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January 21, 2005

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MoveOn.Org Is At It Again

MoveOn: Liberals Will 'Take Back Congress, Make 2006 Our 1994'
By Jimmy Moore
Talon News
January 21, 2005

SPARTANBURG, SC (Talon News) -- Liberal political online action group sent a message to its supporters on the same day President George W. Bush was having his second inauguration, announcing their plan to "take back Congress and make 2006 our 1994."

"Today, as Bush's corporate donors celebrate their victory, it may feel like the progressive America we're all fighting for is very far away," bemoaned in the e-mail on Thursday. "But it doesn't have to be that way."

Making a parallel to the recent past, said two years after then-President George H.W. Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential election, the Republican Party came back "with a pro-corporate, right-wing agenda swept to power in the House."

"From there, they gained control of all three branches of government," noted, citing 2000 when Republicans took control of the presidency, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House. declared to its supporters that now it's "our turn."

"If we can convert the passion and energy of the progressive movement we've built together into power on the ground, we can take back Congress and make 2006 our 1994," explained.

A new plan was launched on Thursday by to "build an organized network of neighbors and friends in every Congressional district to stop the Bush agenda."

"We'll organize press events, we'll hold living room meetings with our neighbors, and we'll meet with local leaders on the issues we care about most -- Social Security, right-wing judges, media reform, and more," declared.

Acknowledging Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America" in 1994 was the key to the success seen by Republicans with 54 new representatives elected, said they will help "develop a national message together" with their liberal members to make the same thing happen for Democrats in 2006.

"And then we'll use this field network to take back the House in 2006," predicted. "It's bold, it's audacious, and it's yours: the plan comes directly from tens of thousands of your comments about MoveOn's future."

Describing this plan as a potential "watershed moment" in the liberal movement, estimates it will need to raise at least $5 million by next year.

"We'll be spending the next months getting the program off the ground -- hiring organizers, building infrastructure, and recruiting the grassroots leaders who will make it all happen," asserted.

The goal of's campaign is to win 15 seats in 2006 by taking advantage of three alleged barriers the Republicans have working against them.

First, says GOP leaders have "dramatically overreached" because "they've staked the [Republican] Party's future on a deceptive and extreme agenda."

"And now that they control all three branches of government, they're responsible for everything that happens," said. "By exposing right-wing corruption and deception one community at a time, we can block their agenda and turn their strength against them."

Second, argues their impact in 2006 will be even better than it was during the 2004 presidential election because of a "good team of dedicated volunteers" who will work more intently on getting Democrats elected in their home states.

"Our energy in 2006 will have an ever larger impact," contended.

Third, claims it has "momentum" from the 2004 election and will use that to rally grassroots support in 2006.

"Today, the progressive movement is bigger and stronger than it has been in decades," said. "Hundreds of thousands of new leaders got involved in politics in 2004, and we developed new tools that revolutionized grassroots organizing and fundraising."

Taking credit for "turning out more voters than [Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F.] Kerry's victory margin in at least three key battleground states, and turning out hundreds of thousands more in battleground neighborhoods nationwide," said its organization across the country will propel them to victory in 2006.

"We'll ask MoveOn members and their friends to form local teams and commit a few hours a month, starting now. We'll use a variety of new and creative tactics to reach millions of people at their homes and through the media, to build the broad, national momentum for change that it will take to sweep aside our opposition," detailed.

Targeting "conservative incumbents [who] are vulnerable," says it will "publicly hold them accountable for every vote they cast against the public interest." said their vision to take back Congress in 2006 was borne out of the "thousands of e-mails and conversations with MoveOn members, both online and at house parties and in-person gatherings."

"You told us to focus on key issues like Social Security, election reform, and energy policy. And we will, with a combination of high-profile, coordinated national grassroots actions and constituent pressure in targeted swing districts," promised.

Making this their "national message" for the 2006 campaign, said it was confident they will "stop the Republican agenda, win at the ballot box, and put the country on a progressive path."
Ha! You Wish! With your anti-Bush demonstrations yesterday at his 2nd Inaugural you have proven yourselves to be absolute MANIACS whom no one wants anything to do with!
With the exception of the Lunatics that support your Idiotic agenda.
People are seeing through you, and realize you people are CRAZY! And that is not the party they remember or support! You weirdos come to my door and you will be meet with a shotgun! Us Midwest and Southern states dont want a damn thing to do with you fools.
Our President couldnt even have 1 Inauguration in Peace!
I wish someone would pass a law that for one day, "Inaugural Day" NO PROTESTORS on Inauguration Day, No Matter WHO is getting sworn in as President, Republican or Democrat (God Forbid).
Why dont you people do as your name says, and MOVE ON!!!!!!!


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