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April 23, 2007

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Marine Corporal From A Bunker In Ramadi: “I Got A Message For That Douche Harry Reid”

Harry Reid Must Resign!


Irate Marine in Ramadi Responds to 'War is Lost' Message
Mon Apr 23 2007 13:07:1 ET


This Email To Me, Harry, And America, Direct From A Grunt On The Front Lines Of Ramadi, Is Just Hours Old.

Corporal Tyler Rock, 1/6 Charlie Company, on the left, at my old home, Camp Hurricane Point, Ramadi.

A view from OP Horea, “Most Dangerous Spot On Earth”, Downtown Ramadi. I no shit watched several terrorists die, on several different days, on this small strip of asphalt. We also took many IED strikes on it. This photo is from Corporal Rock.

Today, from Corporal Tyler Rock in an outpost in downtown Ramadi. His first sentence is in response to an email from me:

“yeah i know how you feel. its going to be very weird leaving this place and going back to america. weve been here for almost an entire year and have lived in the center of it the whole time. its crazy that when we got here it was so hectic and now its calmed down so much. so it was awesome to be able to see that turn out.

yeah news worth reporting…. well ramadi was once dubbed by everyone as the worst city in the world. but we have done such a great job here that all the families in the area have worked with us on driving out the insurgency and that we work directly with the IA and the IP’s. the city has been cleaned up so well that the IP’s do most of the patrols now and we go out with them to hand out candy and toys to the children. you can tell that the people want us here to protect them from the thugs and gangs (insurgents). granted they would rather have peace and quit but they know that if we arent here they will be thrown around by the insurgents. a good example is this one mission we did. long story short we got blown up in multiple buildings and had to run into a families house. i spent my christmas holidays covered in ash from the mortar fire and the IED’s, sleeping under a dirty rug i found in the house. everyone was sleeping way to close for comfort just to stay warm. anyways. a family was there and they obviously didnt want us there. atleast at first. the daughters were very sick so our corpsman treated them. they didnt have electricity so we got them a generator for power, they were cold so we got them gas heaters, we got them food and water and then we gave them $500. by the end of the week long visit with them we were drinking tea with them. when we left we cleaned their house better than it was when we got there. i even have pictures with the family. they told us that they liked marines and they would help us as much as they could and they gave us some information on the insurgents in the area. we ended up catching a HUGE target down the road from there house because of it.

Part Of A Weapons Cache Seized Recently In Fields Next To What Used To Be An Insurgent Claimed Hospital. Thanks To 1/6, The Insurgents Don’t Claim It Anymore. Zarqawi Had Reportedly Been Treated There.

yeah and i got a qoute for that douche harry reid. these families need us here. obviously he has never been in iraq. or atleast the area worth seeing. the parts where insurgency is rampant and the buildings are blown to pieces. we need to stay here and help rebuild. if iraq didnt want us here then why do we have IP’s voluntering everyday to rebuild their cities. and working directly with us too. same with the IA’s. it sucks that iraqi’s have more patriotism for a country that has turned to complete shit more than the people in america who drink starbucks everyday. we could leave this place and say we are sorry to the terrorists. and then we could wait for 3,000 more american civilians to die before we say “hey thats not nice” again. and the sad thing is after we WIN this war. people like him will say he was there for us the whole time.
and for messages back home. i have a wife back home who is going through a tough time. i just cant wait to be back home and see everyone. haha and i cant wait to go back home and get some starbucks. i love it when those people serve me. hahaha”


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Harry Reid Must Resign!

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Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I agree with the resign statement but add an additional thought. Let's let the Marines land at reids office or on Captiol Hill and do an Iwo Jima on Congress, starting with Reid!

April 23, 2007 4:38 PM  
Blogger J_G said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

April 24, 2007 7:29 AM  
Blogger J_G said...

God bless that young Marine. He is what this country is about not the "douches" like Harry Reid. If you by chance read this young man, my heart and prayers are with you and may the strong convictions of being an American that will fight for what you believe go with you with every step you take. Semper Fi young Marine, Semper Fi

April 24, 2007 7:30 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


Our Troops are getting pissed off!

And they are now speaking out and it's about time.

I hope alot more people post thier letters on thier blogs from Pat Dollard.Com

I'm going to!


God bless Our Troops!!

I am so glad they are speaking out.

Harry Reid needs to go NOW!!

Look's like the Troops want ALL of Congress to stop this shit!

My blood is boiling over this mess and I am going to continue to post thier letters.


April 24, 2007 8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry Reid speaks for a large majority of the American people who want this war of occupation ended. It is Cheney and his pals at Halliburton, who are still making a million dollars an hour in Iraq, and the big petroleum companies who want this war to continue until their control over oil that rightfully belongs to the citizens of Iraq is consolidated. Isn't it a horrible shame that every day brave young men and women are being killed in Iraq just so these cynical bastards can get richer? " an Iwo Jima on Congress..." just because Congress is doing it's job in representing the majority of its costituents, with whom you happen to disagree? I've no doubt you'll delete this, Marie, but please give a moment's thought to this: those of us who are pressuring Congress to act to end this war are as patriotic as you are, and we want to bring that brave young Marine home ALIVE, no matter what he thinks of Harry Reid, because our country needs him, and all the others like him, and he is far too important to be sacrificed for a misguided policy of aggression in some desert on the other side of the world.

April 24, 2007 6:25 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


Spare Me!! What the Marine thinks is WAYYYYYY more important than what YOU think!

You dont have family in Iraq do you?

I'm sorry but Harry Reid is a traitor, the American Military Believes he is a Traitor, and now the American Public think's Harry Reid is a traitor!

This war was won long ago, the only reason we are even there anymore is because of the insurgents.

I will listen to the Troops that actually KNOW what is going on than you defeatist asses ANY DAY!!

Give it up already, you defeatest asses wont get what you want. The Troops will get what THEY want period!!

My God! The Troops despise you people and you dont even see it.

Sad really really sad....

April 24, 2007 8:58 PM  

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