group.

However, said Ritter, "Suddenly there's a government-ordered lockdown of the votes, while there is a secret recount - not a public recount - this wasn't Florida where you had people checking chads - this was a secret recount where American troops were escorting ballot boxes into undisclosed locations to be counted by [interim Prime Minister] Allawi's government."

Ritter told Malzberg that the secret recount dramatically changed the political landscape, with the Shia vote dropping to 48 percent and Allawi's government picking up nearly 10 points of support, from 4 percent to 13 percent.

Why didn't Allawi just award himself a majority?

"You don't want to cook it so that no one will believe it," Ritter explained. "You cook it so that the Shia cannot have a majority in the National Assembly, so that there will not be a democratically elected theocracy."

Ritter also claimed that the White House has already approved plans to attack Iran within the next four months, explaining, "In October of 2004 the president reviewed the Pentagon's plans for military operations against Iran in June 2005 and he signed off on them."

Ritter said the administration is laying the groundwork for an attack in case the U.N. Security Council fails to back economic sanctions against Tehran - the next step in the U.S.'s bid to get the Iranian government to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

Scott Ritter is now a columnist for Al-Jazeera.
Oh Well now Al-Jazeera, what a reputable organization they are! That explains alot. Was Scott Ritter there when the ballots (Made up by the Iraqi's) were printed?
Was Scott Ritter there on election day in Iraq?
A Secret Recount? I recall hearing it on the news and reading it in I think the New York Times that there was going to be a re-count!
I dont know what was so secret about it!
If Scott Ritter would have looked at the ballots (Clearly visible on TV) There were NO CHADS TO COUNT, they were IRAQI BALLOTS Made up by the IRAQI people!! Hell no this wasnt Florida!
Just because the WMD hasnt been found YET in Iraq, or moved to Syria/Iran before we got there, doesnt mean they do not exist! I mean what did Saddam gas the Kurd's with? Or the Iranian's? Saddam was a monster of desception, they could still be anywhere. Saddam had them once, never proved to the UN (Worthless as they are)or the IAEA that he ever got rid of them, never proved that he wasnt trying to-with all the nuclear crap he aquired make them, and what did he do with all the nuclear crap he aquired? What about the toxic gases he had to gas the Kurd's and Iranian's with? Where did that stuff go? What about When he invaded Kuwait? When he assasinated his sons-in-law? What about the people that did manage to escape Iraq under Saddam that wound up here telling of atrocities, WMD, toxic gases, the Nuclear crap Saddam was building up that they had seen with thier own eyes? the list goes on, Why was Saddam overlooked when he was filling Mass Graves with innocent people? Shooting constantly at our Military over the no-fly-zones, When he was paying families of Palestinian Homicide bombers 25,000 a piece to blow up Israeli's? Where is this stuff? What about the billions of dollars Saddam was bilking off the Oil For Food Money that was suppose to go to feed the Iraqi people, instead of making more weapons, and building more palaces for himself? Maybe the UN weapons inspectors moved them, or took them? Why not, they were making as much as Saddam if not more off our tax dollars? Just because Scott Ritter idiot that he is didnt find them doesnt mean they dont excist, we knew Saddam had them where are they?
Since when is Scott Ritter privi to information comming from the White House, actually it would come out of the Pentagon if we had plans on attacking ANYONE! And they sure as hell wouldnt be telling it to Scott Ritter!! Or anyone else for that matter if it were true.
And if I were Scott I would be looking at Syria next anyway.
There was NO government ordered lockdown of a re-count of the votes!
No election Fraud, Blue fingers all over Iraq prove that! We should use that idea the Iraqi's created as a model for ourselves in our own elections.
Is that the ONLY job Scott can get? Al-Jazeera?
That is such a noteworthy and completely legitimate job! Al-Jazeera, give me a break!
Scott, put the pipe down boy!!!
Get over it, if the Iraqi people arent complaining about the re-count, how it went, and who is in charge, why are you sticking your nose in it?
I know things have to go bad in Iraq in order to make (For whatever reason we wound up in Iraq you can take your pick now, weapons, Oil for food, General pain in the ass of the Middle East etc.) You look good, but it's to bad Scott! Democracy will spread, It will catch on, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it!!!
Except of course get a higher position at Al-Jazeera!
What a Moron......
Libya disarmed itself, Israel and the Palestinians are on the brink of Peace (Hopefully) for the first time in History, Saudi Arabia (Which I'm not terribly fond of) But are possibly going to let women vote, Egypt is going to have a democratic vote soon, Lebanon is having protests against the Syrian occupation, they want to vote and have thier country back in thier hands, they want Syria OUT, and even a little group of Kuwaiti women were on the march the other day wanting thier right to vote, not to mention the Jewel of Democracy Afghanistan!!!
It sickens me that some Americans have turned traitor, they want things to go so badly in the middle east just for the sake of saying President Bush was wrong (Which he wasnt), and to hell with us if we get attacked again!!!! Do these Morons NOT SEE that if things go good in the Middle East, and peace spreads, that we ALL have a chance to live without the threat of being attacked repeatedly? And that someday soon we may all have a chance to walk out our door and get our morning paper, drink our cup of Joe, and possibly plan a vacation to oh say.... Iraq? Iran? etc. without even thinking about another terrorist attack? Do these so-called American's have to be so politicly correct, or non in Ritter's case that our Country be damned so they can blame America for EVERYTHING? Right or wrong? What exactly is going to happen when someday we do wake up and we dont have to worry about a terror alert at whatever color? What if there is NO terror alert anymore? What if there is Peace throughout the world and there is no one else to blame? Will they still be so power hungry that they HAVE to get that Liberal seat back no matter who it hurts?
No matter how much it destroys our Country? Where do the traitors of this Country stop? Where does the blame America first crowd go to stir up more crap if there is no more crap to stir? Are they still going to be so bitter that they will find a way to stir up something that isnt even there, just to ruin the Country that we Love so dearly they will make up anything and we will suffer the consequences from that Liberal force that believes in hiding under thier covers if there was to be another terrorist attack? Like John Kerry said on the Campain trail "Any terrorist attack will be met with a swift and certain response"!@#$#@! We want to PREVENT another attack, not deal with another one! I just dont understand why the Michael Moore's, the Ward Churchill's, the Scott Ritter's, the Liberal Hollywood left, The far out there Lunatic Left, the Lunatic Congressional Left, have got to incite violence when we have a real chance for PEACE!!!
Oh and by the way Scott, I thought the Iranian's said it was a "Nuclear Energy Program" Not a Nuclear Weapons Program"!!!!!! Was that a lie Scott?
Unreal, but then again what can you expect from someone who should be thrown out of the United States for good right along with all the other hate speakers that are becoming a threat to our National Security!
These people are becoming a REAL and PRESENT DANGER to Our National Security with thier hate speech, inciting violence and pratically calling for another terrorist attack!!! These people do not deserve to live in America anymore!!!!!
And Scott Ritter YOU ARE A FRAUD!!!
Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, My Ass!!!!!!!!!
Had to vent havent done it for awhile.


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