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November 18, 2008

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Alan Keyes Now Suing To Prove President-Elect's Citizenship

A former opponent of Barack Obama's has come back to haunt him over questions regarding Obama's citizenship.

According to a press release from the American Independent Party, former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and other members of the party have filed suit in California Superior Court in Sacramento to stop the state from giving its electoral votes to President-elect Barack Obama until documentary evidence is provided to prove Obama is indeed a natural born citizen of the United States.

Some conservatives have questioned Obama's citizenship in recent months. Obama says he was born in Hawaii in 1961.

Keyes also ran against Obama as a Republican for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois in 2004. Obama won that election to serve his first and only term in the U.S. Senate.

Story Here

ORLY TAITZ, Esq. (SBN 223433)
26302 La Paz
Mission Viejo Ca 92691
Telephone: (949) 683-5411
Facsimile: (949) 586-8110
GARY G. KREEP (SBN 066482)
932 "D" Street, Suite 2
Ramona, California 92065
Tel: (760) 787-9907
Fax: (760) 788-6414
Attorneys for Petitioners
Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes; Dr. Wiley S. Drake, Sr.; and
Markham Robinson,
California Secretary of State Debra Bowen; Senator Barack
Hussein Obama; Senator Joe Biden; California Democratic
Party Electors: Aleita Huguenin, Lou Paulson, Ian Blue,
Mark Cibula, Richard Hundrieser, Lawrence DuBois, Mark
Friedman, Mary Hubert, Fred Jackson, LeRoy King, Roberta
Brooks, Audrey Gordon, Michael McNerney, Nancy Parrish,
James Farley, John Freidenrich, Jeremy Nishihara, Jaime
Alvarado, Vinz Koller, Gregory Olzack, David Sanchez, Larry
Sheingold, Stephen Smith, Mark Macarro, Nathan Brostrom,
Robert “Bob” Handy, Robert Conaway, Greg Warner, Lane
Sherman, Ilene Huber, Kenneth Sulzer, Sanford Weiner, Ana
Delgado Mascarenas, Joe Perez, Gwen Moore, Anthony
Rendon, Karen Waters, Kelley Willis, Silissa Uriarte-Smith,
Norma Torres, Alma Marquez, Ray Cordova, Patrick Kahler,
Aaruni Thakur, Joe Baca, Jr., Juadina Stallings, Betty
McMillion, William Ayer, Gregory Willenborg, James Yedor,
Bobby Glaser, Mary Keadle, Frank Salazar, Christine Young,
Sid Voorakkara, and DOES 1-100,
Case No.: 34-200880000096-CUWMGDS

Judge: Michael Kinny
Legal Basis
62. Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, states, in pertinent part, as follows:
"No Person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the
adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;"
63. Senator Barack H. Obama is a candidate for the Office of the President of the United
States. However, to assume such office, Senator Obama must meet the qualifications specified for the
Office of the President of the United States, which includes that he must be a "natural born" citizen.
Senator Obama has failed to demonstrate that he is a "natural born" citizen. There are other legal
challenges before various state and federal courts regarding aspects of lost or dual citizenship concerning
Senator Obama. Those challenges, in and of themselves, demonstrate Petitioners’ argument that
reasonable doubt exists as to the eligibility of the Democratic Party’s nominee for President.
64. SOS is responsible for ensuring the validity of the State election process by, among other
things, verifying the qualifications of the voters, approving the ballots and the candidates, supervising the
counting of the ballots, and certifying the results. This certification of the vote by SOS, based upon
which Electors received the highest number of votes in the state, is the method provided for in California
law for ascertaining which Electors are appointed to vote for president (California Elections Code §
15505, 3 U.S.C. § 6). On December 1, or as soon as soon as the election results have been received from
all counties in the state, SOS shall certify the names of the ascertained Electors to the Governor, and then
transmit to each presidential Elector a certificate of election (California Elections Code § 15505). The
Governor then issues and seals a Certificate of Ascertainment which is delivered to the Electors by
December 15 (3 U.S.C. § 6), who then meet to sign the Certificate of Vote (Federal Election Code §
192.006). The office of SOS is intended to be non-biased and to provide the critical sense of fairness and
impartiality necessary for the people to have faith in the fundamental underpinnings of the democratic
basis for our elections.
65. There is a reasonable and common expectation by the voters that to qualify for the ballot,
the individuals running for office must meet minimum qualifications as outlined in the federal and state
Constitutions and statutes, and that compliance with those minimum qualifications has been confirmed by
the officials overseeing the election process. Heretofore, only a signed statement from the candidate
attesting to his or her meeting those qualifications was requested and received by SOS, with no
verification demanded. This practice represents a much lower standard than that demanded of one when
requesting a California driver’s license. Since SOS has, as its core, the mission of certifying and
establishing the validity of the election process, this writ seeks a Court Order barring SOS from certifying
the California Electors until documentary proof that Senator Obama is a “natural born” citizen of the
United States of America is received by her. This proof could include items such as his original birth
certificate, showing the name of the hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor, all of his
passports with immigration stamps, and verification from the governments where the candidate has
resided, verifying that he did not, and does not, hold citizenship of these countries, and any other
documents that certify an individual’s citizenship and/or qualification for office.
66. In the case of individuals seeking the Office of President of the United States, the United
States Constitution provides for a system of Electors, wherein citizens of the respective states have a state

controlled election in which Electors representing the interests of the respective candidates for President
on the state ballot are elected to represent the interests of the respective state in the Electoral College.
Thus, there is no federal ballot controlled by the federal government. There is a California State ballot
where voters elect Electors who in turn represent the named candidate for office on the ballot. That is one
more reason why SOS has responsibility for the certification of not just the counts of the ballots cast, but,
also, the propriety of the contents of the ballot. In case Senator Obama cannot present proper
documentation verifying his citizenship, he cannot be elected President of the United States, and SOS has
a duty to bar the casting of votes by California Electors in support of his candidacy.
67. To avert a constitutional crisis which would certainly accrue after the election through
laborious legal challenges, this writ seeks to resolve such complaints. It was incumbent on the candidates
to present the necessary documentation confirming his citizenship, but, to date, Senator Obama has failed
to do so.
68. At this point, Senator Obama has not allowed independent or official access to his vault
(original hospital) birth records and supporting hospital records. Senator Obama’s citizenship status has
been, and is being, challenged in 17 different legal actions in various federal and state courts, which
challenges cast doubt on the validity of the electoral process, regardless of outcome, if not resolved prior
to the certification of the election by the Electors. SOS is specifically charged with certifying and
guaranteeing the validity of official documents and overseeing the elections in California, such that the
people’s confidence in the fundamental aspect of democracy is maintained. To date, in this regard, SOS
has not carried out that fundamental duty.
69. This writ requests a court order barring the SOS from both certifying to the Governor the
names of the California Electors, and from transmitting to each presidential Elector a Certificate of
Election, until such documentary proof is produced and verified showing that is a “natural born” citizen
of the United States and does not hold citizenship in Indonesia, Kenya or Great Britain. In addition, this
writ requests a court order barring the California Electors from signing the Certificate of Vote until such

documentary proof is produced and verified showing that Senator Obama is a “natural born” citizen of
the United States and does not hold citizenship in Indonesia, Kenya or Great Britain.
70. Should Senator Obama be discovered, after he takes office, to be ineligible for the Office
of President of the United States of America and, thereby, his election declared void, Petitioners, as well
as other Americans, will suffer irreparable harm in that an usurper will be sitting as the President of the
United States, and none of the treaties, laws, or executive orders signed by him will be valid or legal.
71. 3 United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 8 provides, “The electors shall vote for President
and Vice President, respectively, in the manner directed by the Constitution.” This federal statute confers
upon each elector an affirmative duty to discover whether the candidate for President for which the
elector is seeking election is a “natural born” citizen. Otherwise, the elector would not know if his vote
was being cast in the “manner directed by the Constitution.”
72. Given this constitutionally mandated duty, PETITIONERS have standing to bring this
Writ before this Court.
73. A growing number of questions have arisen in litigation in at least 10 states contesting
whether Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama are “natural born” citizens and, therefore,
constitutionally eligible to be entrusted with the Office of President of the United States. In the litigation
against Senator Obama, allegations have been made that his admitted dual citizenship in Indonesia, and
lack of evidence that he renounced the same, caused a loss of his United States Citizenship as a matter of
law. Moreover, evidence released by the Obama campaign purporting to be a “Certification of Live
Birth” on its face appears to be of questionable authenticity. One of the many problems with this
evidence is that the border design differs from the border designs of other Certifications of Live Birth
printed during the same time period. All these questions about both of the candidates are still unresolved.
In the course of those lawsuits, some of which have been dismissed, it has been determined that there
exists no designated official in the federal government, or the government of the states, directly charged
with the responsibility of determining whether any Presidential candidate meets the qualifications of

Article II of the Constitution of the United States. In most states, that responsibility is vested with the
political parties, all of which have a conflict of interest in making any such determination, and none of
which have been forthcoming with information or evidence verifying any candidate’s compliance with
the eligibility requirements.
74. A press release was issued on October 31, 2008, by the Hawaii Department of Health by
its Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino. Dr. Fukino said that she had “personally seen and verified that the
Hawaii State Department of Health has Senator Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance
with state policies and procedures.” That statement failed to resolve any of the questions being raised by
litigation and press accounts. Being “on record” could mean either that its contents are in the computer
database of the department or there is an actual “vault” original.
75. Further, the report does not say whether the birth certificate in the “record” is a
Certificate of Live Birth or a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. In Hawaii, a Certificate of Live Birth
resulting from hospital documentation, including a signature of an attending physician, is different from a
Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. For births prior to 1972, a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth was the result of
the uncorroborated testimony of one witness and was not generated by a hospital. Such a Certificate
could be obtained up to one year from the date of the child’s birth. For that reason, its value as prima
facie evidence is limited and could be overcome if any of the allegations of substantial evidence of birth
outside Hawaii can be obtained. The vault (long Version) birth certificate, per Hawaiian Statute 883.176
allows the birth in another State or another country to be registered in Hawaii. Box 7C of the vault
Certificate of Live Birth contains a question, whether the birth was in Hawaii or another State or Country.
Therefore, the only way to verify the exact location of birth is to review a certified copy or the original
vault Certificate of Live Birth and compare the name of the hospital and the name and the signature of the
doctor against the birthing records on file at the hospital noted on the Certificate of the Live Birth.
76. An unprecedented and looming constitutional crisis awaits if a President elected by the
popular vote and the electoral vote does not constitutionally qualify to serve in that capacity. In addition,

if Senator Obama is not a “natural born” citizen and not eligible for presidency, Senator Obama will be
subject to the criminal Provisions of the California Elections Code, stating, “Any person who files or
submit for filing a nomination paper or declaration of candidacy knowing that it, or any part of it, has
been made falsely is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by
imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months or two or three years or by both the fine and
imprisonment” (California Elections Code § 18203). Further, Senator Obama, SOS, the Governor of the
State of California, and all of the California Electors may be subject to the penal provisions of the
California Elections Code which states, “Any person who commits fraud and any person who aids or
abets fraud or attempts to aid or abet fraud, in connection with any vote cast, to be cast, or attempted to be
cast, is guilty of felony, punishable by imprisonment for 16 months or two or three years” (California
Elections Code § 18500 ).
77. The Twentieth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides, “if the President
elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall
have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a
Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or in the manner in
which one who is to act shall be elected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice
President shall have qualified.” Thus, if Senator Obama cannot take office due to his citizenship,
succession to the Presidency is set.
78. The Office of the Secretary of State of California is the California agency responsible for
certifying candidates for inclusion on the ballot. Historically, California Secretaries of State have
exercised their due diligence by reviewing necessary background documents, verifying that the candidates
that were submitted by the respective political parties as eligible for the ballot were indeed eligible. In
1968, the Peace and Freedom Party submitted the name of Eldridge Cleaver as a qualified candidate for

President of the United States. The then SOS, Mr. Frank Jordan, found that, according to Mr. Cleaver’s
birth certificate, he was only 34 years old, one year shy of the 35 years of age needed to be on the ballot
as a candidate for President. Using his administrative powers, Mr. Jordan removed Mr. Cleaver from the
ballot. Mr. Cleaver unsuccessfully challenged this decision to the Supreme Court of the State of
California, and, later, to the Supreme Court of the United States. Similarly, in 1984, the Peace and
Freedom Party listed Mr. Larry Holmes as an eligible candidate in the Presidential primary. When the
then SOS checked his eligibility, it was found that Mr. Holmes was similarly not eligible, and Mr.
Holmes was removed from the ballot. Currently, we have a similar situation in that the Democratic Party
has submitted the name of Senator Barack Obama as candidate for President.
79. However, there are a number of separate reasons that would make Senator Obama
ineligible to serve as President of the United States. On August 21, 2008, Mr. Phillip J. Berg, former
Deputy Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania, filed a legal action against Senator Obama and the
Democratic National Committee. With his action, and in the subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court of
the United States, Mr. Berg provided documents to the effect that Senator Obama was born in what is
now Kenya (the British East African Protectorate of Zanzibar at the time) and that his paternal
grandmother was present at his birth. Senator Obama claims that he was born in Hawaii. According to
statements made by his half-sister, Maya Soetoro Ng, he was born in Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii.
According to his biography posted on Wikipedia, Senator Obama was born in Queens Hospital in Hawaii.
However, he has never provided the original hospital birth certificate from 1961, with the name of the
hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor in attendance. All that Senator Obama has posted
on his website is a Registry of Live Birth (short version), obtained in 2007, that does not provide the
name of the hospital or the doctor. Clearly, one human being cannot be born in three different places.
Hawaii Revised Statute 338-178 allows registration of birth in Hawaii for a child that was born outside of
Hawaii to parents who, for a year preceding the child’s birth, claimed Hawaii as their place of residence.
The only way to know where Senator Obama was actually born is to view Senator Obama’s original

birth certificate from 1961 that shows the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the doctor
that delivered him. From August 21, 2008, for over two months, Senator Obama has refused to provide
his original birth certificate, even though, in his book, Dreams of My Father, page 26, he states, “… I
found the article folded between my birth certificate and old immunization records…” which shows that
he clearly has his birth certificate, or that he lied in his book. Particularly telling is the fact that not one
single person has come forward, not a doctor, not a nurse, not a hospital administrator, nor anyone else, to
state that he or she was present during this birth, except for Obama's paternal grandmother, who affirmed
that she "was in the delivery room in Kenya when he was born Aug. 4, 1961.” Additionally, when Mr.
Berg served subpoenas on the hospitals mentioned above, Senator Obama refused to sign a consent form
that would allow the hospitals to release any of his information. Instead, Senator Obama has hired three
law firms to defend himself, and has challenged the action by Mr. Berg on a technicality, claiming that an
ordinary citizen does not have standing to bring the suit. This matter is currently being reviewed by the
U.S. Supreme Court. The parties in this case have standing to bring this litigation, due to the fact that Dr.
Keyes and Dr. Drake, Sr., are candidates on the California ballot for President and Vice President of the
United States, and Mr. Robinson is an Elector for the Keyes-Drake ticket, and Vice Chairman of
America’s Independent Party, of Fenton, Michigan, which nominated Dr. Keyes for President. He is also
a Chairman of the American Independent Party (California), which nominated Dr. Keyes and Dr. Drake
for President and Vice President, respectively. Based on the foregoing, it is imperative for SOS to be
provided proof that Senator Obama is a “natural born” citizen.
80. If he was born in Hawaii, there are four (4) other obstacles to Senator Obama’s
eligibility. In and about 1967, Senator Obama moved to Indonesia, took the last name of his stepfather,
Soetoro, and went by the name Barry Soetoro. In original legal action filed by Mr. Berg, he presented
Senator Obama’s school registration, showing him registered as Barry Soetoro, Citizenship-Indonesian,
Religion Islam, signed by L. Soetoro. From 1945, Indonesia has not allowed dual citizenship and,
therefore, Ms. Dunham-Obama-Soetoro, Senator Obama’s mother, had to relinquish her son’s U.S.

citizenship in order to obtain Indonesian citizenship for him, which would make him ineligible to become
a United States President. Additionally, the United States could not allow dual citizenship with Indonesia
at that time, as Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, and it was prohibited by the Hague Convention
of 1930, as interfering with the internal affairs of another sovereign Country.
81. In addition, upon return to the United States in and around 1971-1972, Senator Obama
would have been required to go to the then current immigration procedures to regain his U.S. citizenship.
There is no record of him ever doing that. Even if he had done so, he would be considered a naturalized
citizen and not a “natural born” citizen.
82. Additionally, assuming Senator Obama was born in what is now Kenya, at the time of
Senator Obama’s birth in 1961, (now) Kenya was the British Protectorate of Zanzibar and Senator Obama
was automatically accorded a form of British citizenship under Section 32(1) of the British Nationality
Act of 1948, effective date January 28, 1949, based on his father’s citizenship.
83. Finally, in 1981, Senator Obama traveled to Pakistan, when there was a ban for U.S.
citizens to travel to Pakistan. The only logical possibility for him to do so was by using one of his other
passports: Indonesian, Kenyan, or British.
84. Based on all of the above, it is the duty of the SOS to obtain proper documentation of
Senator Obama’s citizenship to confirm his eligibility for the office of the President of the United States.
85. On October 25, 2008, SOS was contacted, via e-mail, by Orly Taitz, Esq., discussing the
issues mentioned above. SOS has acknowledged receipt of said e-mail and sent a response. As of that
time, SOS was on notice and had a duty to act. Ms. Taitz had a subsequent conversation with the election
analyst of SOS Office, Ms. Philly Crosby. Ms. Taitz requested an administrative hearing on the matter in
question. Ms. Crosby stated that she would discuss the matter with Ms. Bowen and SOS’ General
Counsel, Ms. Pam Giarizzo, and that Ms. Giarizzo would telephone Ms. Taitz to discuss the issue. Ms.
Taitz followed this conversation with a second e-mail, confirming all the details of the conversation. As
yet, SOS has taken no steps to request the necessary documents from Senator Obama. It appears that Ms.

Bowen is intending to certify Senator Obama, and to certify his Electors, and not protect the people of the
State of California by enforcing its laws. As a result of SOS declining to act pursuant to the above
described legal obligations, the only remedy is to request relief from the Superior Court of California, and
seek injunctive relief available to bar SOS from certifying the California Electoral votes until such
documentary proof that Senator Obama’s United States citizenship is produced.
86. Failing to officially and publically validate the status of the citizenship claims of Senator
Obama will cast a pall of doubt on the election process and taint the election results themselves. A proper
inquiry into Senator Obama’s eligibility will not constitute a hardship on Senator Obama, and it will not
deny his voters the right to vote for him, since this very right is dependent on his eligibility for the office
as a “natural born” citizen. If Senator Obama is not a “natural born” citizen, and, therefore, not eligible to
serve as President, no hardship on him or any other Respondent can be shown. On the contrary, lack of
the relief that is prayed for will constitute an insurmountable hardship on the voters of the State of
87. Failure to grant the relief sought would allow a potentially corrupted, fraudulent,
nomination and election process to continue. If indeed, Senator Obama knew that he is not eligible for
the presidency, he would be subject to California Election Code Section 18203, which states, “Any person
who files or submits for filing a nomination paper or declaration of candidacy that it or any part of it has
been made falsely is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or by
imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months or two or three years or by both fine and imprisonment”.
Additionally, he would be subject to California Elections Code Section 18500 that states, “Any person
who commits fraud and any person who aids or abets fraud or attempts to aid or abet fraud, in connection
with any vote cast, to be cast, or attempted to be cast, is guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment
for 16 months or two or three years”. Clearly it is imperative to vet Senator Obama's eligibility for

presidency and resolve this issue prior to the certification of the election results by the electors.
88. Failure to grant the relief sought, demanding that SOS be ordered to verify the
constitutionally required qualifications of Senator Obama not only allows, but promotes, an
overwhelming degree of disrespect for our Constitution and for our electoral process, and creates such a
lack of confidence of voters in the primary and electoral process itself, that it would confirm a common
belief that no politician has to obey the laws of this Country, respect our election process, or follow the
United States Constitution.
89. Petitioners Keyes and Drake will be irreparably harmed by being unable to compete in a
fair and unbiased election. Petitioner Robinson will be harmed in that he will not be able to perform his
duties as an Elector in voting for the candidate that is eligible to become the President of the United States
under the law. It is incumbent on SOS to enforce the eligibility requirements.
WHEREFORE, Petitioners respectfully prays:

90. That the court issue a peremptory writ in the first instance barring Respondent Secretary
of State of California, Ms. Bowen, from both certifying to the Governor the names of the California
Electors, and from transmitting to each presidential Elector a Certificate of Election, until such
documentary proof is produced and verified showing that Senator Obama is a “natural born” citizen of the
United States and does not hold citizenship of Indonesia, Kenya or Great Britain. In addition, this writ
requests that the court issue a peremptory writ barring Respondent California Electors from signing the
Certificate of Vote until such documentary proof is produced and verified showing that Senator Obama is
a “natural born” citizen of the United States and does not hold citizenship of Indonesia, Kenya or Great
91. For Petitioners’ attorney’s fees.
// //
// //

92. For such costs of this proceeding and fees as are applicable by law; and such further relief
as the Court deems just and proper.
Respectfully submitted on November 12, 2008
Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Attorney for Petitioners

And This Is All We Have Seen

Gee Alan, you question this now? We have been questioning this for 2 years! I bet Obama block's any attempt's to prove his citizenship. Even though his Kenyan Grandmother swears she was in Kenya witnessing the birth of her Grandson Barack, and the Other Grandmother is dead! Hmm it seems all the winesses to Barack's birth are either written off as liars, or dead. Interesting! But good luck Alan, you wont get anywhere, but I would like to see how far they go to shut you up too!

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Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This one could go somewhere Marie because it also involves the Sec of State of the state of CA and include ALL of the electors in the petition.

It has detail not placed before in other petitions that forces Obama to prove his eligability.

I am sending you the petition byt e-mail so you can read what it says. It is very interesting.

November 18, 2008 12:22 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


I will be surprised if this goes anywhere. They will try to stop any investigation of the Messiah!

But whoa if it turns out he isnt an American citizen, then what?

McCain won?

November 18, 2008 12:52 PM  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

ah yes Marie let us see!..I wanted to email u to let u know my site seems to be down for now..I have to trouhleshoot..arg!

November 18, 2008 2:42 PM  
Anonymous B. Wilby said...

Mr. Obama - "there's some stuff that's been left undone."

On November 4, 2008 those voting for Barack Obama may in fact have voted for a non-candidate in the presidential election.

Obama refuses to answer mounting lawsuits in various states regarding whether or not he was born as an American. All it would take to clear up this question would be for him to produce a legal copy of his actual birth certificate, which to-date he has refused to do. The pressure is growing daily and now there is speculation that in fact he does not have a legal American birth certificate.

If you believe that Obama went to Hawaii to only see his Grandmother then; where was Michelle and why were the girls not allowed to see their Great-Grandma "Toot" for the last time??

Folks get a grip. This Obama trip to see Grandma 'Toot" was put together with ABC and Good Morning America as a two-fold attempt to, 1) legitimize a Publicity stunt to gain sympathetic favor for Obama and, 2) provide a cover for Obama to solicit a legal story and affidavit from Grandma 'Toot" as to his claim of having been born in Hawaii.

"One of the things I want to make sure of is that I had a chance to sit down with her and talk to her," Obama told Roberts on GMA. "She's still alert and she's still got all her faculties. And I want to make sure that I don't miss that opportunity right now." "And then we're going to find out what chores I can do, because I'm sure there's been some stuff that's been left undone," he said.

Yes, there was good reason that Obama needed to "talk with her and find some chores that need to be done!" And it's very important that you the voter decipher his words "she's still alert and she's got all her faculties." He keeps repeating this mantra because that's an absolute requirement for a valid affidavit. And Grandma “toot” was the only American relative left that could cover-up his birthplace.

Obama's other grandmother on his father's side, half brother and half sister claim Mr. Barack H. Obama was born in Kenya. Reports further reflect that Mr. Obama's mother went to Kenya during her pregnancy. Wayne Madsen, Journalist with Online Journal as a contributing writer published an article on June 9, 2008 stating that a research team went to Mombassa, Kenya, and located a Certificate Registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at a Kenya Maternity Hospital, to his father, a Kenyan citizen and his mother, a U.S. citizen. There are claims of records of a "registry of birth" for Obama, on or about August 8, 1961 in the public records office in Hawaii, but these have not been released for scrutiny. It is alleged in the various lawsuits and is a matter of much general speculation that Mr. Obama's mother was prevented from boarding a flight from Kenya to Hawaii at her late stage of pregnancy, which apparently was a normal restriction to avoid births during a flight. It is likely that Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) gave birth to Barack Obama in Kenya, after which she flew to Hawaii and registered Obama's birth.

Yes, Mr. Obama, “… there’s some stuff that’s been left undone!” NOW SHOW THE WORLD YOUR ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE and all the stuff will be done!

November 19, 2008 12:34 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

I agree with you, Marie. It seems a bit late, but maybe Ken is right. I'd like to believe he is.

November 19, 2008 9:12 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

womanhonorobama has left a new comment on your post "Alan Keyes Now Suing To Prove President-Elect's Ci...":

BTW marie its pretty sad that you only approve of comments that agree with you.

you're like the faux news of bloggs

what a joke

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by womanhonorobama to Maries Two Cents at November 19, 2008 10:20 AM

You know, that is the whole idea of comment moderation LOL!

To keep little whining crybabies like you from attacking the readers of my blog!

November 19, 2008 10:43 AM  
Blogger Indigo Red said...

Before actual election, no one had standing to challenge Obama's elegibility. The Constitution only requires proof of elegibility to hold office not run. The States most often have the pre-election authority, but that is debatable because political parties are not an authorized part of the governing process, they are private associations and can run anyone they want. It woud seem prudent to run a fully elegible candidate, but no one ever challenged the tradition before now.

The Keyes suit has probably the best chances of success. He has been granted a hearing in Conference by the Supremes, but that doesn't mean the case goes beyond into a full bench hearing.

My feeling is that the threat of massive civil strife here and around the world if Obama is declared inelegible to hold office is too great. With the tenuous hold the world's legal governments have on order now vs the growing violence and lawlessness exhibited in the majority of countries, I don't think a Constituional coup of a popularly elected, yet possibly illegal alien, President is or would be a good idea.

We will most likely have to suck it up and get on with life and somehow come to a resolution that will prevent this from ever happening again. Or, a resoluton that will resign the nation to international candidates. How will other nations accept an American citizen as the leader of their countries? That of course, would only be fair and right for Americans to run for natioanl offices anywhere.

November 22, 2008 2:00 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


This is beginning to sound like the O.J. affect.

The jury didnt convict him because they didnt want riots in the streets of LA again!

Obama is going to have to put to rest this one though, this is the Presidency! However you are right this whole thing may just get swept under the rug.

What would happen if it turns out he is not a naturalized US born citizen?

Do we have another election?

Does Joe Biden then become President?

John McCain/Sarah Palin?

I am totally confused on what happens here!

November 23, 2008 6:58 PM  

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