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April 22, 2005

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Holding Up Bolton-There's More To It

The campaign to defeat John Bolton has its roots with last year's
campaign of Senator John Kerry for President.

Whether you voted for or against Mr. Kerry for president shouldn't
change the fact that John Bolton is too good of a man to be
sacrificed for those who wish to retract the elections results
of 2004 and 2000.

When John Bolton was first nominated, those who were critical of him
ranted on endlessly about how 'dangerous' he was because of his vocal
criticism of the United Nations.

The problem for Bolton critics was that polls showed American attitudes
towards the UN are the most negative they've been in the institution's
history. Just 37% of adults view the UN "favorably" (Rasmussen
Reports) and according to a poll commissioned by Gallup a sizable,
"61% of Americans believe the UN is doing a poor job addressing the
problems currently facing the organization."

So trashing John Bolton for being too negative towards the UN wouldn't

That's when the allegations of "serial abuser" began to work their
way into the lexicon of Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations

And that was the reasons cited for yesterday's grandstanding show by
Democrats who ranted, raved, and screamed until turncoat Republican,
George Voinovich capitulated and blocked Bolton's nomination.

But what you haven't heard in the mainstream news media is that the
two people cited as witnesses to John Bolton's have histories
involved with Senator John Kerry and the campaign against President

It's personal for the leftist Kerry-Boxer wing of the Democrat Party,
and their opposition to John Bolton is all about politics and nothing
about their stated concerns for Mr. Bolton's temperament.

The first anti-Bolton accuser was Carl Ford. You remember him? He
was the man who claimed he didn't have a political axe to grind, as
he was a "conservative Republican." Well, did the mainstream news
media tell you that this so-called "conservative Republican" gave
campaign contributions of $1,000 to far-left Democrat Charlie Rangel?
Did the mainstream media tell you that Carl Ford gave $500 to liberal
Senator (and Democrat presidential candidate) John Kerry? Did any of
the major television networks report about the $1,250 Carl Ford gave
to liberal Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman? Or did any major
metropolitan newspaper report to you that Carl Ford, the supposed
"conservative Republican" gave $500 to Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye?

But wait, folks, it gets better! Wait until you hear about the person
who stepped forward at the last minute and reported that John Bolton
yelled at her and pounded on her door... That would be Melody Townsel.

And when liberal Senators Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd ranted
yesterday about how crucial it was to "get to the truth" behind
Ms. Townsel's accusations, what they neglected to tell you was the
complete truth - because that would have been damaging to their
faulty claim. They didn't inform anyone that Ms. Townsel is a
Democrat party activist who launched the Dallas-based chapter of
"Mothers Opposing Bush" during the last presidential election.

The entire "Stop John Bolton" campaign is really an exercise in
partisan politics by liberal Democrats who are trying to destroy
everything that President Bush does or stands for because they lost
the election and refuse to accept the results.

But this battle shouldn't be about President Bush. What we care
about is fighting for the principles that underscore the ideology and
basis for our organization - most especially the importance of
Americans unifying to win the War on Terrorism. And supporting John
Bolton - a man who puts America's interests ahead of the corrupt
dictators and despots that run the United Nations - is extremely
important to all Americans and us.

So, when someone like Senator George Voinovich teams up with the
"Blame America First" crowd, you can bet we are going to take action.
Whether or not other individuals or organizations will tolerate
falling victim to such political dirty tricks or not, the point is
we won't.
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