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February 05, 2008

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Super Tuesday!!



Who To Vote For? Who To Vote For?

Ok there is just NO WAY to screw up a ballot in Oklahoma and I wish other states would adopt this plan (Even though you are at risk of getting a paper cut at the end of this process). You go in, you MUST show ID, you must be a registered something or another., and you MUST sign in.

Then, you go in and get handed your ballot, your ballot has candidates on one side and an unfinished arrow on the other pointing to what candidate you want. You are handed a "Felt" pen, and you MUST fill in the arrow which is just a little line from the beginning of the arrow to the end. Whoopie, that was hard!

You stick the ballot in the machine, the machine WILL suck it out of your hand faster than a bolt of lightning can hit the ground (Actually it's ground to air lightning but that's a discussion for another day) you can see where your vote was just counted, and of course unless you are wearing gloves, you get a nice paper cut :-) Never fails, paper cuts.

But, no hanging chads, pregnant, swinging or otherwise. No complicated touch the machine, no poking with a pen through a ballot that might not count in the end, and no pulling levers.

Now why would it be such a hardship for other states to adopt this style of voting?

Live Blog/Chat Tonight at 7:00 PM CST Sponsored By Mike's America I will insert the code somewhere around that time and Mike will throw the switch :-)



Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Thanks hun I need all the help I can get!

February 05, 2008 12:34 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


I try lol

February 05, 2008 12:38 PM  
Blogger Mike's America said...

So, are they trying to disenfranchise hemophiliacs who might be afraid of uncontrolled bleeding from the paper cut?

See you later Marie and Co!

February 05, 2008 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your town had a good turnout,it was really bad where i live. Like I said in my blog there were only 27 people at the republican booth at 3:00 in the afternoon

Mitt got at least one vote .....mine

February 05, 2008 3:17 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...



No it's just an expected ritual here in Okieville, I have got a paper cut EVERY time I vote.

You would think I would be expecting this by now.

But I am alway's so focused on what I'm doing I forget about the damn machine.

Oh well I can deal with a chunk taken out of my finger if it means keeping the Liberals out of office.

What I wont do for my Country lol

See you tonight :-)

February 05, 2008 3:21 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


And our polls dont close until 7:00PM CST.

One thing we cant predict here in Oklahoma is who is voting for whom.

These people seem to be all over the map until they get into the booth!

Good for you with the Romney vote, we gotta keep the Liberals out of office.

February 05, 2008 3:25 PM  
Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

I ended up voting Romney here in Cali. There was a sketchy Obama guy with a car load of Obama signs parked right in from of the polling place. The guy was sitting there typing on a laptop. SKETCHY.

February 05, 2008 5:02 PM  
Blogger Daniel Ruwe said...

I don't vote until March 4. It looks like Huckabee is doing well though. Most people didn't see that one coming.

February 05, 2008 8:01 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


That sounds pretty darn weird.

Makes one wonder what the heck was going on there!


Yeah we sort of saw that one coming because McCain and Huckabee were doing something wicked to get Mitt Romney out of the race.

Sad thing is the Democrats used to play that game and now it's some Republicans.

We have been Hucked!

February 05, 2008 11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the "American People" are just ignorant fools and easily led by celebrity endorsements, slogans, and plain old BS . So what will the outcome be? A socialist PIAPS sitting in the White House come next year. God Help Us.

February 06, 2008 6:17 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


I just dont know what the hell we are going to do.

I am in a daze.

Maybe put myself in a self induced Coma for the next four years?

February 06, 2008 11:09 AM  

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